Saturday, June 10, 2017


Kendall celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing like a 100 year old. She looked adorable and was thrilled with her getup!

Detmer has been drawing a ton lately. He is really good. Det sticks with things. He is so motivated!!

Allie did her first group fitness class!  She came with me to High Fit and I was one proud mom!!  I just thought-ok-everyone has got to be in here looking at how beautiful and darling she is. I'm excited to work out together!

Kendall and Maci were so excited to be mini cheerleaders with Kenna.  Since I am playing catch up, these pictures are about four months old and Kendall and Maci still regularly do the cheers they learned. It was so fun to watch them. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017


This cute thing started nursery!  Dave and I were put in the nursery and it was a relief. I was realllly hoping it would go well. I know, I know.  Church is never easy with kids. But it has been a huge challenge the past year and it was to the point where I was filled with dread each Saturday night. I normally really love Sunbeams but it was horrible having Sunny, one really challenging Sunbeam, and four Sunbeams who were so cute, but still 3&4.

So far Sunny loves nursery and I'm not filled with dread leading up to church!  So we have a win win!  

I know a lot of people have callings with babies, but babies are so different. And my baby...she's not cut out for coming along and playing quietly while I teach. I hope she keeps loving it. I love being able to watch her transition to nursery, too. 
Oh this picture has nothing to do with nursery but her pigtails!!

Snack time in nursery-I looooooved how her legs hung over the chair. Oh man I love her!!

She loved walking around playing with all the toys. Dave and I are wondering why she won't do it at home!!


Detmer is tearing it up on the basketball court this season. He told me before his game "Mom I'm going to go beast mode."  And he did!  He's a huge hustler!  He's scored the majority of his teams points this season. He jumps high and work yard for all the rebounds. It's so fun watching him play!

He spends a ton of time shooting hoops so it's really fun to see him reap the benefits of his practice. This kid always has something going on. Pretty sure his mind works a million miles a minute.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Queen Bee

Today Allie and Det participated in the spelling bee. I am so dang proud of those two. They go for everything. They have no fear. I hope they keep their love of extra curricular activities.

Det did awesome. I told him next year he needs to study and I know he can win.

Allie made it far enough to make it to district.

I told Dave I had a million emotions within five minutes. My heart broke when Det got out. I could tell he was devastated and I was so bummed for him. But Allie was killing it and I was so happy and excited for her. She competes at district next month!


Allie has started skiing!  She was so excited to get started. I was nervous and so glad that Dave was the one taking her. I was just hoping Dave would remember her to tell her that one detail about skiing that he forgot to tell me. How to stop. (He did!). Allie loved it and Dave finally had to force her home well after dark. They've already been twice. Allie is so excited for next season, too, when Det will get to come along.


For Christmas Dave booked a hotel for me in mid January.  I was super excited to have some downtime but I also couldn't resist having the kids join me for a bit. Maci made the kids invitations while they were at school. We just finished reading the Book of Mormon and we always like to celebrate that. So the invite was for a pool party. Since Maci had a birthday the day before I wanted to do a little surprise party for her. I checked into the hotel as early as possible and went and decorated. I came home just before the kids got back from school. The three older kids new about the surprise so I pretended like I was taking them to see the new gym daycare-which Maci had already seen. I told Maci she was going on errands with Dave. Kelly brought her boys, too. We all hid and waited for Maci. When we yelled "surprise!" she was definitely surprised. But not in the way I planned. She seemed more on the verge of tears than excited. 

She opened her presents and then we swam. We got her favorite dinner (Pizza Hut).  After
dinner Dave took Sunny home and the other kids stayed the night with me. They made me laugh at breakfast "I wonder what Sunny is doing right now?"  "Did I tell you the cute thing Sunny did the other day?"  You'd think they were apart for more than 15 hours!  But I have to admit I missed her pretty dang bad. I was texting Dave to hurry and bring her. She is the light of our lives. Man we love that girl. 

So Dave took the kids sledding Saturday and I stayed in my hotel. It was AMAZING!!!  I told Dave that we have a new tradition on our hands. I know what we are doing every MLK day from now on. It was a glorious break. Allie started texting me first thing Sunday morning, "Mom did you say we could come back today?"  Of course I had to torture her a bit😊.  After
Church Dave brought the kids back to me. Sunny stayed a bit and was totally insane I was like sheesh why was I missing you so much?πŸ˜‚  

The kids stayed the night and sadly my vacation ended early Monday since Dave and Allie were going skiing. 

Det holding the birthday girl!
Maci got two new outfits to match her doll. Of course the one Kendal tom over was a size 4.  The one Maci wore was a six. Maci was most excited about that scarf and wore it so proudly to school. 


My beautiful young lady was baptized at last. She barely missed her original baptism date because it was the day we were flying home. 

I think the extra anticipation was good. She was soooo excited and beautiful and she really just glowed throughout the day. 

Afterwards we went for lunch. It was one of the best ideas I've ever had. I'm not one to go all out for the post baptism (blessing, etc) luncheons so I've never considered it a huge stress. However after Kendall's baptism I don't think I will ever host an after party again!  It was so nice to just really be able to focus on Kendall and enjoy the day without that distraction. It made me a little remorseful that I didn't figure it out sooner!  I remember the night before kendals blessing I got sooo sick and I was still up cooking late into the night. Lame. I should have said "sorry I fell ill so we won't  be doing a lunch."  It's funny how you (I) sometimes just conform. 

Anyway, for me personally that made the day a lot more enjoyable and Kendall had a fantastic day and stayed out playing with siblings and cousins all day and came home from Get Air late at night

When we were still planning on doing a lunch Kendall said she wanted hamburgers. So on Friday night we had a special baptism dinner with hamburgers. Kendall loved the extra attention and I'm glad it was all made into such a big deal. Something I hope she will always remember!.