Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You can have your hat back, Steve!

Detmer's friend thought it would be funny to give him this Ute hat, but Detmer does not like it at all!
Luckily, it was Mommy to the rescue. I needed my baby to be happy and I had just the thing to do it! Ahhh, much better! Dave is going to be glad when we get rid of this hat. It has been burning a whole in Detmer's closet and Dave is afraid one of our new neighbors is going to come over and see it and get the wrong idea about us!

In other news, don't leave a two-year-old girl unattended near a bag of make-up! Allie LOVES make-up. I know what you're all thinking: of course she loves make-up with a Mom like me who does not leave the house without make-up (yeah right!). But she is all girl! I give in on the chapstick, but she obviously needs some practice before she starts using the eyeliner!

This last picture is of our fun trip to Sea World almost exactly a year ago. Allie
was about 14 months so we're thinking 2008 is going to be the perfect time to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld. I know, I know. They won't remember it. But imagine how much fun Dave and I will have watching them! Allie was nine months old when she went on her first big vacation (to New York City and Boston) so we need to get Detmer traveling soon so he doesn't feel left out!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yay Ainsley & Monson!

Even though our cousin Ainsley is far away, we still wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. We could not get a hold of her today, but we still sang to her. We went out to dinner tonight and Allie loves to talk on the cell phone even if no one is on the other end. So I said "Allie, call Ainsley and wish her Happy Birthday." So Allie opens the phone and sang Happy Birthday to Ainsley! So even if Ains didn't actually get to hear it, she can still know we sent birthday wishes all the way from Utah to Panama! We hope she had a great day. We saw pictures of her birthday and she looked sooo cute. We really, really wish we could have been there! (The pic is of Allie and Ainsley in July)

We also got to meet our cousin Monson today! He was born at 12:20pm and oh, is he a cutie! Dave and I went to the hospital and didn't have much time, which ended up being a good thing because I could have stayed ALL night long holding him. (The pic is Dave, Kira, Monson and the puppy Allie picked out for him).
After seeing little Monson, Dave and I had planned to take Allie and Detmer to a pumpkin walk in Syracuse. It was getting chilly and we forgot Detmer's coat so I made a comment to Dave that I'm so glad Allie is too little to remember things so if we decide to just go home. Well, we had just left the Cardon's house and were on our way to the Pumpkin Walk (Detmer borrowed a sweatshirt and blanket) when Allie said "I want to go to the Pumpkin Walk". We couldn't believe it! Nobody even remembered mentioning it to her. So we drove past the dang thing and there was about 1000 people there so we just kept on driving. I told Dave let's find a house with a blow up pumpkin or something and say "look Allie, the pumpkin walk". She ended up falling asleep until we got to the restaurant so it all turned out okay!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Men in Uniform

I didn't think I had a thing for men in uniform, but check out this hottie. He may have changed my mind;) We had our ward Halloween party tonight. Detmer already had his costume taken off. He was the cutie pumpkin again. Dave and I both dressed up in Army clothes. Not the most creative, I know, but at least we made an effort!

Allie really enjoyed the party. At first she was scared, but ended up really getting into it! They had a cake walk so Allie and I were standing in line but a bunch of kids kept jumping in front of us. I finally just ended up getting in the circle and we won the first time. That was actually kind of a bummer because I think Allie would have had fun doing it longer. However she was thrilled when she got to pick her spider cake! Isn't it cute? People were super clever with the cakes they baked. I couldn't believe how much effort went into it. By the way, Allie's costume is supposed to be Tinkerbell, but I think it just looks like a cute fairy!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Park!

It was so nice today! There is only two houses between us and "our park". It is in a great location because Allie can't see it from home. If she could, there would be trouble. She would be begging to go to the park everytime we got into or out of the car. We are going to take advantage of this perfect park weather and go as often as possible. Allie loves to make me dinner on the playground. The other day she was making dinner and we had to bless it! I'm so glad we were the only ones there.

Allie does NOT like the swings, but Detmer loves them. This is not okay with Allie. She freaks out if I push him higher than she wants. And he giggles. It is great. Detmer swings the whole time and that puts me in the perfect position to have an eye on Allie.

On Tuesday we had a Halloween party for playgroup. It was lots of fun seeing all those little cuties in their costumes. I got a couple pictures but I'm going to wait to post until some of the other girls email me what they have because they got more pictures and better pictures. Allie was Cinderella and Detmer was a pumpkin. Okay, maybe I'll post just a couple pictures of it right now because they are so cute!!!

My new ward also has a playgroup for Allie's age on Wednesdays. I didn't go this week because I was out with friends until 1 am on Tuesday night and when the kids slept in until 10 I couldn't bring myself to wake them. Hopefully we make it next week. Apparently we are in a ward full of two-year-olds. Everytime I mention I have a two-year-old people tell us we are in the right place. YAY!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

New house!

Well I tried to get some pictures of the new house, but my camera is just attracted to much cuter things! Like Detmer's first guitar lesson. I tried to get some pictures of the outside but it was too dark.

I was making dinner and Dave, Detmer, and Allie were in Detmer's bedroom and Dave called me. So I run back and Detmer has a new trick. He stood up all by himself! It was crazy. So then we tried to get pictures (the video camera was charging) and he wouldn't do it again. I better make sure my camera is charged now for the next big moment.

Due to the unfortunate weather we had to miss Dave's last softball game:( It was at 8:30 and it would have been way too cold for the kids. It was lots of fun being back on the softball circuit after taking last season off because of the night shift. Dave will still be keeping busy with plenty of basketball! I'm also going to try and get him to come to the gym with me. He thinks about coming with me all the time, but he doesn't want to embarrass the other guys when he moves the weight down to twice what they had:)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Detmer's Friends!

I thought everyone might be interested in seeing how Detmer spends his time. This is a picture of him with his girlfriend Caity and his best friend Jaden. (I'll try to talk to Caity about being a little more modest, look at that belly!) Aren't they cuties!!!
Well, we are getting settled into the new place and loving it! I finally got my computer hooked up, too! I really am anxious to add pictures of our new house but I am not really sure where attachment peices are for my camera.
Getting unpacked with the two little ones is quite the task! It will probably be awhile. It was interesting moving mid-week. Much harder to find help. Luckily we have the world's most awesome mover as a good friend (Wynn!). Our realtor came to help, too. Giff was supposed to come at 10 but slept in and came a tiny bit later (about 1:30, but he has a good excuse). Denney was going to come but never showed! We had various people in and out that day and finally got it all done before it got too late. Thank goodness for Kelly, who added my two kids to her brood and kept them all day. She's had Allie a ton as we've been packing, moving, unpacking. It's not hard to be without Allie because she prefers Kelly's (she wakes up in the morning and says "I go to cousins house today?") But it was sooo hard being without Detmer all day! After a few hours I missed him so much I could barely do anything. And I even stopped over mid-day to feed him! My goal is to be all unpacked by Thursday (hahahaha). The only reason we are even close is because of Donna. Sometimes it pays to be married to a military BRAT. I tell you, that woman knows how to unpack. She got the entire kitchen done in the time I was sorting through probably my second box. I wish I knew how to get things done so effeciently! I guess I'll watch and learn!
Hopefully my next post will include pictures. I'm hoping my camera box hasn't gone too far!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is how I feel today...

Detmer summed it up for all of us today in this picture. My friend introduced me to this website and I thought it would be a great way to share pictures with so many of our sisters being out of the state/country. We just found out it will also be a benefit for my brother:( He got a job offer yesterday and is going to be moving to New Mexico. We are very sad. I couldn't even pretend to be excited about the job because it is too sad. When is everyone going to realize it's all about me and what I want...

On a lighter note, look at these little cuties! I can't be sad for too long with them around (and note that
Detmer cheered right up). Allie has a new silly face
where she sticks her tounge out when I take a picture. Usually she only does it if I say silly face but I guess she was in a silly mood today!

We are hoping the hardwood floors in our new house slow Detmer down some. He is EVERYWHERE! My favorite is when he gets sick of crawling so he gets his body into an upside down V shape. I've been trying so hard to capture a picture of it but he has yet to cooperate. Hopefully soon, and when he does, you know I'll share:)

This is the last night in our house! We can't believe it. We are super excited but at the same time it is so
surreal. Who know when it will actually sink in!

This picture was Allie and Detmer but I accidently cropped Detmer out:( Jeremy has introduced me to an awesome new photo site but I've been playing around too much!

This little guy acts like he is soooo innocent! He's like "I've never done anything wrong before in my life!"
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

What a difference a year makes!

This is our family one year ago in the same spot as above. We went both years in between conference sessions. Allie seems so tiny and now we have two kids! And Detmer is getting so big. Maybe we should make it a goal to add a new kid for each fall drive:) JUST KIDDING!!!
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And the present

Of course the kids didn't want to both look at the camera at the same time! When Allie's looking Detmer is not. It was so cold this year! Detmer had a red nose. It was worth it though because we got some great pictures. This is only one of about 20:)
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