Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Adventures of our Thanksgiving Weekend

We started our Thanksgiving day the usual way with the annual Turkey Bowl. I was so happy that Heather agreed to watch the kids so I could join in again after my two year hiatus. We had an awesome turn out and were able to play some really fun games. Dave took the MVP award for all around skill level. He can throw, catch, and run like nobody else. Good thing he was on my team!

We dropped by Grandpa Greg's for a little bit before heading over to Dave's parents for dinner.
Allie enjoyed the chocolate pie Heather made (left).
Detmer was really good! So much was going on he barely slept but he enjoyed it. He does have a bit of a cold (to explain the yucky nose) but he had a great first Thanksgiving and we were so happy to have him with us!

Allie and cousins were CRAZY by the time we got back to Grandpa Greg's at night. I think someone spiked the turkey with caffeine or something!
The finally got Daddy all worn out and settled down for a little bit! Then we finally had the chance to visit and play some games as adults!
On Friday we woke up bright and early to go get our Christmas tree. Detmer and Allie both had pretty sweet rides. There was barely enough snow to pull Allie's sled! Which was good because if Dave had had to walk through too much more snow it would have been a lot harder. It was crazy to have so little snow up there but it was still plenty cold!
We picked a bad spot the first time. There was nothing! We hopped back in the car and went to another spot. This spot was much more lucky. I think this is my favorite tree ever! We are hopefully going to decorate tomorrow so I'll post pictures of it! We went back to the cabin to have lunch before heading back home. Allie was really excited to be back at the cabin but couldn't believe the nerve of Mom and Dad taking her to the cabin and not going to the river! Being the spoiled girl she is (and also very lucky there was not a lot of snow) we drove down to the river (left). Daddy let Allie get out and throw rocks, although most of them hit the ice, which Allie wasn't too happy about. Detmer fell asleep before we got to the second tree spot and I didn't mind a bit staying in the car with him!
Allie got really nervous during the Cougar game Saturday:
She wasn't sure if they were going to pull it off after the Utes scored with two minutes left (left). But soon she was breathing a sigh of relief! (right)
After the game was over she was a proud Cougar fan! Okay, so these pictures actually took place after we got home Saturday, but Dave thought the story above would sound better:) Dave brought Allie the pom poms home from the game and of course she was thrilled. We went to the Kaysville parade, which lasted about ten minutes. At first Allie buried her head into Grandpa Greg's shoulder because the fire truck came by first and Allie was afraid of the loud noise. But a second after that she was really into it waving at all the people. Good thing she didn't stay scared for too long, she would have missed the whole parade. We then went over to the Kaysville Tabernacle to see the nativities. We even got to sit down for a few minutes and listen to the singers, but that didn't last too long with Allie and Detmer. We got our tree set up (although not decorated yet) and we are ready for the Christmas season!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I finally got some pictures hung up in Allie's room. They are not there to stay because I have to fix the wall (it has about a billion nail holes). But it is super cute, if you don't mind me saying. I'll post a picture of it soon. There are pictures of her and Dave and one of the pictures looks like this:
It is a picture of Dave and Allie at Sea World. Everytime Allie sees it she says "Daddy and Allie at Cougar game. I love Cougar game." Forget Sea World, it's all about the Cougars!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun Stuff!

We had a great weekend! Dave and I rarely get a baby-sitter. People often offer to take Allie. She LOVES going anywhere, playing with anyone. So we go out a lot with just the two of us and Detmer. However, little Detmer is not too popular with the baby-sitters. I thought maybe by the time he was this age, it would be better. But now that he is nine months and has been without me or Dave maybe three times in his life, it is even worse. He has horrible seperation anxiety right now. He also does not take solid foods yet. I think the joke is on me as far as this goes, though. The other day Dave was able to get him to eat several different foods. For me, he will do nothing but nurse. What can I say, I make some delicious milk. So Dave and I were going to a party last night and Detmer is far too big to sneak and keep in his carseat. We had to bite the bullet and asked Dave's mom to baby-sit. She agreed and we were really excited to go. Then we got invited to go to a dance on Friday. Anyone who knows me knows that this is NOT something I wanted to pass up. Dancing is my favorite thing ever! Since I wanted to go so bad I had Dave ask his mom if she could watch the kids Friday as well (we would never normally do this, but I REALLY wanted to do both things). I guess that was too much Detmer for one person because she turned us down. I desperatley tried to think of another baby-sitter, but since I'm not willing to leave Detmer with non-family yet, I was fresh out of ideas since Kelly and Jeremy were going to the dance with us. Then Kelly came up with a brilliant plan! If Dave's mom would watch the kids on Friday, she would take them on Saturday. We jumped all over that idea and boy were we soooo glad we did! We had the best time at both events. We learned some new dance moves on Friday, and might I say that Dave really knows how to bust a move! He caught on really fast and did such a good job. We decided we need to keep practicing so we can show off at the next dance we go to:) It was awesome!

We had a great time at the party on Saturday night as well. There was a couple there who had brought there baby and he was naughty the whole time. They missed out on a lot and it made me appreciate that we could leave the kids and enjoy some time with some friends! During the day Detmer and Dave has a boys day out and watched the BYU game while Allie and I went shopping, Allie's favorite activity!

Last week I got a new calling! Today was my first day on the job and I was so excited! I am teaching the nine-year olds. This is my first time in primary, and I have always wanted to be in primary so I'm looking forward to it. I got to opening excercises and after I found my class I couldn't believe how reverently they sat! They were the quietest class of the whole crew. I couldn't believe my luck! We walked to our class room and boy did they trick me! Oh my goodness this is a rowdy bunch. Out of the seven that were there today there was ONE that did not talk non-stop! They were so much fun though. I know I am going to love this calling. This is such a fun age. I love the primary kids! When I got called the member of the bishopric that called me said "now we know you have young kids and were mindful of that." So basically Dave won't be getting a Sunday calling anytime soon. On the plus side, he won't have to fight me over who gets to take Detmer to Relief Society/Elder's Quorum anymore. Our first hope was that Dave and I would get to team teach and bring Detmer with us. However, Detmer came to visit my class today and I realized that would be a bad idea. I was holding him and they all wanted to hold him and one of the girls said "I look at his blue eyes and I want to hold him so bad I'm shivering!" They handed out maps of the ward today so I took it to class and showed the kids where I live, then had all of them show me where they live. Our ward boundaries are really small so we're all really close neighbors. After they sat back down from showing me where they live I said "okay, did everyone get a good chance to look? Does everyone know where I live?" They all said yes and I told them okay, then there assignment is to bring me cookies this week. The girls were thrilled, they all love to cook. The boys all moaned and groaned and asked how many they had to bring. I got home and told Dave what I did and he said "yeah, too bad they'll all forget." Well, tonight I had my family over for dinner and at about seven there was a knock on the door. One of my primary girls brought cupcakes! Gotta love them!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

He's going to be sore in the morning!

So the other night Detmer woke up and fussed a little bit, but fell back asleep so I didn't go in his room. When I went to check on him in the morning this is how he was sleeping:
I felt so bad! I don't know if the picture clearly shows that he was sitting and then just laid his head down so he's folded in half! What a weirdo! He must have been tired to sleep like that.
Last night I had some friends over and Dave planned to just keep Allie and Detmer in our room (I figured this wouldn't work, but he was determined to try...) Allie could not believe how unjust we were to not let her hang out with her friends. I kept telling her "my friends are coming" and Allie would say "not your friends, my friends." So OF COURSE I gave in and let her hang out with us. So she would sit with us except for when she'd run back to Dave in the bedroom and say "Daddy, my friends are so funny!" How can I resist her.
Today was a big day for Allie! She went in the potty for the first time. Despite our huge celebration, it only happened once. She got to call Dave at work and I told her if she went again she could call Zacky, Grandpa Greg, and Grandma. Even though she never went again she "talked" to Zacky on the "phone" (her spatula) several times. This was her conversation "Hi Zacky? This is Allie. What are you doing? I went in the potty today." I guess we try again tomorrow!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Detmer is nine months! (and two days)

Detmer had his nine month check-up today with his new pediatrician. We LOVE her. She is so nice and so real. She was so sweet and fun and I'm really happy with the change! She treated me like--well like I'm the mom and I know what's best for my kids. How refreshing! Let me pose a question: Does this look like a baby who has a weight problem?

I know what your thinking. Sure, he's a little on the chubby side, but nothing serious. His pediatrician tried to say he's too small! She said "we won't get too concerned yet, but we'll keep an eye on him." She was right when she said we won't get too concerned! The dude weighs 18 pounds. I think he'll be just fine! He was almost 28 inches (it was 27 something) and in great health! He did such a good job, he acted like it was the funnest part of his day. His pediatrician asked me if he has stranger anxiety yet. I told her oh yes, he's terrible. So she takes him and apparently she's his new best friend because he could have cared less about me! Dang that boy making me look bad:) (PS. Doesn't he look so stinkin cute riding his bike!)

Yesterday we had my family over for dinner. I had planned on having all our new furniture bought and pictures hung, but we're a little behind on that. However, it was still a great time!
Allie helped me make the brownies. As soon as I poured the powder in she said "can I taste it?" She snuck a taste every chance she got!

Her new favorite game is that I'm a kitty and she's a puppy. Where do kids come up with this stuff! She also LOVES to sing and has a microphone that she wears around her head and connects to a guitar. Tonight she put on a little concert for Dave and I. She'd say "and what song?" We'd tell her and she'd sing about one line of our request and it's back too "and what song?" She probably went through at least 15 songs!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a fun day!

I guess the kids were super excited for the fun day that was in store for them, because they sure were up bright and early! Allie got up before Dave left. What the heck? She came in and laid by me and when Dave was leaving she said "Daddy, don't forget to brush your teeth." What a great helper! Since Dave is going to be gone to the game until late tonight, we headed down to hang out with him in Salt Lake for a couple of hours, the drop him off to go to the game with Grandpa Greg. Allie and Detmer both fell asleep on the car ride down and when we got there Dave and I were standing outside the vehicle talking to Dave's friend and Allie woke up and saw him and yelled "DADDY!" So of course this bought her a ticket to get out of her carseat while we chatted. We went to lunch then headed over to Grandpa Greg's work. Allie decided she absolutley had to wear her Cougars outfit today (she must have know it's game day) and that was a big hit with Grandpa's co-workers. She was quite the little performer. She sang the Cougars song for them and showed off her dance moves. She thought it was the coolest thing ever that she got to go to Grandpa's work! We hung out there until Giff and Shirelle showed up then Grandpa walked us around to make some introductions. He works with Miss Utah and introduced us to her. We were chatting and asked about the upcoming Miss USA pageant and where it would be held. She said she didn't know yet. My dad said "What? I thought they announced it was going to be in Topeka this year." We all chuckled at his joke (because of course what could be a worse fate then going to Topeka when you're probably dreaming of Hawaii) okay so almost all of us chuckled. In keeping with the beauty queens of late the Miss Utah girl gets a confused look on her face and says "where's that?" She'll make us proud! I guess if they ask her a question about Topeka she'll just have to start talking about the Iraqi's:)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Proud Daddy!

Yesterday our family went to the BYU game courtesy of Grandpa Greg. We had so much fun! Thanks to Denny for giving up his ticket so we could go. The weather was awesome! We didn't even need sweatshirts until the end of the game. Allie and Detmer did so awesome. Detmer sat on laps the whole game and was totally content. He fell asleep for a little bit, too. Onto the proud Daddy: Allie is already a true Cougar fan. When we got there and the game hadn't started yet she kept saying "Daddy, I want Cougars!" She also can do the fight song actions by herself. It is so cute! Anytime the band would play she started dancing.

We got there in plenty of time to attend the pre-game show where the band was playing while the cheerleaders danced. Allie was a little too close to the band this time and she got scared. The picture of Allie with Grandpa Greg shows how Allie was covering her face while the band played. She did take it down for long enough to say "Hi pretty girls" (courtesy of Grandpa Greg's assistance, of course) to the cheerleaders. I went over to her after the band left and she took her hat down and said "Mommy I was scared!"
So to cap off this beautiful story tonight we knelt down to say family prayer. Of course, Allie was saying it. She usually says a couple of things by herself before we help her. Tonight her prayer was "thankful this day. Bless cougars..." Gotta love it!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Princess and a Pumpkin take three and other great news!!!

We had so much fun last night with our final Halloween festivities!

We went to Grandpa Greg's and had a delicious dinner made by me:) The kids were all so cute! Great Grandma came over and brought the kids their trick-or-treat and Detmer was not in his costume but in true Great Grandma fashion she said "oh he just looks so cute I'm going to take a picture anyway." We figured that was our cue to get him dressed. We put on his cute costume and Giff and Dave decided it would be sooo much better stuffed with newspaper. I have to admit, it does look so cute stuffed! Plus Detmer fell asleep in the stroller and he had enough padding that he looked comfy even though he was sitting straight up! It was hilarious! We tried to get a picture with the camera phone but it was too dark:( Allie was supposed to be Pooh, but was still afraid of the costume! I'm so glad we had a back-up (or five!). We went with Snow White this time. It was great at first, she didn't even need her coat. After we put it on it was kind of hard to tell what she was. I did get a picture of her with Kelly's boys but forget to upload it so I'll probably add it later. Kelly is quite the clever girl to be able to come up with six costumes without breaking a sweat and they all looked so stinkin cute! Dave got off work early so he didn't have to miss a bit of the festivities. Allie was so much fun this year. She couldn't believe people were just giving her candy! We couldn't believe her longevity. She kept saying "I get more and more candy!" Luckily by this morning she had forgotten about it!

This morning I really wanted to make it to the gym for a ten o'clock class. Today this was presented as an extra challenge because it was time to get ready and my two little ones were still sleeping soundly. Still, I knew I had too much to do to go tonight so I got them up. At least I thought I was getting them up. I went into get Detmer and he was kneeling hanging on to his crib! So Kelly and I met at the gym and worked out together, then she took Allie home with her while I ran errands. I made it to her house just in time to see Gifford and Shirelle with their BIG NEWS!!! I'm sure this isn't a shock to anyone but we are so happy it's finally official!!!

Giff was having a hard time trying to think of how to surprise Shirelle, but I think he did a great job. He decorated her salon (see about pic) green and black are their wedding colors--pretty clever! There was also a sign that said "I love you Shirelle. Will you marry me?" Giff is not one to be quite so public so this was the perfect surprise for Shirelle. He did it in front of her co-workers and clients! Shirelle is very detailed about things so it's fun to hear about all the plans she has brewing. I love weddings!!!
They are so lucky they got this picture of Giff proposing! Priceless!