Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A perfect Christmas

For part of Dave's Christmas present, I got him a ticket to the Vegas Bowl. I was excited to give him this opportunity, but of course I was sad because that meant we would have to be apart over night, which we have only done one other time. Friday I was watching the Cardon boys while Kelly and Jeremy went and stayed in a hotel. I kept really busy, which was good because I didn't have time to sit and miss Dave. Saturday was a super busy day. The kids and I went up to Evanston to have a family party at Heather and Steve's. I still had some Christmas shopping to do so I had to stop at the store late Saturday. After we got home and I got the kids to bed I was so exhausted I fell asleep and slept soundly until Detmer woke me up. My primary kids were crazy excited at church so I gave a very short lesson. It was so fun to have Detmer with me. One of my primary girls said "he's the cutest baby I've ever seen." One of the other girls gasped and said "what about your little brother?" She said "okay, he's ONE of the cutest." He got so many compliments he got out of there with such a big head. One of the girls said "I'm not afraid to admit it: I'm in love with him." It was my last week with my first primary class and I will miss them. They've meant so much to me. I love them!

Getting home from church I was still exhausted and Kelly came and took the kids so I could have a glorious break. I intended to take a short nap, but it turned into a long nap. So worth it! I was so excited when Dave got home that night!!! I missed him sooo much!!! We went and got the kids and when we walked in Allie saw me first and then Dave so she went "Hi MoDADDY!!!" She literally pushed one of the twins out of the way to get to Dave. She missed him so much. Saturday morning she said "My daddy's going to be here in a second." By Sunday she said "your the mommy and I'm the daddy" and I had to call her daddy!

Monday the kids were basking in Dave's presence which allowed for me to smoothly get everything done for our Christmas Eve party. It was a total success. Everyone had a great time and we even got to play some games. We came home with two tired kids just in time to give them Christmas jammies and get them to bed. Dave and I stayed up for some last minute wrapping and watched on of my favorite movies (The Holiday).

By 9:15 Christmas morning I couldn't wait anymore. We went and woke the kids. Allie was so excited about all the presents. She was making so many cute comments I was excited to get everything on camera. Detmer could have cared less about presents! He wasn't even interested in the paper. Still, I think having both of our precious babies made this Christmas that much more special! Detmer did enjoy the presents after Allie "helped" him open them. The kids had time to play for a bit before heading over to Grandma Steffensen's. There we had lunch and got some more nice gifts. Allie had lots of fun playing with cousins. After that we headed over to see Grandpa "Eggy", Giff, Shirelle, Denny, and Kim. Kelly and her family also got there. The kids had more fun playing together and the mom's took a chance to lock themselves in a room to visit kid free (except spoiled boy Detmer). Our last stop of the night was to see Great Grandma. By this time we had two tired kids but Allie still had plenty of play left and was excited about all Great Grandma's toys. She fell asleep in the car on the way home, but just for a cat nap. When we got home we busted out our new karoke machine and had such a great time performing for each other. Allie loved singing her ABC's and anything else that allowed her to hear her voice over the microphone. After we put the kids to bed Dave and I stayed up for several more hours singing the night away. It was great.

We were so happy Dave had the day off today. We got out all the toys we didn't have time to play with yesterday. Detmer is afraid of the RC car that we thought would be his favorite gift! His favorite is probably his dinosaur that eats balls, plays music, lights up, and spits the balls back out. Allie's favorite gift is her play food for her kitchen. Dave and I have had such good food these past couple days. What's better than peas, waffles, and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. I love my little family so much and am so grateful for all the great times we have together!!! We left our camera at Granpa Eggy's so please expect pictures soon:)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Okay, so maybe he is greedy!

There is a second tooth. So maybe he's not greedy maybe he's just so cute he got a bonus:) My baby got his two front teeth (bottom) for Christmas!

He also got a new haircut! He was tired of making all the baby girls jealous of his long, curly hair. I'm not sure yet if I cut the curls off for good or if they will be back. I am very happy with the cut. I almost called locks of love, I couldn't believe how much I ended up cutting off! However, this boy still has a ton of hair. It is just not sticking up all over quite as bad. I will post pictures later. I'm not at home right now!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Fun!!!

We have had so much fun this crazy busy Christmas season! Monday of last week we went to the Christmas Village. It was, of course, a little bit cold but we've always gone there so we had to keep up tradition. We bundled up the little ones and thought it would be a quick walk through and right back to the car. Little did we know it would be a run through, stop and stare at every display, and cry when it was time to get back in the car! Allie loved it! She was so cute and every display she said "Mom, let's run!" So we did. Then when we got there she wanted to be lifted up. Detmer was such a good little trooper all bundled up in his stroller. When it was time to get back in the car Allie begged to look at the displays just one more time! The second picture is of Allie running to the next display!
Friday night Dave's former boss had a Christmas party and we had a great time. We wondered what he could be thinking when he told us his plan: show up at his house for dinner, go shopping for needy kids, come back to his house and wrap the gifts. We wondered if he realized he invited the kids. Well, we were fooled. The kids all had such a great time. They loved playing together and his older kids took care of the little ones. It was one of the most pleasant parties with kids we've ever attended! The kids were up way past their bedtimes but it was worth it because kids and parents had such a fun time!

Saturday was our ward party. Allie had a good time and hooray for all the little girls in our ward (soooo many!). I'm sure no one is surprised that ours is the girl in blue amongst all the red, but it was for a reason. We put her in the BYU outfit to go to Brad's (above) party. He's a Ute fan (although he may have converted after seeing how cute Allie looks in that outfit:)). Allie hurt her arm at Brad's and would not let us change her clothes until Saturday afternoon!

This Monday we drove down and met Dave in Salt Lake. We got Allie all excited about riding a choo-choo (Trax-see picture to the right). She was excited, but decided it goes a bit too fast and started saying "Mommy, I don't want to ride choo-choo again." We ended up at the temple to look at the lights and Allie was so in love with the temple she could hardly notice the lights. She wanted to go inside the temple sooo bad! Dave used this as a chance to teach her a lesson about living worthy, hopefully it sticks with her:) A nice gal stopped at took a family picture of us as well! The head poking out is Detmer!

Yesterday morning we went to a brunch at the home of a girl in my ward. It was really nice but I can't wait until I'm not the new girl!!! Allie had so much fun playing with the other kids there and of course my little attachment (Detmer) was never far from my side. Literally, he was on my lap the whole time. He might have played on the floor but she had cat food down there and I knew right where he would head if I tried to put him down.

Last night I went to a Christmas dinner with the girls (see Hot Sexy Mama's:)). It was so much fun. It's so great to get an ab work-out just from laughing so hard.

Tonight Dave is playing basketball with some guys in the ward. He's such a basketball freak and tonight is the first night. Considering he's been gone for an hour and a half there must have been a good turn out so I'm really excited for him!
Some people are greedy and ask for TWO FRONT teeth for Christmas. Not my humble little guy, he just wanted one tooth, anywhere. And being the perfect boy he is he gets what he asks for! He got his bottom right tooth. Dave and I noticed it on Friday. Yay Detmer!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hot sexy Mama's!

Yesterday I headed out to the mall for a day of girl fun with four of my best girlfriends. We had such a great time. We started out the day by getting make-overs. Whoa. It was a bit much, I thought, but I did get some great tips. We hit some stores in the mall then headed over to Target for make-up and more clothes shopping. I didn't find a single peice of clothing that I loved! Maybe because of my shopping spree on Thursday. I came home empty handed but it was still such an awesome time! I wanted to find a hot outfit like Kelly, but it just wasn't my day I guess. And I can't wait to see Heidi model all her new clothes. I've heard they are really hot so far.
Aren't they beautiful?

Family Fun!!!

Dave was not feeling good Wednesday night, so he called in sick Thursday. Luckily, he was feeling better on Thursday so we went out and had some fun on the town. We went Christmas shopping-mostly for ourselves. I got some new boots that I love and I couldn't wait to wear them until Christmas! We went to half the stores in the mall, ate lunch, Target, and Shopko. After that Allie was so dissapointed that we had to go home! That girl is a shopaholic! The kids were so good and we all had such a fun time. The day went by way too fast, of course. Dave and I have always taken a day in December to just hang out and it is one of our funnest traditions.

Dave and I have really gotten a taste now for going out on the town so on Friday night we left the kids and Kelly's and went on a hot date. We really wanted to go with our friends to a concert in Salt Lake but were nervous about the "huge storm" that was blowing in. We still had a great time though.

Grandpa Greg came home from his cruise today! We went to Grandpa Greg's twice while he was gone and both times Allie insisted on waiting for him. She was pretty upset when I dragged her away before he got home. There was no way for me to explain to her how long she would be waiting. Grandpa Greg brought home a maraca for Detmer, which of course he loved. And for Allie he brought this super cute little dress. We love it!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Detmer is such a fun little guy these days, although his hobbies are very limited: Mommy and Daddy's arms. Somedays he is okay, others he follows me around all day! I like to tease him and jump from side to side and watch his little arms crawl as fast as they can to get to me. He loves to stand like an upside down V and the other day even took a few steps while doing that! He is so obedient, we usually don't have to tell him "no" more than once or twice. He can still be a naughty guy though. Tonight while Dave and I were watching Survivor, he shoved two DVD's in the VCR! I thought that was more like a two-year-old thing! Detmer is still working on expanding his palate. I need to find someone who needs my baby food. I dump a little bit into a bowl, try to give Detmer a bite, he freaks out, and there's another wasted jar. He never turns down a graham cracker, though! That's about the only food he will consistently eat. He loves to say "da da" of course, because my baby's really like to take there time before they say "Mama". He is going to be a wrestler. Actually he kind of already is! He loves to get pushed and fall back onto the bed. Sunday when we took pictures for our Christmas card I got him to smile by swiping my finger across his cheeks hard enough to make his head turn. This is great news for Daddy. I'm sure before long they will be breaking everything!
The last picture Kelly took when I was still hitting the cheeks!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Allie LOVES to play with friends. If she doesn't get to play with a friend every single day, she feels very ripped off. Everyday I hear "I go to cousins house today?" Yesterday, playgroup was at our house and she was looking out the window for friends every five minutes. Monday she had Lance, Zack, Brody, and Jace over and today Maggie came over. I would say it's been a great week so far! Allie loves musicals. Her favorite movies are: Annie, Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and lately she has been loving Polar Express. If we were ever home at 10:30 she would love to watch Barney! The girl loves music! She is constantly singing. On Sunday I picked her up from nursery and her nursery leader said "she is so smart, I can't believe she knows how to sign her ABC's." She doesn't! She's just a great actress. If I start to sign the ABC's she moves her hand like she's doing it. She makes me look like such an efficient mom! Lately she has started calling me "Momma" and I love it. "I hold you, Momma." She knows I can't resist it! She's such a great big sister. She talks to Detmer with the sweetest little voice. We call him Puppy and she is always kissing him "hi Puppy, hi Puppy." When he wakes up in the morning I always say "Big Sister, I waked up" and she calls out (she's usually eating breakfast) "I coming." And runs back to smother him in kisses. No wonder Detmer always wakes up so happy! She is getting really good at saying her own prayers and the other day she said "bless Hincky, thank you church..." it makes me so happy to feel like she's really learning things about the Gospel. Athough I can tell she's still a bit confused because the other day at Ben Franklin I pointed to a picture of Santa and said "whose that?" And she shouts "IT'S JESUS!" Oops! Ever since she was tiny Dave has always told her she's beautifully gorgeous and now everytime I get dressed she always says "Mommy, you boofully gigous". Even when I got Detmer dressed today she told him he looked beautifully gorgeous. And if anyone ever wants to borrow her to go shopping...the other day everything I tried on made me look beautifully gorgeous!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hey Santa!

Yesterday Allie and Detmer got to meet Santa! We had a family reunion and Santa always makes an appearance and brings a gift for each of the kids. Allie was so excited. We went to the mall on Friday and she wanted to sit on Santa's lap so bad, but I kept telling her to wait until tomorrow. Still, we had to go past him three seperate times so she could get a glimpse. We weren't sure how Detmer would do, but we were hoping the fact that Santa bears a very striking resemblence to Grandpa Steffensen would help him enjoy the experience (Detmer loves Grandpa!) and it must have worked because Little Detmer did a great job!

On Friday Dave and I got to go to the Forgotten Carols with Dave's parents, Heather and her family, and Diana. It was an awesome experience. Dave and I have gone twice before but I think this was my favorite year yet. Kelly watched the kids while we went to dinner and the show. We were gone for quite sometime and got back to found both of the kids in great spirits, a wonderful end to a wonderful night. Kelly also had the kids for several hours on Tuesday because I wasn't feeling well (again!). It is so nice having someone to watch my kids for me! I have experienced what it is like to have no one available to help with my kids and it's really tough! My heart goes out to those who don't have the help they need, because on the other hand, being able to call someone when you are sick or when you want to go out and being able to leave your kids is a really big treat! While we were gone, Dave and I both missed the kids so much and were thrilled to get back to them. It's great for everybody!