Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

Our family is so sad tonight after hearing about the death of our prophet. We love President Hinckley so much and are grateful to have been blessed by his life. I just shared with the girls I visit teach on Thursday how much fun it has been for me as a mom to see my little Allie learn to know and love President "Hincky". Everytime we pray, if Allie is not saying it she tells Dave or I to "bless President Hincky and church." She never forgets him in her prayers. We got out a picture of him and talked about him and how he has gone to live with Heavenly Father. I love that she is an innocent two-year-old and that she really had no idea what we were talking about. I'm glad she can't comprehend such a thing and we will look forward to teaching her about the next prophet.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My cuties!

Tonight I had the chance to talk to my dear friend Ashley. I was so excited! I love when we get the chance to catch up. Ash is one of my best and oldest friends. She is so much fun and so freaking hilarious. Always gives me a good laugh. I'm so glad that we have stayed in touch over the years, good times and bad. And did I mention we are amazing dancers? Tonight we were "watching" a dancing show over the phone and I was a little disappointed Ash and I didn't take the chance to audition. We danced together in high school and let's just say we rock! Okay, so maybe there was a little sarcasm in there, but we did have soooo much fun! Anyway, Ash has not seen my kids for quite some time (even though she is their godmother!) so I decided to post a recent pic of the cuties. Not that the pictures on here are old, but this one is a pretty good close-up. It is a picture I took for Christmas to give to my Grandma. We had a super fun three day weekend. It's always fun to have Daddy home for an extra day. On Friday we just hung out and played together. Saturday we went to the gym then Dave and I went on a hot date. We went to Olive Garden and then a couple stores, which isn't the best date but much faster without the little ones.

I can't remember if I've mentioned yet that they called Dave to team teach with me in primary. We were so excited! We have a class of six boys. They are wild things but it is amazing how you love them anyway. They are fun and I know over time we will just get to love them more. Detmer has been a great addition to our class. It was inspiration to give us a class full of boys. They don't make near the fuss over Detmer, so he is not a distraction in class. He loves to play with the legs of the table, that keeps him entertained most of the time. He's such a good boy. Allie loves nursery! She gets really excited to go. She's always been that way, and we're hoping Detmer will be the same way!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My little comedian

Allie is so hilarious lately--I have to write all this down here since her journal is missing. That way when I find it I'll remember everything.

Allie, as I've mentioned, loves to spend time at the Cardon's house. The other day Dave called and she said "is it Daddy?" Like she always does. I told her yes and she said "Daddy Jeremy?" I thought it was so funny and she overheard me telling Dave how funny she was later that night. The next day when Dave called she said "is it Daddy Warbucks?"

The other day sitting at the dinner table she said "Daddy do this 'woot woot'." Anybody who knows Dave knows just how true that is! She also sucks her thumb and says "Lancer do this." She's so observant!

Today I asked Allie "will you please take the comb to the bathroom?" She said "sure. Of course." She is getting to be such a big girl but still loves to be held all the time so I get to keep a little bit of my baby. She also loves to dance so even when we have church music on she's dancing away. Her crib looks like a toy store! She wants to take every toy to bed with her and we usually give in because she wakes up and plays which buys us some extra sleep time.

Detmer is still easily entertained by playing with balls, balls, balls. The other day he was throwing his binky around saying "ba, ba." I guess if you can throw it, it's a ball. He was also saying "mama" the other day but I have heard him again since so I hope he starts again soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

How 'bout this tooth?

On Wednesday Allie had her first visit with the dentist. We tried to prepare her for what he would do, so now everytime we ask her "what does the dentist do?" She says, pointing to her teeth, "how 'bout this tooth? How 'bout this tooth? How 'bout this tooth?" The preparation paid off because Allie did a great job and had no cavities! The dentist brushed her teeth with flouride and when we left Allie said "Mommy, I don't like dentist boopaste." She usually loves the taste of toothpaste!

On Thurdsday night Dave and I got to go to the Jazz vs. Suns game. Dave won tickets at work for finishing in the top of the last campaign. I dropped the kids off with Aunt Diana and headed to Salt Lake to meet Dave. They had a reception at the office beforehand and then we walked across the street to the Energy Solutions Arena. We had a great time! It was an 8:30 game so we didn't get the kids until almost midnight. They were both asleep, though, and had no problems going right to bed when we got home.

Monday, January 7, 2008

She thinks I'm a sucker!

And I usually am. But I wasn't tonight. Last night we put Allie and Detmer down for bed. Allie calls me in to tell me she's not feeling good. What do I do? What any mom would do, of course. I quickly give her whatever she wants and bring her into lay by us, exactly what she wants to do every night. We finally put her in her crib at about eleven. So tonight Allie calls me. I go to see what she wants and guess what? "Mommy, my tummy hurts." I ask if she needs to go potty. No. Does she need me to kiss it better? Yes. Lay her back down. "Mommy," in her saddest voice, "I need to come lay by you and Daddy." What?! It's already starting! I didn't think kids realized the privlidges of faking sick until elementary school! Needless to say, she didn't get to come in and lay with us and she fell asleep a few minutes later.

Here's just a few of the many words Detmer can say according to Mom and Dad: Dada, Allie, ball, uh-oh. The word other people may understand is dada. Everytime he sees a ball he says "b b". So last night I decided we must capture this fabulous new accomplishment on video. I pull out the camera while Dave, Allie, and Detmer played ball. Dave and I were so proud, bragging to the camera. "He said it! Oh wow, he just said it again!" I watched the video later last night and was shocked at just how unclear Detmer's newfound word is. It is still precious!
I can't believe how big my little boy is getting. We are already planning his first birthday party. He is so much fun. I can't believe how much joy he brings to our lives. He is so much fun right now!

Allie spends several days a week with a house full of boys (the Cardon cousins) and there is so many ways it shows. Dave and I often look at each other and go "gee, I wonder where she learned that." Her latest? If we say "Oh cute!" She says "Not cute, cool!" I guess cute must be to girly.

Yesterday we got to go to little Monson's blessing. He looked so handsome! Somebody held Detmer and played with Allie for most of the meeting, so I actually got to listen. I was so involved in the meeting I didn't even notice when McKay started coloring on Detmer's hand with pen! Thankfully Heather was on the ball. After the blessing we came home and I took my Sunday nap, which due to my strategic planning I was still able to squeeze in even though I was hosting dinner for about 20 people that night (Kelly's birthday party). My first guests arrive about five minutes after I woke up when I was feeding Detmer, so that got me into gear fast and there was even some karoke entertainment while I got everything together!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

My pictures posted backwards, so I'll summarize each of them starting from most recent. I didn't get any of our New Year's party because I forgot my camera, but other people got some good ones that hopefully I'll have soon.

1. We went to a hotel this weekend just for a fun little getaway. Allie and Detmer found lots of new play places!

2. They also turned into my little fish! Despite being Dave and Kira off-spring, this was Detmer's first time swimming. Not for lack of trying, that stupid water ban for kids prevented us from taking him this summer. He loved the water! And we had to drag Allie out. All she wanted to do was go swimming!

3. Detmer and Uncle Steve having a staring contest. Monson is oblivious!

4. On Christmas we were reading some letters from Dave's mom and Allie was downstairs playing. She came upstairs dressed like this.

5. The best present of all, Detmer, who likes to climb in, on, around, and through EVERYTHING!

6. Allie and Detmer playing with a new Christmas toy.

7. Modeling our new jammies on Christmas Eve.

8. Grandpa Greg and eight of the nine grandkids!

9. Grandpa Greg did a special Christmas lesson. Each of the kids picked a gift they wanted to give Jesus. Allie picked service and Zacky picked obey parents.

We have had a great Holiday Season!!!