Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentines!!!

Okay, so it's a little late. I can't believe I slacked off and didn't send out pictures of my little Valentines. It was so fun doing so the past two years, and I took the pictures this year, we just got so busy we didn't get them out in time. We had such a fun day though. We woke up to some surprise gifts from Daddy! Allie thought that was the most amazing thing ever and that got her day started right so she was in the best mood all day. Then we put on her special "Balentines" dress. She cried when she had to take it off that night! We made a special dinner for Daddy and hung out and had fun that night. Dave and I were able to "celebrate" on Friday. We go out almost every weekend, but I guess when it's Valentine's you go to "celebrate". Allie's friend was having her birthday party at Artic Circle right by Kelly's house and since Kelly was going to be watching them that night, she said why don't I just drop them off after the party. At one o'clock?! Okay, I won't argue with that! Allie woke up, went to the gym, went to Kae Ra's birthday party, and went to cousins until bed time. That is Allie's ultimate awesome day! Dave and I went out to Lonestar and hung out for a bit before going to get the kids, who we were very excited to see! The picture below is Allie giving Kae Ra a birthday hug. Happy #2 Kae Ra!

Saturday was another spoil Allie day. We went on a special Allie and Mommy day while Daddy and Detmer stayed home and played. Allie and I went shopping for her to wear to Giff and Shirelle's wedding. We were going to go to the mall and Sam's Club, but we had so much fun we added in a couple extra stores. Allie kept wanting to go on the stairs (the escalator) at the mall. When we get there she would hurry and turn to me and say "can you hold me?" So she likes it as long as she's being held. She also loved playing on the toys at the mall and at Kohl's. What a spoiled girl!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Detmer!

My little boy is one! I can't believe it! Detmer had a really awesome birthday. A slow morning and due to Mommy still being sick he didn't get a special birthday breakfast, but he didn't complain. He went to church and took treats for "his" primary class (that he attends with Mommy and Daddy). Came home to take his nap before the big party. Everyone came over for dinner, which was sloppy joes, chips, potato salad, and lemonade. Detmer's party theme was football/BYU so the chips and cupcakes were served in big footballs. We had blue and white streamers and BYU decorations up all over the house. The invitation also said to wear BLUE, but a couple people forgot (however I was very impressed that almost everyone was in blue!) His smash cake was just a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that had a big "1" and the cake for guests was a football field, complete with Teddy Grahams football players!

After dinner, Detmer opened his presents and scored big! He got some cute new outfits, a Thomas Chair, a Little People garage, a farm set, Little Tikes basketball hoop, and a book. He still has no interest in opening presents, which was great for Allie and all the other little ones who got to do it for him.
After presents we did cake. We stripped Detmer down to his diaper and put him in his highchair and put the cake on his tray. He looked at it and looked it. That was enough to drive Allie crazy! She couldn't stand he had cake right there and wasn't eating it! She kept trying to feed it to him. He finally got the point and ate some, but then got annoyed that his hand was dirty and kept trying to wipe it off his hand! He still managed to make a HUGE mess, without really eating much of the cake.

We gave him a quick bath in the sink so he didn't have to miss out on the action. After that he played until all the guests left. Then Daddy put together all his new birthday toys and he played with those until he was totally exhausted.

Detmer is such a good boy! He was so good and laid back for his party. Everyone always says to keep it low key for their first party, but this mommy doesn't know how to do that, so I'm glad my baby is flexible. Everything went so awesome and I love my little one-year-old so much!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mommy spoiled the party!

This past weekend started out with the usual amount of fun and excitement. On Saturday I went to my friends baby shower and Dave and the kids played with cousins Skyler and Ryan who spent the night with us. After I got home, Dave, Skyler, and I were playing a game and had to stop in the middle and I came back to my room. When they came to get me to finish the game I wasn't feeling well. I had started coughing a little bit Saturday morning, but didn't think anything of it, but by Saturday night I could tell I had full-on something.

We had gotten Allie really excited to go to our friends Christian and Elizabeth's for our Super Bowl party. Unfortunately, the girl forgets nothing. We put her down for a nap on Sunday and when she woke up, Dave went into get her and she said "okay Daddy, I'm ready to go to the party!" By this time I was a lot sicker and knew we wouldn't be going. It was so sad:( Allie is my party girl and we knew she would be so let down. Dave brought me in some cough drops and she said "Mommy, you need to take your medicine so you can feel better so we can go to party." Luckily at her age "party's" are pretty easy to re-schedule. We are just hoping that all the germs are gone in time for Detmer's party on Sunday!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Detmer's Birth Story

In honor of Detmer's upcoming birthday, I decided to share his birth story. I know most of you have heard it, but hey, what Mom doesn't like to share her birth story over and over and over again!

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 7:30 am on February 10 for a 9 am c-section. That Friday night, we had plans to drop Allie off to stay with Kelly and go out to dinner and a movie. Before we left, the hospital called and said they were very full and they may have to bump us back a day or two. That was devestating news for us, but we decided to continue with our plans and pray hard! We went and saw Deja Vu and went out to eat at the Training Table. When we got home, Dave gave me a blessing. We were all ready and I was surprised how soundly we slept that night. We were awakened by the sound of the phone ringing at about 6:30 am (nooooo!!!!) I picked up and it was the hospital calling to ask if I was coming into have my baby. I said I sure hope so. The hospital said they had us on the schedule for 6 am. I said our doctor told us 7:30. She had looked at the schedule wrong and gave us a good scare! There was no point in trying to go back to sleep (it wouldn't happen!), so we slowly got ready and left. The gal at the hospital felt so terrible for waking us up, but we didn't even care we were so ecstatic that she wasn't calling to cancel.

They got us back pretty fast and the prep work was underway. It took me about thirty seconds to realize that while an emergency c-section (as with Allie) is hard on the emotions, a scheduled c-section is much, much harder on the body. I couldn't believe all the stuff they put me through, especially making me drink salt water! Yuck! Our fabulous anesthesiologist, Dr. Patel, was already at the hospital and anxious to get home, so he asked that the hospital call Dr. Bierer (our OB) and see if he could come now. (YAY!!!) Dr. Bierer got there within minutes and we were in on the operating table, and silly me having done this before THOUGHT I knew what I was in for. Without the rush we experienced with Allie, I was able to be a lot more aware of my surroundings. When we had Allie, once I left L&D to go to surgical, I never opened my eyes. This time, I had to walk in and get myself on the operating table. I started to feel very sick very fast. Dave and I still have a good laugh at the doctor who came to assist Dr. Bierer, he must have been 102 years old! I lay on the table, and my sweet husband was trying to talk to me and take my mind off it, but I couldn't even talk and went to my happy place, which was imagining holding my new little son. A couple minutes into the c-section, I realized I was dying of what I thought was a heart attack. I decided I would not saying anything and just go in peace. My second thought was, there's a doctor about five inches away from me, just in case he can save my life, I guess I should tell him. Not wanting to alarm Dave, I downplayed the situation. Instead of telling Dr. Patel I'm dying of a heart attack, I simply said "I feel a lot of pressure on my chest." Dr. Patel obviously didn't realize the magnitude of the situation and simply tried to explain it off as air entering through my incision, causing air bubbles which was causing the pain. I knew I was in way too much pain for it to simply be air bubbles, but if that was all the attention he was going to give it, I once again decided to go in peace. I had now been laying on the operating table at least twice as long as I had with Allie. I was starting to get concerned. Dave tried to comfort me, he would look down at me and assure me that everything was fine, then he would look down towards the doctors with a panic stricken face, helping me to realize everything was not fine. They could not get this baby out. And I thought, well, I think a c-section is pretty much the last option, so I wonder what they would do next? Dr. Bierer started to yank (I wish I could think of a stronger word) on Detmer, causing my entire body to come off the table and get slammed back down. Dr. Bierer also made the comment "he's running away from us", which caused me in my half-conscious state to think he meant he was running away from us to heaven and then I really started to panic, and Dave once again had to reassure me (I can laugh about this now, but it was anything but funny at the time.) I guess Dr. Bierer meant he was running away from the doctors. FINALLY! Detmer decided to grace us with his prescence! They whisked him away from me for several minutes while I got stitched and the works. Detmer was 7 pounds 15 ounces, but unfortunatley someone recorded it wrong and he will forever be known as 7 pounds 13 ounces. I know it's only two ounces, but come on people, it's my baby's birth weight! They also messed up on the time, but were able to fix that with the evidence. He was born at 8:34, and even though it was the world's longest c-section, I like to brag that he was born before our appointment time had even came. While I was in recovery, they brought Detmer to me and I almost dropped him so they had to take him right back (I was still being bothered by my heart attack). I also had the pleasure of throwing up what little I could--including the fabulous salt water. They told me that they wanted me to wait fifteen minutes to hold him, to make sure I was feeling better. That was the longest fifteen minutes! I knew I was better and I wanted my baby! I finally got to hold him again, but only for a few minutes before he was wisked away to go to whatever it is Dad and Baby go do while Mom gets taken to post-partum.

I was so excited for Allie to meet her baby brother plus I missed her like crazy, so I got on the phone with Kelly right away asking her to bring Allie. Dave and Detmer were gone forever (Detmer's body temp was low and they had to regulate it). When they finally came back, I couldn't sit up straight (are we catching on yet? still the heart attack symptoms causing this). Not being able to sit up straight really didn't work into my plans for the day. I wanted to hold my girl, feed my newborn, and I was starving! Plus it's not too fun to talk to visitors horizontally. However, that pain soon subsided and I was in the heaven that is being a new mom. We had tons of family and friends in and out everyday that we were there, and by Saturday night I was so excited to get to go for a walk through the hospital halls. One of my favorite things in the hospital is walking to the nursery to get my baby!

I can't believe it has been almost one year! We love Detmer so much. I look at him and am reminded of how much Heavenly Father must love me to have allowed me to raise this boy. This is the song I like to dedicate to Detmer: On the day that you were born the angels got together, and decided to create a dream come true, So they sprinkled moondust in your hair and golden starlight in your eyes of blue...that is why, everyone in town, follow you, all around, just like me, they long to be, close to you.

Friday, February 1, 2008

World's Best Daddy!

To start this post, I just have to brag about Dave for a minute. I was filling out Detmer's baby book the other day and it was asking for some of his favorite's (food, activities, time of day, toys, etc.) I asked for Dave's helped to make sure I didn't forget anything, but I was more interested in seeing how much Dave knew abou this boy. He did so good! He got 110%. He even added things that I forgot and had such good answers. I'm so grateful for how much he loves being Daddy and how good he is to our kids. Every night when he gets home from work it is time for a serious celebration! As soon as Daddy walks in the kids go crazy happy no matter what their previous mood. Today Allie was talking to him on the phone and do to being very over-tired she broke down and started crying while on the phone with him. I took the phone and started talking to him and he felt so bad and he said "if she doesn't start to feel better soon, tell her she can lay down on Daddy's side of the bed." So sweet!

We are sooo excited that is is February! It will still be cold but at least we are getting closer to the warmth! Plus we get to celebrate Detmer's first birthday!!! We are so excited for that. It will be a smaller party since we can't go outside, but it's going to be lots of fun!

We have had some fun activities lately to help us get through the long, cold month of January. Last Saturday Allie and Detmer's friend Ryker had his party at Surf n' Swim. We were so glad because they love swimming, but we couldn't bring ourselves to take them until we had a good reason. Now that we have done it, we are excited to go back because we all had such a great time and we had to drag Allie out of the water. She's been asking to go swimming everyday since.

Yesterday I got together with some friends to watch a movie, kids invited. The four of us had ten kids, and three of them were missing! It made for lots of fun for them to get to play together and lots of fun for us mom's to play together!

Allie has been in heaven today. She started the day by going to Grandma's house. Came home, napped, and cousins came! I think that is pretty much Allie's idea of an ideal day!

Detmer has been super busy lately. He started December with zero teeth and ended January with seven!!!