Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Week of Dave

The week of Dave started on Monday, March 24th which happened to be his big day! Since Dave usually saves only enough time to get dressed and be out the door in the morning, I didn't want to make him late by making a fancy breakfast (okay, okay and I was too lazy to get up that early) so late Sunday night I made some muffins for him to have and put up a Happy Birthday sign and letter. Allie called and sang Happy Birthday to him on his voice mail. His sister and her family came in from Virginia that day so we all went to Dave's parents for dinner. It was so fun to see Jenn and the boys. I have to admit that Deven, Josh, and Nathan are some pretty amazing nephews. They are so incredible with Allie and Detmer. They truly love them! A couple times I looked around and wondered who the extra adult was and it was Deven! He's only 15 but he has grown so much! I am so proud of them for being such good boys and making good choices! I know Allie and Detmer will miss them a lot. In fact, when driving home from Grandma's on Monday Dave asked Allie "did you have fun playing with cousins?" And she said "Yeah! I played with my Josh!" And Nathan is always going around giving all the little ones a "squeeze"!

March 24 is such a popular day. We are always so busy around that time and this year was no exception. My friend Heidi had her baby that day! So I felt bad for not hanging around but I was soooo excited to meet Little Kaden (the baby). In fact I had good timing earlier in the day. I was waiting for the phone call to tell me he was born, but I got impatient so I called Gayla (Heidi's mom) for an update. As we were on the phone, the doctor happened to be in checking Heidi, she was at a 10 and they were calling the doctor. That made me extra anxious to get there! He was so sweet and precious and so fun to hold! I can't wait to hold him again! Anyway...back to the week of Dave. I got home late but we had all of Dave's gifts sitting out on the table and the kids were still up so we were able to watch him open presents. On Tuesday "just the adults" plus one spoiled young man (Detmer!) went to Lonestar. Again, I had to leave early to go to book club but Dave had a great time visiting with his sister. Yesterday we had the chance to celebrate just the two of us. We took the kids to Grandpa Greg's, where he braved not only my two kids, but also Kelly's six boys. Have you ever heard of such an awesome Grandpa!!!? And when we got there to pick up the kids Detmer look and me and "meh." He continued right on playing which never happens!

Today was the final day of the festivities as we had my family over for a big celebration. Since Dave does not like cake Kelly was kind enough to make rice krispy treats which held the candles. So all in all I think Dave was pretty spoiled. It's not quite like back in the day where we used to go to Puerto Rico or Hawaii for our birthdays, but hey now we have much better obligations to keep us home. I'm so grateful for Dave! I landed the best husband on the whole planet. I love him so much! He is such a good person and my best friend. We have so much fun together and I feel so blessed that he is mine!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We hope everybody had a fantastic Easter! We had a great time. The kids got up at nine and I decided I could stand to let Dave sleep in for a little bit longer. The tricky part was keeping the kids in the bedrooms, because I already had the baskets full and the eggs "hidden". Finally at 9:30 (that's as long as we could wait!) we got Daddy. Allie never lost the thrill of the egg hunt and was just as excited today as she was her first time. She was also to see what the Easter bunny left her. Last her we accidently went a bit overboard on Easter. It's just that we happened to make a couple of huge purchases right around Easter so called them Easter gifts. So this year we were careful to keep the day focused on Christ and keep the gifts minimal. Allie got All Dogs go to Heaven and Detmer got a shovel, rake, and hoe. And of course some Easter candy which they both ate for breakfast. We looked over at Detmer and he got a peanut butter egg and was eating it! Before church I decided to take the family outside for a couple of pictures. I had the bright idea to have them face the sun so their shadows fell behind them. That meant all the pictures they were squinting! So I still got some good ones but only the candid shots where they weren't facing me.
Tonight Brody and Jace had their birthday party so we went to celebrate with them tonight. I can't believe they are already two. It seems like just yesterday Jeremy was calling me on the phone to remind him what their names were and I was trying to wake Kelly up long enough to tell me where I should pick up her other kids. They are now the cutest, funnest, sweetest little things ever! We love them!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grandma is 80!!!

Today was an awesome day! We got to go celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday. For anyone who doesn't know my grandma, this is what she looks like all the time.
My dad has two brothers and one sister. His brother died from cancer when I was 12. However, his brother's wife and four of his five kids were able to make it. My dad had four of his six kids there and his other brother had three of four kids there. There were 18 out of 21 great grand-kids there. The three missing ones were some of the older so it made for LOTS of little kids. Kelly and I were put in charge of doing a game for the adults. What we came up with was a questionaire about some random things from my Grandma's life. On Sunday we went and video taped her answers. We had a great time hearing what she had to say! My grandma has quite a legacy and she has been lucky to be around to see so much! 4 kids, 15 grandkids, 21 great grandkids and counting.

Kelly's twins were born on Grandma's birthday and of course she couldn't resist wishing them a Happy Birthday as soon as they got there! We had a great dinner, fun games, and so much fun catching up with our relatives who we rarely see.
As you'll notice from the pictures, Allie always knows where the center of attention is and is never far from it. As soon as we got there she found herself a seat by Great Grandma and that's where she ate her dinner even though Dave and I were at a different table entirely. When Grandma was blowing out her candles Allie was watching longingly and someone told her to go help Grandma, so she was more than happy to do so. I was pretty annoyed when someone told her to move out of the way! It got her all confused since she had just been told to go stand by Grandma. And I personally think Grandma was more than happy to share the spotlight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!

More Eggs!

Yesterday we went and had another Easter egg hunt with some different friends. It was so fun! There were some older kids there this time. They let the little kids go first and Allie was excited running to get the eggs, but then when the older kids came it was on. I think I must have a competitive child on my hands because she was going twice as fast as the older kids. The older kids had no problem running past her and snatching the egg she was about to grab, but that just made her more determined to get the next one. After the hunt we let the kids play at the park while the mom's sat and visited. It was a great time for everybody. It could have stood to be 10-20 degrees warmer but the kids didn't seem to mind. They were playing too hard. In the first picture I had to use my excellent photography skills since my kids were on opposite ends! I didn't want to cut one of them off. The second picture does not include Detmer because he does not like to be...well anywhere but in my arms.

Last night I also had the chance to go out with Kelly, Kirsten, and Lindsay. It was so much fun and I wish Kirsten lived closer so we could do it all the time! We have such a great time together. Dave enjoyed a night out with Wynn going to the Blaze game, even though the Blaze have yet to win a game. Luckily Dave is not too concerned with that sport. He likes to go when Wynn invites him but it's nothing like the way he gets into other sports. The kids got to spend a great night with Grandma and I think she fed them some Red Bull or something because they were up not even acting tired until midnight!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It aint easy being green

At least not around here. Allie had to change her outfit three times on St. Patrick's day before she found the respectable green outfit. What?! She's only two! We had a fun St. Pat's dinner. I made honey sesame chicken, which wasn't too festive, but made the rice green and green kool-aid.

On Tuesday we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our friends. Detmer, of course, could have cared less but Allie had a blast. As soon as she found one egg she would run and get the next one. Some other friends are having an egg hunt tomorrow so I'm excited for that. It makes the holidays so fun when they start to catch on. Last year Allie could have cared less about the egg hunts. I'm also excited to color eggs with her.

Over the weekend I went and saw The Other Boleyn Girl with some friends. I must say I loved it! I tried reading the book for book club but it had way too many sexual references, so I stopped reading it. I was sad about that because I was really enjoying the story. I was excited (and shocked) that the movie was PG-13. It ended up being really good, but I think you have to know the story really well to "get" it. I read some of the book and attended the book club discussion so I knew what was going on but it was choppy, just like I think the Harry Potter movies are. They have to leave out too much!
Allie's excitement for the weekend included a sleep over at Grandma's house! Allie had slept over before when Detmer was born, but that was when she was too little to remember, so this was kind of like her first time. Well, it must have been a hit because she can't stop talking about it. Everynight she wants to sleep over at Grandma's. Last night we went to Grandpa Greg's and when we were getting ready to leave Allie said "Mom, I'm going to sleep over at Grandpa's tonight." The funny thing is, I couldn't ever have sleep overs unless it was with my very best friend because I got sooo homesick. I guess my child will not follow in my footsteps.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The playas!

We had so much fun with our friends at Artic Circle on Tuesday! Aren't they cute!!! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all of them (there's not even one of Andrea the hottie!) but hopefully they will be coming soon!


Today was the day of Dave's big test. We were so nervous, but the time was finally here. No more avoiding it. Allie and I woke up early (for us, it was 8:45) to make a special breakfast for Dave. It was fun to have breakfast together. That rarely happens since we are still in bed when Dave leaves for work. It also seemed to help Dave be more relaxed to have sometime to play with the kids. The kids and I left to the gym and Dave did some last minute studying. I was actually able to not think about it for a little bit while working out, but usually I didn't go more than five minutes without looking at a clock! This made the day go by soooo slowly. I tried to think of some activities for the kids and I to pass the time, but I also had to be home and keep the phone line free for when Dave called. We went to the library and read for awhile before heading home to wait for "the call". The test HAD to be over by 4:30 but I was so hoping the call would come sooner. At 3:45 the phone rang and I had a feeling it would be Dave. As soon as I answered I knew it was good news!!! This may not seem like a big deal, but we are ecstatic. I doubt anyone realizes how much time Dave put into this. He stayed late almost everynight, getting home just in time to say good night to the kids or after they were in bed. He even spent a lot of time on the weekends studying. He earned it! When he got home I asked him how much him how much weight he lost! We were all in an extremely great mood and had a fabulous night of celebration. We got Pizza Hut and were thrilled for the lovely weather so we had time to go outside and play with our RC car we got for Christmas and head over to the park. Kelly called with a gym-related emergency. She had to teach her gym class tonight and would have to go straight from the airport and didn't have any workout clothes. I wasn't planning on going back to the gym and interuppting our celebration, but because of the situation Dave was more than understanding so I grabbed some gym clothes and headed off to meet Kelly for her class (PS. We are sooooooo happy cousins are home!). I wasn't gone too long and got home to watch our celebratory movie! I am so grateful for Dave and all his hard work on behalf of our family. Tonight Allie saw him out her bedroom window. I've never seen the girl run so fast! She took off for the garage door shouting "DADDY!" I said "where?" She told me "I saw him in the garage!" So priceless!

And I happily conclude this post by saying I will be making no more posts about tests for along time!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Where has the time gone? I can't believe it has been so long since I've updated. It does not seem like that long, but thanks to everyone who offered a friendly reminder:)

I doubt I can even remember what was going on almost a month ago, but I will share some highlights from the past little while. On March 1, my nephew Trevor was baptized. I can't believe he is already 8! He is a sweetheart! We had some extended family come in for the baptism and it was great to visit with them. We went to the Cardon's after and stayed way too late! On Sunday we had Grandpa Greg's birthday party. His actual birthday is today, but the Cardon's are in Disneyland so we celebrated early. It is fun to get together and hard to believe how big our family is getting, even without all the siblings there. Several years ago (probably around the time Cami got married) my mom bought a "huge" kitchen table for our expanding family. Now we don't even come close to fitting at the table and the bar when we are at Grandpa's. And we keep growing. It is great though. We have so much fun together!

With cousins going to Disneyland, thank goodness for friends! Allie is going to be in serious withdrawls by the time they get back (she has already asked to play with them several times). On Tuesday we went and played at Jaxon's house. Poor Racheal is always so welcoming to invite everyone over, but regrets it when we leave and she's left with the mess!

Dave has been studying to get his managment license for his new position so the kids and I have missed him as he's been working late! Allie is used to a lot of Daddy time and took his working over-time personally! We decided that Friday would be a special Daddy/Allie date. Allie, Detmer, and I went to the store on Friday and let Allie pick a treat for her date. She simply couldn't decide what would be most fitting for her and Daddy, but after picking and putting back several things, decided on Starburst (with a nudge from me, since I know Dave loves those). She was so excited all day and even turned down an offer to go to cousins (this would mark the first time ever!) in anticipation. Detmer and I went and hung out at Grandpa's so I could polish up on my DDR (SO FUN!!!) then we did a little shopping. Detmer was so good. It was fun for me to have him one on one (he certainly does not enjoy shopping the way Allie does!). We just can't believe how spoiled the boy is. How can we resist? He is so cute and so much fun! After Detmer and I got home we were able to have a little bit of family time before sending the kids off to bed.

On Saturday we went to our friends Wynn and Melissa's. They have a three-year-old and a two-year-old who is about three weeks older than Allie. Then we have a one-year-old. It is crazy together to get together with them now baby-less. For so long it was nursing, diaper changes, walking around with babies. Now our kids are so independant. Okay, I admit there was still some nursing and diaper changes (both on our part!) but still it was fun to have the parents play while the kids play. Okay, that doesn't sound nice! Neither of us are excited about the baby-less part! We both are excited that we will again have a baby someday, no matter how much they do interrupt, but for now we are enjoying have more laid back get togethers with actual visiting on the parents part. Hopefully everyone knows what I mean. We love having one and we love when our friends have one. Get togethers just go differently!

That brings us to Sunday. Church was great. Dave and I love our primary calling and Allie LOVES nursery! We went to Dave's parents for dinner. Allie actually willingly went down for a nap when we told her she gets to go to Grandma's when she wakes up! Then we went to Great Grandma's and had some cake for Grandpa's birthday. Allie loves Grandpa Greg and couldn't wait to see him. He is such an awesome Grandpa! I don't know what his secret is but Allie is so thrilled whenever she gets to see Grandpa! Maybe it's because she gets to spill kool-aid all over his house and not get in trouble. Although when we were telling him good-bye tonight Allie said "Mommy, now can we go to Grandpa Eggy's, just for a second." So maybe his toys have a bit of pull, too!

Well, this got a bit long so I think I won't wait so long before my next update!