Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Awesome Weekend

I always feel like I just posted and then look at the date...woah! I decided it's because more of my friends have blogs now then when I first started, so I spend so much time checking them I don't have time to write! I love keeping up with everyone's lives that way, though, so keep up the good work! It makes me feel like a better friend because I know things are happening when they happen instead of when it's old news.

We had a super fun, fast weekend. On Friday we decided to have a Mommy/Daddy/Allie/Detmer date. Nothing beats a night of hanging out with my sweet little family. Detmer missed out on the last part of the date, which was watching the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Of course Allie was madly in love with the movie. Lucky for me I got to keep a little light on so I could read (seriously it's hard enough to sit through a movie that I have a desire to see!).

We were so looking forward to playing outside on Saturday since it was going to be nice, but the wind was awful. Allie's had fun practicing riding her bike but the wind is not a friend of a bike rider. We still had a lot of fun playing football. I think that will always be a family favorite since Allie and Detmer are already so fond of it. It's probably the most family oriented game we can do with everyone's participation! Detmer knows how to put his arms out and catch and sometimes I can't believe how far he can throw. (This is playing with the little football in Detmer's picture). Saturday night we went to Grandpa's house for a birthday party. Yesterday was my sister in Japan, Cami, had a birthday. My dad sent us invitations which even stated the party starting Sunday, April 20 at 9 am JST, which is Saturday, April 19 at 6 for us. Grandpa made some awesome burgers and the kids had fun being maniacs as usual. We called Japan and sang Happy Birthday to Cami and she was really surprised and excited to hear from EVERYONE! We are really looking forward to seeing her and Dallin in a few months! We watched the awesome Jazz game that night and got home just in time to put the kids to bed!
Dave and I are continuing to love our calling in church, teaching the nine-year-old boys. They are so fun! Yesterday they all started paying attention to Detmer and chanting "Little Man! Little Man!" Detmer was so excited! It was too cute, I didn't even mind the interruption in the lesson.

Tonight we went to Arctic Circle for family night. We brought Zack along since Detmer is still too little to play on the toys with Allie. Dave has started softball again but this dang weather won't cooperate for us to go cheer him on. Hopefully next week we can go!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our new ride & March GLADNESS

My first story begins several months ago when we were taking a trip to the cabin. The kids and I decided to drive up early with Dave's mom. I got in her mini-van, a Toyota Sienna, and I fell in love. I sat up front but I still had great access to my kids plus plenty of room for myself. Then Detmer started to cry so I got in back to sit by him. I was sitting in between my two kids car seats and I still had tons of room. It was awesome. Then when we unloaded the back I discovered another amazing feature with the extra storage space (I don't know how to explain so sorry to those of you who don't know Sienna's!). There were several other features that I loved. I'm not a car person at all but now that I have a family there is so much to consider when buying a car. So I LOVE it! We are so happy with this purchase and everytime I get in it I'm so happy that everything worked out so well for us to get it!

Secondly, now that "March" Madness is over I can officially announce the Steffensen family as the winners of the tournament (and you all thought Kansas won, hah!). We had a bet going against Dave's sister and her family with the loser having to make dinner for the winners. Now we get to go have a delcious dinner in Evanston. Congratulations to Detmer, who took first place in our family after a horrible bracket last year (but to be fair it was his first year).

When Allie was about 18 months Dave and I decided to try and not watch TV in front of her if it wasn't "Allie appropriate". We learned this weekend that she definitely listens even if she's not watching. During our church's General Conference (where the prophet and other leaders of the Church give us messages and we watch on TV) Boyd K. Packer was talking about Peter of the bible and Allie excitedly announced "he said Peter Pan!" Then another speaker talked about his grandpa and Allie said "he said Grandpa Eggy!" She was so excited to be able to recognize President Monson, President Eyring, and President Uchtdorf on TV!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008