Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Morning from Detmer

So yesterday morning Detmer woke up way too early. I brought him in my room hoping he'd go back to sleep as he does on some early mornings, but no such luck. He went to my bedroom door, which was closed, and started banging on it yelling "Allie! Allie!" I thought it was so cute he was so excited to see his big sis. When I finally opened the door, he went straight into Allie's room. I thought she would enjoy waking up to Detmer so I let him be. He goes and starts shaking on her crib and saying "Allie! Allie!" Pretty soon I hear Allie say "go away Detmer, I gotta go to sleep." I went in and said "Oh sorry I didn't know you were still trying to sleep." And took Detmer out. This was like 9:30. She went back to sleep for 45 minutes! That was one tired girl. A couple days before that we had somewhere to be early in the morning (okay, early for us) so I went in Allie's room while she was still asleep and started getting her clothes. She was facing the wall and when she heard the drawers open she said to herself "what was that?" So funny! Of course no one makes me laugh when they first wake like Dave! Now there is some funny stories!!!

Today Detmer had his 15 month check-up. He is a healthy boy and is doing awesome. He weighs 21 lbs 3 ounces is 31 inches and can't remember his head size but I think it was 25%. Which was down from last time. How did his head shrink? Those charts are lame. The doctor was impressed with his talking. I always try to tell everyone he's a genius. You gotta start believing me people!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catching up, again!

First of all, last Friday I got to go to a bridal shower for my new sister:) It was so much fun and we are all getting very excited that the wedding is finally almost here. Shirelle's sisters and mom threw her shower and it was so awesome! I thought it turned out so beautifully. I have to admit I was a bit jealous looking at all the gifts:) Seems like it was me just yesterday! I could use a couple of those things! Shirelle's family is so sweet and we all had a blast. After the shower we went to Kelly's where Dave and Jeremy were watching the Jazz game and hung out there for a bit.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the temple while Shirelle took out her endowment. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had at the temple, and probably ever in my life. There was such a strong spirit there and it was so rewarding to watch Giff and Shirelle together! I have prayed and prayed and prayed for so many years for Giff to find a girl like Shirelle and on Saturday I felt so thankful that my prayer was answered. Afterwards my dad took us all out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Our first time there, and it is very yummy. Shirelle's family was there also and I was again grateful for what an awesome family Giff is marrying into. I prayed he would find a wonderful wife, but her awesome family is icing on the cake. I am so happy that Giff has an awesome mother-in-law that he already loves so much. I am so grateful that she takes good care of Giff and he is truly one of her own.

The kid's and I have been happily enjoying my Mother's Day present. Dave was very on the ball this year, I was so impressed. We were out of town for Mother's Day and I have to admit I was glad we missed church that day:) But Dave had gone shopping BEFORE we left for my gift. So I got it very late Sunday night when we got home. I got a bike trailer and helmet. It is sooo much fun and thankfully the weather has been nice enough for us to enjoy it! We've ridden to Kelly's in Syracuse, the gym, the park and we have so many more places to go! The kids love it and they laugh out loud for the first several minutes of our ride. The cutest thing ever was when we were riding back from Barnes Park and Detmer fell asleep and Allie had her arm around him and he was resting on her shoulder. Where was my camera???

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Magical Kindgom

I can't wait one more second before writing about our awesome trip! We were amazed how awesome the kids did on the ten hour drive down. Detmer only got fussy one time so we stopped for about ten minutes and he was good to go. Our fab mini-van allowed us to only stop once for gas! It was a really quick trip down. Our plan was to just take the kids the first day and let them take it all in. That was a good idea, because they were a little overwhelmed. We saw Donald Duck, Eeyore and some other characters from afar and Allie seemed kind of scared by them. When we were leaving I said "say bye to Disneyland" and she said "bye Disneyland, sorry we didn't see Cinderella or Winnie the Pooh." Then we felt guilty because we kept telling her she was going to see Cinderella! So we went back that night and watched the parade and she got to see all the characters and Detmer and Allie both loved it. Allie was afraid of Ursula, Lion King, the Alice in Wonderland Queen, and the Beast. By the end she was only slightly frightened by Ursula and the queen from Alice.

Allie and Detmer did so awesome on the rides. Allie loved the roller coasters and asked to go on the Gadget Coaster and Matterhorn over and over. We were really surprised how brave they both were. Allie's favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear and Detmer really loved the trains.

Allie had a couple of extra special experiences. She wanted to ride the "big boat" the Mark Twain boat that goes around Tom Sawyer's Island. Dave and I weren't too thrilled about that, but of course we did it since she wanted to. When we got on the ship one of the employees came up to us and asked if Allie would like to be captain of the ship. So of course we said yes! Allie loved "driving" the boat. We kept asking if Detmer could take a turn and she simply said "no". It was almost the end of the ride and we were chatting with the employee and she said she saw us in line and Detmer was waving and she couldn't resist how cute he was so that's why she wanted us to drive the boat. So Allie had Detmer to thank for making her captain and she wouldn't even give him a turn. We went on the Little Mermaid ride at California Adventure and the employee there asked if Allie would be the princess. He gave her a crown and he started the ride and said "we have a special guest with us today, Princess Allie. Princess Allie would like you all to join her on our adventure Under the Sea. Let's all clap for Princess Allie." It was so fun and I thought she is the perfect age for it because it didn't go to her head at all, she was just really excited. We also got stopped by someone who was going to give Allie and Detmer a pin since it was their first visit, but they ended up being Happy Birthday pins so she gave them stickers instead which they were probably happier with. Allie ended up loving meeting the characters and wanted to meet them multiple times. She warmed right up to them as if they were old friends. Allie was NOT a fan of the 4D shows. Everytime we would pass them she would say "I don't want to see Muffets. I don't want to see a snake" (from Honey I blew up the Audience.) She did however, LOVE Aladdin. We watched it twice and she would have watched it more! Almost everynight Allie fell asleep on the way back to the hotel and slept peacefully the whole night through. We all got so worn out.
Detmer started talking up a storm in Disneyland. He waved at everyone! In the parades he waved at every single character. Everytime we took his picture he said "cheese!" He learned "goofy" and we did the show with Crush from Finding Nemo and we have him to thank for teaching Detmer the word "dude". He said "thank you" everytime I handed him something in the car (keep in mind, people, this is not perfect english but it was obvious what he was trying to say). I'm not proud to admit he learned to say "McDonald's". We only ate there twice! He's also starting to say a lot of his words better, like "Allie" we can really understand now. He was so amazingly good. We never had to slow down because of him. He fell asleep during some of the 4D shows which is probably a good thing considering how Allie felt about them! Our hotel was super close to the park so we went home everyday for nap/rest time and I think that was the key for keeping the kids so well behaved and happy.

Dave had some fun heading off on his own a couple times to do some of the bigger rides, although I know it's not as fun alone! Allie was very furious when we told her they were for big people, because she is big.
I ran into two of my friends from back home including my friend Cami, who I had not seen in awhile, and I got to meet her super handsome baby. What a time to catch up, right at Downtown Disney!

I can't believe it's time to get back to the real world. We had such a great time and I loved most of all spending a full week with my awesome little family. I love them so much!