Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Lovin!

On Thursday the kids and I went over to Grandpa Greg's. The plan was for me to wait with the five little kids while Kelly, Corben, Trevor, Lance, and Grandpa went to the airport to pick up Cami and Dallin. Everyone was so excited there was a lot of craziness. I was glad Kelly didn't leave one minute sooner then she did because Jace fell while he was playing and cut his lip. As soon as I saw blood I called for Kelly. The blood was coming out both sides of his mouth and we couldn't even tell where it was bleeding. Kelly had Corben run and get Gayla while she tried to clean up the poor screaming baby. When she saw the cut, she kept thinking he must have fell on something, but there was really nothing for him to fall on so I was really afraid his tooth cut all the way through. After Gayla looked at it (and I stayed far away) they decided to see if he needed stitches. The poor guy missed the party because he was getting six stitches.

We had hyped up the little kids for the arrival of "Cami and Dallin". Cami came in first and started hugging the little kids. I said "who is it?" And Zack said "IT'S DALLIN!!!" He had no idea, he just knew he was supposed to be realy excited about Dallin coming! So Cami has officially met all of her neices and nephews! At least on the Hill side.

On Friday Dave and I took the kids to Lagoon. They loved it. Allie kept saying "This is awesome!" Allie knew Grandpa Greg was having a sleep over that night because she could hear all the cousins talking, but I was hoping she'd forget so she could get a good night's rest at home (she slept over at Kelly's on Thursday). When we were done at Lagood we said "Okay Allie, ready to go home." She said "no, remember, to Grandpa Eggy's for a sleep over." So we dropped her off there and she obviously had a blast because when we were going to Grandpa's for dinner on Sunday Allie did a fake yawn and said "guess I better have another sleepover at Grandpa's." She definitely didn't inherit my homesickness! In fact on Thursday she told me she was going out to say good-bye to cousins. About five minutes later I decide to go check on her (Cami and my dad were out there as well) and she was buckled in the car ready to go!!!

Saturday we had a pool party and I was very impressed with how brave Allie has gotten since last year. We have a tall water slide and she climbed up and went down all by herself. Last year she wouldn't touch the thing. I loved watching her have so much fun on it! Detmer finally got brave enough to go in the little pool with the slide. So far this year he's just kind of put his hand in and stuff but Saturday he spent most of his time swimming! I have not gotten any pictures of Cami yet! Dallin is one of the synchronized swimmers but you can't even see him so I'll have to post better pictures soon!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last night Allie graduated from her crib into a toddler bed! She was very excited and loves her new bed. It was so great this morning after Detmer and I had been up a few minutes she came running out! I was lucky to be able to keep her in her crib for so long without her climbing out, but it was definitely time for the switch. It'll be nice not having to get her out when she has to go to the bathroom and for the rare occasion she wakes up before Detmer she can just come get me! Such a big girl I have.
We have been enjoying lots of outside time lately, in the pool of course since it's so hot. I have loved that the rash guard has come back in style recently because not only are they so cute, but I love the sun protection they offer. However, both Allie and Detmer have so many hand-me-down swimsuits from their cousins, I couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Well, last week at Target they were on sale for $1.50. Even I'm not to cheap for that! The problem was, they only had a boy set and it's a bit (okay way) too big for Detmer. Kelly thought it was a bodysuit because it kind of looks like one. But in all our outside pool party's he has not gotten an ounce of a sunburn, so I'm pleased with my purchase!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Wedding!

I wasn't sure if Shirelle wanted to be the first to post pics of the big day, but she gave me the go ahead last night so here they are!

The wedding day was awesome! As I know everyone is aware from my numerous reminders, the day started bright and early at 5:15 am. We got Allie and Detmer up and they both decided to cry the whole time we were getting them ready (not morning people!). I was a bit nervous about how the rest of the day would go. By the time we were in the car and on the way things were looking up. We got to the temple at the same time as cousins, so that really helped. We got all the kids settled with Gayla in the kids room and left her with the chaos while we went to enjoy the peace and quiet. The ceremony was amazing. We did some pictures afterward and it had stopped raining (it was when we got there) but it was still pretty chilly. We had about an hour and half between temple and reception with which Allie and Detmer enjoyed some sleep before we had to get them ready. They woke up happy and excited and I must say they looked so precious in their new clothes. We got to the reception center early for more pictures. About a half hour before the reception was due to start the clouds went away and the sun came out and it turned out to be the most beautiful day ever! Everything went perfectly! It was awesome!!! I'm so glad everything went so well we couldn't have asked for a better day. We all came home and GOODNIGHT! Even though it was only about four in the afternoon. We slept for a little bit and got up about six. Allie and Detmer spent the whole week trying to catch up on sleep! We found them both asleep at seperate times in their little chairs Grandpa Greg got them. So sweet!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sunday was our six year anniversary! We definitely got married at a busy time of year and have more than one occasion to celebrate other things then our anniversary. Our first anniversary being on a Sunday, we were going out on a Saturday to celebrate. We got a call early that morning that our nephew had been born. So we made a little detour on our way to Lagoon (yep, Lagoon passes for our first anniversary and it was so awesome!) to meet Ryan. Our third anniversary we spent that actual day at the airport greeting Elder Denny as he arrived home from his mission. And this year again our anniversary fell on a Sunday and we got to spend the day before at Giff and Shirelle's wedding! All worthy reasons to postpone our celebration. We don't have anything huge planned this year, so we are just going out on a date on Saturday and hopefully we'll have time in a few weeks to do something bigger.

So since I can't share what we did for our anniversary (yet) I guess I will share the story of how Dave purposed. It was a cold day in January. I always teased Dave when we were dating (in fact, I still do!), he's not a specialty kind of a guy. He always picks places where he can get a burger. Take him to Lone Star STEAK house and he gets a burger. Heck, he'd probably get a burger at a mexican joint if he could. So if it had a burger, we usually ate their when we were dating. This particular night Dave decided to go out on a limb and take me to a mexican restaurant (which I can NEVER remember the name of, but it was really good). So we had a fabulous dinner and afterwards we went to Barnes Park. This wasn't too unusual, even in the dead of winter, because we loved to go for walks. So we went and found a seat on one of the toys and Dave told me "I got bored at work today so I wrote you this note." He gave it to me and it said "101 Things I Love About Kira". It was so cute, clever, funny, and sweet. And yes, there was a 101 things (I still have it in my journal and always will). So after I read it he said "now read downward letters 64-86 (or something, I don't remember and I'm too lazy to look). So I did and I read the words "WILL YOU MARRY ME, KIRA". Well, of course I read it about thirty more times. I would have been pretty embarrassed if my eyes were deceiving me and I shouted "yes!!!". So, Dave pulls out a ring and says some more sweet things and guess what? I said yes! He has always been a very clever with things like that! He was also thoughtful enough to ask me early because he knew I would not want to wait one more day to tell everybody. Telling everyone was awesome!!! Everybody was so surprised. My mom had the best reaction ever (Dave and I both agree). We went up to her room and just started visiting with her. My dad was there, too. He knew we had big news since Dave "asked" him a couple days early. So we were just chit-chatting and all of the sudden my mom said "what are you doing in my room?" So of course Dave and I start to giggle and she guesses and screams. She was so happy since she knew what a catch Dave was. She was also pretty shocked. Kelly also had a hilarious reaction. We showed up at her apartment and said we came to play nintendo. So she thinks nothing of it and starts hooking up her nintendo. Jeremy was like "hon, I don't think they're really hear to play Nintendo, look at the finger." Denny gets the award for being the first person we told and the award for being the KINDEST person definitely goes to TAMMY!!! Dave thought it would be no big deal to give her a call at what, 3 am? She was living in Puerto Rico. Not only did she answer but she sat and listened to the whole story of his asking and showed such enthusiasm. If my brother did that to me, I have to admit, as excited as I'd be I'd think "aren't you still going to be engaged, say around 10 am?"

We've definitely had our fun these past six years and I'm so glad I changed my mind about going on a mission:) Okay, I was never going to go on a mission, but I told Dave that was my plan. I didn't want him to think he could go getting serious on me when I was only 20 years old. I thought I needed to do more living before I settled down, but I'm sure glad I smartened up. I have experienced more and life has been so much more since I've been married to Dave. He is the best husband ever!!! I wish I had wedding pictures or a scanner, but since Dave and I both agree we haven't aged a day since our wedding, here's a picture from Saturday:)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Wedding Dinner

Tonight Giff and Shirelle had their wedding dinner celebration. It was a big party, it's just a bummer that Dave has to work tomorrow since we felt like it was Friday!
After my desperate attempts to get a baby-sitter failed, I ended up having to take the kids. My dear friend Gayla had offered to take them with her to a wedding reception, but since it was also her husband's birthday I gave her the night off. She is the sweetest person and is always there for me. I don't know what I would do without her. She has come through for me on more then one occasion when I have needed someone. In fact when I found out several months ago that Giff was getting married and Dave's family wouldn't be around to help, I called her right away knowing she would drop whatever she had going on to help me. She has her own kids and grandkid, but is still there for us and will be watching all 8 kids the morning of the wedding!!!
We got to Salt Lake at 5:30 in time to pick Dave up from work and we went to Temple Square. Allie had fun, especially when she saw water. When we were at the reflection pond she said "I want to go get my swimming suit and go swimming!" By the time we got to dinner I had two grumpy kids. They are usually so good, but just because I wanted to leave them home, they had to act up. Allie cheered up as soon as we got some food in her. Kelly and I had back to back hair appointments today right around lunch time and we realized neither of us fed the kids lunch! Oops!!! Allie had so much fun showing off her bracelet, she walked around and showed everybody. Detmer was happier once we let him walk around. He is getting a cold and had no appetite, that's why he was a grump. In spite of that, we had a great time! We had dinner at the Lion House.
Well, I'm sure we've done other stuff this week, but I'm too tired to think. I was trying to get these pictures on in time for Cami to see, I'm not sure how long she'll have the internet.