Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Dorfy Dell

A couple weeks ago I was having a really horrible time and really stressed out about a couple things going on. I was making myself sick over the matters and I couldn't seem to get my mind to forget about them for two seconds. I was often, very often, confiding in Dave about my troubles. We were driving somewhere that Thursday (two weeks ago) and Dave surprised me by announcing that he had taken Friday off so we could have a family fun day and take my mind off my troubles! I was so excited!!! It was just what I needed and it helped soooo much! It's amazing what a day like that can do and I'm so glad Dave was so sweet and thoughtful to realize how much I needed that! We ended up getting up on Friday (after Dave let me sleep in), going to lunch, then to the zoo. I was so excited to take Allie and Detmer to the zoo! We kept telling Allie along the way we are going to see lions and tigers and bears. After about an hour at the zoo Allie said "when am I going to see Dorfy Dell?" (Dorothy Gail) She realized that they all go together! She didn't seem to disappointed when we told her Dorothy was not at the zoo. We had such a great time. Detmer would growl at every single animal. He thinks that's the noise they all make.
He also waved at all the animals like they were his best friend!
We also had our halfway party for Kissala! There was half a sign on the door saying "Welcome to our Party!" For dinner we had half sandwiches and our glasses were half full. On the iPod I had playing "We're half way there". I was very impressed with how quickly Dave caught on. He has a hard time keeping track of weeks, so for that whole week whenever anyone asked how many weeks I was, I let him answer (sorry babe, we're not there anymore!). I even had Dave take an official belly shot, which always makes me feel so silly. I usually just try and get more candid shots of my belly but this time I want to document it more properly so I'm going to grin and bear it and I know I'll be glad in the end.
This past weekend Dave took a couple days off and we went to the cabin. It was so fun. I thought I enjoyed the cabin before, but with my kids I enjoy it one hundred times more (I probably say that everytime I talk about the cabin). They love everything about it and have so much fun. Allie LOVES four wheeling! And I couldn't believe how brave she was going down the river. She was braver then me! She wanted to keep going and going but since I'm such a wimp and wasn't willing to take the other cousins she had to take turns. I felt bad I was such a wuss. But my belly and her life jacket were not making me feel very secure! I think it was a much smoother ride with Dave. Detmer was so cute! He threw rocks for HOURS. He just sat at the shore sometimes his feet, legs, and bum were in the water and he threw rock after rock after rock. I never knew it could be so entertaing but he loved it so much and was making the funniest noises. He entertained me so much. He was not a fan of getting all the way into the water. That water is so cold! However, he and Monson did have fun in his little pool on the deck at the cabin. Detmer had one little mishap. He woke up with a bug bite on his eye and by the days end his eye was swollen shut! We took pictures, but the pictures do not do it justice! You can see how red it was but not how puffy. That along with the fact that everytime he fell asleep he got woken up instead of being able to wake himself up and I would say he was a little hero for how good he was despite it all.

On Saturday my back started hurting like it had with Detmer and I kept saying to Dave "what the heck? I didn't do anything yesterday, why is it so aggravated?" It has barely hurt me at all so far. Dave kept saying he just didn't know what it could be. I think I finally decided Kissala either doesn't like four wheeling or the beds at the cabin. I'm leaning towards the bed because when I got up Tuesday morning I felt better. Yay for it going away (and hopefully staying)!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Allie's Birth Story!

With Allie's birthday coming up, this post will be about what has been on my mind lately. The birth of my first baby! Better make some popcorn, this story is a couple days long.

I quit my job a couple days early for some R&R and on Monday, August 1, Kelly and I were planning to go to a pampered chef party at 11 am. When I got out of bed that morning I felt a gush of water. I was soooo excited! It was finally time! I had rarely been thinking about anything else. I was so ready. I called Kelly first to tell her I wouldn't be showing up for the pampered chef party. I also called my doctor's office to ask if it was okay to shower and stuff first. She said I could but to hurry to the hospital. I called Dave at work to come get me. He was shocked and excited. You know it's going to happen, but you get so excited and surprised when it finally comes. While I was waiting for Dave, I called Gayla just to keep my mind busy while I waited. Told her the big news and she told me to call her no matter what time Allie was born (let me just remind everybody that Kelly told me under no circumstances was I to call her unless it was past 10am). Though my water broke, I hadn't had a single contraction. Dave thought he'd get home and find me red-faced, crouched over, dying in pain. So he was shocked when he got home and I was like "hey, you ready to go!" We got to the hospital where they do a little test to see if the water broke. The told me it hadn't. Imagine my predicament. I knew 110% my water broke, and you get told over and over you HAVE to deliver your baby within 24 hours of your water breaking or there could be a serious infection. By the time we got home (very disappointed) it was too late to call the doctor and obviously I couldn't call the stupid hospital! I did a couple errands that night and my water continued to leak in a continuous flow all the dang day long! I called my doctor's office first thing Tuesday morning (thankfully Kelly, Cami, Gayla, and Dave's co-workers were the only ones who knew my water broke so we didn't have too many calls to make). I got to the doctor's office and waited FOREVER. I had to see the mid-wife since Dr. Bierer wasn't in. The mid-wife was a much smarter gal then the nurse at the hospital. She said "I can tell just by looking at you that your water broke". She did the test anyway and said go straight to the hospital. She said she called them and told them I was coming. I had to go home and meet Dave and she actually showed some concern that I had gone so long between the water breaking and delivery so she told me to hurry as fast as I could to get to the hospital.

I still didn't feel any contractions, although I was apparently having them. I was also still only dialated to a 2. They started me on pitocin pretty quick. My nurses that day were all so kind. Luckily the one who mistakingly told me my water hadn't broken stayed away. Especially since Dave and I gave her a dirty look on the way in:) (We weren't just upset about that situation, this lady was ornery!) The nurse told me to let her know when/if I wanted my epidural. She explained the doc was at home and she'd call him in when I was ready. She also explained he had to stay there the whole time I had my epidural. That made me feel guilty. I didn't want him coming just for me! After about five minutes I decided heck, sure I'm just one person but I'm very important! Get that doctor here! He was there I swear within five minutes. When it was time for the epidural I got so nervous I started to cry. After the doc messed around back there for a bit, he informs us it didn't go in and he has to start over. NOOO! Of course I cried harder. In the end, it was not a big deal at all! Kelly came and brought Dave some dinner and thankfully it was after my epidural so I was able to visit and pass sometime.

After the epidural I was sooo comfy I just wanted to sleep. My doctor told me I may be in labor for quite awhile and I wondered why everybody constantly bragged about their short labors. I wanted to be in labor for several hours so I could sleep (keep in mind I had barely slept since my water broke, I was way too nervous to sleep Monday night). The weather that night was crazy. The news was breaking with all sorts of severe weather warnings. The hospital was shaking. It would have been eery if I wasn't so dang relaxed! Well, I was comfy but those dang nurses would not stop coming in and bothering me. Checking this and that. I was dialating too fast for Allie's liking so they turned off the pitocin. Every five minutes they came in. Move to your left side. Now this way. Now do this. Pretty soon, the nurse was not leaving my room at all. I assumed this was because I was such a pleasant patient. She stood at the computer next to my bed. I give her so much credit for casually chit-chatting with us and acting like all was well during this time. She went to check me again, left, and came back with another nurse. That nurse looked. I overheard something about a lot of blood. They brought in another nurse (who must have been the charge nurse). She came in and said "call her doctor now". Suddenly I was not much in the mood to sleep. The nurse explained there was "more blood then she likes to see". She came back in and told the charge nurse Dr. Bierer was on his way to deliver at Ogden Regional to which the charge nurse replied "no, he needs to come here, now." Again, I am amazed by these doctors. I no sooner had time to think then Dr. Bierer comes walking in the room. He explained that Allie was not handling labor very well and was showing a lot of distress and it would be best to do a c-section. Those were not words I wanted to hear! I never even thought about a c-section because I just knew I would never have to have one. So again, the tears start to come. Although I didn't want a c-section I knew it wasn't about me and I really just wanted to know my baby was safe. My sweet nurse asked if I had any questions. I said "how long until I have my baby?" She said within fifteen minutes. That made me feel a lot better. I only opened my eyes once from the time they told me I was having a c-section to when Allie was born. I looked up and saw Dave standing there in scrubs white as a ghost. The dad doesn't get a whole lot of attention in these situations but they are just as scared! They wheeled me into the operating room (which I only felt, since my eyes were closed). This thing happened very fast. Before I knew it my sweet little girl was born and I was being stitched up (I'll skip that part about being sliced open and feeling the doctor set my internal organs on top of me, I'll also skip the part about Dave watching the whole thing and trying to relate it in front of me at times!). Allie and Dave left doing whatever they do while I was stitched. As soon as that was done I was in the recovery room holding my baby! The best feeling in the whole world. We were so in love with her! It is definitely one of the happiest feelings of my life! Allie was born at 12:43am so after spending some sweet time with my new baby, they took her to do their thing and I got the best night's sleep in along time. Sure it was only a couple hours, but that first time they brought her back in for me to feed her, I again felt like I had never been happier in my life! It was too good to be true!

Now my baby will be turning three and I can't believe it. She has been so much fun! We love and enjoy her so much. She has added so much joy to our lives and with her everything is just better!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look What Allie Did!

We had a ward party the other night and a guy in the ward was kind enough to bring his horse and let the kids take turns riding it. Imagine my shock when Allie said she wanted to ride. "Yeah, right." I mumbled. I took her to get up close to the horse figuring that would scare her bad enough to change her mind, but she still wanted to do it. We stood in line forever, and I was telling everyone around me as soon as we get up there, she's going to panic and back out, but she didn't!!! She rode the horse!!! And while she was on it she kept saying "WEE! Mommy, look! I'm up higher!" She loved it and wanted to go again. Could this be a breakthrough with her fear of animals? Detmer probably could have ridden with someone older, but he showed no interest. His favorite part of the party was the cookies and otter pops!!!

Now for the "tags". Anyone who reads anyone's blog has probably read these tags. I have two of them to do (which have been awaiting me for probably well over a month)!

Tag #1 FIVE THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME!!! (I have to say that out of all of these I've read I knew most things about the poster, so let's see if I can trick you!)

1. My kids get their fear of animals from me. Since becoming a mom, I have tried so hard to not let my fear show but when a dog comes running up to me I panic. You probably knew that. But did you know when I take my kids for a walk, I usually have some sort of weapon in case an animal attacks us? Thankfully, it has yet to happen.

2. Dave kissed me on our FIRST date! We had hung out a couple times, but it was our first official date. Not only did he kiss me, but he did it while Keith was "asleep" on the couch and Terre and Danny were in the driveway (the door was open). He's always been very goal-oriented:)

3. I am a great journal keeper. I have a journal for myself and I also keep one for each of my three kids. It's daily for the first year and when they turn one they get an actual journal. I love to go back and read the funny things they say and do and about their accomplishments. They are some of my greatest treasures!

4. All I ever wanted to do was be a wife and mom. While I love furthering my education, I never want to work. Even when all my kids are in school, I still want to be home. Most stay-at-home mom's I know with all their kids in school have plenty to do to keep them busy!

5. Our littlest baby (in the womb) has the nickname of Kissala. Unless we start to think it maybe a boy, then it's Kissalo. Dave and I joke that by the time he/she is born we will be so attached to the name that we will make it official. So to all you loving aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends out there, start sending baby name suggestions our way lest the blame of the name "Kissala/o" land on you forever!!! (FYI Kissala is the name given by Allie, it is also the name of all of her dolls!)


1- What is his name? Dave

2- Who eats more? Depends on what we’re eating

3- Who said I love you first? Dave did, right as I was shutting the door. So had I wanted to say it back, I would have had to open the door and shout "I LOVE YOU, TOO!" The second time was much more fitting! He says he had to do it the first time to get his nerve up so it would be easier in the future.

4- Who is taller? Dave is 6'2'' I'm 5'5''

5- Who is smarter? Dave is by far. He is practically a genius!

6- Who is more sensitive? I am, but lucky for me Dave does have a sensitive side. My brothers often compliment Dave they are impressed he turned out so "manly" growing up with only sisters. He is a good balance.

7- Who does the laundry? Me.

8- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Dave does now. I sleep on whichever side is closest to the bathroom so it depends on how the room is arranged!

9- Who pays the bills? Dave.

10- Who cooks more? ME!!! Dave will not even take a meal out of the box and put it into the oven!

11- What meals do you eat together? Dinner.

12- Who is more stubborn? I know Dave would say me and I would say me, too, but Dave can be stubborn if he wants!

13- Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I'm going to steal Erinn's answer-neither of us are ever wrong!

14- Who has more siblings? Me.

15- Who wears the pants in the relationship? I'm not going to lie, I do.

16- What do you like to do together? We used to love big vacations, but now we just love going to hotels, even in Salt Lake. Playing Nintendo, going for walks, karoke, going out on dates. I love being with Dave no matter what we are doing!

17- Who eats more sweets? Me.

18-Guilty Pleasures? Yes;) Enough said.

19- How did you meet? Friends.

20- Who asked who out first? Dave, like I would ever have been brave enough to ask out some hot guy!

21- Who kissed who first? See Tag#1

22- Who proposed? Dave did (see below post for the fabulous details!)

23- His best features? Well, he's super hot. If we're meeting somewhere in a crowded place when Dave walks in I'm always like "attention people, that hot guy is my husband". Yesterday we picked him up from the train and he came walking out with tons of other people and I was like my husband is by far the hottest guy who just got off that train!

24- What is his greatest quality? He is so patient and loving. I am usually pretty laid back, but in certain areas I get so high-strung, over emotional, and pretty much crazy and Dave can always deal with me. My favorite thing about him is he's the best dad in the world. He loves our kids so much and loves being with him. The happiest part of their day is when he gets home.

So Dave you will have to "correct" this tag and see if you would have changed any of the answers!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th and More!

In keeping with our busy summer, we had a great week! Kelly has been keeping Dallin and she has allowed the boys to have a fun packed summer. Not a dull moment. On Monday, Kelly took the older four boys to Lagoon A Beach while I kept the five younger kids (who I refer to as "the littles"). We decided to have a pool party with the little's and that proved to be very interesting. Everytime I had to go in to get someone a drink, a diaper, a shirt, etc. I had to get every kid out of the pool. They were very cooperative though! They all listened really well and didn't complain having to get in and back out every few minutes.

Tuesday Allie, Detmer and I went with some friends to the Layton Park. I want to say there were about ten other kids there, and mine were the only ones afraid of those darn ducks! My kids are not animal people. I have no idea where they get that!

Wednesday we planned another pool party with all the kids but our lawn people came and ruined the fun. We took the kids to Burger King that afternoon and they played for almost two hours! The Daddy's came and got the kids while the mom's (Cami, Kelly, and I) went and worked out and then went to Grandma's for a game night. That is one of our favorite traditions when Cami comes out and we have so much fun laughing at nothing all night.

Thursday was the return of Grandma. Grandma was out of town for over a month and I asked Allie Wednesday night "guess where you get to go tomorrow?" Of course she had several guesses, so I finally gave her and hint and said "to Gra..." and she said "to Grandma's?" I said "Yeah!" She said "to Great Grandma's?" I said "no not Great Grandma" and she said "to Grandma with the marbles?" That's the one!!! So Thursday a few minutes before I thought Grandma would be arriving to pick up Allie and Detmer, I told Allie she could go look out the window to see if Grandma was here. She looks out the window and comes out to me yelling "MOM! MOM! She's here!!! Grandma's here!!!" Unfortunately, Daddy had moved our van, which is identical to Grandma's into the driveway so it was a big let down for Allie, she still had to wait. She looked out the window every couple minutes but was in the kitchen when Grandma came and needless to say Grandma got a very warm welcome home from Allie. When she came in Allie was so excited and barely had time to tell me good-bye. Dave and I got a chance to get a lot done while the kids were at Grandma's. I got all my preparations done for my 4th of July bbq, which was so nice since I'm normally up until 2am getting things ready. We picked up the kids from Grandma's and headed over to the Farmington Pool where Grandpa Greg's ward so generously invites us to their ward party each year. Allie had a blast swimming. She is getting so brave in the water and had lots of fun jumping off the side to Daddy. Detmer got splashed almost as soon as he got in and was not a happy camper from then on. Luckily lots of family was there to help so I still got a little bit of time to play in the water. I also spents lots of time visiting with my friends from the old neighborhood. When we got home that night Allie was very pleased to have her fingernails and toenails painted red, white, and blue. She kept saying "it's so beautiful, Mom." Such a girl!

On the big Holiday I was the first one out of bed since I was anxious for our fun day. I had forgotten to blow up water balloons for the parade (something I do every year) so I hurried and did that and got the kids ready and headed out. We didn't save a spot for the parade this year, but we figured it wouldn't be too big a deal once it started and everyone stood up. Sure enough, we ended up in the front of the pack. Allie had a cute holiday dress courtesy of Maggie. It still looked good even after she spilled her red slurpee down the front! (Don't worry, it washed right out!) Detmer looked cute in his red, white, and blue outfit, too, and he enjoyed the parade quite a bit. Allie and Detmer both waved at all the people (they probably thought all the people were driving by to look at them!) and they loved dancing to the loud music. Of course the best part for them was filling Daddy's pockets with candy!

After the parade we came back to our house for the bbq and water party. We played for hours and only had a little bit of time between the party and the fireworks. Of course when Kelly went to leave Allie automatically said "but I will miss you Mom." Which means, see you when I get back from Kelly's. We put Detmer down for a nap so he'd be able to stay up for the fireworks. We headed to the fireworks around 8. We had our smallest crowd this year. None of Dave's family was here from out of town (maybe next year, right!!!) and I guess our little family is not a big enough crowd pleaser to bring out the rest of the locals, who all opted to stay home this year. So it was just the Hill family, which I guess made it easier for saving a spot on the grass. We didn't need our biggest tarp this year. When the fireworks started, Allie and Detmer were intrigued. I decided I was just going to watch their faces this year because it was fun to see how much they were enjoying it all. Well, that lasted about two minutes before Detmer was wandering around looking for something better to do and Allie was fast asleep! Dave and I still enjoyed the show and singing along to all the songs. We sat next to an older guy that made us laugh. Every song that played he would say "oh, I love this song!" It was great to hear his positive comments and I think Dave and I singing along helped him enjoy it that much more!

On Saturday morning we got to go watch our neice McKenna's baptism. I have enjoyed taking Allie to see her cousins be baptized since she is really starting to learn what it is all about. I love that she already looks forward to her baptism! Of course, I hope that day does not come to soon, but I love to see her get excited about the gospel. As we left the post-baptism party Allie made the decision she wanted to go to Grandma's. That worked out fine since we were meeting for dinner later that day and it worked out great for Dave, Detmer, and I who came home and napped! We met at Training Table at four then headed to Beauty and the Beast at Davis High (special thanks to Cami for watching Detmer!). Allie loved the show and had another late night, but it was worth it. Thanks to Dave's parents who bought all the kids tickets to the show. Hopefully it will be something good and kid friendly next year so we can enjoy it again!