Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best Friends!

So it is not a very popular idea to get pregnant when you have a nine month old. But that is how old Allie was when we got pregnant with Detmer. People were nice for the most part, but I still got plenty of comments about how crazy I must be. Now 18 months later it seems like it's the best idea we've ever had:) Allie and Detmer were made for each other. Nothing is better for me then seeing how much they love each other and how much fun they have together. This morning Detmer woke up grumpy. He looked into Allie's room and she had just gotten out of bed. His face lit up and he said, "Ayee!" and went running for a big hug which Allie happily returned. If only I could have got video of that! Everywhere Allie goes "come on, Det." And he follows as happy as a little puppy! Kissala/o is so lucky for getting to join this party!

I was so happy we got to go to the cabin this weekend to take our minds off Cami and Dallin leaving. However, on Friday when I was driving and saw yard sale signs it was a reminder and I got so sad. Cami, Kelly, and I took up going to yard sales this summer and it was sooo fun!!! My mom used to love going to yard sales so my dad got a pretty big kick of how much her girls enjoyed it. It must be in our blood! I got so many awesome things and it was so much fun to spend Saturday mornings with my sisters! The second worst time was Wednesday. When Cami was here we had game night every Wednesday. It was such a nice break to just get away and play. I would meet Dave at the train, hand him over the kids and head off for a late night. I just don't understand all you crazy people that move away from your family! I hope Cami and Dallin can quickly learn to love Tawain and we are soooooooo excited that they get to come back in December and we don't have to wait three years before seeing them again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was going to wait to post until I got my super cute pictures but for Dave's entertainment, I'll add a pictureless post.

There is no way to sum up how much fun we have had this summer! I love summer and this one was great with Cami and Dallin visiting, but it went by way too fast. I am in denial that it is all over on Thursday when Cami and Dallin go home:( Luckily we have a ton of fun stuff still up and coming.

My special thanks to my AWESOME family, Dave, Allie, and Detmer. I don't think they've ever spent so much time without me. Cami, Kelly, and I loved going out during the day and honestly, I think I was able to get a baby-sitter a grand total of two times during the two months Cami was here, so Allie and Detmer still had PLENTY of Mommy time! But that deserves a special thanks also! I know it's not that much fun for a three and one-year-old being dragged around to eat and shop but they were such troopers. Allie loved every minute and was constantly asking "Mom, are we going out with your sisters?" Detmer: not so fond of all the girl time. Dave also sat out on many of the family activities to watch the kids so I could go out and enjoy myself. We were just grateful I was the only one unable to get a sitter, two kids is much better then nine! So thanks to Dave for his extra effort and I'm sure I'll be making it up to you throughout the next several Saturdays this fall:)

Last Thursday we dropped the kids off at Grandpa Greg's so we could go to our OB appointment. It was a fast appointment, which is always great because it means all is well! Grandpa happened to be having a bbq so we not only scored a babysitter, but also dinner! Every year he invites the families he hometeaches over for a bbq and begs us to come along and entertain them. My mom started this and my dad has done a great job keeping it going. He is a pretty famous home teacher. I remember even as a child it was not rare for his name to come up in testimony meeting about how he had touched a family through his home teaching efforts. If only I had that gene for my visiting teaching!!! We go back for our 4D ultrasound next week and I can't wait to see who little Kissala resembles! In Allie's 3D pictures, she looked so much like my mom it was...(those of you who remember this event can insert your own word here:)) I thought Detmer looked like Denny and I can't remember who Dave said, I think he said Detmer looked like Giff. I thought my family has a strong gene with my kids resembling my side so much, but recently people have started to say Detmer resembles Dave more. Others still say me, so I guess he's a good mix. Apparently Allie is my three-year-old twin, because I even have people stop me in the store to tell me how much she looks like me, although I know I'm nowhere NEAR that cute!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Milestone Sunday!

Some great news for us today. Detmer started nursery!!! We have been looking forward to this for awhile, since church has been more then a hassle for the past couple months. He was a huge distraction for our primary class. All they wanted was to play with him. So we went to drop him off today and the nursery was choas! They were combining the classes so it was so full. We were a bit nervous about the combination since Allie got bit by one of the kids in that class last week, but we were mostly glad because it meant Allie and Detmer were together. He could not get rid of us quick enough. Also, none of the regular teachers were there, so I just had to tell a sub his name and that it was his first week. She said we'll come find you if we need you, but I knew that wouldn't be neccessary. Dave and I checked on Detmer through the windows about eight times and he was having a great time. Allie was always right by him, so we knew she was looking out for him. When we picked them up they were playing together. The head teacher was finally there and asked if we wanted to keep Allie and Detmer together so it sounds like they will stay in the same class! Yeah!
Today was also the first day Allie paid her tithing since she got money for her birthday last week. Before church we taught her a quick lesson about how when we get money we have to give some to Heavenly Father to thank Him for all he gives us. We put her birthday money in her bank and got out four quarters for Heavenly Father's money. Allie insisted on holding it. When we were on our way out the door, she dropped two quarters and said "oh no! Heavenly Father's money!" Dave took her to get a tithing envelope at church and she "filled out" the slip and put it in the envelope. She would not let go of the envelope the whole meeting. There was a small baby in front of us who was staring at the tithing envelope. Allie points at the baby and said "Mom, she loves Heavenly Father's money." I thought it was a great first experience with tithing.

We also celebrated Allie's birthday last week. On Friday we all went to the Gateway where Allie got to Build-A-Bear. On the drive down she said she was going to do a daddy bear. The bear ended up in a cheerleading outfit and she wanted to call it "Cougar". We talked her into doing Cougar Alice. She saw a picture of the event and said "hey, it's Cougar Alice".

We did a little party on Saturday. As you can see from the pictures of opening presents, when you have seven young cousins, they all want a front row seat! We could barely even get a picture. It was really fun and laid back. After my last big get together last month I decided I'm not putting myself under that kind of stress! And it paid off, I was very relaxed and made nothing except the cake! Everything else, I bought. And the cake is fun to make because Allie loves to help! Allie got some fancy high heels from her cousins, so she looks like she's practicing for the runway!