Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like Father Like Son-In-Law

It's 10:45 and I'm hanging out at home while Dave is out playing football. That's right. PLAYING. You thought he was watching? No, the Cougar game ended hours ago.

I remember when I was younger people saying you marry someone like your dad. I thought that was crazy. Wouldn't they be more like THEIR dad? Well, I prove that theory may just be a fact. Dave is like my dad in a lot of ways and I am never reminded of it more then during football season. I debated whether or not to take the kids to Dave's football game tonight, but it was late and cold, so I stayed home. I'm not quite as diligent as my mom who brought her six kids to cheer on my dad when it was at LEAST fifty below. I remember bringing a sleeping bag to the games and sometimes not even peeking at the was so cold!

To this day Dave likes to brag about how quickly he "got in" with my dad. It was the first time they met each other and they started talking about James Bond. Dave could hold his own during a Bond conversation, so I guess you could say it was love at first sight with those two:)

Dave wanted to do the "right thing" and ask my dad before he asked me to marry him, but my dad was horrified at the thought of having a formal conversation. Needless to say, Dave got off very easy in that department.

They never have a shortage of things to talk about. Usually whatever sport is going on and how BYU is doing or is going to do during the football season. I never thought I would meet someone who loved BYU football more then my dad, but not only did I meet him, I married him! I know exactly two people who have named their children after BYU football heroes: Dave and my dad. (Although I have heard of a third person, who named their boy Staley after Luke Staley). And it was just a pure bonus that I married a fellow Davis High alum who can share my dad's interest in Davis football.

A couple weeks ago we had dinner at my dad's at when we went to leave Allie was cuddling with him on the couch watching Enchanted (and not wanting to leave). My dad said to me, pointing to Allie, "I hope you notice this. When you were little you used to do this." Of course I did. And now Allie does it with Dave. Yet another thing they have in common. Best Dad's in the world!

Moving on...

Ty Detmer was at the BYU game today doing photos with fans. My brother-in-law Steve asked him if he remembered Detmer (who could forget a face like that?) And he said he did. Hopefully he will still remember when Detmer is five and finally gets what it means to meet Ty Detmer.

Detmer is quite the parrot these days and has started calling us by our first names on occasion (thanks, cousins). Zack slept over on Wednesday and says to me "Kira, is Dave home yet?" Detmer then comes up "Is Dave home yet?" Tonight when I was watching all of them at Kelly's Zack and Detmer were in need of a mac-n-cheese refill so I hear two voices calling "KIRA! KIRA!" I don't think I even knew my mom had a first name until I was about 12!

Detmer wakes up in the morning and calls me (this time by "Mommy!") and when I go into get him he gets so excited he jumps up and down in his crib for minutes, not even wanting to get out. Man, I wish he'd do his jumping before he calls me and give me a few extra minutes of sleep:)

Allie had her well check on Thursday. She is always telling us "my doctor said I'm sick, that because I need to take some medicine." "My doctor said I need a band-aid, that because I got hurt really bad." "My doctor said I had a bleed on my eye." She hasn't been to the doctor once since her two year well check so we weren't sure where all the doctor talk came from. But on Wednesday she developed a doctor aversion and kept telling me she didn't want to go. When Kelly and I were leaving the gym I told Allie Zack could sleep over and come to the doctor with her. Suddenly she was back on board with the whole doctor thing. The first thing they did at the doctor was give Allie an eye test. Zack was standing right there, and as they pointed to each of the pictures Zack proudly blurted out what they were before Allie had the chance. In between my laughter I told Zack he needs to be quiet. So he quit giving out the answers and Allie started. Then they pointed to a picture of +. I quickly thought Allie probably doesn't know what to call this but she may say "t". In the meantime, Allie leans her ear over to Zack and whispers "Zack, what?" Cheating on an eye test! I could barely stop laughing long enough to tell the MA Allie didn't know what that sign was. The rest of the appointment went great. Allie was very outgoing. When the doctor came in she introduced us all. First she pointed to Zack and said "Zacky came." The doctor pointed to Detmer and said "whose this?" Allie said "that's my Detmer and this is Kira." She calls me by my first name when she's introducing me.

Allie loves to look at pictures of mommy and daddy's wedding. She gets mad that she wasn't there, so I told her she still lived with Heavenly Father when we got married. Yesterday we went to the Distribution Center and I showed her a picture of the Bountiful Temple and said it's where Dave and I got married. She said in a sad voice "yeah, but I wasn't there I was with Heavenly Father." It cracks me up how she acts like He was just baby-sitting her that day.

I am getting so anxious to meet my new baby so I know it's a bit in advance, but I wanted to pick out a going home outfit. I couldn't decide on the girl outfit so I gave Allie a couple choices and she picked the final one. I still haven't picked a boy outfit. I can't bring myself to buy ANYMORE boy clothes but I like them to wear something that is their own. So I will probably cave. I must admit I have picked up a few girl things, only because I have a lot less baby girl clothes and had almost no winter baby girl clothes. When I was pregnant with Allie Aunt Jenn sent an outfit for her to wear in the hospital. I had never thought of an outfit for them to wear in the hospital but I was so glad I had it. It made a huge difference! I loved that Allie was dressed in all her pictures and it was preemie so it actually fit her quite well. Detmer also got an outfit from Aunt Jenn to wear in the hospital and I was so excited to put him in it. I wish I had pictures on my computer but I will have to post some after I go to my dad's. I have not yet bought a hospital outfit for this baby. Who knows what Aunt Jenn might be sending in the mail:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Together Again

This weekend, Dave and I went to Provo for the big game. We stayed in a hotel from Friday to Sunday, just the TWO of us! We finally got brave and ventured out without our two little sweethearts. I dropped the kids off with Kelly at noon on Friday and although I would have loved a sweet good-bye, they were too excited to get playing with their cousins.

Dave and I went to the Joseph Smith movie and had a late lunch in Salt Lake and headed to our hotel. It was the same hotel we stayed in as a family two weeks ago, so when we saw the pool I thought of Detmer "I wanna go swimming!"

Saturday was the game (if anyone missed it, BYU beat UCLA 59-0.) After the game my dad took us all out to dinner (Dave, me, Devin, and his girlfriend Jacquie). I know many of you know how much the game effects the guys mood, so needless to say dinner was a great time.

We had a great time but by Sunday we were ready to get back to our kids. We missed them sooo much! I was sooo happy to see them!!! Detmer was excited to see me, Allie was excited at first but she would have been just as happy to stay at cousins. The best part of our excursion is that Allie and Detmer had such a great time, it will really help ease my mind when we have to leave them when we go to the hospital. I knew Allie would do great, but I thought for sure Detmer would be pining away. Kelly even said they slept great (I hope she was telling the truth!) She had to put the twins in a crib together so Detmer had a crib! And don't think she just sat at home. She had football games to attend, grocery shopping to do, meals to make. Her life makes me tired! Thanks Cardon's!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Big Celebration

First of all, thanks to everybody for their birthday wishes! It was fun to hear from everybody, even though I didn't actually talk to hardly anybody since we were gone all day. I think we got home from the ball field around 10 that night. The day was pretty average. We just played outside and ran some errands. I did have Allie sing to me a couple times:) When Dave got home from work he told me he needed me to go outside for a bit. Detmer and I hung out in the back while Dave and Allie got ready. When they called me in I was given a clue. It was my birthday scavenger hunt. Dave is so creative with stuff like that! I had a gift at each of the clue stations along with a fabulous poem at the end:) The best part was, Allie helped Dave hide the gifts so as soon as she heard the clue she took off running to where she knew it was shouting "come on, Mom!" It was so cute! The funnest part was watching how excited she was. Dave did a great job on my gifts, too. I think I am pretty easy to surprise because we had just been talking about the things I wanted when I have Kissala and I never put together "hey, that would make a great birthday gift." Great job, babe!

Friday I got my excellent gift from Kelly. She took my kids ALL day! It was great I had some time to run MUCH needed errands that I had been putting off and a great nap! Diana has a quote on her blog that says "To children, love is spelled T-I-M-E" Can I just say I don't think that is just for children, but for everybody. I know it would have been so much easier for her to spend a couple bucks buying me a gift but the TIME she took was so greatly appreciated.

On Saturday, Dave gave of his time and took the kids with him to his parents to watch the BYU game. I know, it was a huge sacrifice:) Kelly took the kids again on Saturday night while Dave and I went out to celebrate. Thursday he had softball and Friday he had to work late. So we went to dinner and rented one of the worst movies EVER! I couldn't even watch it!

Sunday was my family birthday party where Kelly made my favorite dinner and everybody came over to my dad's house to celebrate. It was so fun to hang out with everybody. I would say I was pretty spoiled this year!

In other news, I am so excited that Allie is starting in an all girl playgroup! Of course, I LOVE the boys, but let me just give one tiny example of what their influence does. Last night for family night we decided to teach Allie what to do if she ever got lost. To start, Dave said "Allie, what would you do if you got lost?" Without skipping a beat she said "I would turn into a power ranger" and she even makes the power ranger action! She spends way too much time fighting monsters and bad guys and turning into a power ranger! Although I have to admit she does love wearing a skirt, so hopefully she'll have the best of both worlds!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Go Tiny Cougars!

Yesterday we returned from our annual Provo get away in honor of the opening of the Cougar football season. We picked Dave up from work on Friday and after MUCH anticipation (especially from Allie!) headed down to the hotel. Allie was so anxious to go swimming, especially since we saw the pool on the way in, so after we ate dinner we went to change into our swimming clothes. I've done pretty good packing for three and I rarely forget things, but this time I forgot the all important swimming suit! Of all things! So Allie and I headed over to K-Mart, which luckily was right across the street, in search of a new swimming suit. Allie has about ten swimsuits so I was pretty annoyed at myself for having to buy a new one. We get to K-Mart and the swimsuits were all on sale, which I figured they would be since it's end of season. They did not have a single one piece swimsuit! For several reasons, I hate little bikini's so I went on to look for an outfit that would work. I found the perfect one! A little tank and shorts and they were on sale for ninety cents! I got lucky! And as a bonus Allie loved her new swim clothes. Allie and Detmer both LOVED the water. Allie is getting so good at going under without using her hands to plug her nose and she loved jumping off the side into Dave's arms. Detmer was so happy just floating around but got super excited when Dave threw him in the air and he came splashing back down in the water. On Saturday we even got to swim with the Baldwin's before the game!

All the anticipation was about the game and when we were eating lunch Allie kept asking when we could leave and go to the Cougar game. Allie couldn't wait to put on her Cougar outfit and especially her new Cougar clips that my friend Terre made for her. I hope they show up in the picture because they are sooo cute. Thanks Terre! Allie was also very excited to be twins with Cougar Alice and was so mad when we got home and she realized we "forgot" to take Cougar Alice to the game! We got to the game a bit early and Allie and Detmer enjoyed dancing to the band music. The first part of the game was so fun. I loved how excited the kids were. Detmer was even yelling "Defense!" And Allie loved to Rise and Shout and do all the cheers. After the excitement wore off, Allie fell asleep and Detmer was ready to go for a walk. He didn't like being confined. Thankfully Uncle Denny was there to save the day! He gave Dave a ride back to the hotel so I could leave early with the kids.

Allie was excited to go swimming on Saturday but Dave didn't want to so he stayed back in the room with Detmer. They showed up about ten minutes later and Dave said after we left Detmer carried around his floaty saying "wanna go swimming, Daddy." Except when Detmer says it it sounds more like one word:)

On Sunday we went to church and I swear nobody else has kids as naughty as mine at church! What is the deal? I never see other kids running up and down the aisle! Part of the problem is their recent obsession with babies. They see one and their mission is to go entertain it. So after making it through church we got back in the van and I said "who was the naughtiest boy at church?" Detmer raised his hand and with a big smile on his face said "Det!" I mean, sure they aren't good at church, but they're honest!

We came home on Monday and the terrible weather limited our choices for activities so we decided Allie and Dave would go on an Allie/Daddy date and Allie got to go to her first movie! The first one they tried to see was sold out so when they called to tell us they'd be later then they thought I was talking to Allie and she said "Mommy, is Detmer being such a good boy?" She always misses him so much and gets so excited to get home to him.