Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I can't wait to see who the big winner is in the voting contest!
Just for fun:
The biggest baby vote is 10 pounds (thanks Jenni!)
The smallest is 7lbs 3oz. So I guess we all agree it's not a little baby:)
The tallest is 2 feet (always wanted an NBA player in the family)
The shortest is 15 inches.
Surprisingly the final tally was 11 boys to 8 girls. I was surprised it was that close since everyone thinks girls are so hard to come by.
My apologies to the grandparents. Three of the grandparents guessed the baby would be 8 pounds, so I teased them that they couldn't remember how many ounces are in a pound so they went with an even number. Upon talking to them, though, they all had logical reasons for their votes, so I guess I better give them more credit!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving Thanks Part III: President Detmer

I once knew a mom who, upon becoming pregnant with her sixth child, became very ill. The pregnancy took it's toll on her body, and unfortunately, her health problems did not go away upon giving birth to the boy. Although she lived a happy life and you never would have known it, she battled illness for many years. Even though she lived until the boy was 16, you could say she died of complications from childbirth. A year after her death, the boy was in an accident. After initially getting a fairly positive prognosis, the boy passed away four days later. A few days after his death, I was talking to my friend. She asked me if I thought he had a choice in whether or not he would live or die. I told her I don't know. What I do know is he had a very strong bond with his mom, and once he was back in her loving arms, I think it would have been pretty hard for him to leave again. She gave her life to give him life, and he could not live without her.

Several years later, I have a boy of my own. He's only 21 months old, but I often think back to that bond between a mom and son that I once had a chance to witness. I totally get it. There's nothing I wouldn't do for this boy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party time!

I have to break up my thankful posts to post about our awesome weekend. Don't worry, my third one is coming and it'll be worth the wait:) I bet no one could ever guess what the subject will be.

This weekend we had our big brother/big sister party for Allie and Detmer. Dave took the day off Friday and our full intention was to spoil the kids as much as possible this weekend and it was so easy!
After much deliberation, we decided to get the kids a flu shot this year. Dave kindly agreed to take the kids on Friday morning. When Allie was getting hers Dave told her she had to be brave so she could be a good example for Detmer and she didn't cry at all! Detmer cried a "tiny bit" in Allie's words, so I was grateful to get the yucky start to our awesome weekend over. We started at Target, which may not sound fun to everyone, but Allie and Detmer love pushing all the Christmas toys that perform. They also looked around in the toy aisle while Dave and I followed their lead. After that we took them to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a blast! I wasn't sure if it would be too old for our kids but they were the perfect age for it (there is also a spot to entertain older kids and Dave!). Allie was lucky enough to run into her long lost friend Ryker and got started riding rides with him. They were a little cautious at first, but by the end they were loving all the rides. Some of the games (mostly the Dave sized) gave out tickets so we even got to go make a few purchases. It's great how the ten cent toys cost about five bucks each, but hey that's not why we're there. We even let the kids purchase (gulp) cotton candy. Not only 100% sugar but also one of the stickiest, messiest inventions. It was there party! After Chuck E. Cheese we went to the mall and let them play on the toys there. We came home and while they were playing, Dave set up the living room for a sleepover. He pulled mattresses, blankets, and pillows out and covered the floor. They were so excited when they saw! We all watched a movie together and everyone fell asleep before it ended...but Allie and Detmer wanted to watch it again this weekend so they must have enjoyed it we just exhausted them with our big day.

Saturday morning Dave and Allie had an Allie/Daddy date. They went and saw Madagascar. Detmer and I stayed home and played Detmer's favorite game (Mommy, let's shoot the bad guys). Dave and Allie came home and picked up Detmer to head over to Grandpa's and watch the Cougar game. After that, we went to Artic Circle and Allie and Detmer got to watch another movie on their mattress.

Sunday morning they got their favorite breakfast of french toast and Detmer got to ditch nursery and come to class with Dave and I. He's way too good at getting his own way. We ended the weekend by having a delicious dinner made by Kelly and the kids all played while the adults had a great time visiting!

Now back to reality tomorrow but it sure is fun to have a weekend to just play and have fun!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Giving Thanks Part II: Dave

I remember when I got married people telling me that you love your spouse more and more with each passing day. Myth! I thought. People just obviously didn't realize how much I loved Dave on the day I married him. Then I see things like this:

It turns out it's not a myth after all!

Oh and have I mention he's the hottest guy I've ever seen?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Giving Thanks

At the beginning of the month, my friend started a thing on her blog where she posts something each day that she is grateful for. I thought that was a great idea, but I knew I would never get around to doing it everyday. So I'm just going to post about three of the things I'm most grateful for, and I'll do more if I have time.

I'm starting with Allie...
I remember this story so vividly, I think Heavenly Father really wanted it imprinted in my memory. I was in the shower one day and it had been about a year since Ryan died. I was crying and I thought it has been almost a year (since his death), when will I stop crying everyday. With my mom having died the year before Ryan, it had technically been two years of non-stop crying, and I was so tired. I wondered when will it ever stop being so painful. I was ready for some relief. I wanted a light at the end of the tunnel.

Almost one month later, I was showering again (don't worry I had several in between). I was thinking of my baby. Will it be a boy or girl? What will we name it? What is childbirth like? I had recently found out I was expecting Allie. I was so incredibly happy. That night, my thoughts bounced back to the previous month and my despair. I didn't fail to realize that I was being given a huge blessing. Ever since that day I have been happier then I ever thought possible. In Joseph B. Wirthlin's most recent conference talk he states "...the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude." I think that's why from day one I took to motherhood like I had been waiting for it all my life. It was a blessing that came to me when I needed it most. I felt as though Heavenly Father handed it right over to me and said "Here, Kira. You've endured these trials, here is your blessing." It was that obvious to me. In the two years before Allie, I experienced more pain then ever before in my life. I had been so angry I thought I could never forgive. Then, she came. And I experienced more joy then I realized possible. And I forgave without even realizing I had done it. In Jeffrey R. Holland's most recent conference talk (yes, I just got my Ensign in the mail and am being reminded of how much I loved all the talks) he talks about the ministry of angels. He says "And always there are those angels who come and go all around us, seen and unseen, known and unknown, mortal and immortal." And referring to a story he shared earlier he adds, "when crying, 'darkness...afraid...alone' perhaps we can be there angels." Allie is one of my angels. I love Allie forever!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voting Day!

I was going to do this yesterday, but I figured I didn't know if everyone would have it in them to vote twice in a day. I know Millie, for one, was busy all day studying out the issues and candidates. So today is the big day!

You're voting for our baby! I know everybody has been busily praying over our baby and the birth stats, so now you can put it to good use. Here's what I want to know:

Are we having a boy or girl?

What will Baby weigh?

How long will Baby be?

Here's a little background: Both Allie and Detmer were 20 inches. Allie weighed 7 lbs 12 ounces and Detmer was 7 lbs 15 ounces, although the hospital changed that stat. They also got his birth time wrong, but that one was a little easier to argue and they fixed it, but they wouldn't fix the weight. I must bring someone competant with me this time!

I have done this voting game with all my baby's and it's been pretty fun, but I have to admit I got the most entertainment out of Allie's. My friend at work did it for all the Security Officers. Oh my gosh! Some of the guesses said Allie would be 7 inches and 16 pounds. I couldn't help but to tease some of the guys with their crazy answers and they would defend themselves "I don't know how big baby's are." (and yes, these were all dad's) To which I would respond "Seriously, though, think of 7 inches. Are you SURE you didn't know baby's are bigger then that?" It's fun to look back on, so I'm excited to get your answers. Have the kids do it, too, if they want. And if you can't post a comment on the blog please respond by secret ballot (email). I'll post the outcome in a week or so (outcome of the votes, you will have to wait a bit longer for the actual answers!).

Some of you have asked about the visitors policy when we have the baby. I love visitors! So does Dave. So feel free, although I cannot guarantee I'll be awake. In fact, I most likely won't:) Children under the age of 12 are not allowed. If you are not familiar with McKay Dee, they monitor the visitors by video before they allow anyone on the unit, so if you bring kids make sure there is an adult to wait out in the waiting area with them. It could be quite a distance from where my room is.

Happy voting to everyone!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Love Power Rangers and Puppy's

A word of advice to those of you who are the handers out of candy on Halloween. If young kids show up at your door, say the ages of 3,3,2,2, and 1 DON'T LET THEM HAVE THEIR PICK OF CANDY!!! Simply throw something into their bucket. Many people lost more candy then they planned by letting the little ones have their pick. As long as the candy was in front of them, they thought it was there's for the taking. One poor guy lost four bags of chips to one kids (Zacky!). We really, really enjoyed the nicest Halloween ever! I wore short sleeves all night and felt great!!! It was awesome.

We went to Grandpa Greg's and had dinner. About 5:30 all the kids were antsy to get Trick-or-Treating. Kelly was ready to take them and said someone has to start. I asked if they would wait half an hour for Dave. I'm sure glad we waited because nobody started Trick-or-Treating for another hour. Why so late, people?! It was so much fun seeing the little ones Trick-or-Treat. Two of the Power Rangers, Zack and Allie, were on a mission! They literally ran from house to house. It was so funny and I was so mad I left my video camera! Detmer did a few houses, then decided he wanted to just relax in the stroller, then he ended the night in style by going up to the last few houses.

We had three different Halloween party's this year. The first one, Detmer had a nose and whiskers. The second, just his nose got painted. By Halloween night, much to his pleasure, he had no face make-up. But now you know why the pictures are all different. He also wasn't a big fan of wearing his ears. When he was down in the stoller I looked at him and he was struggling to get them off and I helped him and he goes "YEAH!" as soon as they came off:) We had a great Halloween and it was so fun to see kids in costumes instead of coats!