Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And A Happy New Year!

I wasn't finished with my Christmas post so here is the conclusion.
After opening gifts on Christmas morning we went to Dave's parents for the Steffensen family Christmas. The most exciting news of the day was finding out about another new addition to the family. When Dave and I had Allie we thought all his sisters were done having kids, and now 3 of the 4 have surprised us. We and our children thank them:) I am hoping this baby is a girl who loves make-up, dolls, and ballet:) (But more than likely if it's a girl, she'll love all things baseball, basketball, and football).
Every year Grandma Marbles has an ornament made special for each of the grandkids. I really loved them this year. I think they were so special because Allie and Detmer got to spend a lot of time with Grandma this year and she was able capture them so well. Allie's ornament was a little statue of her holding one of Grandma's real antique marbles. The ornament comes with a letter, so of course the letter talked about how Allie came up with the name "Grandma Marbles" this year and the same marbles her daddy used to love playing with Allie now loves to play with.

Detmer's was a statue of him in a BYU shirt throwing rocks. Detmer loves throwing all things but one of his favorite activities of this year was throwing rocks into the river at the cabin. He could do that for hours. It was so fun remembering that time and I'm excited to take him again this summer and see how he acts.

Kendall's ornament was of Mary and Baby Jesus. I loved this one! As I've mentioned, I was extremely baby hungry before we were pregnant with Kendall, but we were trying to talk ourselves into waiting for a spring/summer baby. However, I have always wanted a Christmas baby, and my longing for her won out over the weather. All through the pregnancy I thought of what an awesome blessing it would be to have a baby of my own when the world is celebrating the birth of Jesus. I had a particular fondness this year for songs like Silent Night and O Holy Night, and every song about Baby Jesus. We still had a busy Christmas season, but I always looked forward to coming home at night and having a special time with just Dave, Kendall, and I. She is an amazing gift to us and I'm so grateful she was here to spend the Christmas season with us. We will always remember the amazing experience of this Christmas season.

It will be exciting to see what 2009 brings. The only down part is that I have to send Dave back to work :( It has been so much fun having him home most of the month. We wish all of our friends and family a happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Love Christmas!!!

Kendall is wishing Giff and Shirelle a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (which it certainly will be come February when Giff graduates!!!)

Kendall in her Christmas dress (thank you Love Bug)!!!

Zacky has the unfortunate birthday of December 23. On Sunday Kelly had everyone over to celebrate his big 04. During the festivities Kendall got hungry so I went into the living room to feed her. Everyone else was in the kitchen. I could hear talking, laughing, more talking, more laughing (and people unable to keep their hands off my sexy husband! I tell ya, I can't leave the room...). I was a bit jealous that I was missing out but it was awesome to hear such happiness. We just wish Giff would have been there:( But we got to hang out with his better half. We are so happy Giff landed Shirelle. She is such a fun addition to our family and probably the most popular member. About five minutes after she got there EVERY boy under the age of 12 was at her feet! Zack and Allie are only eight months apart so Kelly and I thought it would be so fun if I had a boy, too, so they could be best little friends. Well, in the end that didn't matter in the least. Zack and Allie have been best friends from day one and I think they just help each other be more diverse. Zack teaches Allie about Power Rangers and Allie teaches Zacky about princesses. I'm so glad they have each other!

On Monday Grandma Marbles had an Angel Party for her five granddaughters. Allie was so excited. She loved dressing up all fancy and putting on make-up. Allie thought the party was awesome and Kendall spent most of the party dreaming about all that she was missing out on! This was also the day Kendall got to meet Santa!

We decided to let the kids open there jammies before we left for Grandpa's on Christmas Eve since we figured we'd get home late. They sat on our bed opening their jammies and as soon as Detmer had his out he started running to the living room, turning around just long enough to tell us "I wanna open more presents" (a phrase we would hear many more times over the next two days!).

We went to Grandpa Greg's at five and Grandpa was very happy to have ALL of his grandkids at his house. We had fun playing games and hanging out. The night went by so fast. It has been so fun to have Cami's family home for Christmas for the first time since 2001. I've heard the saying "all hearts come home for Christmas" but really, people, I prefer more then just the heart. When we drove home on Christmas Eve and took the kids to look at some lights I wished that everyone could be surrounded by loved ones and happiness at Christmas. I am so glad Shirelle was with Giff because I did not want him to be alone!
Grandpa Greg bought Allie a bounce house for Christmas. Cami and Trent got Allie and Detmer the Little People Airport for Christmas. Daddy had the great idea to tell the kids Santa would be willing to set up these two toys. Since Santa needed some extra help, we were up until 2:30 getting that set up, at which time Dave went to bed and Kendall woke up. I got to bed at 3:30 and Kendall was up again at 5:30. Dave and I decided we would get the kids up at 8:30. Dave forgot to set the alarm so it was a great year to have a human alarm clock. Kendall woke up at 8:30 on the dot. I was so anxious to see the excitement from my kids and Dave as they opened there gifts. Allie squeeled everytime she opened a gift. She opened all her gifts much faster then Detmer and he still had about ten presents left when Allie was done, so she opened all of Mommy's gifts (it's not about what's inside). One of my favorite gifts came from Kendall. I really wanted her to be awake while we opened gifts and she sat on my lap with wide eyes the whole time. It made it extra special! A couple months ago Dave and I found out Wicked was coming to Broadway. We've heard great reviews from some friends so we jumped at the chance to get tickets. Unfortunately so did the rest of Utah and it sold out before we got to it. Little did I know Dave's got friends in high places and for Christmas I got tickets! I was so surprised and excited (now pray that Kendall stays on a bottle through April). I got a Wii for Dave and he never saw it coming! I bought it back in October and it's so nice to not have to keep a secret anymore. I was so worried I would slip. Allie and Detmer are so easy to please and loved every gift they got. We knew Detmer would be so excited about his skateboard. As soon as he opened it he picked it up and started heading for the door. I guess he knew it was an outside toy but with all this snow he gets to ride it inside. That raps up our Christmas fun to this point, at which time Dave, Allie, and Detmer are just now returning home from buying more games for the Wii!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Fun!

First off, congrats to my BFF who gets to have one of these in 9 months. YEAH!!!!!
Yesterday was the Steffensen family reunion and Allie and Detmer had fun meeting Santa. (Kendall gets a one on one meeting-Santa is so kind!).

Kendall and I sat this reunion out but Dave said it was the same crazy time as usual (LOTS of little kids waiting to sit on Santa's lap). Allie and Detmer were especially excited for their gifts. Allie got a princess dry erase board and Detmer got a Cars dry erase board. Kendall is enjoying lots of girl time hanging out with me and my sisters while Dave takes Allie and Detmer on their adventures.
Last night we had the Steffensen family party. The highlight of the night was when the kids did the nativity. When Diana announced they were going, I'll be honest, I thought she was crazy. She put it together in just a few minutes and there were 10 kids involved. She had us sing "This is the Season" (I think that's the name of it anyway). The kids came out when we sang their part. I was wondering what Allie and Detmer would be when out from the hallway came the two cutest cows I have ever seen! They both came crawling in and Dave and I were the proudest parents in the world. Thanks Diana, for putting that together!

We also played a game where we all sat in a circle and unwrapped a gift when music stopped. Detmer decided he would rather stand in the middle of the circle and dance. Dave and I had 16 nieces and nephews before we had kids of our own, so we have watched many the little show offs performing, but now it's our turn to have the little show offs!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Wind Beneath His Wings

This is Kent, the hero of the following story (the little guy is Monson. This story pre-dates him by several years, but isn't he cute? Oh and there are no pictures on Diana's blog of just Kent). Thanks in advance for the picture, Di.
As Dave prepares for his upcoming ski excursion, I'm hoping he has better luck then his last try. (Or maybe a couple tries ago, I can't remember for sure.) Most of you know Dave and if not, you've seen pictures of him via the blog (I know, hot stuff.) He's not a large man, but believe it or not he's gained at least twenty pounds since our wedding and about fifty pounds since his illness. He had the skiing adventure of a lifetime a couple years ago (closer to when he was recovering from his illness). It was not a warm day on the mountainside when he and three of his brothers-in-law chose to go skiing. Worse yet, it was a very windy day. While Dave loves to ski, he doesn't go that often and definitely less then his brothers-in-law. That day on the mountain side he felt like he was being totally schooled by his brothers-in-law. They remained totally patient with him throughout the day. He felt a little silly the way they had to sometimes wait for him, but was still enjoying himself. Then the worst competition of all came: the wind. This tall but slender and inexperienced skiier was no match for the wind of that day. He tried numerous times to go down the mountain, yet the wind pushed him right back up. What's one to do when they can't get down the mountain? In this case, Kent (brother-in-law) came to the rescue. Picture this: Kent got behind Dave and put each of his skiis on the outside of Dave's skiis. He then proceeded to wrap his arms around Dave's waist and "help" him down the mountain (oh how I wish I would have been there, but the picture in my head is probably funnier). I'm not sure how Kent got experience in this area, and knew just how to help Dave, but thanks to the heroics of that day, Dave made it safely down the mountain. Wish him luck, as he embarks on his next ski adventure with these same brothers-in-law (yeah, we're hoping for 0 mph wind) (and Babe, at least your ankles made it through the whole day).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby's Day Out

My friends wanted to go to dinner and a movie. I couldn't bring myself to leave Kendall for that long, so I told them I would meet for dinner and head home while they went to the movie. I started to get so sad about leaving my little Kendall! I didn't want to leave her even to just go to dinner. So I decided I would take her with me to dinner and brave it and go to the movie. This was my first experience taking a baby to the movie and I thought it would be great, I would just cuddle her the whole time. We got to the movie and I got so nervous about her fussing Kelly ended up holding her the whole time (she had already seen the movie). I was glad she came with me and it was a super fun night. We ate at the Pizza Factory, which I didn't love. The pizza was good but I thought it was pricey for a little pizza. The movie we saw was Twilight. I loved it! I thought it was so cool how they put it together (Jacquie, I didn't even think it was cheesy). At the risk of offending some of you, I liked it better then I liked the book!

Allie and Detmer have had a fun week. They got to spend Tuesday with Grandma Marbles, which is always a favorite past time. They were so excited they got to "help" her set up tables for her Relief Society dinner. Yesterday we took them to Toys R Us. They are so easy. I'm not sure they even realize you can make purchases there. They especially love to try out all the cars they can pretend to drive around. To my surprise, Detmer seems to be more in love with Kendall then Allie is. He kisses her about five hundred times a day. I'm so happy he never had any issues with her. It was like all the sudden, she's just always here.

Here is some pictures of Kendall with two of her Grandma's. Grandma Marbles and Great Grandma. Grandma Marbles has been sick and hasn't been able to hold Kendall since the hospital, so we hope she gets better soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Sisters (& the name)

Aren't my sister's beautiful?! I am so excited in five days we all get to be together again (but I have to ask-doesn't that picture look a little bare, like their is totally room for one more person? I think I know someone that would fit in so nicely).

Dave and I have always had the same opinion on naming our babies. The first name was just meant to be something we loved and the middle name was after someone who we would always want our kids to look up to and respect and take care of their name. Needless to say middle names are very easy for us. The way it happened Allie ended up being named after a character in our favorite movie and Detmer, obviously, after one of our favorite football players. That was kind of why we ended up having such a hard time picking a name for baby #3. We didn't just want to pull it out of thin air, we wanted a story behind it. Kendall is the name of a character on one of our favorite TV shows, and when we thought of it both of us loved it and agreed on it 100%.
Kendall's middle name is Marin, which is Kelly's middle name. (For the record both of my sister's are amazing, but Cami has never liked her name, first or middle, so it was a pretty easy decision). I have always loved the name Marin, but I know that Kendall is in for a lifetime of being called Marion (thanks Aunt Diana!), Maren (which is how they prounounced it when Kelly graduated high school) and I'm sure all sorts of other things an unusual name brings. However, I think Kendall will love being named after Kelly, who is the coolest aunt around (you can stop by her house anytime day or night and have probably at least 3 instant friends, who wouldn't love the place?). Kelly is not one of those people who knows how cool she is, which makes it all the better. With six kids of her own, she still welcomes mine with open arms. She called on Friday to see if the kids could spend the night. When we dropped them off I told her about a little run in I had with Detmer (literally) that had me not feeling that great. So she says come over tomorrow and bring their church clothes so they can stay. It's not a question that gives me a chance to go "well, um, if you're sure." It's just "this is what you're going to do". When I pick them up, she tells me they were so good she barely even knew they were there (uh-huh). When I drop them off, they barely take the time to say good-bye to me, they are already off playing. When I had Detmer, I was nervous because I thought I wasn't going to have help. Kelly had her six boys, plus twin babies, so I figured her hands were full enough. But almost everyday Dave would come in with Allie and say "Kelly called for me to bring Allie over" or "Kelly came and got Allie". So instead of Allie being home with me where I wouldn't even be able to hold her, she was off at party central having the time of her life. I could go on and on and on, but I'm going to save the rest of my stories for Kendall...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The pants don't lie!

Our first full day home with Kendall was so busy! Dave and I make yellow babies so we headed out in the morning (well, it was meant to be the morning but closer to noon) to the doctor to get Kendall's levels checked for jaundice (she's in the clear!!!!). She also needed a weight check since she kept losing but she gained an ounce!

Our plan was to put up our Christmas tree last Friday but we got too busy and the kids were anxious yesterday they went and picked one out. It wasn't quite the same as going to the mountains and cutting one down ourselves, but going to Smith's brought forth a beautiful tree! While Daddy put the lights on the tree the kids and I made sugar cookies. Come over if you want sugar cookies. The kids like making them but no one likes to eat them! The kids loved putting ornaments on the tree and of course most of them were within the same 12 inches. We won't change a thing!
Today we had a much more relaxing day. Dave even got to take the kids to the park. Thank you, weather!
Allie had been begging me to let her feed Kendall, so I pumped a special bottle just for the occasion. Allie lasted about 9/10 of an ounce and gave her over to Dave! I'm not going to complain though. The short attention span of Allie and Detmer is serving us well. When they want to hold her it generally lasts less then 30 seconds. They are such a great brother and sister and Allie is being such a great helper! Everytime I ask her to do something she responds "of course Mommy!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Kendall in her beautiful outfit sent by Aunt Jenn.

On Saturday November 29 we got to welcome our beautiful baby GIRL!!! We named her Kendall Marin. She weighed 6lbs 14oz and was 20 inches long. Her birth time was 8:11.

The proud Daddy!

We had to be to the hospital at 6:30 Saturday morning for an 8:00 c-section. Poor Dave, I told him he couldn't go to bed before me because he had to entertain me, so we were up until 2! I was a lot more nervous then I was with Detmer since I didn't have such a good experience with Detmer. When we got there at 6:30 they got started right away. I can still feel the nerves just thinking about it! They asked me a million questions and I told them not to stop because it kept my mind thinking about something else. I was excited to learn the anesthesiologist was the same one I had with Detmer. That was the one thing that went better then with Allie's birth. They told us Dr. Bierer was running on time and it was 8 before we knew it. The epidural is the worst part of the process, to me. After five agonizing minutes, it was in. Dr. Bierer starts pinching me and asks if I can feel it. Yes. Now can I? Yes. Now? Yes. We could tell the doc's were getting frustrated, but they weren't getting near me until I couldn't feel a thing. Finally at about 8:07 Dr. Patel (anesthesiologist) shoots something into my IV. My hand went cold and RELIEF! (Why didn't he just do that in the first place???) I automatically started feeling weird and telling Dave how much I love that doctor. Dr. Bierer said "how are you doing, Kira, because we've started." I was doing GREAT! Dave was so amazing during this whole experience. I was crazy nervous and he did great keeping my mind off things. Dave's rules during the c-section: don't make me laugh, don't talk about food, don't ask questions, but talk almost the whole time (I know, I'm easy to please). He had a whole dialouge planned, but didn't need it. We just chatted through the whole procedure and pretty soon (about four minutes later) we could hear some little cries. Dave looked over and then looked at me and said "It's a girl." NO WAY!!! I was so excited. I was so glad we waited to find out. I will never, ever forget that feeling. It was so awesome there is no way to put it into words. As soon as she was out they showed her to me. I never got to see a brand new Allie or Detmer and it was incredible!!! I was so in love with her and wanted her right away. Dave took her over for the initial stuff they do, then after a couple minutes he brought her over to me and held her by my head so I could give her kisses. I spent a few minutes with her in recovery and Dave and Kendall were off. I sat in recovery a LONG time! I was so anxious to call Allie and Detmer but my nurse wasn't getting any younger and it took her quite sometime to get everything entered. Dave and Kendall came in almost as soon as I got to my room. Dave told me they were done and waiting for me but I didn't have a room yet. It was great having them back so fast. I called Allie right away. "Hi Allie." "Hi Mama. Is it a boy or girl?" "What do you want it to be?" "I want it to be a girl!" "Guess what? It's a girl!" "EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!"
Allie and Detmer on their first visit to Kendall!

Allie and Detmer fell in love with Kendall right away. I was really excited how well they did with her. They couldn't wait to hold her everyday. Many times.

I love the time in the hospital where all I have to worry about is my sweet baby, but getting home today was so wonderful. I was a bit nervous because I heard Allie and Detmer were grumpy, but the truth was they missed me!!! I didn't think they would, but they did. As soon as I got home they both glued themselves to my lap for a half hour and then they were in the best moods the rest of the night. It was business as usual except every once in awhile Allie would say "where's Kendall?" "I want to hold her." "I want Kendall to watch a movie with me."

Kendall is an amazing baby. We love her so much and I can't say how happy I am to finally have her here. Night number one is getting underway, wish us luck!
This is our first family picture. Kendall is about twenty minutes old.
Allie's very proud of the decorations her and Grandma put up out front!

And I'm sure many more pictures will be forthcoming shortly!!!