Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kendall the Magically Appearing Baby

Within the past week I have run into three of my long lost friends at seperate times. All of them have made similar comments about not knowing I had another baby. ALL three of them were talking about Detmer! This means a couple things. 1) I am horrible at keeping in touch with people. 2) I sure do know how to pop out baby's around here (or rather, get them sliced out, but whatever). So now I have to introduce these three to my blog so they can check out my newest addition. (I also need to update my Facebook picture, which is our family in Disneyland last May with Kendall in the belly). You are probably wondering where I got Kendall's super cute headband. That is from my talented friend Terre. She makes and sells them. I love them. Allie is wearing one in her picture, too. Her website is and she has some other super cute stuff on their as well!

Tonight Allie and I went to Wizard of Oz at the Rogers Memorial Theater. It was awesome! At one point during one of the songs, Allie started to dance. A lady in a couple seats over noticed and pointed Allie out to her entire group. Allie noticed they were all watching her and couldn't have been happier with all the attention. She was a show off the rest of the play. After it was over, she grabbed my hand and took charge. I wasn't sure where we were going, but she took me right up to the stage. I wish it wasn't so crowded and I could have gotten a picture with at least one of the characters, but it didn't happen. She said good-bye to all the characters. Dorothy was talking to someone else so Allie kept saying, "Bye. Bye, Dorothy." Until Dorothy said good-bye. She also said good-bye to Todo. It was the cutest.

Before the play we went to dinner as a family. You might notice the cast on Dave's finger. A couple weeks ago I mentioned Dave was going back to his first full week of work since Kendall's birth. That Thursday night after four full days of work Allie had enough. She said "Daddy, promise you won't go to work tomorrow." He explained he had to go to work and blah blah blah. But the spoiled girl gets her way! That night at basketball Dave fractured his finger. He had to go to the doctor on Friday, plus he was in too much pain to work, so we got to spend the day with Daddy. Sometimes that Dave just really goes above and beyond in the call of fatherhood. We had fun that day spending time together as a family, but it would have been much more fun if Dave hadn't been in pain or on drugs the whole time.

After my family night story last week, I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seats to know what happened this Monday, so I'll tell you. Too make a long story short, our friends had their baby. Grandma M. watched the kids. We didn't return until about eight, but I brought our family night stuff along so we could just have family night as soon as we got back at Grandma's house. It ended up to be a really fun family night. I know some of you may be interested to know it was Wynn and Melissa who had their baby. A boy. 5 lbs 13 ounces, super cute, already sporting the red hair. No name yet. What is up with everyone having boys lately! I'm hoping those who are waiting to hear are all going to be having girls.

And to all my readers who want one, I wish upon you a magically appearing baby.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The New Allie and My Goals

We called Shirelle on Saturday to see if she could cut Allie's hair, so this was a very long five days. However, once we got there I think Allie realized it wasn't all it
's cracked up to be! She was so bored sitting in the chair. Thankfully Shirelle was very patient with Allie when she got the wiggles (about every five seconds). I love the way it turned out and Allie loves it too. She is looking like a big girl more and more. Thank you Shirelle!
Every New Year I like to set goals to work on in the upcoming year. I call them "goals" because even Jeffery R. Holland makes fun of resolutions. I was watching the BYU devotional this week and he said "I'm not going to talk about New Year's Resolutions, because you only made five of them. And you've already broken four." My goals are not able to be "broken". I don't say what I have to do, I say what I'm going to "try" to do, that way even if it's June and I haven't done it one, I'll still "try". One of my goals this year is to consistenly hold Family Home Evening. We've always done a pretty good job with it, but now that the kids are getting older I want to have things more planned out. The near demise of this goal happened long before we rang in the New Year. It all started with Target. And diapers. More like Target and no diapers. I always buy plenty of diapers-never want to be running out at the last minute, right? So about mid December I was in Target to get diapers for both Detmer and Kendall. Target was out of size 4's. And out of size 1's. I refuse to buy outrageously priced diapers from the grocer, and I didn't make it back to a store where I could buy diapers. Come Monday, January 5, Detmer had one diaper to his name and Kendall had only a few. Allie and Detmer were at Kelly's. Dave and I planned for me to meet him at the train station so we could swap cars. He would take Kendall to go get Allie and Detmer and I would run to the store to get diapers. We would meet back at the house in plenty of time for family night. Dave was supposed to call me when I should leave to meet the train. I called Dave because I couldn't find the keys to the van, and since he drove it last I wanted to ask where they were. He didn't answer. After calling him a couple more times (he sometimes falls asleep on the bus) I knew he had forgotten his cell phone. I decided I would just run to the store, then go get the kids so it wouldn't get too late. Then I remembered the reason I was calling Dave. I couldn't find the van keys. By the time I got home from the diaper run, the kids were in bed. I was frustrated, but no way were my goals going to be squashed that easily. Tuesday night we held family night, and the way I see it, I accomplished my goal. Then January 12 rolls around. Second Monday of the New Year. The kids and I are at home, I'm preparing dinner, Dave should be home soon. My phone rings. It's Dave telling me the train is not running and he won't be home for several hours (I'll be honest, I'm not exactly sure how dramatic the "several hours" was). Two weeks into the new year and another attempt on the life of my goal. We called my dad who was leaving work shortly. He got Dave to Centerville where I picked him up. We had Dave home by 7:30 and our activity (going to get Dave, which was a super adventure for the kids) was already done. There was also a disguised blessing to help us have our family night. At about five o'clock all three kids fell asleep on my bed. Normally Allie and Detmer falling asleep at the time is a big NO WAY! But they were so precious laying on my bed together, I decided to let them sleep while I made dinner. If I hadn't done that, they would have all fallen asleep in the car. Instead they were wide awake and we had a great family night. I can't wait to see what this next Monday night brings, but we will have family night!
I was excited to come home and do this post about Allie's cute new haircut, but waiting for me in my email was some heartbreaking news from one of my friends. I was feeling so sad and hesitant to post. But I want Court to know that in her few short days, Kimberly has touched my life. She has caused me to reflect on the atonement and on times in my life I know I only made it through because of the Savior's love for me. She has made me appreciate my blessings and reminded me that Heavenly Father has a hand in ALL things and that He is constantly mindful of each and everyone of us.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be Kind To Your Siblings...

...they're the best link to your past and those most likely to stick with you in the future. That Baz Luhrman was really on to something in his advice dispensing "song" Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen. If you haven't heard it, take a good listen to the lyrics. I tell ya, those are some words to live by.
But back to my siblings. This summer my dad really wanted to take a picture of all of us. However, we decided to wait for Trent and Kendall to be present this winter. Then, we were missing Giff and Shirelle. What a bunch of uncooperative children he has. We did get some good ones none the less and despite missing Giff we had a great holiday season together.
Denny: Poor guy has three older sister's (but please, not too much sympathy for him since Dave has FOUR older sister's and no brother's). We love to tease Denny. He is so much fun and way too easy to tease. The other night my dad took Trent, Cami, Kelly, Denny, and I to dinner. Since Denny's girlfriend wasn't able to make it made for an opportune time to start the harrasment. Denny handled our interrogation pretty well. He didn't even break a sweat. And when we brought up the big "M", the conversation led to this: Kelly "but don't you suppose if you asked her to marry you, she would say yes." Denny's response "who wouldn't?". You have to admit, he's a handsome fellow. And if you just read the previous conversation you will see he knows it. He has a sense of humor, that one, and he saves it for when we least expect it.

You may be surprised to learn that Denny's real name is Devin (or you may have been previously wondering who Denny is, and read this sentence and went "ah.") Each person in the family has there own special nickname, and sometimes I have to think harder to spit out their real names. Devin? Kelly? Who are they? (For your information, here are the nicknames in order: Eggy, Annie, Nammy, Millie (who was once known as Fuffy), Boford, Millie Junior (I know they went all out on that one. But Ash just calls us both Millie so you can do that if you want), Denny, and Stram (which is actually short for Stramsure).).
Cami: I wonder how people survived before e-mail. Cami and Trent have a VA number even though they are living in Tawain. This sounds like an advantage, since the rates are better, but this means they have to turn the ringer off at odd hours to avoid sales calls and such that come from the states. Because of this, when Cami finally received my message of Kendall's birth, she didn't even know how old it was. She frantically called the hospital hoping I was still there. I had only left the message a day earlier but was wondering why she hadn't called. I love being able to email back and forth everyday. Cami is the oldest and it shows. She is definitely the mother hen. She takes care of everyone and feels personally guilty, for example, when I have a baby, that my mom is not here to help. She even offered to take Kendall overnight while she was out. And she said it in this way "I haven't been sleeping good with the time change, so I'm up a lot of the night anyway. You should let me keep Kendall tonight." It was a tempting offer and I loved how she phrased it, instead of acting like a hero coming to my rescue she acted like it was the logical thing to do. I didn't take her up on it, because I knew without Kendall there I would be up with my pump and I'd really rather be up with my girl. However, any of you who have known the sleep-deprivation of new parenthood I'm sure can realize how much it meant to me. I have so much fun with my sister's and I'm counting down the days until summer when we can all hang out again. We have so much fun!!! I just wish she wasn't so far away!
Kelly (just to prove my nickname theory is true, I accidently typed Millie and had to go back, erase, and type K-e-l-l-y): Is the glue who holds the family together. If you don't believe me, here's an example. It was her birthday on Sunday and I usually host her birthday (since she hosts almost every other Sunday and all the other birthday's). When I called to ask her what she wanted, she told me Jeremy was planning on doing her birthday. I knew this was only because she wanted to give me a break with my new girl, but I insisted:) We were talking on the phone late Saturday night when she asked if I'd invited Shirelle. Crap! No I hadn't. Then I had a message waiting from my Grandma when I got home from church. Crap! Didn't call her either. Kelly never forgets anyone and usually has the invitations out months in advance. My apologies to both. Kelly also helped me ease into my first week of having Dave back at work. She called Sunday night and said she'd come get the kids all day Monday. Instead of being one of those people who intends to do good things (like myself) she actually does them.

Giff (not pictured): My fingers are crossed that Giff will be home this summer so my dad can finally get that family picture he's been hoping for (my fingers are also crossed that there will be a new member in the picture, but anyways...). Giff offers the same sort of comic relief as Denny. You have to understand their personalities in order to understand that there lamest attempt at the lamest joke can cause hours of laughter. Giff is the protector of the bunch. He would give anyone of us the shirt off his back if we asked. He's the one we never hesitate to ask for a favor, because not only would he do it in a heartbeat, he would think it was no big deal. And as I've probably mentioned before, one of the best things about brother's, they give you more sisters. And the world needs more sisters.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Precious Sunbeam

Thank you to Heather for requesting this post in advance. Otherwise, I don't think Dave and I would have thought to take a picture of Allie's first week at Sunbeam's and I'm so glad we did. It's a day I always want to remember! I can't believe how fast these milestones come up and how precious each is, big or small. The pictures above are both kids before church on Sunday.

Dave and I were so excited to be moved to junior primary this year. We now have the six-year-olds. We loved our nine-year-olds, but I am in heaven with the six-year-olds. They are so fun and so much better behaved than our older class! In December I'm going to have to start campaigning to the primary president to keep us where we are this time!

After I felt Kendall had gotten a good meal on Sunday, we headed out. Dave dropped Allie, Detmer, and I off at church while he took Kendall to hang out with Grandma Marbles. She is not ready to go out yet but we really wanted to be there to meet our cute new class. It was funny everybody kept coming up to us all excited, then got a confused look, then "where's the baby?". But they will just have to wait for the big debut in March. Should be interesting to see how our new class handles her. I have always had a calling, even with all three of my new babies. I can honestly say my young women were the worst. The few times I had to take Allie they would not leave her alone. I even told them they couldn't hold her because I didn't want them to be distracted from the lesson, but they still talked to her the entire time. So we'll see how my six-year-olds compare!

Good old one o'clock church caused Detmer to fall asleep near the end of sacrament, so we decided to keep him until he woke up. We dropped Allie off at Sunbeams and she was SO excited. She had been talking about it the entire week. Some of the Sunbeams were screaming and hysterical and I was so happy that Allie was enjoying every second. Especially considering two of the screamers are her good friends. We loved being in junior primary with her and being able to watch her enjoy her class! Detmer was another story. When he woke up we took him to nursery and he cried. His first week without Allie. He wasn't crying when I went to get him but his cheeks had tears. I guess you can't win them all!
We have now sent both of our sister's and there family back home (which is halfway across the world). It was so awesome getting to introduce Kendall to most of our siblings at such a young age. There are advantages to having the youngest kids. When we got together on Saturday for a farewell party to the Peterson family, my nephew Skyler held Kendall the while Dave and I ate. It was so nice! I love having a playmate/cousin for my kids but it has been fun to see my older nephews bond with Kendall in their own way. (I am not sure why we only got pictures of Jacob).