Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Made (or bought) with love

When I saw how cute Allie was cuddled up with her stuffed animals the other night, it got me thinking. All of their "must haves" when going to bed come from somewhere special. Allie loves to sleep with Cougar Alice from Grandma Marbles (Cougar Alice actually rotates between Allie and Detmer). Grandpa Eggy bought the I Love New York bear for her when she was probably only a couple months old (that dang thing goes with her everywhere, but at least it's tiny). The Winnie the Pooh blanket was made for me by my Young Women shortly after Allie was born. The "star blanky" (as Allie calls it) was made for my mom by one of her friends. It was when she had to go to the hospital three times a week for several hours at a time and she hated how cold and yucky it was and her friend made that blanket for her to take.
The quilt Detmer uses was made by my aunt, Holly, when Allie was born. Detmer refuses to fall asleep without his Cougar blanket. Even if he is 99% asleep he says "I need my cougar blankey..." I remember the day I got it. My friends had a baby shower for me about a week before Detmer was born. I was so excited and surprised and amazed at how generous they were. I loved everything I got for Detmer. One of my friends that came, Heidi, forgot her gift that night, so she brought it by the next day. She told me she had bought Detmer a little outfit (which was so cute) and said after she saw how much I got from the other girl's, she felt silly she only got me an outfit, so she ran to the store that morning and got the BYU material and made the blanket (plus another blanket that he also sleeps with, half the time I have to go in after he's asleep and take off one of the three blankets). I would have never thought twice if she "just" gave me an outfit, but I sure am glad she had that extra inspiration, because Detmer loves his Cougar blanket! The rabbit ear poking out is attached to a rabbit that Grandpa Eggy gave Detmer for his first Easter when he was just over two months.
When I had Detmer my cute friend Monica bought a swaddle for him. A swaddle is one of those things I did not think was necessary, but now I recommend it to everyone!!! (Dave and I call it her straight jacket). I have especially loved it for my two winter babies, but I also love that it takes all the trouble out of trying to get a right size, right thickness blanket to try and swaddle them in. Anyways, Kendall loves this swaddle. Want proof? Check out that smile. Kendall has been smiling for awhile now, but was a huge stinker with letting me get it on camera. I guess the swaddle did the trick. (Incidentally, all the pictures I have of Kendall smiling, she is in her jammies. The girl likes to be comfy.) I dread the day she outgrows this thing. Kendall has been an awesome sleeper and I give the swaddle all the credit. It is pretty hilarious when we take her out of it in the morning. She automatically stretches both of her arms high above her head. Kendall sleeps in her carseat, which is in her crib. The blanket on the bottom is one Grandma Marbles bought for Detmer (so as you can see none of my kids are especially concerned with whether or not the item was meant for them). The blanket on top of her was made for Allie when Tammy was born. The blanket in the corner was made by "Aunt" Linda. She is actually an aunt of my cousins, but has always been so thoughtful towards me and my siblings as well, and she also happens to be super creative. For the record, she gave me that blanket when Detmer was born! I hope everyone is as impressed with this amazing discovery as I was:)
I know some people think it is crazy how I remember who got me everything (I'm sure there is other useful information that I could input to that part of my brain), but it just goes to show that I think all the gifts I get are so special!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food Storage: Not Just for the Pantry

If you want to entertain your children for over an hour, pull some of your boxes out of food storage. Allie and Detmer had more fun with these then with their legos! They were building a "hotel" and Allie told me "Mom, this is not easy!" I never did think building a hotel would be that easy:) If you're wondering why I have about forty boxes of our food storage on the floor, maybe, maybe I will post pictures of how perfectly organized my pantry is going to be (if it's perfectly organized, I'll post pictures, that's how you'll know).

Detmer had his two year well check on Friday. I made special arrangements to drop my girls (I LOVE saying that-my girlS) off with Kelly so I could give Detmer 100% of my attention while he got his immunizations. I love to do one on one things with my children to make them feel special, but of course when I dropped my girls off with Kelly Detmer was totally bummed that he didn't get to play with cousins. I guess I'm not as fun as cousins! Especially not when we ended up at the doctor's office. I tried to think of something fun and special I could do with him afterwards, and I realized the best thing I could do for him would be to take him to cousins to play! Anyway, Detmer is my little guy. I never pay attention to numbers, I always listen to percentiles. I have it written down but I'm too lazy to go get it. I know his weight was 24 pounds and some ounces and he was in about the 20% for both height and weight. He did really great at the appointment and loved showing off! When the medical assistant was leaving I asked what shots he would be getting. She said "he's due for a flu shot, HIB, and Hep A, but I actually think we're out of Hep A." To which I responded "he's already had a flu shot and your also out of HIB!!!" (This I knew because Kendall was due for HIB and they still haven't called us to say it was in). I was also annoyed that they didn't record that he got his flu shot! Detmer left with no shots and I was so frustrated! I sure wish they would have had the curtesy to call me. I would have been more then happy to wait until they had the shots rather then take him in twice, especially since Kendall has to go in twice as well.

We watched a super great movie on Friday night. The Secret Life of Bees. I loved it! It is one of my favorite books and the movie followed it pretty closely. Dave thought it was good, but didn't love it. He's very easy to please-movie wise.
On Saturday Allie and I went out to lunch with my amazing friend Julie. Allie got to tag along since Dave had so many things to do, and she was pretty good company. Between Dave and my three children, I just love always having a companion. I never have like being alone very much! I guess that stems from having six children in my family growing up, built in friends. Even when I go grocery shopping, I usually end up taking at least one kid, sometimes two, usually three. They are such great little friends and they make the tedious task of grocery shopping so much more fun:) Detmer even fell asleep sitting up in the cart when we went grocery shopping on Friday. What a trooper!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Change of Heart for Valentine's

As many of you know, it has been in my plans to get a petition to cancel Valentine's Day. Seriously, it must be the dumbest holiday ever! It's a great way to remind single people that they are, in fact, single (and maybe they don't want to be!) and to get couples to spend money on over-priced over-sized stuffed animals that will be nothing but in the way when they break up in a month. My cynicism mostly stems from a shopping trip Dave and I took a couple years ago. I think it was the night before Valentine's and we were at a store (can't remember which) and all these poor suckers are walking around with, you guessed it, oversized stuffed animals and chocolates. Clearly, their money could have been better spent elsewhere, but people it's VALENTINE'S DAY. I was further outraged when I went to Wal-Mart this year and saw the price they charge for a box of Valentine cards. Ridiculous!
That said, I'm still a sucker for a celebration of any kind, so I didn't plan to skip over the "holiday" completely and I'm pleased to announce that this was one of the best Valentine's Days ever! I'm a sucker for three day weekends, so that may have had more to do with it then precious Valentines Day, but still...

On Thursday Giff got to come home for a short time to grab some stuff before heading to New Mexico. We had dinner at my dad's and it was fun to hang out with Giff again, and so exciting that he passed all his ATC tests and is now official. YEAH!!!

On Friday when we woke up I decided to see if I could get Detmer in for his two year pictures. I called and they had an opening at the perfect time. I was so excited and decided to get Allie and Kendall ready so I could get the first professional picture of all three of them. All the pictures turned out so great! I spent way too much money but it was totally worth it!

I decided to celebrate Valentines on Friday so we made a picnic dinner and set up a blanket and our picnic basket in the family room. The kids loved it and loved setting up a treasure hunt for daddy to find his gift. Dave totally showed us up with his gifts (not hard to do, he got a thing of Ben and Jerry's ice cream). He got Allie a Ken doll (whose going to be a major polygamist!). Detmer got a combo car/dino-two of his favorite things and I got a DDR!!! For you non-Wii users, that's the Dance Dance Revolution where you step on the different arrows and, in my case, look pretty much like a professional dancer. Thanks Babe!!!

Saturday I went to lunch with my brothers and sister before Giff left that afternoon. That night Dave made his famous smoothies for us to have with dinner and I cuddled with two of my favorite Valentines (Dave and Kendall) and watched a movie while Allie and Detmer played their hearts out, as usual.

Kendall made it through her first FULL day of church and did fantastic! We had the most delicious dinner ever (which is what I call every dinner that I don't make) at Kelly's and got to stay up late since Dave had today off...

So today we got to have a family fun day! We started out with lunch and then headed to the Outlet Malls where we did some serious shopping. We should be good for the year! I just love days where I get to hang out with my family!

Two of my very favorite Valentine gifts came from my sister-in-law, Tammy. First, she got me my very own Mini-Coop (way better then the car, this is my new nephew Cooper who was born Feb. 11 and I cannot figure out how to post his picture on here, even though I have done it before. Just know he's super handsome!). Secondly, when Dave and I were at his parents this weekend, we decided to look at some of his scrapbooks. We started when he was a baby and worked our way up and up and up. Pretty soon he was married, then had a child, then two. Tammy has more of my scrapbooking done then I do!!! These books belong to Dave's mom, technically, but the fact they exist takes a huge weight off me. I was so happy when I found them. Keep up the good work, Tammy:) !!!!

It's Official: The Terrible Two's Have Arrived

How do you like Detmer's artwork?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President's Day!

It is 10:10 on February 10 and guess who is up for his secret nightly cuddle? The birthday boy. He is spoiled whether it is his birthday or not!

I was telling Dave a couple days ago, I don't know anything about Detmer. I don't know his favorite foods, activities, colors, etc. If Allie likes it, Detmer likes it. So I guess you could say I know everything about Detmer. Even I want Detmer to do something, all I have to do is get Allie on board. He LOVES his big sister.

Detmer is so funny! It is awesome having a two year old around giving me a good laugh all the time. Here are some Detmer anecdotes. Forgive me if I've shared some of these, they are just some that come to mind.

I was on the couch feeding Kendall and Detmer was in his crib. We once had some Tinkerbell adhesives decorating the wall and I could hear Detmer ripping it down. Since Kendall was in the middle of eating, I just called out "Detmer, stop doing that!" He calls back "I'm doing it..." He knew I would then have to come in and stop him and then I would probably get him up for a secret cuddle.

Detmer brought out two Barbies to Dave in the living room. "Daddy, want to play Barbies?" Dave groans inwardly, but says "sure". Detmer hands Dave a Barbie and keeps one and proceeds to start hitting them against each other. Cat fight!

Allie and I were playing Barbies the other day and Detmer comes in with a dinosaur and starts trying to scare all the Barbies. He's all boy!

He loves music and is so great at learning songs. His current favorites are: When Jesus Christ Was Baptized, I am a Child of God, and Sunbeams.

One of his favorite pasttimes is looking at pictures and pointing out who is in the pictures. The other day he was trying to get my attention to show me a picture he was pointing at and he said "look Momma, it's Mommy".

When we were eating dinner at the Cardon's, Detmer came and grabbed Dave's hand and started pulling him towards the TV and said "I want to watch football, Daddy." Nearly brought tears to Dave's eyes.

Detmer repeats everything we say. I said "whose my parrot?" And Detmer said "whose my parrot?"

(Diana, skip this one) The other night Detmer was in his crib and he called, "Daddy! Daaaaddy!!!" Dave said "what, Detmer?" Detmer calls out in his proudest voice "I farted!" I love how he knew to call to Daddy for that one.

Detmer loves when Daddy comes home. As soon as he hears the garage he starts chanting, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

Detmer loves Kendall. He talks to her in the sweetest voice and loves to kiss her head and toes.

He loves to entertain. If people are laughing at him, he will entertain forever.

He spends half his day saying "Momma, watch. Momma, look at this. Momma did you see that?"

He does quite the booty shake and while he's doing it he says "shake shake shake, shake a boo-tay."

I love my amazing little man so much. Happy two years, Detmer!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today we had a birthday party for my little buddy Detmer, who turns two on Tuesday. Yesterday, he helped me make his cake. If it were up to him, we would have never baked it. Since it's his special time, he got some tastes of the batter on a spoon and he was loving it. He kept saying "MORE Mommy!" He also dug into the frosting I made, and I had to put them both out of sight. I asked him if he wanted a football cake, a worm cake, or a horsey cake. He jumped up and said "FOOTBALL CAKE!" (I know, why did I bother asking). I ended up having a better idea in mind for the horsey cake (prounced by Detmer like "hoe-fee cake") so I helped him change his mind, it wasn't hard.
Due to the horsey (or hoe-fee) cake, the party turned into a cowboy theme. So.......for your viewing pleasure, the most handsome cowboy ever! Along with the cowboy Daddy and the baby cowgirl.
Detmer had a great time and loved all his presents, but due to having several other children here, he really didn't get a chance to play with them and one of his presents "accidently" went home with Zacky.

Kendall went to church for the first time today! It was difficult. I try to post-pone her milestones as much as possible, because milestones mean she's getting older right before my eyes. We thought we weren't good listeners at church when we had two kids. I don't plan on hearing another talk for a couple more years. But the good news is, Kendall looked beautiful!!! She wore this cute outfit that my friend Janneen gave to me when I was pregnant with Allie. It's one of my favorites.

Grandma M is in Panama so she brought Detmer's present by on Monday. He loves it. He and Allie have played with it so much we've already had to replace the batteries!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Funniest Tag Ever!

There is one thing I like about Facebook and that is finding old friends, which I think is why it was created. However, I don't like the site itself. If I can't figure something out in ten seconds, I'm not interested. Back when I first joined, people would "write on my wall" and I would send them a message. I could not figure out why my message wasn't showing up, but then I would hear back from people, so obviously they were getting it. Finally, I've straightened out the difference between sending a message and writing on a wall. That's probably as far as my interest in Facebook will ever go. I have gotten "tagged" on Facebook a couple times, but, surprise, I can't figure out how to respond to the tags. I'm sure I could figure it out, but like I said, it should be in ten seconds or less (I still love reading other people's, for the record). The other day Jacque sent me this tag and I was laughing my head off. It was so funny to read and so fun to do that Dave and I both did it and got a good laugh. Only a couple of our answers (like my first one) were super lame. So even if you are not one who normally does tags, you are going to want to try this one! My answers are first/then Dave's. Please enjoy our diverse taste in music:) (I don't know why there is no #5, but I'm not re-numbering!)

Rules:1. Put your iPod on shuffle (I just used iTunes)
2. Fill in each number with the NEXT SONG...

1. How am I feeling today? MFC/Blame It on the Rain
2. How far will I get in life? Way Back Into Love/My Girl
3. What is my best friend’s theme song? Gone/Hero of the Day (thank you, I'm Dave's best friend)
4. What was high school like? Brian Wilson (I swear I didn't know anyone with that name, but for me (and most of you, admit it) highschool was all about boys and if you remember my severe highschool crush, the initials totally work)./Winner Takes It All
6. What is in store for me this weekend? Anything/Free
7. What is the best thing about me? I've Seen Better Days (Dang my rude iPod, but it's true)/Here I Am
8. What song is about my parents? All Night Long/Everyday
9. How is my life going? How Do You Like Me Now (YEAH!)/We Will Rock You!
10. What song will they play at my funeral? The Remix to Ignition/Take A Break (the next line to this song is "See ya later")
11. How does the world see me? Thriller/Lonely No More (Yeah!)
12. What do my friends think of me? Drain You/Even The Nights Are Better
13. Do people secretly think I’m good looking? Barbie Girl (that's me alright)/You're Beautiful (even the iPod knows it!)
14. How can I make myself happy? Because of You/Still Loving You
15. What should I do with my life? Soldier/Girl You Know It's True
16. What is some good advice? The Red Summer Sun/Rock Bottom
17. Will I get married? Misery (it must mean if I hadn't!)/Please Don't Go
18. Where will I go in life? Blaze of Glory (shot down?)/I Don't Love You Anymore
19. Will I have kids? Dracula From Houston/Beautiful World
20. What is my current theme song? Material Girl/(I can't find this one for Dave, we must have ended on 19 when we did his?)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Thank You But No Thank You, Time

Last week I attended the funeral of sweet little Kimberly, less then two weeks old when she returned back home to Heavenly Father. It was painful. Painful to watch a new young mom standing next to the casket of her first born child. Painful to watch a grandma whose already been through her fair share of trials let go of her only grandbaby. Painful to watch the sadness that is caused by the seperation of loved ones. Painful, as I am planning my new daughter's blessing and looking for a blessing dress, to see someone else's daughter about to be buried in her blessing dress. I could have never made it through the loss of loved ones without the knowledge of eternal families. But that day I was thankful for something else. Time, and the passage of it. The first time I lost a loved one, I remember people telling me it gets easier with time. So I held on to every second. I didn't want it to get easier, because wouldn't that mean I loved them less? Wouldn't that mean I was forgetting? My memories were fading? I was afraid of hurting less because I always wanted the amazing amount of love I had to be with me. Yet looking back I am so thankful for the passage of time and the easing of pain. I still remember the joy, but no longer cry everyday. I can see lessons learn from trials. And I'm so thankful for the passage of time.

But then there's my baby. She's three and a half tomorrow. And my other baby that I just gave birth to, and he's turning two next week. And don't even get me started on my third baby and wondering where two months has gone so quickly. Time, can't you slow down a little bit? I'm not ready to send my baby off to preschool in the fall. I love having all my kids home with me, doing what we want when we want. I'm loving my little Mama's boy and secretely getting him out of the crib after everyone else is asleep (except him) so we can cuddle. And the joy of my sweet newborn baby who needs me for everything, I love it. I know time won't stand still for me, so I'm going to enjoy every minute of this beautiful life.