Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Not Too Late!

After all the trouble I've had with my email, it was last night that it decided to not let me copy and paste!  Hopefully this story is all the better after the suspense of waiting:)  I also promised Dave a bonus (interest, if you will) since this post was late.  (To show my efforts, I'm posting this from Kelly's, which means the pictures will come at a later date).  

This is Dave's birthday written by his one and only REAL mother!  I don't know how Dave's mom compares to the sister's as far as them each having such different personalities, but reading this I definitely learned how different she and I are as mother's.  Just a few small examples:  

She's in labor for twenty minutes!  I was in labor for eight hours, no end in sight when I had my c-section.

A bottle with cereal at one month.  Bottle.  Cereal.  Two things my oldest two children never touched.  (Although Kendall takes a bottle about once a week and I may let her try cereal around the age of one:))

He was blessed at four days and my children aren't safe to leave the house until three months!

Hmm, I wonder if she thinks I'm a crazy mom (you don't have to answer that:)!).  Here is Dave's birth story...

I was six months pregnant when we returned to the US from a 3 year military tour in Germany.  Dave’s Dad, Bob was in the Army, and we were to be stationed in Aurora, Colorado.  But first he had a 3-month school in San Antonio, Texas that he had to attend.  I didn’t want to take our four little girls and move to Colorado without Bob and possibly have our baby alone.  The girls and I would have been in a strange city where we didn’t know a soul.  The decision was made and Heather, Jennifer, Tammy, Diana and I took up residence with my parents in Salt Lake City.  Bob left shortly after the New Year  for his three-month NCOS School in Texas.  It was very hard for me to let my husband go, knowing he would not be there for the birth of our 5th child.   This was a hard adjustment for everyone especially the girls not having Daddy around, plus adjusting to a new school, country, and full time grandparents!


It was Monday, March 24th  and I got up and got all four of the girls ready for the day and school.  We made beds, straightened our bedroom, made pancakes and had a wonderful breakfast.  The three older girls left for school at 8:55 by 9:30 I was feeling pressure in my back and knew that I was starting labor.  My Dad was in the bathroom shaving and I told him I thought we should go to the hospital.  He said to give him a few minutes, but one minute latter I knew that we needed to leave immediately.  It was hard to convince my Dad to leave but my Mother said “Paul we need to go now”!  So I grabbed my suitcase and Diana and headed for the car.  Dad dropped Mom and me off at the front entrance of Holy Cross Hospital and he took Diana back home. Luckily Holy Cross Hospital was only about 5 blocks from my parent’s home.  Mom and I were quite the couple heading for the maternity ward.   I was carrying my own suitcase and supporting my 75-year-old Mom under her arm, anyone watching would have thought I was bringing her to the hospital.  It was 9:45 by the time I got up to the maternity ward, and I was now having bearing down pains.  Fortunately for me Mom had already called the doctor, his office was across the street from the hospital and he arrived about the same time as I did.   At 9:51 our sweet, perfect David Andrew was born.  I was so excited to have a son!.  He was beautiful, a big healthy boy weighing in at 8 lbs    13 ½ ozs. and was 21 ¼ inches long.  I have been very lucky to have fast labors this one was only 20 minutes long.  Unfortunately I did hemorrhage immediately after David’s birth luckily the doctor was soon able to get the bleeding under control. 


The thing that I wanted most to do was to hold my baby and call Bob and let him that he had an adorable son.  When I reached Bob he was in a top security meeting and was not able to talk.    Bob was allowed to talk to me for a couple of minutes but then had to return immediately to his meeting.  Bob was excited about having a little boy and he was worried about me.  The two minutes went by too fast but he told me he would call me that evening and we would talk. 


Bob’s dad was very excited about his grandson and called the guest quarters where Bob was staying.  He told the receptionist to please leave a message for Bob Steffensen that his wife had just given birth to a little boy.  The lady wrote a note and left it taped to Bob’s door.  The note said “Sir your father called and said that your wife had an eight pound GIRL and that your wife and baby girl were doing fine.  When Bob read this note he was really confused.  He didn’t know if he had a daughter or a son.  He thought that since I was pretty shaky and had lost a considerable amount of blood that I was confused.  O well he had had a son for a day, he loved his girls and was completely happy to have another girl. Bob soon called the hospital and I reconfirmed that yes we did have a handsome, precious son.


Bob flew home on Friday and was able to hold and love his son for the first time.  David was four days old before his Daddy held and loved him; that was a very sweet and tender moment to see the love a Dad has for his newborn son.  That next Sunday, March 30th David Andrew was blessed at my old home ward.  Even though David was not even a week old we had him blessed.  We wanted David to blessed where family could surround him.  Bob had no more leave time and this would be the only opportunity to bless David where he could be surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.   The only sad thing was that Bob had to leave us that Sunday night and return to Colorado.  It was hard to see him go and all of us girls cried.  


Our little family packed up and left Salt Lake City for Colorado on June 6th it was extremely hard to leave my mom and dad behind.   But it was wonderful to be a complete family again. 


David was a wonderful baby.  He didn’t cry a lot because he had four big sisters who wanted to hold and spoil him.  I was lucky to even get a chance to hold him.  He started to sleep through the nights by the time he was a month old.  He was having baby cereal by then also and I think that helped him so his tummy stayed full longer.  We were all so happy to have a little boy come into our family; I could hardly believe that we had a son.  His Daddy always used to tease David and tell him that he was trying for 5 girls so that he could have an all girls basketball team.  That must be why David loves basketball; he just had to prove to his Dad that at least one person in this family could make a basket.


We love you David,

Happy Birthday!



And here is the bonus.  Representing Dave's nephews everywhere (and I do mean everywhere:  Tawain, Virginia, Panama, South Weber, Syracuse, and Evanston).  Here's Jacob:

Uncle Doda is Awesome!!  I enjoy the "Parties" that he has.  He is really brave to invite all the nephews over to his house for a wild night of heated gaming.  He lets us stay up as late as we want and we can choose to eat breakfast whenever.  The best part is that Uncle Doda gets his hands dirty and plays along with us. 

Uncle Doda has to be one of my favorite Uncles.  He ROCKS!!!

One last thing is that my Uncle Doda is very very funny.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Thursday!

Since I have already posted two pics of Diana this week, hopefully I'm off the hook for this post! is Diana!

Oooh la la ... I like the thought of being a "Guest Star" of the famous Steffensen Blog. I am honored and for the record I never felt like your mom. Yes you were raised with four sisters but half the time I felt like you were the more responsible one between you and me. For example what about the time I "Double Dog Dared You" to jump off the porch into the bush - reassuring that you would bounce out, you looked at me like I was crazy and said no way. I should of followed your wisdom, I am still paying for that mishap. I remember countless hours spent playing soccer on our wrap around porch in North Carolina and jumping on the trampoline. We must never forget our daring adventures of catching bumble bees inside those plastic blocks and terrorizing Tammy with them (sorry Tam, will you please forgive me?). Do you remember our Connie's Corral Daycare Summer Days? We got pretty good at playing Foosball and always looked forward to the swimming and movie days. Most my memorizes are of North Carolina. I believe it was you and Todd playing out on the porch, and so the story goes, it was Todd that said something very inappropriate to a man walking down the street, well that man decided he would come address the issue. All I remember was the two of you come running into the house like a bat out of H*** and hiding under the dining room table. The gentleman continues to knock on the door until I with my knees a knocking answer the door. He proceeds to tell me that you guys called him the "N" word and demands an apology. For the record, I believed you when you promised me it was just Todd, but if you ever need to clear your conscious I will still love and respect you. My list of memories could go on and on, I remember going on an amazing bike ride in Colorado right after a major rain storm. It was tons of fun riding through the gutters with all the water spraying behind our tires and splashing up on us. What an adventure!!! Did you know I can not eat a Butterfinger Candy bar or paint my toenails red without thinking of you? You are probably thinking "what the heck is she talking about, I hate chocolate and why in the world would I be associated with fingernail polish?" But that was the exact birthday gift you bought for me the year you were finally old enough to have your own military ID CARD and walked over to the PX all by yourself to make the big purchase. I was so impressed and honored. This birthday post would not be complete with out mentioning Roofus and Doofus - you are one of the most creative and imaginative people I know and I love you for it. Thanks for making life fun. I can always count on you for a good laugh and willingness to play a game when everyone else is being a deadhead. Here's to many more years of late nights at the cabin burning the midnight oil over cards and boardgames. I love you Bro - Happy Birthday.

Love ya,
Dynamite Di
(That was my gladiator name, another fond memory I have with you - watching American Gladiators Saturday morning and dreaming of it being us)

It's only 1 pm

People, please keep in mind that most of the time when I am doing my posts it is, um, WAY too late. But I am making a special post for Jenn. When I put that Allie calls Jenn "the aunt with the scary teeth" I was going to post a picture, but didn't because I had to go to bed. So for the record, here is why Jenn is known as the aunt with scary teeth:

And here is how beautiful she is when she's not busy being the one with the scary teeth (I wish I had one with her family, so you could see how handsome my nephews are, but not even Diana has one with them!)
Also, please let it be noted the Jenn uses a hands free device while talking on her cell phone in the car. (Okay Jenn, hopefully your reputation is back up to par:)).

For those who don't know, I cannot send emails right now. Something is wrong with my email. I can open them, but not send so I apologize if you don't hear from me. Hopefully it fixes itself soon because I have no clue how to fix it:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The One Who Lives By the Crocodiles

A couple years ago when Dave and I went to visit Dave's sister Jenn in DC it was my first chance to really get to know Jenn. I decided that all of Dave's sister's could easily be from four different families. They are all so different! These letters to Dave have really proven my point. Heather is the sister of the fewest words, and she sent the shortest post. Tammy is the perfectionist who does nothing half way. She not only sent her post, but also some scrapbook pages (which I can only get to post tiny. I will work on it!) Diana, the late comer who is always good for some comic relief, got hers in last and it's worth the wait:) (I bet Diana is going to comment that she didn't get the email until can decide if you believe that:) Just kidding!!!). Jenn surprised me. I didn't think she would do it because she is the run around girl. Jenn's rule is that if she is on the phone, she is behind the wheel. I'm so glad she did it. I have learned so many new things. A note to the mom's, make a delicious breakfast the day you go into labor. Those pancakes have not been forgotten! Also, the only pictures I have of Tammy (who lives in Panama, and Allie calls "the one who lives by the crocodiles", which she, in fact, does) are when she had Cooper in the belly, but for the record he is over a month old now! Here's sister (or should I say mom) #3 Tammy...

I remember the day Dave was born. My mom got Heather, Jennifer and I ready for school. She even fixed us pancakes. Never, not once did she complain about not feeling good. She sent us all off to school. When I returned from Kindergarten at 11:30am my Grandma Silotti met me at the door. She told me that my mom had had the baby and that it was a boy!! I at first didn't believe her until Diana told me it was true. When Jenn and Heather got home from school Grandma and Grandpa took us to the hospital and we got to look at him through the window. After that my Aunt Carol came and picked Diana and I up. We got to stay at her house for several days. Diana and I thought that was the coolest thing because Aunt Carol let us put sugar on our cornflakes. We also got to sleep in Terry's canopy bed and listen to her record player (our favorite record was "Its a small world after all.") I think it is safe to say that Diana and I were sad to say goodbye to Aunt Carol's house but very excited to see our new baby brother and get to hold him.My Bridger reminds me a lot of David. Bridger is my little athletic kid. He loves sports, he loves playing them and also watching them. I think from the time David was born he was a sports nut. I still try and figure out how that could happen. He grew up with four sisters that were not athletic, and a dad that did not care about sports. But somehow David was able to teach himself. Many people would think that David must of played a lot of basketball as a child, but infact he was actually an indoor soccer all star. He loved playing indoor soccer. I remember going to many of his games and cheering the boy on. He was so fast. It was a lot of fun. If anyone knows David they also know that David is a huge Bronco fan. Who could not be a Bronco fan after living in Colorado for almost 8 years. I remember David knew all the players names. He knew everything about the Broncos. He loved them when they were doing well and he loved them when they were losing. He never once got disgruntled with his team; even after they lost how many superbowls in a row. I remember one superbowl when David, Diana and I dressed up in our Orange and blue. We painted "Go Broncos" on our faces and we even wore orange rabbit feet around our necks. I think if David was to bleed his blood would first be blue because he is a true BYU fan but next it would be orange.David is the best uncle to my kids. When Jacob was tiny my mom babysat him while I went to work. So David got to hang out with Jacob a lot. They were best buddies. One day while my mom was babysitting Jacob he kept walking around the house saying Doda. My mom thought it was part of a song she would sing so she kept singing the song. But Jacob continued to say Doda. Then when my mom went to pick David up from school Jacob got so excited to see David. He just kept yelling "DODA!! DODA!!" The name has stuck and David is now Uncle Doda. He was even called Elder Doda while on his mission. I really appreciated David and all he did for Jacob when I was on bed rest with Bridger. I could not play with my two yearold and his dad was in Tx. So David stepped in and played with Jacob. He played cars, basketball, took him to the park and took him to the zoo. I knew that my brother was going to make an awesome dad because he was so awesome with Jacob. I couldn't believe my ears when my brother called me on the phone to tell me he had gotten his mission call. He was being sent to the same mission I lived in, the McAllen Tx Mission. It was great having him so close, even if we didn't get to see each other often. I had had a hard time, moving away from my family. I don't know if David being sent on his mission was an answer to my prayers, or in answer to someone elses prayers. But just knowing he was there made those last two years in Laredo fun and bearable. I do feel a little guilty that David never really got to spread his wings on his mission and serve in Laredo and areas surrounding Laredo. The Mission President tended to keep David close to McAllen. But I had a lot of fun making him care packages. I tried thinking of all the things I could remember my brother liked and sent them to him. I would pack Miss Debbie Oatmeal creme cookies, Top Ramen, IBC Rootbeer and lots of Homemade cookies. Then I would send the package with the missionaries to zone conference, and to insure its delievery I would add homemade cookies to the outside of the box for the missionaries delivering the package. It was fun having missionaries over for dinner and hearing all about Elder Steffensen. It was also a great pleasure being able to send my brother, home from his mission. His Mission President said it would be ok to say goodbye to my brother at the airport. How many people can say that they had family at the airport saying goodbye when they left their missions.
My brother is a wonderful guy. I love spending time with him. I think he is a lot of fun. I wish that we lived closer. I would love to be able to call him up and invite him over for a heated game of hand and foot. Or to call him up and have him play a game of Basketball with Bridger, or a round of Halo with Jacob. I even have heard that he is a great dancer I know Ainsley would love to spend sometime learning or teaching him some new moves. I even know that Cooper would enjoy snuggleing up on his chest and falling asleep watching March Madness. Justin would love to hang out sking (either snow or water sking) with David. My brother is just that kind of guy. Everyone wants to be around him. Happy Birthday!!! I love you tons. Love yaTammy

Diana and Tammy (thank goodness for Diana's blog, and Di, I figured it out so easily this time. I'm just too forgetful but it was a snap!).

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Day!!!

One score and nine years ago my very handsome husband entered this world. Tonight Kendall was being super fussy. This is VERY unusual for Kendall. She is the best baby. I forgot what you are even supposed to do with a fussy baby. Dave came in and asked if I wanted him to lay with here. That was about five minutes ago. They are both fast asleep on the bed right now. Just one of the reasons I'm so glad he's mine!

But you've heard enough from me about how amazing Dave is. Please welcome today's guest author, sister #2, Jenn (referred to by Allie as "the one with the scary teeth"). I just have to say I'm so happy that Dave's family (at least those who love and adore him most:)) have taken the time out of their very busy schedules to do this. It's been so fun for me to read and it will be so fun for my kids to always have these records of their daddy growing up! The beginning of this post may sound very similar to Heather's, but read on and enjoy finding out who is responsible for turning Dave into a world traveler. Here's Jenn...

I know that you don’t have many memories of us hanging out but believe it or not we did. I guess that is the curse of you being 9 years younger- but even with my horrible memory I have some very fond memories of you.

They all start on March 24th when mom #1 was making breakfast for your soon to be moms #2-#5. I remember mom wasn’t feeling very good and was trying to make pancakes for all your older siblings. They were not very good that day. I guess pancakes and labor don’t mix. I remember coming home from school to find out that I had a brother. That was so cool because I already had 3 sisters and a brother sounded exciting and it was…besides that, thanks to you I no longer felt insecure. Up to this point, I questioned if I was really mom and dad’s. (it didn’t matter that dad had dark hair and that mom had big ears- my sisters did not. They had light brown hair and little ears and therefore I was the odd one out- I was sure I was adopted until you came along)

I remember well those early years when you started to crawl and then you turned into this little boy full of energy that loved to zip up and down the sidewalk on his hot wheel. I remember sitting on the front porch watching you go back and forth while I did my homework. I watched you tear up more than one pair of shoes dragging your feet to stop yourself.

One of my craziest memories and probably not very good headwork on my part was showing you how cool your bedroom in Fitzsimmons was. I showed you how you could open your window and crawl out on the porch overhang…. Do you remember that? (Hopefully mom is not reading this) I had to make you promise me you would only go out there if I was with you and you swore up and down on Huckleberry Hound (or whatever that stuffed animals name was) that you would not.

I also remember trying to teach you how to mow the lawn. With your asthma you could not do it for long but you would come out to the yard in NC and I would put you in front of me (at that time I was taller) and help you push the mower. I also tried to show you how to throw a football. I did not do this that often but I would try and then I would head off to cheerleading or dating or whatever else a teen age girl would do. I also remember trying to always throw a plastic Madison Mayodan football to you when you would come watch the game. My aim was not very good but I tried.

I asked Joe about his memories of you and he told me how you were the first one he met from our family. He picked you up and took you bowling and then when the rest of the family got home from their pioneer trek you all went out to dinner. I thought this was pretty cool… I had forgotten about this.

My favorite memories are when you were older and struggling with your grades in High School, I told you if you would get your grades up I would help pay for a ticket for you to come see me in Florida. I loved having just you come and hang out with me. I had Deven and Josh and you were such a good uncle and would play with the boys. I knew that one day you would be an awesome dad. You were so patient with my little balls of energy and they thought you were the coolest.

Then you came with Mom to visit us in Okinawa and I have such great memories of you playing with the boys on the great parks and swimming in the Ocean. Again you were the coolest and my boys loved playing with you. You had much more energy than I did and would play hard with the boys. I was so glad for those times when you came to visit because I got to know this way cute young man that was my little brother.

Then one day you called me and told me you met this girl with the most beautiful blue eyes and that you were going to get married- by the way you picked the best date ever. Your wedding day is the only date I can remember out of my siblings- thanks for making it easy on me.

Anyway I have great memories of you guys coming to Boston to see me once again. I am so glad you have made the effort to come and visit. Living far away makes making memories hard and I really cherish the times you have come to visit. Thanks so much for those memories and I want you to know that I think you are an amazing man, husband and father. Stay AWESOME!!!

Love- Jenn (mom #3)

What's better then one new post a day?

Technically, I posted the "Kickoff" yesterday. I wasn't sure if I would have time to get on today, I usually get on the computer after the kids are in bed. But I have an extra special post that I just couldn't wait for! Please welcome to the Steffensen blog Heather Baldwin. She is Dave's oldest (but still young and beautiful) sister and so willingly volunteered to do a post for me on this special week! Here it is...
Happy Birthday to my little “Bother”,I know it has been said that you had it rough being the only boy with 4 older sisters but buddy you had it sooooo good!!!! I hate that we are 10 years apart and I was off for college about the time that you were old enough to remember me. But I remember you. You had five moms to take care of your every need and yes I do remember diaper changes. I know that you remember playing games all by yourself, but we played with you too. Remember Pictionary??? Dave some of my favorite memories of you are when Steve and I were first married and Steve would play basketball with you. I know that you liked having a big brother around and Steve loved spending his time with you. Nothing was better than Jr Jazz and double blue berry doughnuts on a Saturday morning. I love that you are such a sports fan and you always have been. I do however take responsibility for the “Tysman Rap” and maybe even some of the blame for Detmer’s sweet name. Speaking ofDetmer …. I know that you are a terrific dad I think that all those years of strawberry short cake, Polly pockets and baby dolls really paid off. Happy birthday we love you.
I found at least one picture to make the complete Baldwin family. Steve, Heather, Skyler, and Ryan!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hello to everyone and welcome to the Celebration of Dave! If you thought I had five great ideas when I decided to post everyday this week, I didn't. So join in this adventure of random posts!

As I'm sure you can guess, this weekend was pretty stressful for Dave, what with the constant pouring over the brackets, hopeful to remain in first place. That didn't happen, but Dave is not doing too badly. He's holding strong at third. I should use this time to announce that, for however short of time it doesn't matter, but at one point in this challenge of March Madness, Jacob Peterson was in FIRST place. (Tammy just wanted to make sure everyone knew that at one point, a Peterson was winning.)

Dave and I really know how to celebrate. Dave's church basketball team is vying for the title of region champs (ooo, hopefully they win it all, then my last post can be pictures of him with his church ball trophy. Church ball does give trophies, right?). He had a game Friday night and I watched my friends children all day. I took them home at about eight. My friend felt really bad about keeping me away from Dave on the weekend, but I told her she's probably his new BFF getting me out of the house so he can enjoy March Madness in peace. Allie slept over at Grandpa Greg's (for prideful Millie), Detmer was home with Dave, and Kendall was with me at my friends. It was great, I had a perfect excuse to do nothing but cuddle my baby! My friend got home around midnight and what felt like a few minutes later, her phone rang. Then we looked at the clock, saw that it was 2 am, and I decided it was time for me to head on home! Then after Dave's birthday dinner at Lone Star on Saturday, I was up until about 4 am, which is when I finally finished puking up the last of my dinner. It was awesome. Here's hoping to some better night's sleep on this big week of celebrations!!!

I can't end a post without the best part. Pictures! Allie's new favorite thing is doing Detmer's hair. He is so cute and patient while she does it. Today we were leaving and Dave said "come on, Det, let's do your hair" and Allie said, "NO! I'll do it!" She's been doing it most days for about a week now. Watch out Shirelle, you've got some competition!

Kendall loves playing with her toys. Allie and Detmer love cuddling with Kendall.HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK, DAVE!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the Games Begin

We have officially started this madness of March (also known as March Madness). Early on, it's not looking good for me, folks. Perhaps after eight straight years as the reigning March Madness champ it is time for me to pass on my crown? Time will tell. But, as usual I made the early mistake of putting my faith in the Cougars and as usual--CHOKE. A special thanks to those who turned in their brackets. What some people may not realize is that this "holiday" is more important to Dave then Christmas. Selection Sunday is only complete when Dave has spent many hours (no, really MANY HOURS) searching, pondering, and praying over his picks. But that is only after he completes a bracket with each of the children. Yes, this includes Kendall. Her picks are made through a serious of dice rolling (by now, you for sure think I'm joking, but rest assured, it's all true). I checked my email this morning and already had a little trash talk in my inbox. Tammy thinks the Peterson's have it in the bag this year. Time will tell...And I'll also return the trash talk by reminding the Peterson's they have a LONG way to go from last year in order to beat the STEFFENSEN 5!!! (I think four of the five Peterson brackets came in dead last last year--gotta love em!)

Here are some pictures of the kids on St. Patrick's in their various shades of green. We had a lot of fun. The leprachans left dollars in our shoes, turned our milk green, and ran across our rolls at dinner, leaving behind green foot prints.

These are the cute shoes that Dave's mom brought back from Panama. I had to post this picture for Tammy so she can get me more!

I have been a lazy blogger lately, but be week is Dave's birthday and my goal is to do a post everyday since he is the main reason I do it anyway (he loves seeing what his cute kids are up to while he's slaving away at the office!).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lessons On Being Cool: By Grandpa Eggy

What's with the bling, you ask? Well, ever the dedicated Grandpa, my dad decided to show his full support to Corben, who is an aspiring rapper (and probably the best one I've ever heard of, just for the record). Betcha Eminem's Gramps never did this (which could also explain why Corben's lyrics are much more lovin').

That's just one of the many things we love about him-whatever we do, he throws his support behind us 100%. Growing up all three of my brothers and I were involved in various sports. My mom or dad always made it to someone's game, which usually meant spending most of their nights at the ball park. Many times my dad showed up still in his suit, having driven straight from work to the ball park (unfortunately, he didn't have the above getup back in the day). One year he even coached my team. Looking back I'm certain he didn't "have the time" between work, bishopric responsibilities, five other children, etc. But for me, he made the time. He loved all the girls and was able to see the good in them that sometimes I couldn't! Well over twenty years after he first began sitting on those park benches (actually, he's always been more of a stander) he still spends plenty of his summer at the ball park, cheering on the next generation. He has even promised us that if our children stay in the Layton boundries, he will root for Layton WHEN the time comes (it has not yet, he is still 100% Dart).

I am one of those lucky people who had an amazing childhood. For our birthdays, my dad always took us out to lunch. We even got to get out of school for this occasion. My eighth birthday stands out in particular. My dad had just accepted a job in Kaysville and we were staying behind in Cedar City waiting for the house to be sold. He was leaving that day. My parents were concerned how this might affect the celebration that was to be my birthday. Truth be told, my mind was focused on Arby's. A fabulous new resturaunt in town that I was dying to try. I remember going to his office, wherever it was, and being told that I look sooooo much like my dad. When we were young, we all the children thought our dad was famous, because no matter where we went with him, he was always recognized. I think everyone in town new him. And although he's not recognized as much anymore in the big city, he can still pull some strings (let's not forget One Family's Name Game).

Now it is so fun for me to see the way my children adore Grandpa Eggy. Allie and Detmer were in heaven when he baby-sat them last weekend. One time, he made a comment to Allie about having a sleep over. It was that day he learned the hard way that you can't say "sleepover" to Allie unless you mean that day. Everytime she saw him she pestered about the sleepover until it came to pass. Last night as we left Grandpa's house, Kendall started to fuss. Grandpa asked "what's wrong?" Allie said "I think she's said because she wants to have a sleepover." Hint, hint. He is one cool Grandpa.

Whenever we ask what he wants for his birthday (Christmas, Father's Day, etc) it's the same answer about saving our money for the things we need and all he wants from us is our love. So here's my love in blog form (plus I can't deprive Cami and Giff of not seeing the rapper picture, here's the perfect excuse to post it). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

And for the record, here is how handsome he is without the bling.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Perfect Day for a Perfect Girl

Sunday was my little Kendall's blessing day. She was so beautiful! I was happy we had one o'clock church, because it allowed us a nice, laid back morning with plenty of time to get ready. Grandpa Greg came over early to take pictures (although we probably got most of the pictures afterward). Thanks to our family and friends who came to the blessing and to the get together afterward. It was so fun to celebrate the blessing of my sweet girl!

My children are so lucky they get to be part of a four generation picture!
Mom and Dad, so proud of our beautiful baby girl!
Our sweet little family. They were so patient during the hundreds of pictures.

I had a hard time deciding on Kendall's dress, they were all so cute. But I'm really glad I picked this one. So beautiful in white with her pretty headband made by my friend Terre.