Thursday, April 30, 2009


It happened that Grandma Marbles (who will, from here on out, be known as Grandma, because "Mom," Allie told me the other day, "I don't want to say Grandma Marbles anymore, I just want to say Grandma.") made some exceptionally good cinnamon rolls the other night. Allie told me "Mom, I want to go to Maggie's house. But I don't want Cinnamon [the dog] to be there. I don't like Cinnamon, I only like Cinnamon rolls." As most of you know, Cinnamon has done nothing wrong. It's just that Allie was born (yes, BORN) with a fear of dogs. Cinnamon weighs about three pounds five ounces and is about seven inches long (give or take). But still, Allie won't go near him. When our neighbors got a new dog (which is even smaller then Cinnamon) it sent Allie and Detmer running the other way, screaming.

Which is why you will be surprised at the rest of this story.

Last night, Grandpa Greg (yes, I was also informed on Tuesday "Mom, I don't say Grandpa Eggy anymore, I say Grandpa Greg.") stopped by and arrived at our house shortly before Giff. I was telling my dad that Giff was on his way, with his new dog in tow. Allie and Detmer were eating dinner at the time, but still, talking about a dog showing up at our house I was pretty surprised by the calm that was in our house. I thought maybe Allie wasn't listening to us. So I asked "Allie, did you hear whose coming over?" "Gifford!" She responded. "And guess what he's bringing." "Speghetti," she answered casually. It could have been a good or a bad thing that Allie didn't realize that rather then speghetti, we were saying Geddy, the name of the dog.

That's not the part that will surprise you, though, because you might have already realized that Geddy kind of does sound like speGHETTI.

So Geddy shows up and Allie does the usual. Leaps into my arms, whimpers, keeps a death grip on me. Detmer is much more brave. He enjoyed petting Geddy. I credit myself with what happened next (remember? The surprising part) I kept telling Allie to look how pretty Geddy's face is. "Look at her face. Isn't she so so cute?" I would ask. And Geddy does have an innocent little face. Somehow, this endeared Allie to her. Pretty soon, Allie was running over, petting Geddy, and running right back to me. Giff said "she's really soft, huh?" And you could almost see Allie thinking about how she didn't have time to discover the softness in the quick pet. So we asked if she wanted to do it again. And she did! She was petting little Geddy for several minutes. I was SO excited!!! I wondered if there is hope for her yet. I don't want her to live her life with such a horrible fear.

We said our good-byes to Grandpa GREG, Giff, and Geddy. I went to the gym. When I got home, Allie and Detmer were in the bath. When I walked into the bathroom Allie said, "Mom, I want a dog just like Geddy!" She asked again today if we can get a dog like Geddy. And Detmer is bragging "Geddy kissed me!" What?! Here I thought I was going to be a mom whose forever had to protect her children from the big bad dogs of the world, instead I'm going to be one of those mom's who has to constantly tell my children "no! We are NOT getting a dog." (Thanks to my sis-in-law who has forever convinced me that no matter how cute, loving, etc dogs are, they are too much work!)

The kicker here is this: Cinnamon is a tiny little Yorkie. Geddy is part pit-bull. THAT'S the one she takes to? Okay, so if anybody comes across a mix of a Great Dane and Bull Dog, I may just have to take it home with me. I'm sure it would be love at first sight.

Friday, April 24, 2009

One of "those" blogs

(Let me begin by telling you all that I began this post on Friday and it's now Monday and I'm really hoping to finish it today. Also, I started making a blog roll, but it was taking forever so I doubt I'm going to get it finished today! I have only four blog addresses, the rest I get too by linking, so I have to find one, link to another blog, find another one. A pain, but it will be totally worth it and I'll finally remember to check everyone's blogs!)
My friend Kristen, instead of giving birth to children like most of us do, has given birth to two loving and adorable maniacs. She has some stories that make my jaw drop. My favorite one was when her three-year-old had to get glasses. When Kristen told us Hailey was getting glasses, we all gasped. How long, we all wondered, would it be before this rambunctious little gal busted those things beyond repair. If memory serves, I think they lasted about a half hour after they got back from the doctor's office. Instead of going on cruises and exotic vacations like some family's do, Kristen spends her money replacing Hailey's glasses. I think it's been five times now. If you are lucky enough to not know, glasses are very expensive. (If you're wishing for stories of coloring on the furniture and body (with permanent market), pooping in the backyard, and throwing screw-drivers at each others heads, give her a call, she has plenty of those, too.) I often find in my inbox pictures of the children's various "activities". I told Kristen that her life is far too entertaining to keep to herself. She needs to get a blog, and share it with the world. Her response was "I've thought about it. But I know I would be one of those people who starts it and then forgets about it and never updates it." Well, friends, I am afraid this blog is becoming one of "those" blogs. In fact, about a month ago I turned in my two weeks notice to Dave ("I'm quitting the blog," I told him) but he would not accept my resignation and since he enjoys it so much, I decided to still put forth an effort when I can.

Well, I think that was a long enough side note. We've been having a lot of fun around here lately, and I always want to post about it and share it with everyone, but if it could just magically appear, that would really be better for me. Or maybe I could get a computer that can dictate my words? Then for sure I would be an amazing blogger!
Kendall loves sitting now! She does not like laying down and if we put her in her bouncer she starts lifting her head trying to get into sitting position. She wants to see the world!
My awesome friend gave me a ton of clothes for Detmer. He obviously really liked them and decided to wear them all at once! He also ended up changing several times a day. They were mostly winter clothes so I guess he felt strongly about wearing all of them while he had the chance:) This is what he wore to bed. And yes, he slept in it all night.

A warning to mother's of young boys. Around the age of 8, they start to STINK!!! These four of my handsome nephews slept over last weekend and after they played hard for several hours I could barely be in the same room with them! They took showers while I washed their clothes and they had to hang out in towels while they dried. Aren't they handsome??? Whenever I have them everyone always says I must be crazy/insane/heroic but they are SUCH good boys!!! Okay, so four of them are good. One of them is almost perfect (and a great leader, but don't tell his mom I said). And the other one is...
need I say more?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Happy Easter!

On Saturday night Dave and I enjoyed our much anticipated viewing of Wicked. It was amazing. We both loved it!!! Dave still says Mamma Mia! is his favorite, but I haven't decided yet. I think both Mamma Mia! and Wicked are tied for me. We went to dinner before the show and walked around Temple Square in the rain. It was such a fun date night. When we went to pick up the kids, I learned that Kendall had napped from 7:30-10:30 (she usually goes to bed around 9) so I figured I was in for a late night. I was right. Kendall didn't go to bed until about 1 and I finally got to bed around 1:30. I guess this is my excuse for my extreme tiredness on Easter morning...

Allie came into our room at 7:15, which is like the middle of the night around here. I told her to get into bed with me and figured she'd fall right back to sleep. I turned over and she started tickling my back "ahhhh.........................." Next thing I know Dave and I are being woken up to: "MOMMY!!!!!!! LOOK WHAT THE EASTER BUNNY BROUGHT ME!!!!!!!!!" And Allie is holding up one of the gifts from her basket. "ALLIE, NO!!!!!" I yelled in shock. She got the most surprised look on her face. She didn't even realize she'd done anything wrong. I felt so bad I even made a special point of apologizing yesterday. She laughed and said "Mom, I just wanted to see what the Easter Bunny brought me." At this point, we were all really anxious and "encouraged" Detmer to wake up so they could go get their baskets. Allie "re-enacted" the whole thing beautifully for the video camera. She acted like she was discovering all her goods for the first time. Detmer was so cute digging into his basket. He makes an enthusiastic noise that sounds like a cross between "aww" and "oh!" for every gift he gets. It is fun, but also challenging now that my children are getting older, to teach them the true meaning of holidays. How do I teach my child about the most important event that ever happened when she is only three years old. We really simplified the story this year and it is fun to see Allie start catching on to the bits and peices of the story of Easter. Did you hear
Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about Easter? He is an apostle in the LDS church, but I think every person could benefit from reading this talk. I enjoyed all the conference talks, but Elder Holland's was great to hear on Palm Sunday to give me a reminder of the amazing story that took place so long ago, but will never lose it's importance. One of my favorite scriptures expresses perfectly how grateful I am for this season. Mosiah 16:8 "...there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ."

I had so much fun dressing my kids up for church. Kendall got a new dress from Aunt Sylvia when she was born and it was so cute and eastery I decided to save it for Easter and she debuted it on Sunday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Are you from North Carolina?

As you probably know, Dave is a fan of many sports and teams. Jazz, Cougars, Broncos, Blue Devils, and even the Tar Heels. He owns many items of clothing showing his allegiance to his teams and wears them often. The weird thing? No matter WHERE we go, if he wears his North Carolina gear he gets the question "are you from North Carolina?" Random strangers seek him out to ask. If he's in Broncos, no one asks is he is from Denver. No one asks if he's a Utahn when he sports the BYU gear. Do people from North Carolina think their teams is so GREAT that only people from the state can cheer them on? Or do they think their team is so LOUSY that certainly no one out of the state would cheer for them? I don't know. Nor do I know if it was this connection with North Carolina (and for the record, Dave did leave their for a few years, probably just to have an excuse to use his southern accent) that lead Dave to pick the Tar Heels for the champions of the NCAA tournament. This I do know: The fact that he picked Michigan to play against North Carolina in the championship and many other teams correctly led him to be the champ in the NCAA March Madness Challenge of 2009. (If you were involved in this challenge and think he is taking this news humbly, you have not yet checked your email.)
And just in case you were wondering, there is, in fact, a "trophy" for region basketball champs. Check out this fabulous new T-shirt:
Last week we took Detmer to his first movie. It was so awesome!!! I loved seeing the excitement of him having this new experience. We decided to see "Monsters Vs. Aliens". We had talked about the movie for a couple days before we went. When Detmer walked into the theater, it was almost too much for him to take. What was this huge place, with tons of seats and a huge screen? As we walked up the stairs hand in hand Detmer kept saying "Mom, I'm going to freak out. Mom! I am going to FREAK. OUT. Momi'mgoingtofreakout." It was cracking me up. I ran to the bathroom before the show started and when I came back he looked at me and said "Mom...WE are going to FREAK OUT!" It was so great! He did jump several times but overall he loved it and rarely lets go of his Ginormica figure he got from McDonald's.

Today was SO awesome!!! I remember what a special time of year Easter was growing up. All the grandkids went to Grandma's house to color eggs. Grandma then wrote an amount of money on the eggs, hid them, and when we found them we went and cashed them in. (Was it worth passing up that $.10 egg in hopes of finding the $.25 egg?). Now that my Grandma is 81 and not quite up for that kind of stuff it is fun to think back on the traditions she made so special for her grandkids (and perhaps my parents were as lucky as Kelly and Jeremy, who have NEVER had to color eggs with their children). Today we were lucky enough to have our Cardon cousins over to color eggs with us. They normally do it with their grandpa, but since they are going out of town, this was their one and only chance (they also do it with us every year so we can have a fun cousin tradition, too, but I like to think maybe it was more fun just getting the one chance???). Detmer did not quite get the point. He kept just grabbing eggs and dropping them into the dye. After coloring the eggs and eating egg salad sandwiches for lunch, we decorated some individual Easter bunny cakes I had made. If you consider it decorating to pile as much frosting as possible on top of a rabbit shaped cupcake, then yes, we decorated them. We ended out our Easter party with fun at the park. I think the kids were each asleep after being in bed about five seconds. Even as a child, I loved that part about nice weather. Running all day until you want to drop into bed. Please stay, spring!

The cute kiddos showing off their decorated eggs.

I told the kids to give each other bunny ears for the picture with our bunny cakes.This is how much Kendall enjoyed coloring eggs and decorating cake.