Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Average Day (but not really)

When I woke up this morning, all the children were still in bed. I was gone until late last night and desperately needed to feed Kendall. As soon as I walked into the hall, I could hear her cooing. As I walked into get her she greeted me with her morning smiles and I brought her into bed with me so she could eat. While I was feeding her Allie came in. "MOMMY!!!" (She was extra excited since she didn't see me last night). "I want to lay by you, scoot over."

So I scoot over and am laying on my bed between my two girls.

Then I hear "Mommy, get me OUT!" Coming from Detmer's crib.

I was still feeding Kendall and since Detmer is regularly getting himself out of his crib these days, I expected him at any second. Sure enough, in to my room he comes a minute later. When all the children are awake, it is usually the end of cuddle time and the beginning of play time. So we laid on the bed teasing each other, talking, singing.

Then Allie and Detmer remembered that they hadn't eaten breakfast and needed it right away. After that they sang Kendall some songs, including "BOB THE BUILDER...CAN HE FIX IT? BOB THE BUILDER. YES HE CAN!" (There new favorite ever since they watched it on our vacation).

Allie and Detmer made their way out back and I called Dave to have him check the forecast. 83. Too cold to pull out the pool, but not too cold to get just a little wet (right?). So I filled some big bowls with water and gave them some cups to play with. When they came in they found a bath toy I bought awhile ago and forgot about and wanted to try it out in the bath. Allie kept saying "Mom, I'm so excited!" (to try the new bath toy). It didn't work that well, but they weren't too disappointed since they got to eat popsicles in the bath and I shot them with a squirt gun. And Allie styled Detmer's wet hair and told him, "I'm going to give you Rock N' Roll hair." And after she finished she said to Detmer, "Can I get a smile?" And they played in the bath for over an hour.

(Here's what Rock N' Roll hair look like, just in case you wondering.)

Then the cousins came over to play for the afternoon.

After the gym, Allie and I went on an Allie/Mommy date to a dance recital. She was so excited! She hopped out of her seat and danced along.

I loved today. (Except for the part when Detmer took off his poop filled diaper and the poop was all down his leg by the time I got to him. I didn't love that.)

Last January (believe me, eventually this will all tie in together) I was being the efficient mom that I am and starting to look into preschools for Allie this upcoming fall.

First, I got referrals from several friends.

Then, I composed a list of questions that I would ask each of the preschools.

Only the best for my child, right?

So I called the first couple (with the best referrals, of course) and left messages. The first returned call I got came as a shock. "I'm full. My waiting list is full." The second, third, fourth teachers all said the same.

What?!!! Here I thought I was so on top of things and now I find out (a bit too late) most of them were full by November.

I was so stressed!

I finally called some random preschools and wasn't happy with any of them. I continued asking around for referrals and were surprised at the amount of people who weren't doing preschool for their children. I hadn't even thought of that as option!

But then I did.

And I liked it!

I want one more year with my girl, doing what we want when we want (and lots of other reasons, but this post is long enough, right?). My decision was NOT made lightly (as most of you know). But now that I've made it pretty firmly (it could still change) I feel really good about it.

On nice days when I have my windows open, I can hear the elementary school bell when it rings. Before I know it, I'll hear that bell, and think of my little girl running out for recess (or back in).

And sometimes I'll cry (cause I almost do just thinking of it).

And I'll call Dave and say "it seems like just yesterday she played with Detmer all morning and took hour long baths in the afternoon."

And I'll be really happy for all these not-so-average days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It IS A Small World, Afterall

Since I was so excited to go through our vacation pictures I figured I might as well post while I'm at it! Our first leg of the trip was a nice little drive to Cedar City. We stopped and had lunch with our friends and drove past my old house. I hadn't been back for many, many years. In fact, Dave knew more about the place then I did (courtesy of my dad driving him past on their way home from Vegas). It's interesting going back to the home of your childhood. I thought we lived in a mansion with a huge, beautiful yard. Not so much. I always wondered why we downgraded so much when we moved to Kaysville:) (Really though, not too many of my friends had a roller rink in the basement).
We made our way to our hotel in St. George that night and got there in plenty of time to go for a dip in the pool. Kendall got to experience her first swim and she fell asleep right in her tube! Allie and Detmer definitely take after their parents. We had to drag them out of the pool after several hours. One night I even took Allie out when it was dark, but still probably 90 degrees. She thought it was so incredible swimming in the dark.
Kendall all ready for her big swim!

Monday we made our way to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (or as Detmer says Landolay Bay in Las BEGas). It was my kind of vacation. We spent everyday at the pool, which has a lazy river and a wave pool and was a perfect place to relax! If you ever wonder what it feels like to be a rock star, take three small children to Vegas. It was hilarious! We rarely past a person who didn't make a comment. (Are they all yours? How old are they? You must be busy! Enjoy it while it lasts!). People were so kind! Everyone held doors for us, a lady gave us her tubes, one lady brought a chair over for me to lounge by the pool when I was holding Kendall. The funniest was riding on an elevator with a guy who was "on his way to work" (he told us). We were headed for the pool. He was talking to the children telling him how cute he thought they were and when he got off he said "love you guys!" Don't children bring out the best in people:)
Dave taking all three children for a swim
Allie and Detmer entertain themselves so easily!

On our drive to Vegas, Dave said to me "I'm so tempted to, after we leave Vegas, just drive on to Disneyland." I was like "yeah, that'd be so nice". Dave said "should we..." I said "we couldn't...could we?" Dave explained exactly why we COULD so...
I would have NEVER dared plan this trip. Going to Disneyland with a three and two year old and a five month old. What are we? Crazy?! However, I am SOOO happy we did it! The whole vacation was so amazing and so much fun to spend time focusing on my family. I did no cooking and minimal cleaning. Just playing with my kids 24-7. We played so hard all day they all slept like logs all night and we were ready to go in the morning. We surprised Allie and when we got there I showed her the C A L I F O R N I A outside California Adventure and asked if she remembered getting a picture there and she told me "not at that one, only at the one in Disneyland." It took her pretty much until we got on the first ride to realize we were really at Disneyland. Kendall was so amazing and we once again enjoyed all the fun comments she got. I love Disneyland! The most kid friendly place ever! All of us can go on almost all the rides! One thing I really enjoyed about this trip was not being pregnant!!! YEAH!!! I got to go on all the rides (which my doc said I could have before but I'm a pretty cautious pregnant gal).
Kendall got a pin that said "1st Visit"
Detmer got so nervous visiting with the princesseses so Allie was offering some moral support!
Allie and Mommy eating cotton candy and waiting for the parade
Allie and Detmer, the stars of the parade!
Unfortunately we were back to reality the minute we pulled in the driveway. I would recommend NOT leaving the lawn unattended for two weeks this time of year. It is going to take all weekend to catch up on that. Hmm, wonder when I will doing the unpacking...