Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tips for keeping cool this summer

Kendall's best part of the summer was meeting her best buddy, Cooper. Cooper was so excited he just couldn't keep his hands off Kendall! I know this is a lot of really similar pictures, but I thought it was funny how Cooper always has his hand on Kendall.
Kendall also finally had her six month check-up (and yes, she is over seven months). She was 14 lbs 10 oz. I can't remember her height but it was 25% and her head was 23%. I finally have a baby with a proportionate head:) She is such a fun baby. She let's us drag her around everywhere with no complaints. It's a rare day if she gets to nap in her crib, or nap without being switched from carseat/stroller/carrier. But I think she loves the excitement:) She waved for the first time on Saturday. Oh, and for the solid food update. I've had a lot of people ask how it's been going since my post. It's not. I haven't tried since that day. Her pediatrician was back from maternity leave this past appointment and said I'm okay to wait until nine months. I just love not having to pack food or snacks for her.
A couple weeks ago we went to the Dinosaur Park. It was a lot of fun. I'd heard it's kind of lame, which I think set my expectations low, so we loved it. Also, I think Allie and Detmer are at the perfect age for it. And wherever there is friends and cousins, there is fun! Detmer keeps asking to go back so if anyone is going to the Dino Park, call us!
We went with Kelly and my friend Kristen, who has three boys. Allie had fun playing with the ten boys!
Yesterday, we went to the Aerospace Musuem. Not a place for keeping cool (no A/C) but lots of fun! Parker holding Kendall. I love that my friends and sister have older kids because they love the little kids and help me so much. They just love to push my kids on the swings for hours and hours!The children were pretending this was a stage. Thanks to Corben's constant singing, they were singing "For the Longest Time". My cute little pilot. I was sweating just looking at the children wander around in these suits! The children built rockets and went outside to say "3-2-1 BLASTOFF!" and push a launch button. They loved it.

Now I have two questions for the blogging experts. If anyone knows the answer to these, please leave a comment. Thanks!

1. Why does my blog roll not update regularly?

2. Why can I not leave comments on certain blogs?

I'm about 99% sure that both of these are because of my lame computer, but just in case I'm missing out on something, I thought I would ask!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Run It!

On Saturday, Dave and I ran a 5k. I don't know if I would have blogged about it, but Dave's been waiting for me to brag about how well he did. Yes, he did awesome. Considering that he excercises once, maybe twice a week in the form of basketball with friends. I was only slightly annoyed that I work out everyday and he kicked my butt, but mostly I was super excited for him. I didn't want him to do worse, I just wanted to do better. His place was 39 and there were 12 bikers and hundreds of runners (although not nearly as many in years past, dang rain). His time was about 26 minutes. GO DAVE!!! Maybe I should set a goal to beat his time? Someday.

I'm not going to lie: the truly painful part came when my 56 year old father passed me. I said, oh silly dad, trying to sprint in the beginning. Doesn't he know how fast that will wear him out? Then he got further and further and further ahead of me. He finished so far ahead of me I couldn't even see him. To be fair (to myself) my dad runs a 5k almost everyday, for excercise. He's in great shape and has always been an awesome runner. It was worth it to see his glow at the end. He couldn't quit smiling, although he mostly kept his bragging to a minimum.

As I jogged my first few steps of the race, it was clear to me I had not run in quite some time. (How long? You ask. Um, so long that I can't tell you "how long"). I kept thinking why are my legs not moving faster then this?

I had two goals. 1) Push myself! 2) No walking! I happily accomplished both of them.


Did you know that if you run a 5k after not running for awhile, you get really sore the next day.

I was shocked at the random muscles used for running and not used for the classes I do at the gym.

Despite my sore body, I showed up for my 10am class on Monday morning. It went pretty smoothly.

Until the instructor said the dreaded word: Plyo.

As I tried to lunge my very sore legs, I felt tears (only on the inside, because how embarrassing would that be to cry in class!) At this point, I decided to list the things I love about working out, to remind me why I was there. Here's a sampling of what went through my head...

Kathie! The amazing instructor. Mother of four. So beautiful inside and out.

Kelly! My fave work-out partner. Who knew excercising could be so fun?

It makes me feel dedicated and motivated.

I can run a 5k even when I haven't "run" in months!

The daycare girls that take care of my children, especially Jessica who cares for them AND plays with them.

Allie and Detmer for loving the daycare. Kendall, because I'm always told "she was so good".


The example I set for my children.

My gym friends, so I've never had to be a mom who said I need more adult time.

The entertainment...(hello? hello? hello? Dog lovers. Revealing shorts in BP. GC's.)

My list was longer. That's all I can remember. It got me through the rest of plyometrics and the toning. It was long...in the end, I was appreciating the texture of the floor and the like.

I am going to be running a 10k on July 24. I would love some advice from you professional runners. I want to be more prepared this time. If any of you can remember back to your measly 10k days (for Heidi that was probably about first grade!) please help me out! How often should I run? How far? Does anyone have a schedule to train for a 10k? Thanks in advance. I will be sure to share my trophy with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Chronic(what?)cles of Kendall's Food

This is Kendall.
This is Kendall's first bowl of rice cereal.
This is Kendall spitting out her first taste of rice cereal.
This is Allie, who insisted on feeding Kendall rice cereal.
This is Detmer, who insisted the same.
This is Kendall, enjoying the spoon the way she feels it was intended.
Here's the bowl at the end of the feeding. Success or not? You decide.

Did I tell you about my first attempt to feed Allie solid foods? I set a side an entire day. Marked it on the calendar, even. I had the video camera charged and plenty of memory on the digital camera. I mixed a hearty bowl of rice cereal and breast milk. I sat down and when Dave called "action" I lifted the spoon to my little ones mouth, excited for her to start getting this extra strength and nourishment. But then, she spit it out before it could even rest comfortably on her tounge. No bother. Try again. And again. And again. FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS. Start peas, beans, carrots. Fruit, maybe? No, no, no, and no. As a naive first time mom, I thought children just, well, ate. How incredibly silly of me. My child did not. It was a stress for along time. I am just now (within the past few months) starting to feel like Allie is not going to be malnourished. If you're wondering how my experience was with Detmer, it was about the same. Only the fact that he would sometimes swallow food that didn't come from me made my heart rejoice, even though it was a rare occasion and a total of about three foods. My milk, I have decided, is made of only the finest ingredients, with no other food comparing. Because of the horrible experience I had with my first two, I decided not to give Kendall solid foods. Not NEVER. But maybe when she was about a year. I ran this by my pediatrician and she so did not approve. And I so did not care. Until...I went to the temple and a reception and was gone for five hours and Kendall did not take a bottle the entire time. So I decided to only leave her for short times that I knew she would not get hungry. But I really want to start going to the temple once a month. So I promised Kelly I would attempt to start her on solids. It's not a problem with Dave. Kendall will take a bottle with no problems from Dave. But she won't take one from Kelly?!?! Is it because she smells like me, looks like me, sounds like me? Is it the mere fact that she is a women. I'm not sure. No one else has watched Kendall for a couple months besides Kelly or Dave. But if anyone wants to volunteer their services to watch Kendall, I think it could be an interesting experiment to see if she will take a bottle from someone who is still a women but not Kelly. When Zack was a baby and Kelly was sick in the hospital, he would not take a bottle from me. You know how they say "they will eventually get hungry enough to take a bottle"? IT'S A LIE! This child was willing to starve himself. Gayla came and got him from me that night. She took him home with her. She fed him a bottle. I was convinced he thought I was his mom and would not settle for a bottle from me. I am not counting Kendall out. She did pretty good for the first time. But I am so jealous when I see babies gobbling down food fed to them on a spoon. I want one! I mixed her cereal with juice tonight to "sweeten" the deal. If anyone has any advice on getting babies to love solid foods, please send it my way. I have most likely tried it, but you never know!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last night when we were cuddling the children in bed, I told them the story of the day I married Dave. It was so fun to think back to that day and hear Allie giggle when Dave and I demonstrated what we had to do in front of EVERYBODY after we were married (kiss! ewww!).

It's been seven years since that day. We've had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

We've been to Hawaii, Disneyland (x3), Puerto Rico (x2), Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Florida, Texas, Progresso, Belize, Cozumel (x2), other random cruise ports on three cruises, Sea World, and lots of other random places.

I've had three hospital stays (all resulting in children). Dave's had...um...I want to say four? hospital stays. Actually, no make that five. Maybe it was four. Some resulting in additional body parts (staples) or missing ones (gallbladder).

We've welcomed Shirelle, Lance, Zack, Brody, Jace, McKay, Maggie, Monson, Ryan, and Cooper into our extended family.

Not to mention Cinammon, Geddy, and Sawyer (and that's just this year. What's with the puppy love?)

We've lived in one apartment and two houses.

I've had two jobs. Dave's had two jobs. (We're big fans of stability around here).

Of course, our happiest moments have all started with Dollar Tree (did you know they sell pregnancy tests?) or Target (because Dollar Tree was out). And I'm sure we'd both agree the happiest times include everything related to our amazing children who you wouldn't believe how much we love them. I mean, really. We think we must love our children more then anyone else in the world loves theirs. If you have children, you don't feel that way, do you? (and if you are working on having children, or will be in the future, when they are one day old you will think "oh my gosh, no mom/dad ever, EVER loved their baby like I love you." And you'll know what I mean.)

Then there are those moments, those things that have happened in the last seven years, that remind me why Dave is the best husband..

Like that one time. I was almost due to have Detmer and Dave got offered a promotion at work. Dave told the boss his baby was due on February 10. The bosses response: "Perfect, because training doesn't start until February 12." Dave turned down the promotion so he could take care of me. I stressed about it. He didn't. He wanted to be with his new baby and his needy wife. And he took care of us. And we had a great time during his two week paternity leave. He held his brand new son. A lot. We watched TV. A lot. He took Allie to Kelly's house in jeans (even though he generally knows that CHURCH happens on Sunday). I'll always remember that.

Then another time. That was actually before the Detmer incident, but I'm writing it second for some reason. My mom was sick and in the hospital. I was upset. I called him. He came right away. But then he had to go to work. He asked me if I wanted him to stay. I told him to go to work. My mom had been in the hospital before, and he couldn't always be there. Even though I wanted him with me. He left for work. I waited with my family in the ICU waiting room. About a half hour later he came back. He brought dinner for everybody (Wendy's). My mom died late that night. I cried. A lot. For the next several days, months, years. He comforts me.

Did I ever tell you about the time he took us to Disneyland? (If you answered "no" then scroll down a few posts:).) If you know Dave, well, he is a finance man (or as my sister puts it, he is "cheap"). He has spreadsheets tracking all our savings and where each dime goes. And when I say dime, I'm really not exaggerating. I'm not trying to make it sound like a bad thing. One, I love this about Dave. Two, I am the exact same way ("that skirt is five dollars? Hmm, well I might get it if it was four." Then I would wear it for the next ten years.) Disneyland would delay the new carpet we were going to get, or something like that. But he didn't hesitate, because he knew the priceless memories it would bring to our family. Again, I was so grateful for Dave's ability to see the value of spending time with his little family. No wonder he is known as the coolest dad around (at least in our household). I know we will always remember that trip ("Did we seriously take our three, two, and five month old to Disneyland?" and "thank goodness we took the opportunity to take our children on two week vacations before they started school.")

In a nutshell, that's the man I married seven years ago. Exceptional.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Although our actual anniversary is not until Monday, Dave and I had been planning to celebrate our anniversary Tuesday. Dave told me he would take care of baby-sitting arrangements, and since he usually strikes out in that department (despite his best efforts), I told him to go ahead and give it a shot all the while knowing that Kelly would probably end up watching the children. On Sunday night Kelly started coming down with something and I started to sweat. Sure enough late Monday night Dave had exhausted all his baby-sitting resources and I figured we would just spend the day with the children (since Dave was off work for the day). However, I really couldn't talk myself out of going out. So I called up my sick sis and instead of offering to take her children like I should have done, I asked if she wouldn't mind a few extras. Isn't she the greatest!!! Now I owe her big because we got to go out and have an awesome anniversary celebration. Out to eat and a movie. I just love hanging out with this hot guy!!!
Last Friday Detmer got to go to his first Father and Sons! He was so excited just talking about it, which was funny, because he had never been tent camping so he had no clue what to expect. I loved it because I could tell he felt so special being told that just he and daddy are going camping. Allie, Kendall, and I had a fun girls night. We built a tent in the living room and had a picnic in it. I let Allie stay up as late as she wanted (and that girl can stay up). I'm just not as cool though, because Allie is counting down the day to Father's and Girl's, which is now Father's and Girl's and Brother so that Detmer can come. This was the first time Detmer has gone away without Allie and their good-bye was the sweetest thing ever. Detmer hugged everyone then came back in the house and said "I'm going to kiss Allie." So he kissed her. "I'm going to kiss Mommy. I'm going to kiss Kendall." Then Allie walked him to the door and gave him a toy to keep him company. Allie about cried when he left and she said "Mom, we're going to miss our Scoochy [Detmer's current nickname] huh?" I held off until 9 pm when I had to call and check on my boy. I was so happy to hear he was having a great time and he was back early Saturday morning. What a lucky boy to have such a fun daddy!
Yesterday I got to go watch my super talented nephew perform in a lip sync for which he won first prize. It was amazing! I hope Jeremy will put it on You Tube, because I know everyone would love to watch it:) Putting all my biases as the favorite aunt aside, Corben out-performed everyone there by a mile!!! (Is it okay to brag about a nephew in the way you wouldn't do about a child?) I was so proud of him.
This is Kendall's new favorite activity. She laughs so hard when Allie pushes her in it. It's so cute! Thanks to the binki face it doesn't really look like she enjoys it all that much, does it...?
Well, Diana, despite your best efforts in getting the word out, your warnings fell on deaf ears. Meet the newest member of the Cardon family.
And I thought my kids wouldn't be dog people. HA!