Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kendall Moose, the silly goose

My Kendall girl is close to being nine months old!!!

She is a great baby, as long as she can't see me. If she sees me or hears my voice, she wants me to hold her! I always try and face her away from me if I'm trying to get something done. She strains as much as she can to see me. Tonight at Kelly's I put her on the other side of the couch but she kept just scooting around the couch and going "aha Mom!" And crying for me until I held her. She is a clingy one, however, she is perfect if she can't see me.

She takes after Allie in so many ways! She hardly ever crawls on all fours. Mostly, she does the butt scoot. Except she's not as efficient at it yet as Allie was. She does it in slow motion.

She is an amazing sleeper!!! She has always slept really well for me and very rarely gets up in the night (and now that I've typed this, I'll be more surprised if she does NOT get up tonight!)

She has NO teeth. Allie and Detmer didn't get them until about ten months either. Three weeks ago Dave and I both swore we felt a bottom right tooth. Both of us! But whatever it was, it is gone now.

EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. The second after I vacuum she can find the smalles particle of dust and into the mouth it goes. She is my first child that has done this. I have done the mouth sweep a billion times! Because of this, we have taken to putting her in containers:) When we are in our room, we try and get her to play in a tote and throw some toys in there with her. Dave got her playpen out yesterday and she played in that for quite awhile.

She almost always wakes up with a big smile. Most days I just hear her talking and go get her.

She LOVES her baby food! Of course, since I was going to skip it altogether with her (because of the bad response from Allie and Detmer) she loves it! The only thing she has turned down is green beans (can you blame her, they look disgusting!) She usually eats two to three jars a day. I have also started cautiously feeding her real food. I always get teased about how small I break up my children's food when they are tiny but I'm so paranoid! She has had peaches, waffle, tortilla, Teddy Graham's, and Mac and Cheese. She doesn't eat very much of it but it keeps her entertained forever trying to feed herself!

She makes the BIGGEST mess while eating. She's gotten a lot better but I still strip her down for every meal. Then, she takes a bath in the kitchen sink. She has never once pooped in the bathtub, but has now done it TWICE in the kitchen sink!!!

She LOVES to be in the water. She would stay in the bath all day if I'd let her.
She likes her drinks warm. Even water has to be warm for her to drink it!

She still takes the green soothie binky, but is losing her love for it. It's to the point now where I don't panic if I leave home without it, and I never take it into the gym daycare anymore.

Dave made up her nickname "Kendall Moose". Actually, he stole it from a Qubo show called Elliot Moose. If you've seen that show, you know the song we constantly sing to her. She answers to both Kendall and Moosey!

She loves her brother and sister, but sometimes I can just hear her wanting to shout out "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Little kids love her but a lot of times she just wants to concentrate on her toys.

She'll play with anything. A movie case, a spoon. Hours of entertainment!

She gives kiss abundantly. Open mouth, slobbery. The works.

Her favorite word is "DADADA" and Dave is CERTAIN she is calling to him each and every time!

She LOVES to clap. When we had her pictures done she was clapping in ninety percent of them!

She gets dragged EVERYWHERE and rarely gets to nap in her crib. Usually falls asleep in the car seat for five minutes at a time, but you'd never guess. She's so chill.

Basically, we're in love with this girl.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the end, this post is about Detmer

I was thinking about my last post, and I hope it didn't come off all wrong. I was just thinking of how much I love my children. But then, did it sound like I was saying my life was so horrible before children.
It wasn't.

Well, some of it was.

But anyways. What I wanted the point of my post to be was about how I am grateful for my blessings. Did you get that?

When I was younger, even when I was dating Dave, I swore to him it was just for fun. I was way too young to consider getting married. But I'm sure you know how that went.

Looking back I don't even want to imagine what my life had been like if I had not married Dave when I did.
And each of my children have come to me and added more joy to my life.

Just the other day, we were supposed to go to Dave's parents for FHE. He ended up having to work late, so he cancelled it because he knew that I didn't feel like doing...anything. I didn't even know he cancelled it and when I found out, I told him we would still go. I was so grateful that he was thinking of me and my feelings, but I told him that night I went because the children were looking forward to it, and it's my job to keep their lives happy. Having children doesn't automatically mean everything is always perfect, but it does mean that sometimes I don't cry even when I want to, I go places when I'd rather stay in, I play when I'd rather mope. And sometimes if you can fake it for a minute, it becomes real and happiness takes the place of despair. That's what my children do for me, while Dave has to be subject to the tears, the hermit, and the moper. Every person should have both in their life.


I was hesistant to post this about Detmer, even though I always knew I was going to. I realize not everyone will be as overjoyed with this as I am. But, like my friend said on her blog the other day, when something really good happens to you, you want to share it with everyone...

DETMER IS POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you've not had the experience of potty-training a child, you probably rolled your eyes at that "news". If you've been lucky enough to do it, I'm sure you can feel my joy!

The best part is I was shocked that he did it. The first time, I could tell he had to go, so I casually asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty. Before the answer was an adamant no. He wanted nothing to do with it. But that night he said yes, so I excitedly took him, thankful he was at least giving it a try. He went twice that night. I had in my head that it would never stick and this was a total fluke, but a small part of me wanted to stick with it. We were super busy the next couple days and I didn't give him more chances, but I told myself if I wanted this to happen I had to get serious. It worked out great that we spent a couple days at the cabin where all the attention could be on him. Here's a couple paragraphs for anyone who is thinking about potty training. If you are not, feel free to skip. I'm sure it will bore anyone whose not, but it makes me happy just to type it:)

I've always heard that boys are harder then girls. The first two maybe three days I was like "oh that is a fact" but looking back Detmer was really easy. Both kids were. It just takes a lot of patience in the beginning. I found myself getting discouraged if he had one accident per day (which is what he averaged for about the first five days), but for the first couple days that is normal! Especially at his age.

I've also heard if they are younger, it's a lot harder. This is true in someways. For example, going out in public. Detmer is not tall enough to stand up and about falls in when he sits down. However, totally worth overcoming that obstacle. If we were going to be gone for that long, I'd take our potty seat, but Detmer, I've found, has a pretty big bladder. I think age doesn't matter as much as readiness. Unfortunately for some parents that is not until the kid is four, but that's just how it is. I think a lot of Detmer's encouragment comes from the fact that he's usually the youngest of his playmates and the only one in diapers.

When he went the first time I was super grateful I had some Spider Man tatoos in the cupboard, just waiting for such a celebratory occasion to come out. Detmer was super excited about his tatoo and that was his bribe to go again. I was nervous he was going to go to church covered in tats, but that was not the case. I think he only had two at that time.

Basically, I gave him whatever he pleased when he went in the bathroom.

He just started standing (he sat the first week or so) and the cereal trick (putting cereal for to help their "aim") is getting him excited about standing, but his aim still sucks. From what I hear, that never changes!

I'm also a big believer in completely giving up the diapers as soon as they go to underwear. Well, since we were at the cabin I decided to put a diaper on at night just to be safe. HA! He wanted nothing to do with a diaper. He freaked out when he realized he had one on. We had to wait until he was sleeping to put it on and take it off first thing in the morning. It was always dry, but it wouldn't have been worth it if he'd had an accident. GO DETMER!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Therapy

Late last night we returned home from a weekend at the cabin where we played, walked, talked, sang, and danced.

It's such a nice getaway. The children had a great time.

Dave had a couple days off work lastweek to get some medical tests done. He had to be to the lab early Thursday morning, so late Wednesday night, he dropped Allie and Detmer off with his mother. We pulled Kendall out of bed too early on Thursday and she and I sat with Dave in the waiting room while we waited for his name to be called.

When they did call his name, he went with the nurse while Kendall and I went to the grocery store.

As Dave told me what kind of tests he was going to have and the reactions he would have he said, "remember, it's the one where..." and I would finish with "oh, the one where you drank the stuff?" "No, no, no," he'd answer, and try to explain again. "The one where you threw up a bunch of times and I was late for work?" No. "The one you accidentally slept in?" No. We finally came to the conclusion that I didn't keep any of his tests straight and I would go into this not knowing what to expect.

As I got Kendall out of her car seat at the grocery store on Thursday morning, I was bursting with a thankful heart.

When Dave was sick, I was always so grateful we didn't yet have children. It would have been so hard finding someone to care for them while I stayed with Dave. I wouldn't have had the energy I need for them, either. I would never want my children to see their Daddy in the condition he was in.

But as I walked around the store with Kendall in my arms, I was full of joy. My baby makes me happy. She smiles and babbles and cuddles with me. I couldn't worry about the outcome of the tests while I was worrying about finding a toy to occupy my baby for a twenty minute grocery shopping trip.

Several years ago, sitting by Dave's side as he lay in a hospital bed, usually unable to even talk to me, was a lonely journey. I was grateful for all the friends and family that were there to support me, but it felt like it would last forever.

One night, after having not slept in several days, I went home to sleep in my own bed (instead of the chair at the hospital). I slept for about two hours, when at 2 am I got out of bed and headed back to the hospital. Alone in my new apartment, that I was supposed to be sharing with my new husband. I drove alone to the hospital, which can seem kind of far at 2 am. I walked alone into the hospital to start another day of waiting for answers.

Oh, the memories.

When Kendall and I arrived to pick Dave up after his procedure, he laid in a hospital bed, wearing a gown. The IV's were unhooked, but his arms were still bandaged. Oh, the smell of those places. A wave of unpleasant memories washed over me. Those times have been out of our life for awhile now (hopefully forever) but sometimes it seems like just yesterday.

I didn't know what to expect from Dave (because remember I forgot what procedure this was).

But as I walked toward him...

Dave smiled at his baby. His baby smiled at him. She was so cute in her red dress and all of the nurses walked over to ask her name, age, and comment on what a little beauty she is.

I am forever grateful for my husband and my three beautiful children. My little companions. My sweet little best friends.

Life is just better with my babies.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Allie!

As of 12:43 am on August 3 of 2009, it's official. My little girl is four. Although don't tell her that!
We had her birthday party Saturday, July 25, and to her, that is the day she turned four. She has been proudly announcing it to everyone!
Her party was lots of fun. We bought our big slide when she was one, so it has been fun to see her finally really enjoy playing on it. She loved all her gifts and is still enjoying all of them!
On Wednesday we had a going away party at the park for the Peterson family. Allie played hard and before I left, she looked like this:
I made a comment about the wild hair, but made no attempt to fix it before I left with Kendall to go the gym. Dave and the children stayed at the park and when I got home, Dave told me there was a photographer from the Deseret News from the park. He was photographing another story, but after he finished with that he came over and asked if he could take pictures of the Steffensen grandchildren who were there. Of course my first thought was "oh no! Allie's hair!"
Well, sure enough we found her PICTURE Thursday morning, wild hair and all. Except I loved the picture so much I was glad I wasn't there to try and "fix" it. (For those who looked at the picture Thursday morning, there were two other pictures posted later, one of Detmer and one of some cousins. There is a tab at the top that says "3 photos" you can click on).
She also enjoyed a tea party at Grandma Marbles last week. The theme was "Miss Priss" and the girls were pampered! Make up done by Mommy!Tutu with Grandma!
Nails by Diana!Pedicure by Tammy! (with her assistant, Detmer, who applied the lotion)

All the Steffensen granddaughters in their tutus.

Grandma gave a make-up bag to each of the girls for the party. When I saw Allie pull hers out a couple days after she got it, I about had to bite my tounge off to not tell her "now is not a good time". Is it ever a good time to let your three, I'm sorry FOUR year old do their own make-up? This is what we ended up with...
I love this girl so much! She brings so much joy to our family. She takes care of all of us. She is such a peacemaker. She helps me so much. She loves Detmer and Kendall and takes care of and protects them. She is an amazing sister and daughter and everyday I'm so thankful that she is mine!!!