Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Number One

Today was Dave's first day back to work after having over a week long vacation. It was so much fun and I am definitely the one who got the vacation. Over Christmas Dave and I talked about the two different kinds of service people usually do. 1) To be recognized and applauded for their actions. 2) Out of love, where no one knows but them. Both kinds of service are admirable, but I am always in awe of people who are constantly serving without getting accolades from those around them. Dave is that kind of person. He doesn't track his service or make a big deal of it, he just does it. I would be surprised if anyone knew about some of the service he heas been up to this year. And he spends most of his time serving where it matters most, right in his home. For example:

-While he was off work, I did not change one single diaper unless Dave was asleep or gone. He didn't announce his plan to me. In fact, I'm not even sure if he realized it (he probably did) but I wanted him to know I realized it and appreciated it so much.

-I didn't get any kids into jammies.

-I didn't brush any teeth (except my own, surprisingly I didn't make Dave do that).

-During his time off, Dave did not plan one single thing for himself. He did plan several family activities.

-He taught the kids how to play Monopoly. They loved it! And he does not impatient with them. The first game was over two hours, the second one was probably even longer!

-Back in the summer when I had such bad morning sickness, I missed at least two months of church. Dave took all three children every single week!!! I do not know of many men that would do this. He never once just decided to take a day off, never once asked if one of the kids could stay home with me. Now, you may know our children as perfect little angels:) but they walk through those chapel doors and they don't hear "shhh, be still". They hear "run around, cry, crawl under benches, talk as loud as possible." I break a sweat at church when Dave is there to help, I'm still amazed that he did this by himself for so long (and a couple times since) and never once complained.

Well, I could go on but I'm sure Dave is embarrassed enough! I just wanted to make sure he knows I recognize all he does for our family, because though you may not believe it, I don't always show it. He is one in a million and we are so lucky to have him!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Loves

We had a great Christmas. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of my kids in their matching Christmas jammies. I bought those things last year to make sure they would match. Luckily they'll wear them again. Poor Kendall. I bought her a size two but she may wear them for two more years they are so long on her!

Christmas Eve is my favorite. We went to the Cardon cousins and played and played and played. The kids are so excited and wild-I love it! The kids fell asleep on the ride home. Thanks to my awesome dad, who had the kids sleep over on the Sunday before Christmas, Dave and I had NO WRAPPING to do on Christmas Eve. It was glorious. I told him to count that as our present, but of course he didn't listen. Hopefully he listened when I told him to make it a yearly tradition:)!!! We also had a very fun performance by the kids on Christmas Eve. I hope I post pictures of it when my dad sends them to me next week.

Dave and I felt ten years old this Christmas. We could not even sleep this year we were so excited for the kids to get their gifts. Detmer woke us up at five to go to the bathroom and we tossed and turned until 8 when Allie finally got up. We couldn't bear to make her wait much longer, so went and woke up Detmer and Kendall. Having young kids is the best. I just love them and their excitement. They make us so happy!Kendall shows off her loot. She was mostly happy she got cookies for breakfast. I thought she would just wander around and look at everyone's gifts, but she was very excited to unwrap her gifts. She was also VERY slow. I kept trying to help her along and she was not having it.
Detmer got an R/C car from my dad, but my dad forgot to get batteries for it, so Detmer just sat and drooled over it. I've mentioned he is the funnest kid to buy for because he LOVES everything. Last year after each gift he said, "it's just what I always wanted." This year he said, "this is the best Christmas ever!!!" He and Allie were both ready to get back home about five minutes after we walked out the door because they wanted to play with their toys.

This is Allie and her famous Barbie house. For anyone who didn't hear the national news bulletin, Dave built this thing! I looked everywhere for a Barbie house and if it was one hundred bucks or less, it looked like it would break in five minutes. I secretly thought of this idea to have Dave make one and waited for the right time to approach him about it. After showing him some houses online, he came up with the idea all on his own. I had conviently kept this very sturdy wood piece to use and Dave did the rest. It has been her favorite thing. She's been playing with it non-stop!
My favorite gift this year was from Allie. She made it in primary weeks ago and diligently kept it under the tree. Christmas morning she immediately brought it to me, so excited. It was a note in an envelope that said, "to Mom and Detmer, Allie". She is pretty good at sounding words out but writes in short hand-as in she gets bored after the first two letters so it said, "Mom, I wi he u wi ba." She told me, "it says, Mom I will help you with the baby." Then, she took it to Detmer. It said, "Detmer I wi pl wi." It says, of course, "Detmer I will play with you." And I know she will be true to her word. She is such a sweetheart.

I also was very excited to get my new video camera! Our current video camera is all sorts of broken, but it still works (usually) so we've been using it. However, I wanted something good for when the baby comes and the one Dave got me is perfect. It will fit right in his pocket with the camera.
A few days before Christmas, Santa called. Allie was so nervous during the call and Kendall was just here and there. After starting with "Hi Santa." And informing him she wants Barney for Christmas, she started singing Happy Birthday to you. Detmer, however, was very calm and cool. You'd think he talks to Santa everyday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Santas

I loved this Santa! He was at our ward party and he did a great job. This was after Kendall already sat on Santa's lap, so she just waved from a distance. Allie told Santa she'll be grateful for whatever she gets. Awesome Santa #2. Dave got in trouble by Santa for putting a crying baby on his lap, but we did need our token "baby crying on Santa's lap" picture.
This boy loves Santa. Detmer has never cried on Santa's lap. He is the most appreciative boy, too. He is the one who has not stopped playing with the gift he got from Santa.
I don't have a picture of Santa number 3. Maybe Kelly will post pictures next September for us all to enjoy. Kelly was in charge of her wards Christmas party and she could not find a Santa anywhere. The Santa from the past retired this year. Another guy they tried to get was going out of town but was willing to rent out his suit. Kelly suggested Dave but I had to laugh at that. I mean, just because he has made his modeling debut does not mean he can act. Desperately, Kelly asked my dad. A tricky thing because he did just have major surgery less then two months ago and he does not know how to say no. But of course, he was happy and willing to do it and Kelly said he did an awesome job. I can't wait to see pictures. Thank goodness for my amazing Dad! It was only about four days before that she got it all worked out, too.
Below is me and my cute Kendall with Detmer's beloved Power Ranger toy.Look at that glowing face! I think Santa picked the right gift.
The Christmas Village was awesome this year! It was such a nice night. We didn't just have to rush through to keep from getting frostbite. The kids had a blast playing.
I told Dave to take a picture of the kids in their church Christmas outfits. But I didn't specify that if Allie had candy cane on her face, he should wash it first. Also, "cheese" "Merry Christmas" "Happy Holidays" all great phrases to say during a picture. "Ho ho ho"? Not so much. Still, I love these little cuties, even if they look like big nerds in their Christmas clothes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dave got me a new laptop for an early Christmas present. Oh my gosh, I love it!!! Like with our cellphones, we are probably about the last people on the planet to make such a purchase and I'm glad to see what all the fuss is about.

The only problem is all my pictures are on the computer. I don't mind blogging without pictures, because I love to go back and read and re-live through my posts. However, the children only appreciate the pictures. Everytime I turn on the computer Kendall comes running over and says, "I want to see Kendall" so I show her pictures of herself on the blog and I'm ready for some new ones! But that will have to wait because I'm too cozy sitting on my couch tonight, so here are some random things.

Dave took me on a surprise date yesterday. I teased him because we went to a movie as part of the date and I could have only guessed that since going to a movie is his favorite thing in the whole world. However, I was very grateful that HE got a baby-sitter and I didn't have to worry about a single thing! We saw Harry Potter and it was sooo good!!! I hated the first Harry Potter but then after I was forced (by my bookclub) to read the book I watched it again and loved it. I have loved all the movies since. Dave and I also loved all the books. I personally don't think the movies are even worth watching without reading the books!

Dave also took Allie and Detmer last week to see Tangled in 3D. They loved it. The best part was Allie and Detmer's excitement over going to the movie. They are like there dad and think the movie theater is the most exciting place ever.

We got Eclipse from Netflix. I think we got it the first day it released. Anyway, I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but I thought this movie was the worst one yet. Dave thought it was the best one yet. Who wants to be the tie-breaker?

I would also like to congratulate Dave on his new position at work. It is a position he set his sights on when he very first started with Fidelity and it has been awesome to see all his hardwork recognized. So far he has been loving it. I feel very fortunate, as a wife, that Dave has always loved his job. He could probably be happy working at the dump, he's got a great attitude about things. He hardly ever complained at all last month when he was going in early and getting up at 5:30 while the rest of us slept several more hours. I also take partial credit for him getting the job because I did a really awesome mock interview for him. I even wore a dress.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


(For some reason, I can't move my pictures without a bunch of hassle, so this picture is at the top, even though I talk about it at the bottom:))

My sweet baby girl is two!!! I was so excited for her party to finally give her the present that has been sitting in the garage for a month. I knew she would love it! (The rest of the pictures are random and I don't want to move them, but just a little showing off of my cute baby!)

Making her birthday cake.

LOVED the Christmas tree and decorations and has surprisingly not taken the ornaments off the tree...yet.
Not into this whole winter thing. It's the whole spend an hour to get dressed, go outside for two minutes, come in screaming from cold-hand-pain.
Kendall and her favorite guy.

Allie and Detmer were so cute wrapping her gifts and carefully placing them on the birthday table. About a half hour before her party, she opened them! Allie and Detmer were devestated, but I assured them the great thing about two year olds is they quickly forget, and she would be very surprised when she opened them. To be honest, she saw the horse MANY times before she knew it was hers. We were too lazy to hide it very well.

We had a couple of ideas of what to put on her cake, and decided on making her a Netflix cake. It is a running joke in this household. Kendall WILL NOT sit and watch TV. Not for one single second. I have so many friends who can pop in Einsteins for their ten month old and they watch the whole thing and Kendall just refuses. And YET. Several times a day, "I wanna watch Netflix. I wanna watch Netflix." She is constantly asking! If not for Netflix she says, "I wanna watch Barney." If she liked to watch TV half as much as she ACTS like she wants to watch TV, well, I would have a lot of free time!

We put Kendall in a toddler bed about a month ago. Dave was anxious to get her in it, because he didn't want to put up two cribs. I agreed to try it but secretly I was planning on getting her after she cried for two minutes, cuddling her for an hour as an apology, then sticking her back in her crib for the night while assuring Dave putting up the other crib won't be that bad. She did amazing! We can't believe how well she has done. Now the really scary part, putting her in with Allie and Detmer. Yep, three kids in one room. I like my baby to have their own room and I have never shared a room with my baby. That should be interesting. But I'm happy part one went so well. However, I'm pretty sure sometimes she doesn't even take a nap, she just waits until she feels it's been a sufficient amount of time that I will think she has napped. Like today she was calling me and I went into get her and she was sitting in the rocking chair in her room. She had probably been there the whole time thinking, "is she going to buy it if I call her now?" She ALWAYS wakes up happy. We know she is awake because she just says, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" If Allie or Detmer get her out of bed, she crawls into our room. On Sunday she came crawling right for me until she heard the news that Daddy was home and she quickly changed direction and crawled to his side of the bed.

She LOVES calling Dave at work. She brings me the phone a hundred times a day, "I want hello Daddy." She getts giddy with excitement every single time she calls him. It is the sure fire thing to put her in a good mood.

On the night of her birthday party, she was doing her favorite thing: taking a bubble bath. She gets in and says, "I want pony." So I hand her the pony. She says, "I want other pony." So I give her the other pony and she says, "thank you Mommy." Then about fifty times throughout her bath she said, "Mom." I said what she said, "I love you." Dave was out watching TV so she would scream, "DAAAAD!" He'd say, "what Kendall?" She would should, "LOVE YOU!" It was so cute and I finally kicked her out after about an hour. She loves bubbles.
She loves to make people laugh. In the van she always makes funny noises then turns to Detmer and says, "funny Betberr? Funny?" She also points out everytime she sees a housecar (RV) and "Christmas lights!" Used to be Halloween, then Thanksgiving. If someone else points it out and she can't see it she says, "where Mom? Where?" She hates to be stuck at red lights. If we are stopped she says, "go mom!" Until we are going.

She is just like Allie and Detmer and loves cousins and likes Kelly better then she likes me. I can bribe her to do anything in the morning because I say, "if you want to go play with cousins..." (Kelly and I work out together in the mornings) as soon as we pull into the gym if she sees there van she gets SO excited and shouts, "SUZZINS! SUZZINS!"

Man, I could go on for a thousand pages about all the funny and cute things she says and does. We love her so much and she is so fun! She plays so cute and loves all her toys. She loves Allie and Detmer so much. She hates when she gets up in the morning and they are still in bed. She so wants to go wake them up. And they adore her. They love doing little favors for her and they spoil her so much.
For Kendall's very birthday, she got to go to Build-A-Bear and Grandma Marbles got her a bear. She was so cute! She loved picking out her bear and was very sure about the dress she wanted. She said she wanted to name the bear "Grandma". We called the bear Maddi, but this morning she came in and said, "where's Grandma?" Then finds Maddi and says, "Ohhh." That's why Maddi had to get glasses just like Grandma's. And Kendall is obsessed with glasses, but surprisingly Maddi/Grandma's glasses are still in one piece. We had dinner at Applebee's and when they sang happy birthday to her she had this look like, "what the heck?" but just clapped right along with the staff.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Truths & 1 Lie

1. There is a gal in our ward who is an awesome artist. A guy in our ward is an aspiring actor. Together, they decided he would pose as Jesus to inspire some of her paintings. Good for her, and good for his portfolio. He is a kind of small guy, though. A couple Sunday's ago she knocks on our door and asks to come in and sit down. Then she asked Dave if he would model as Jesus for her. With his nice hands and his broad shoulders, mind you. When he played two truths and a lie at work he mentioned he was asked to model as Jesus, but of course, no one picked that as the lie. It was only a matter of time before he was discovered.

2. The glucose test that pregnant women have to do causes me huge amounts of anxiety. This was the first time I had to drink the orange drink and I thought about it for weeks. The paper of instructions says THREE times to be sure your test is done exactly one hour after you finish the drink. We got to our appointment at 5:39 and I told them, "I need to do the glucose test at 5:49." I stared at my phone waiting for 5:49. It came and I thought surely, they know what they are doing. Finally at 5:55 I went up and said, "um, I was due to take the glucose test at 5:49?" The receptionist replies, "oh. it's too late now." WHAT?!!! I was so mad! She called the medical assistant who was at fault and she took my blood anyway, and then said, "well, you're going to have to do it again, but you're going to have to do the three hour test." Please raise your hand if you feel I should be reimbursed for my time, driving expenses, and emotional trauma caused by her mistake. Thanks, I thought so too.

3. How do you like this song I wrote? Okay, so I didn't write it, but I could have. For Halloween we went back to my dad's old neighborhood. All night Allie kept asking to go to Grandpa's. We had already gone, I thought she wanted to go back because cousins just went. Finally Dave figured out she meant Grandpa's old house. I told her we could go there while Dave, Detmer, and Kendall (who were so done) waited in the van. We knocked and the guy who answered was really friendly. Just before we left she muttered "this used to be my Grandpa's house." The guy at the door said, "what?" I told him, "she just wanted to tell you her Grandpa used to live here." A very long story short, the guy invited us in, offered to let us take a tour, and chatted with us for at least ten minutes (my apologies to Dave, Detmer, and Kendall in the van). I appreciated it so much. It was nice to go in and look around. It all really happened, even if my only tangible memories are a couple of boxes of things cluttering my basement and Kelly's. He also said I could come back anytime. I might.

The lie: You might be surprised to learn my baby daughter will not be named Betty Jean. If you recall this post, I asked for suggestions on naming my baby boy. The reason being Dave and I had picked out a girl name, so I only needed a boy name. The joke is on me. Just as quickly as our daughter's name came, it left. Both Dave and I, on cue, started feeling less then excited about the name (we actually have two possibilities). Who knows, maybe my daughter will be Betty Jean. The rest of that post was true, including Dave disputing using Jean for a middle name. Incidently, Dave's mom's middle name (along with 50% of the female population) is Marie. You might think it's a no brainer to use that. BOTH our names rhyme with Marie (think: Bree Marie). And you thought you had problems.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Prank Ever

You might have noticed me and the good people at Kosy 106.5 and FM 100 are in the Christmas spirit. I look so forward to the Christmas tunes. The past couple years, the start time has been so random. It's like three o'clock on November 4. So Dave called me this year to inform me the Christmas music had started. I could practically hear Denny's blood pressure go up. He would like to outlaw listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, Kelly had the best idea ever. The Cardon's and some neighbors hung their Christmas lights on Saturday, so on Sunday the Cardon's asked the neighbors to turn on their lights. That way when Denny came for dinner he was welcomed to a winter wonderland. As if that wasn't enough (and it probably was) Kelly made Christmas sugar cookies and had Christmas music blaring on the radio. You can guess (if you know Denny at all) he wasn't in the house two minutes before he began his rant. "Thanksgiving? What's Thanksgiving? Isn't it Christmas?" He said sarcastically. Denny doesn't know the meaning of "I don't care". He is he has an opinion on everything, and it's a strong one.

(Hey Denny-Wasn't Jennifer Aniston HOT in her last movie? Oh my gosh, have you seen The Blindside? So good! And what about The Office? That's what she said. Could you please give Limo a hug for me? If I could stomach it I would put something like go utes but I don't want to taint my blog.)

I have two legitimate questions for anyone interested in this hot topic:

#1. Why doesn't anybody ever accuse me of skipping Halloween? I pull out my Christmas music before Halloween, but everyone is only concerned about precious Thanksgiving?

#2. People make the accusation that others are "skipping Thanksgiving", but what does that mean exactly? Is it simply listening to Christmas music? Should you not go Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving? I'm truly curious. It's probably just a matter of opinion.

But this year, before you accuse me of skipping Thanksgiving, please tell me how I can do so.

I. Hate. Thanksgiving.

After I had Allie and the rest of the children came, I lost a lot of the bitterness that came when my mom died. I found joy in everything again. Almost everything. But somehow, it didn't happen with Thanksgiving. It has sucked every single year since my mom died.

The first was obviously horrible. We were all in such a deep depression and my mom was more painfully absent then ever as we tried to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate on Thanksgiving (overeating of food that's not that good?)

The second Thanksgiving was even worse. Ryan had just died. And what's worse then being around a lot of people who are as miserable as you are? Being around people who aren't miserable at all. This was the worst "holiday" I have ever had in my life. I still remember playing a game that night with a bunch of people laughing and talking and thinking that I was going to die.

To try and make Thanksgiving a little less horrible, three different years I asked three different people (I mean four) who had made endless offers of "ANYTHING I can do to help" to help. That's when I first realized when most people say "Anything I can do to help" means "anything I can do to help as long as it fits into my schedule and doesn't cause me the least bit of inconvience."

Do I sound bitter at all?

And I didn't even include the real doozies.

A couple of years I made some attempts at turning this holiday around and making it really special, but those all failed so this year I'm anxiously awaiting Black Friday, a better holiday then Thanksgiving.

Just for fun, want to know what our two options are for Thanksgiving this year? No. No, you really don't.

Until next time, Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

One more

I had to do one more Halloween post for Aunt Jenn and Nathan so they could see how awesome Detmer looks in Nathan's motorcycle outfit. I was uncomfortable with him wearing his (way too small) Batman costume. I was happy when Donna told me about this outfit that may possibly fit Detmer, and even happier that he loved it so much. The first time we put it on him, Dave finished getting him ready and he announced, "I look awesome as Justin Bieber."
Allie's very original idea for her Halloween costume (like, back in August) was Super Girl. I was excited about this. We have a Superman cape and I was picturing something like what Phoebe wears (you know-The One With the Halloween Party). Red skirt, blue shirt, cape, done. When I started putting it together Allie was totally turned off and changed her mind about being Supergirl and moved onto other ideas. About two days before Halloween, she brought up the idea again, that she wanted to be Supergirl, but with her pink cape. I said I didn't think anyone would know who she was with a pink cape. So Friday morning we get a catalog in the mail. Who is on the cover? Supergirl and her pink cape. Allie runs it into me, "see, Mom! Supergirl DOES have a pink cape." She went to a birthday party that afternoon as a cowgirl and while she was gone, I put together almost an exact replica of the Supergirl costume from the catalog (except different colors) with stuff we had lying around the house. She was soooo happy. Even though she doesn't look it in this picture.
I love taking Allie trick-or-treating. For a kid who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, she sure does love the thrill of the hunt. She didn't care about the cold or the rain. She would have kept going much longer if Detmer and Kendall hadn't given up in such a big way. She didn't complain once and she just makes the whole night so fun with her happy attitude.
We had so much fun carving pumpkins. This year the children were really able to enjoy it. Kendall loved getting the guts out.Trunk-or-treating with cousins.

Kendall enjoying her Halloween dinner, which was, of course: brains (speghetti), sea monster with exploding guts (salad and dressing), eyeballs (meatballs), grapes (also meatballs, I realized too late I wasn't creative enough and called two things meatballs), mummy (bread), and to drink, blood (kool-aid). The children are not big dessert people and I didn't want to waste stuff just for the sake of the Halloween dinner. I thought of the perfect thing. Worms (gummy) in mud (pudding). They love gummy worms and pudding, but do you think they would touch it? Nope. Detmer did eat his and the rest got tossed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucky 13

Last Monday, with thirteen days left until the big Trick-or-Treat and 13 weeks left until the baby comes I decided it would be the perfect week of spooky (or not so spooky) celebrations. It was a fun and busy week!
Monday: We went to Black Island Farms, which is such an awesome place. If you haven't gone, definitely get it on the schedule for next year. It's a little pricey, but there is always coupons in the Home Town Values magazine, and it's worth it (I would say, if you happen to be paying yourself). We stayed almost four hours before we had to drag the kids to the van, and we didn't even have time to do everything we wanted. If it wasn't so cold/dark/late we could have easily stayed another couple hours. I wish I could post all the pictures, there are so many fun activities. Kendall's favorite was the little petting zoo area. The animals were so active and friendly.
Tuesday: My birthday date package #3, which was the play "Clue" at the Rogers Memorial Theater. Dave and I had so much fun and the play was awesome. It's my favorite one that I have seen there.

Wednesday: We went swimming at Spook N' Swim. Or Surf N' Spook. We couldn't decide which sounded better. Wednesday at Surf N' Swim is only $1 per person. I wasn't thrilled about swimming in October, but the kids were, and I figured even if we only stayed a bit it was worth the dollar. We stayed almost two hours, so it was totally worth it. The spookiest part was getting the kids all showered, dried off, and dressed in jammies before heading out into the cold night. No wonder I was the only sucker parent there! Every other kid in the place was with a grandparent, and there was less then twenty people that came the whole night. I would do it all the time if my kids could shower/dry/dress themselves. As it is, I'm sure they'll sucker me into it at least a couple more times this winter.

Thursday: This will sound lame to everybody else, but it is one of my kids favorite things to do. We went to Target (we're usually a bit fancier and go to Toys R Us) and I let them browse through the toys. I'm not sure if my children even realize toys are available for purchase.

Friday: We went to a Halloween party with the Cardon's. By the time we trick-or-treat on Saturday, we will have had seven different events that call for the children to be dressed up. And they love it everytime!!!

Saturday: I had this bright idea. I was exhausted by Saturday (um, I know I know I'm exhausted everyday). I had been on my own Wednesday, Thursday, and again all day Saturday. So I remember a couple years ago my friend who had a baby near Halloween painted her belly orange and let her children draw a jack-o-lantern on her belly. I was not quite that ambitious but I did get out the markers and told the children they could draw a scary face on my belly. If you ever decide to do this, here's a few tips:

-Young children will most likely think "why am I wasting my artist abilities on Mom's belly, when I could be decorating my own belly. And legs. And face. And arms." And since the fun was not to be stopped, I let them proceed. But if you do let them proceed, remember a few more tips.

-Don't do it when you have church the next day. Even washable markers take a couple days to disappear.

-Don't do it when your children have been asked to be photographed as inspiration for someone's paintings.

-Especially not if one of them is giving a talk, because you always feel like a better Mom if your child is up in front of the primary giving a talk and they don't have marker on their face.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Away

This year for my birthday Dave got me a "date package". The first one was the circus and last week we did the second date, which was a family trip down to stay in a hotel and go to the Cougar game. Since Friday is our last day with bragging rights before we get slaughtered by TCU, I better hurry and do this post:) Sorry, Cougs, but when you lose to the Aggies my team spirit really dwindles.

We had an awesome time at the hotel and were less then enthused about the game. Lucky us, it ended up to be the best game of the year (to that point, I'm sure when we slaughter TCU on Saturday that will be even better:)). The children were so super excited about their new Cougar clothes and Dave mentioned that he got some pictures but they didn't turn out very well. Uh, he was right. We'll have to do another picture with the new Cougar clothes.
The children did surprisingly well at the game, although I think it's always nice to offer Dave a reminder as to why it is not the right time in our lives to get season tickets. We were surrounded by the nicest people. They were so super patient, even when Kendall was literally climbing on the guy next to her. And I was so glad the soda that spilled all over everyone's coats that were on the ground did not belong to us, nor did we spill it.

As a sidenote, Dave is really fun to watch football with. He knows everything that is happening in the game and always knows what the call is going to be. If the entire stadium is a booing a call the refs made and Dave sides with the refs, I know the refs are right. He's just a man of many talents, I guess. Plus he doesn't all bent out of shape if his team loses. Actually, that should read he doesn't show how bent out of shape he is if his team loses.

We spent four days at the hotel and had planned to do a lot of things with the children, but really they were happiest to just swim. We would eat breakfast, swim, nap, swim, lunch, swim. They are better in the water then me and this is the first time we've stayed in a hotel that all three of them wanted to do nothing but swim.

We did go to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was pretty fun. I would recommend it over the zoo (that's not saying much-I hate the zoo). I hate when places for children charge an huge amount for adults, since obviously the kids need supervision. $7 for kids $13 for adults. Lame. Detmer and Kendall had fun petting stingrays, starfish, and anything they could touch. Allie was freaked out even by the sharks in the tank! (But was happy for this photo op in the fake boat).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things That Matter Most

One day last year, I sat on my bed and cried. The kind of tears where you start to wonder where they are coming from and if they will ever run out. It was, literally, the worst day of my life. Dave took care of the children while my sobs went from hysterical, to a little more calm, and back. I felt like I would never be happy again. I thought I wouldn't be able to face anyone for days. Around bedtime that night, Dave brought the children in for prayer and scriptures. Sometimes, when we can't find our kid scriptures or we're too lazy to go get them, we just tell a scripture story. On this particular night I know Dave was inspired to tell the story of when Jesus and his disciples got caught in a storm on the Sea of Galilee, and Jesus' disciples woke him to calm the sea. The words to one of my favorite hymns came into my head:

The winds and the waves shall obey Thy will
Peace be still!
Whether the wrath of the storm tossed sea,
or demons, or men or whatever it be,
No waters can swallow the ship where lies,
The Master of ocean and earth and skies.

They all shall sweetly obey Thy will
Peace be still, peace be still.

More quickly then I dreamed possible, I was healed. My problem was there, just the same as it was that night. But peace overtook me and I was comforted and have worried very little about it since.

When the missionaries came to our house a couple months ago and challenged Dave and I to find someone to hear the message of the gospel, that is why I said yes. I don't know everything about this life. Some questions concerning the church will never be answered for me in this life. I am not a scripture scholar and I am constantly reminding myself to be a better example of the Savior. I won't get fame, fortune, or prestige by introducing the gospel to someone. But I truly want everyone I know and love, and those I don't know, to know the peace the gospel brings.

A couple days ago one of my friends took me off guard when she made the comment, "why can't we just live and let live." She disagreed with something she heard from a church leader and said, "if what they are doing does not effect me, why should I care?" I was surprised, because the whole message of the gospel is that we do care about everyone around us. That's why my parents went to Scotland when they were young. Dave to Texas, and my brother's to Connecticut, Canada, and even onto the next life. The choices of the people in those places were not effecting their lives, but they knew the importance of the message they had to bring! After they grew to know and love the people it was even more rewarding to see them accept it!

A couple weeks ago when I attended the General Relief Society Conference. What touched me the most was not one of the talks or the songs, but to see how much we, as women of the church love our prophet! I think he could have just stood there and not said a word and everyone would have been satisfied (watch the first 10 seconds of his talk and you will see what I mean). I did love President Monson's talk and have been working to keep my windows clean!

My favorite talk during General Conference was this one, by Mervyn B. Arnold. I also loved
this one, by President Uchtdorf. (I posted the link to the text but I definitely recommend listening if you can, and I know everyone wants to listen to my favorite talks. I'm sure posting the audio is possible, but not with my limited computer capabilities) I LOVE this line from President Uchtdorf's talk: "It is so easy for the basic gospel message to get lost amidst the deluge of information that hits us from all sides." I barely heard it the first time around but as I listened to his talk a couple days later, I realized what a prophetic statement that truly was.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Fun

-We took the children to Frightmares a week ago. It was awesome! There was nobody there and we got right on every ride. The girls were so excited to pull out there Halloween clothes and Detmer does not understand why he doesn't get to have festive clothes (I guess he didn't hear the rule). So I cheered him up by telling him he can match Dad in their awesome Cougar shirts. It totally worked.
-Today I sent Dave a text: "What should we have for dinner? Marinated chicken or chicken enchiladas?" He responds, "chicken". That about sums up how much help I've gotten with dinner in our eight years of marriage.
-Yep. I turned on the sprinklers for the children last week. Several times.
-I'm so happy that I know exactly what everyone in my family is getting for their main Christmas gift! I'm not exactly sure with Dave, but I have a couple ideas, which is more then I can say about last year. I better start hinting to Dave so he has some ideas for me. At first I was going to ask for this, then I decided I'd rather get this, so we don't have to worry about ours losing it's charge when the baby comes. By the way, I haven't done any research on what kind of video camera is the best so if anyone has one they love, please let me know.
-Speaking of video cameras and baby's coming, I really want to record this baby being born. I think the hospital should have volunteers available for such an occasion. Dave is busy trying to take pictures and do his thing. I want him to enjoy it without stressing about recording. However, I would love to see a tiny, goopy, fresh from the womb newborn whenever I want. Dave got 12 seconds of video footage with our camera when Kendall was born and I can't get enough of it.
-I don't even remember the last time we went to the Treehouse Museum before last week, but when I told Allie we were going she was like, "oh the place where I dress like a cowgirl? And a firefighter?" Um, I had no clue. And people say kids don't remember. As it turns out, she was exactly right. -We made Halloween sugar cookies tonight. I can't tell you how happy I am to cross that off my Fall list. See, my children hate sugar cookies. They love making them and they love frosting, so twice a year (Halloween and Christmas) I make the world's biggest mess in my kitchen and spend hours laboring to make a bunch of cookies that I'll throw away later when they've been frosted and the frosting has been licked off. I gave Detmer his haunted house to frost and he instead frosted some dough. Allie frosted her ghost beautifully and didn't even pretend to take a bite of it.
As an aside, I've been meaning to ask Allie and Detmer how they can tell the twins apart, because I can't. When they got here today I asked Allie "how did you know that was Jace?" She said, "cause Brody has fat cheeks." So tonight I tried to see if the cheeks were fat and call their name based on that. No dice. I can tell them apart more based on personality. One behaves a certain way and one behaves another.

-22 week 4 day belly picture

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Date

Last night Dave and I took Allie and Detmer to the circus. It was part of my birthday present and Dave had already made arrangements for his mom to watch Kendall. I debated all day on whether or not we should take her. I hated to think of her missing the fun, and Allie and Detmer hated it worse. They asked a million times why Kendall wasn't coming. Allie said to Kendall on Tuesday, "Kendall, do you want to go to Grandma's tomorrow? Me and Detmer have to stay home and do chores." She thought for sure Kendall was so offended at the exclusion. However, she loves hanging out with her grandma and was so excited when I dropped her off. Turns out I was very happy we didn't take her, especially as I went out for water/bathroom breaks and saw all the poor parents out in the foyer with their kids. Thank goodness we had an option.

It was so fun to just spoil Allie and Detmer. Allie sat on my lap the whole time, and Detmer on Dave's, which is interesting because they normally aren't lap sitters. Maybe because that space is usually occupied by Kendall? I don't know, but it was nice to spoil them!

We got to the circus early to take in the pre-show. Allie and Detmer loved that and thought it was the circus! When Allie and I went to the bathroom during intermission Allie told me, "Mom, I changed my mind. I don't want to be a ballerina, I want to be a circus girl." Allie was totally concerned for the safety of everybody. When they were up high she would ask, "Mom, are those real people." When I told her yes she would ask how they are not falling. She needing to know nobody was at risk. When the guy came out with the tigers, "Mom, are those real tigers?" So concerned!

Detmer just loved the thrill of it and especially loved when the motorcycle guys came out. He also loved when they jumped on trampolines and told Dave, pointing to the jumpers, "that ones going to be me and that ones going to be Allie." This morning he was still talking about it. He said, "My favorite part was the motorcylce guy, and, of course, when they walked on the ropes." He always says "of course" it's so funny!

My favorite part was during the pre-show where Allie got to perform a little dance. I wish I could post videos. She was so into it!

Allie and Detmer wanted to go back to the circus right away. They were disappointed when we told them it only comes once a year!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On being the mom

Usually, it's a pretty awesome gig. But at this point, I will be lucky to have any self-esteem left by January.

Example 1: Allie walks in the bathroom while I am changing. Gets a look of disgust on her face and says, "Mom, you look fat." I told her that is such a rude thing to say and it hurt my feelings. SHE starts to cry and says, "that's not what I meant to say." So I ask, "what did you mean to say?" "I meant to say, 'when are we going to the dentist?'" So at least she had a really good cover. Didn't stop her from saying it again a couple days later. The first time I told her I wouldn't tell Dave (only because she was so embarrassed) the second time I told her I'm telling Daddy (I told him the first time, just not in front of her because I thought she felt sufficiently bad). So I tell him and his response was, "she's just being honest." Oh, well thank you SO MUCH. He realizes his error and stumbles, "um, because she just thought, that's what she perceives..." He should have just said he meant to say when are we going to the dentist.

Example 2: We're in the kitchen, I'm making dinner while the children are at the bar. Allie says, "Mom, if I were you I would NOT wear those glasses." Just a couple sidenotes. Number one, I have ALWAYS hated wearing glasses, but I'm so blind that even with my contacts in I can barely see. Number 2, I have always hated wearing glasses even BEFORE Kendall bent these ones so they sit sideways on my face. Number 3, last year I was set on getting LASIK. But how could I bring myself to spend that much money on myself? Wouldn't I rather get my family season passes to Disneyland? Gee, Allie, I am so sorry I wanted you to enjoy the finer things in life so I gave up my vision on your behalf. Guess if we are going to Disneyland next year? Nope. But at least I will NOT be wearing these terrible glasses.

Example 3: I admit, I bated them on this one. For some reason they were talking before church on Sunday about whose nice and whose mean. So I ask if everyone in the family is nice or mean. Of course, everyone (Allie, Detmer, Kendall, Daddy) was nice. "Is Mommy nice or mean?" Allie and Detmer both agreed, "mean". We get home from church and the children are wondering where their french toast is. I make them french toast every Sunday. I said, "mean Mom's don't make their children french toast." "Pleeeeeeeeeease Mommmmm!!!!!!!!" "Nope, sorry, I'm too mean." So Allie says, "sometimes you're not mean." That's the best she could do: sometimes you're not mean.

But at least if I've had a long day, I can count on a warm dinner on the table. And they throw me the ultimate Mother's Day and Birthday celebrations, so I can remember that I'm truly appreciated.

To be completely fair, last night for family night Dave asked everyone to share a blessing. When it was Allie's turn she said, "it's someone whose beautiful. Someone who looks really good in her glasses..." Maybe she's learning?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We just celebrated our big half way party, so I want to do an update on my baby. We were actually half way through the pregnancy last week but I was so sick that day I couldn't get in the partying mood. Tonight was so much fun. All you have to do around here is blow up balloons and you officially have a party.

First off, a favor from anyone who is reading this. Could you please name my baby? Okay, thanks. Just let me know what you decide. Good news. You only need to pick a boy name. If it is a girl, her name will be Betty Jean. Except the other week Dave told me he wanted to chose a different middle name besides Jean. I said, "Great! What is it?" Which is when he broke the number one rule of baby naming and said he didn't know. That is just not allowed. If you want to replace a name, you keep your mouth shut until you know what you are replacing it with. Names are not something to be taken lightly. They are thought over, changed, and prayed about until the perfect combo is found, so you must not ever cast aside a name with no replacement. I loved having a name so early with Allie, Detmer, and little Betty Jean. I wish they all came so easily.

With my other pregnancies when people said, "how are you feeling?" I usally just said, "fine, thanks." But I really haven't done that this time. It all started in the beginning. You might recall I was very sick. More sick then I have ever been in my life. People would say, "how are you?" I would say, "fine thanks." Then the other person would say, "oh, you are sooooo lucky, I was always SOOO sick with MY pregnancies." I also had a neighbor tell me, "you better let us know when you are pregnant so we can help you." I secretly knew this was just her code for wanting to be the first to know I was pregnant. But still, I made sure everybody knew how sick I was just in case they wanted to offer to help with the kids or bring in some dinner, you know. I never turn down service. That way no one can say, (gasp) "you should have told me how sick you were!" Cause I did. I was just trying to give everyone some service opportunities. So, now, if you ask me how I am doing I will probably tell you. Just ask my poor bishop who got more info then he bargained for on Sunday. Don't worry, he is about the kindest man alive and acted like he couldn't have been more interested. Still, he was probably wishing I would have said, "fine thanks."

Last week, I officially lost the use of my left leg. It happened right on cue. With my 2nd, 3rd, 4th it has happened right around week 20. This week, it has been feeling amazing. It has barely bothered me at all. This is a huge blessing because I usually get no relief from it for about eight weeks, so even if it comes back I'm grateful for everyday I can move!

I have cried the least amount with this pregnancy then any of my other's. Usually lame books and movies make me cry (you should have seen me reading The Wedding when I was pregnant with Detmer) but not this time. This is good because I hate crying and my kids HATE when I cry. Considering the circumstances, you may think I would be full of tears. But maybe I am running out. That would be great. Unfortunately, they are probably just waiting for an onslaught next month.

So according to the myths, my lack of tears would mean boy. You are supposed to be less hormonal with a boy. Of course, less tears does not really mean less hormones:) A girl according to the myth that girls still your beauty. My complexion is worse then it was at sixteen. The way I am carrying, so far, also says girl but I'm not going to go by that because four babies in five years, things are bound to change. My friend asked me the other day what the chinese gender chart says I'm having. I told her I didn't check. She was like, "check! that thing is always right!" It's funny, because she has three boys, which is probably why it was right for her. According to that, I also have three boys (so it was right with Detmer). However this time, it says girl.

The other night I had a little scare. I was freaked out, my doctor's office was closed, and I told Dave I will not sleep a wink tonight. But then, when I got in bed the baby was moving around so crazy it comforted me so much and I fell right to sleep. Love being able to feel the movements! The best part of pregnancy for sure!

Our baby is now called "Manase" instead of Michael Jackson. Tonight I asked Allie and Detmer questions about Manase and videotaped while Allie and Detmer answered. I asked Allie why she is most excited for Manase and she said, "because of his name". So I guess she is in for a surprise when the baby is either A) a girl or B) a boy named ______ (Remember? You are deciding.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Provo's kinda sleep til about September 4th

The children are excitedly anticipating tomorrow's big game! Unfortunately they won't be attending, but I'm sure Kelly will have it on for them. I wish they sold warm weather season tickets. Tomorrow's game is so inviting, but come a month or two and the two degree weather, not so much. It will be fun when they are older to go as a family. Dave wanted to get two season tickets this year. It'd be nice if I had a nanny (aka: Mom) like most of my friends, but I think I went to two games last year and it's not worth the stress of having someone watch the kids. Can't believe no one wants my three angels for a Saturday or six during the fall. I had a difficult time convincing Dave of that. I should have just let him buy the two tickets and put him in charge of finding someone to watch the kids. He wouldn't have invited me to another game for years!
Allie had a super fun date with Grandpa Greg. She was so excited and couldn't wait for the clock to say "five zero zero" so it would be time to go. The anticipation was well worth it. She came home so excited to tell me every detail. She even repeated some parts, "and Mom, did I tell you that..." You can hardly even see Grandpa's two black eyes, bruised forehead, and scraped up face. It hasn't exactly been his day, his week, his month...but he still took time for his date with Allie and she was so grateful (so was I-I LOVE seeing her so happy!). She felt so special and even put on a bracelet. Fancy girl.

I think Detmer's gray tooth is getting a little lighter, or maybe I'm imagining that since I now know there is nothing we can do about it. He couldn't care much less about his gray tooth, he know's he's still my handsome boy. The other day he was out riding his trike and I kept saying, "wow, look at that fast guy!" "whose the fastest guy in the world!" "that guy is awesome!" He pulls his trike right up in front of me, puts his hand on his chest and says, "Mom, see this guy on the bike?" Yes, I say. "See this guy in the red shirt?" Yes. "This," still with hand on chest, "is me." He is so funny, so much fun, and such a sweetheart. This weather has been so ideal for us. We've spent so much time everyday outside, not too hot, not too cold. Detmer loves riding his scooter and bike, but is still not interested in his two wheeler. At all.
Kendall makes me laugh all day. When she wants to be held she says, "I want doingies." I use to always say that when I would hoist her: "doingie" and she caught on. I say, "hi gorgeous" and she says, "hi gijis". Almost all her sentances start with "I want" I want taste. I want milk. I want cuddle. I want 'side (outside of course). We always do the I love you sign and she says, "I love you" and holds up her first finger, totally thinks she signing it. She loves riding her bike as well and loves to play at the park. (this is the part I was going to upload a video of Kendall, but can't figure out how).
Dave, it's your lucky day.