Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Books

I used to love a good book. I loved perusing the library shelves to see what hidden treasures I could find. I constantly asked my friends what good books they'd read. I looked on Amazon to see where the goods were.

Until. A couple months ago my friend suggested a book for a group of us to read (a book group, get it?) I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly taken. It sounded SO lame! She tried telling us about all the people who loved it but just the sound of it...

The Hunger Games?

That had lameness written all over it (this conclusion I made without even knowing what the book was about. Sorry, Kristen, I'll never doubt you again!). Except when I opened it, read the first page, and could barely put it down. It was for sure one of the most intriguing books I'd ever read in my life. The good news for me was we were on vacation. I had plenty of time to read and Dave loved having full control of the cable.

If you've read the book you're well aware that it, as well as the next book in the series, have a long waiting list at the library. I just recently got the second book, Catching Fire. Well, I'm not on vacation and that was a big problem. I wanted to read it all day. Forget the dishes! Forget the laundry! I only wanted to read. I would casually bring it with me when I sat on the floor to read the children their books and as soon as I finished, I would open it up. If I was still on the floor I was still entertaining them, right? I mean, it's not like I laid in bed and read it. Until the last night when I was almost done reading it so I asked Dave if he wouldn't mind me keeping the light on for a bit. Luckily he fell into a deep sleep and I don't think he was bothered as I stayed up until almost 2 am finishing the book.

I realized I cannot again read a book that engaging until my children move out of the house. And I have a housekeeper.

Until then, please send any mediocre book suggestions my way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


(Continued from Bread)

The day before Christmas Eve, we had an unexpected surprise waiting for us on our door step. It was an unexpected but very welcome envelope with an unsigned card and a generous amount of money.
After my mom died, I felt a greater sense of responsibility towards my siblings. Even though I don't often do it, I wish I could do for them what our mother can't. I want to take their children more often, be a better listener, support them with whatever they need physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

When my brother got married, I think I was happier then he was. Not only did he have a beautiful new wife, but he also had her mother. I will love Camille forever for the way she takes care of him. In all honesty I worry about him 99% less then I did before he married. My heart soared when he was telling me a story the other day and he randomly mentioned that he and Camille were texting. What an awesome lady!

The worst time was when Denny was on his mission. I wish I could have sent him a package a week and constant letters of encouragement, the way my mom did with Giff. But I didn't have the funds to send packages out of the country and I know my words didn't sound the same as a mother's would have. My heart soared whenever he told me of someone who sent him a package, a letter, or money. I was so grateful!

Poor Ryan. During the year after my mom died and before Ryan died, all of us were so deeply lost in our own mourning none of us were there for him like we wanted to be. Thank goodness for Kim and Cindy! He always had a mother figure to depend on and an incredible group of friends.

Us girls (me and my sista's), we've stuck together. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my mom so bad. But I realize how lucky I am to have my two awesome sister's.

So when I opened the envelope the day before Christmas Eve, I was grateful, but I felt torn. I knew there were a lot of uses for it. But, my brother-in-law had recently lost his job and I felt guilty. I thought, really, they are way more in need then us so I should just hand it over.

Later that night, I got a phone call from my very happy sister. Her neighbors showed up on her doorstep that night. They brought several pounds of various meat for my sister and her family and a very generous amount of cash that would certainly help with Christmas and other needs.

I will always remember these amazing examples. They make me want to try harder. As I think of Christmas of '09 I always hope to remember that, when in doubt, do something.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


When tragedy strikes, there are four types of people:

Those who don't know what to say or do, so they don't say or do anything.

Those who feel saying "what can I do for you?" is good enough. But never actually have any intention of doing anything.

Those who say "what can I do for you?" Because they really want to help, but don't know how.

Those who don't know what to do, but they do something, without asking, because they know something is better then nothing.

One night shortly after Ryan died, there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find one of Ryan's friends from school with his mother. While I didn't know the boy personally, I inquired later and found out he was a popular boy around school and successful on the football team. As he stood there on my dad's front step, he cried so hard he couldn't even talk. He seemed somewhat embarrassed as he tried to wipe the tears from his face. His mother did the talking, and handed me a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread. This poor high school boy, who was probably facing death of a loved one for the first time, didn't know what to do, but the thing I will always remember is that he did something.

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go away Kaden!

Detmer's first non-relative friend was this guy, Kaden. I watched him for a couple of months and Allie, Detmer, and Kaden all loved it. After I had Kendall I realized people telling me I wouldn't want to go places when I had three kids was a myth, and that not being possible with Allie, Detmer, and two non-walking baby's, made me give up watching Kaders. That was almost a year ago, but unfortunately, Kaden is never far from this household. Detmer has his first imaginary friend, and it is in full force. His imaginary friend's name is Kaden, which is why I mentioned Kaden earlier because I can only assume that is where Detmer's new friend got his name (surprisingly, Detmer doesn't know any other Kaden's). Kaden is going to drive me insane! "Mom, Kaden has Indian Jones and me and Kaden pretend like we're Shorty and we do this. MOM! WATCH! We do this. And mom me and Kaden do this. See Mom. And Mom, Kaden borrowed my Spider Man shirt. Kaden is a big boy, he doesn't wear diapers." Never. Ending. Story. I remember watching an episode of Growing Pains where the youngest child, Krissy, has an imaginary friend named Ike and they realize to get rid of Ike Krissy needs to spend more time with her older brother Mike. So maybe Detmer is feeling neglected by Kaden? Maybe Detmer needs more time with real Kaden? I don't know but I'm willing to try because sometimes I think if I have to hear one more thing about Kaden!!!!!!!!! I was shocked that an imaginary friend started so young. Allie makes up friends all the time. "Mom, my friend Calla [they usually have made up names as well] is going to Disneyland tomorrow." But it's different friends and one random thing. With Detmer, it is just Kaden and I get to hear every single thing about Kaden from sun up to sun down. It's the kind of thing I'm sure most mother's of young children have gone through, where it seems they are afraid to take a breath because they think they might get interupted, so they just spill one thought after the other, each story more outrageous then the next. And you want to get mad at them and tell them to "STOP TALKING!" But they aren't really doing anything wrong!

After I put all the kids to bed last night Allie comes in and says, "Mom, I have a question." I thought she would say "can Zack come over tomorrow?" Or "What are we doing tomorrow?" Instead. "How do people come here that don't have a mom?" I thought she meant me, so I said "remember, I do have a mom she just lives with Heavenly Father, but she didn't live with Heavenly Father when I was born."


Or so I thought. But I was not off the hook so easy.

"But, how did people get here when there was no mom's." Eventually through her explanation I figured out she was asking me how the first person got to be on earth. Of course, this question can't come up at say 11 am. That is another question I thought children didn't have until much later. I know we have done the story of Adam and Eve for FHE before, but once I thought about it she was 3 and probably had no interest and hadn't thought about it. Luckily for me she was satisfied that Heavenly Father put Adam and Eve on the earth so they could have children. Let's hope we don't get anything more complicated then that for awhile. And let's hope that Dave's home next time she asks such profound questions.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top Ten

That's right friends. Another top ten list. It may seem lame, but it was so fun to do. I looked back through a ton of old pictures and it was so fun to look back on this year. Picking just ten things? IMpossible. Every picture holds such a tender memory! I know, sappy. But not only did I just look through pictures of the past year but Allie and Detmer are currently watching home videos at it's at the part where Kendall was born. Remember when I said she screamed non stop for about two hours after birth? True story. If you don't believe me, come watch the home video.
Well, then. Without further ado, the top ten in no particular order (besides #1):
10. Preschool! Everyday I'm so glad we chose this option. I know many people (such as my own sis) think I'm crazy, but we have so much fun and we've done so many fun crafts/projects/field trips that I would probably not have been otherwise motivated to do.
9. Detmer being potty-trained. At first I wrote "potty-training Detmer" but that was not fun. It was only fun when he was trained. If you are surprised this made my top ten list, you've not yet potty-trained a child:)
8. Visitors. This summer the Seager's came out to visit and we had so much fun. I love hanging out with my sister's and my cute nephew Trent, er, I mean Dallin (who is the image of his father not only in looks but in word and deed). The Peterson family was also here from Panama and we got to meet little Coop for the first time. Nate also traveled out from VA. Then Giff, Shirelle, and Geddy came to visit for Christmas (Giff also came for a day in August, but it's all a blur). Hopefully we have even more visitors in '10.
7. Vacationing to Vegas and Disneyland. We had so much fun going to Landolay Bay in Las Begas and I'm so grateful for Dave's spontaneity and prioritizing that allowed for our fun trip to Disneyland. I was also grateful to learn how much more fun Disneyland is with Kendall outside the belly.
6. Kendall's baby blessing. I loved this day. I loved having all of our loved ones come to Kendall's blessing and come to the house afterward to celebrate our sweet and precious girl. I'll never forget how beautiful she was and what a great job Dave did on her blessing.
5. Our other trip to Disneyland (except for the part where I tried to take Allie and Det by myself). I love having a week to do nothing but play with my family and I love seeing Allie, Detmer, and Kendall have so much fun.
4. Holidays! Children dressed in green from head to toe, coloring Easter eggs, Fireworks and water parties, long weekends at the cabin, a lady bug, princess, and a batman (who I saved, by the way), Santa, parties, presents, everything I always wanted.
3. My 10k. So much fun! Sorry in advance to Dave and the children, but you better go to bed early on July 23 because you are coming to cheer me on! That was the only thing missing!
2. Kendall's first laugh, word, tooth (albeit not in the right place or the right order!). She's grown up so much this year!
1. Having the best, funnest, funniest, cutest family ever. I sure do love these guys! That goes in the top ten every year:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Favorite Memories of Christmas

-Going to temple square then taking the children + a birthday boy Zacky to McDonald's for dinner. Favorite part of the night without question was at McDonald's: "Detmer, do you need to go potty?" Detmer's response, "No. I'm just shaking my butt." (Shockingly, about two minutes later "Mom, I need to go potty!" Can't miss a minute of that McDonald's fun).

-B!!!Y!!!U!!! Cougars. Go Max. Thanks Heather and Steve for the super fun time watching the game.

-Making cookies to take to the neighbors. Our neighborhood does a lame cookie exchange night. I love my neighborhood, but hate this idea. They invite the neighborhood to meet at someone's house and bring a plate of cookies and donate money instead of giving neighbor gifts. I'm all for getting together and helping a family in need, but not in place of neighbor gifts. My children loved helping me bake cookies and loved delivering them around the neighborhood! I remember doing that with my mom when I was a child and I loved all the love that went into it!

-A family date to the bowling alley on Wednesday. We learned we have a future professional bowler in the family when Detmer broke 100. I loved waiting for the ball to roll down the lane with him while chanting "get a lot get a lot get a lot. Yeah!!!" For the record, I lost. Yes, lost. To my husband AND to my two year old and four year old.

-A boy and his dog showing up at our door late Wednesday night.

-An awesome Christmas Eve party, which included but was not limited too:
Giff and Shirelle!!!
A bounce party
Fat Santa's (sorry no pictures Cob)
Yummy food
A scared dog (that part was not awesome)
Presents from Grandpa
A talk on the Christmas story (and even if no one
else thought so, Allie was so dang cute
giving out answers!)
-Blocking the hall so if the children woke up they couldn't get into the family room without us. Allie came in our room and we told her good job coming to get us. She said "I tried to go out there, but something was blocking me." Well played, Mom and Dad.

-Detmer exclaiming after each and every gift he opened "it's just what I always wanted!" and sounded completely sincere.

-Dave and I feeling smart because we finally realized one year olds have no interest in opening presents. I won't say how many presents Kendall got, but I will say they were opened before she even got a chance to look at them (thanks to big sis).

-Kendall crawling around and getting comfy sitting on the unopened presents.

-Allie loving her cake baker set so much we had to make muffins before we even left the house.

-Going to Grandma and Grandpa's to play with cousins, get ornaments, and open more presents.

-Me being one of the lucky girls whose husband actually knows how to shop for Christmas gifts:)

-I'm glad and mad about being introduced to the gyro but I do know the owner of BC Chicken works well under pressure (maybe we can thank Jeremy that the rice was never better).

I'm sure I left out a ton of stuff but we had such a great Christmas and I was soooo happy that Giff and Shirelle came out for Christmas, even though the Seager's weren't here. I wonder if/when we will ever all spend Christmas together again?

(You're welcome, babe)