Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the WINNER is...

Kelly. I know, what a shock. You may have seen it coming since she's with Dave approximately ten times more then any other reader, but to be honest, none of my reader's have ever heard most of these random stories. I was impressed with a lot of the deductive reasoning used (and really, who could've guessed Dave wouldn't happily lone Gayla his sweatshirt?)

The order is as follows, if you are curious how you did:

Gayla (t)
Cooper (t)
Tammy (t)

I was very impressed at how well my one year old nephew Cooper did:) I was also impressed that besides Kelly, Ainsley was the only person who got Dave's job title, department, and job description. I gave one point to everyone who said Dave works "at the Gateway" or something similar (like "by the fountains") and two points for those who actually knew Dave works at Fidelity Investments. Sorry Tam, no points for Prudential:) Thanks to everyone who played along! Here's the answers:

1. Which best describes Dave's culinary skills?

When Dave saw the quiz he said, "on number one, there are two right answers. Grilling and breakfast foods." I explained that to me "occasion" is once a twice a month, not once or twice every other year. Hence, there is one correct answer. It is:

-As long as Kira marinades and provides all the side dishes, Dave is happy to grill.

And Mil, he hardly ever burns anything black anymore!

2. Dave once briefly had a pet, Larry the Lizard, who met an untimely death when Dave accidently...

After driving with us all the way to the beach in Puerto Rico, Dave and I decided to let Larry, our beloved pet lizard, go free. We said our good-byes and Dave, with a tear in his eye (practically) flicked Larry onto the asphalt so he could go back to his natural habitat. Larry took about two painful steps and flopped over on his back, dead as a scalded lizard. May he rest in peace. The correct answer is:

-Scalded him to death by flicking him onto the hot Puerto Rican asphalt

3. How does Dave most frequently embarass Kira at church?

A lot of people thought it was from eating the children's snacks, and it's true, Dave does often share the children's snacks (I think it would even be safe to say the children share Dave's snacks). But seriously. In English, his singing voice is like a whisper, but in Spanish he outsings the congregation combined! Correct answer:

Loudly sings the hymns in Spanish.

4. Which of the following has Dave NOT done this year:

Dave called our friend to see if he would sub in the primary, but he was already subbing, so with his apologies, he turned Dave down. Dave said, "don't worry about it and thanks for helping out in the other primary class." I was like, who are you, the primary president?

I was sick one day at the end of January, so Dave took a day off work to take care of the children. In typical Dad fashion, a Dave off work was not to be wasted doing mundane everyday chores. He decided to rent several movies. It wasn't until he got home and went to put one of them in he realized he had already seen one of them.

The correct answer:
-Stayed up until 2 am playing video games (and I'm SO thankful that Dave very rarely plays video games and hasn't seen 2 am for quite some time.)

5. Which of the following disasters has NOT befallen Dave while skiing...

-Being asked out by a college girl last month-Millie pointed out, Dave probably didn't consider this a disaster. Awkward is a better word.
-Falling off the wrong side of the chair lift. Corben and Jeremy need to take full responsibility for this one. They decided not to go to the top of the mountain, but didn't inform Dave first.
-Being stuck atop a mountain because he was no match for the strong winds. You've probably heard (or read) this story.

Correct answer: Losing a rental ski

6. Which of the following has Dave NOT gotten angry about...

When I was trapped inside the four walls of the hospital with nothing but an incoherant husband, Gayla was often kind enough to come hang out with me. One day, Dave wakes up, looks at Gayla, looks back at me and says, "why is she wearing my sweatshirt." Of course, she wasn't wearing his sweatshirt in real life, only in Dave-land. I tried to explain (during fits of laughter) and he angrily went on, "tell her to take it off. Tell her to take off my sweatshirt." The best part was where he was acting like she couldn't hear, even though she was two feet away. (Dave would like to make it very clear he was very medicated during this instance).

Dave spent most of his time in the hospital sleeping (hence my desire and NEED for visitors). One time, he wakes up, turns to me and said, "why didn't they just keep the ski Utah plates?" He went on a whole angry rant about how Ski Utah is so much better then the new plates.

I think I enjoyed those two instances so much because it's two of the only times I've seen Dave angry. It just doesn't happen, unless he's incredibly doped up. The correct answer:

-Losing Kendall's favorite blanket while we were at the movies. (this happened, but Dave was not doped up and was more bummed then angry.)

7. Name three nicknames Dave's nephews have called him by:
I will accept any and all of the following: Dave (only because I knew someone would pull that. Thanks Cami!), Doda, Ball, Vase.

8. What's the longest Dave has ever been hospitilized at one time

-ten days

9. If Dave were to have another baby boy, his name is...(in other words, the name which Dave currently refers to his next son as, even though no such individual currently exists).

On the one hand, I should have made this multiple choice. On the other hand, I was super impressed with the Dave-esque names everyone came up with. The correct answer is: Manase

The guesses were Max, Cougar, Elway, Bronco, Jeremiah (?), and Ty.

10. We all know Dave's favorite college FOOTBALL team, but who does he cheer for during basketball season (to be fair, who does he cheer for in addition to the Cougs)?

I should have been more clear and said COLLEGE basketball. I gave credit for both Jazz and Duke.

What is Dave's...

11. Place of employment...Fidelity Investments

12. Job Title...

-Senior Financial Specialist

13. Department...

-Stock Plan Services

14. Job Title

Help Desk.

15. In the 7th grade, Wynn, who would later become Dave's BFF, did not like Dave because...

Dave had just moved to town (seriously, like a week before) and it was time for scout camp. He and Wynn were supposed to share a tent, but since...correct answer:

-Dave talked too much

16. How did Dave know Wynn didn't like him?

-He moved out of his tent at Scout Camp

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just a little update

Just as I suspected, Tammy was the first to turn in her quiz. I have received quizzes from Tammy, Kelly, Cami, Gayla, Jacob, Bridger, Ainsley, and Cooper, so I hope everyone else is just spending there time studying.

There is no one taking the quiz that will know all the answers. That is why it has been so fun and funny for us to read the results. I thought up the quiz based (for the most part) on what I thought we be fun stories to share about Dave or questions I thought it would be interesting to see if people knew about him. I'll try and make the second half a little bit easier so you don't have to work quite so hard:)

In other important news: we met a boy at McDonald's today named Detmer! We kept hearing his dad yell at him and my friend and I were like "it almost sounds like he's saying Detmer." You know me, I couldn't resist asking! After we made the discovery that we were parent's of Detmer, it was like we were long lost soul mates! They had never met another Detmer either so I thought it will be so funny if they end up going to school together (they live on the other side of town and they are pretty close in age, too!). Who would have thought? It was so fun to swap stories about the name and Detmer was so excited for TWO Detmer's. Then Allie reminded us "there are THREE Detmer's. This Detmer, the McDonald's Detmer, and Ty Detmer. You would have thought the other Detmer was famous, the way my kids kept trying to get a glimpse of him. They also have a son named Ty. Wahoo! Someone more obsessed then us!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30 to 30

That's right, folks. In just 30 days, this handsome guy is going to be 30 years old! (He's also sporting a new look these days, pics coming soon.)

Such an occasion definitely deserves a month long celebration, so let's begin.

To kick it off, here we have a 30 (of course) question quiz. I will post 16 questions today and 14 next time. Here are the rules to the quiz: Anyone may participate, but participation is mandatory for siblings:) Most of the questions are multiple choice, but some of the really easy ones are just fill in the blank. The winner will receive a fabulous prize. Answers are due no later then Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 11:59 pm MST (for this half of the quiz). Good luck to everyone! Please email me your answers!

1. Which best describes Dave's culinary skills?

-Likes to whip up a meal for the family once or twice a week.
-As long as Kira marinades and provides all the side dishes, Dave is happy to grill.
-Dave is happy to make dinner on occasion, as long as it is a breakfast food.

2. Dave once briefly had a pet, Larry the Lizard, who met an untimely death when Dave accidently...

-Ran over him while driving to the beach in Puerto Rico
-Drown him by mistakenly thinking he could swim for an extended period of time in fresh water
-Scalded him to death by flicking him onto the hot Puerto Rican asphalt

3. How does Dave most frequently embarass Kira at church?

-makes us late because he has to try on at least five of his one thousand ties
-eats the kids snacks
-loudly sings the hymns in Spanish

4. Which of the following has Dave NOT done this year:

-Thanked one of his friends for helping out in the primary
-Accidently rented a movie he's already seen
-Stayed up until 2 am playing video games

5. Which of the following disasters has NOT befallen Dave while skiing...

-Losing a rental ski
-Being asked out by a college girl last month
-Falling off the wrong side of the chair lift
-Being stuck atop a mountain because he was no match for the strong winds

6. Which of the following has Dave NOT gotten angry about...

-Gayla wearing his sweatshirt
-Losing Kendall's favorite blanket while we were at the movies
-License plates changing from the ever popular "Ski Utah"

7. Name three nicknames Dave's nephews have called him by:

8. What's the longest Dave has ever been hospitilized at one time

-six days
-ten days
-thirteen days

9. If Dave were to have another baby boy, his name is...(in other words, the name which Dave currently refers to his next son as, even though no such individual currently exists).

10. We all know Dave's favorite college FOOTBALL team, but who does he cheer for during basketball season (to be fair, who does he cheer for in addition to the Cougs)?

What is Dave's...

11. Place of employment...

12. Job Title...

-Financial Manager
-Team Finance Coordinator
-Senior Financial Specialist

13. Department...

-Stock Plan Services
-Capital Finance Group

14. Job Description...

-Help Desk
-Group Stock Plans Coordinator
-Investment Advisor

15. In the 7th grade, Wynn, who would later become Dave's BFF, did not like Dave because...

-Dave had a lot of acne
-Dave talked too much
-Dave had not yet learned the beauty of deoderant

16. How did Dave know Wynn didn't like him?

-He moved out of his tent at Scout Camp
-He wouldn't share a locker with him
-He told him

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Without Further Ado

Here is Detmer's reaction at the gymnastics meet. It's sideways, but it's only fourteen seconds so I didn't figure out how to change it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First I have to do this post

So Chuck E. Cheese was a total success for Detmer's birthday.
But, seriously?

How do families with more then three children afford to go there? It wasn't too bad for us, but there "large" pizza is small and wasn't even enough for our family! However, I was not about to buy another one for sixteen bucks when my children like Tony's pizza for two bucks (and probably about the same size) just as much.

And don't even get me started on the things you can buy for your tickets. That stuff is crappier then crap.
Still, we had a blast. Allie and Detmer were madly in love with playing the games and Kendall liked the rides. Allie and Detmer thought it was awesome to retrieve the tickets. The last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese was before Kendall was born, yet Allie's memory never fails her (though she was barely three!) and she wanted to buy cotton candy with the tickets, just like last time. I didn't even remember about that (and usually I'm sharp as a tack). We didn't have enough tickets for the cotton candy (of course not, we only dropped about ten bucks for our tickets) so Dave took them out to the car while I purchased cotton candy.
On Friday Dave's mom had invited us all to go to the gymnastics meet at the U of U. Actually, I was surprised when I found out I was going. When Dave told me about it he said something along the lines of "my mom is getting free tickets to the U of U gymnastics meet and thought Allie would have fun". As such, I made plans to get together with friends and was surprised when Dave called me and said, "are we still on for the gymnastics meet on Friday." What? (That's all beside the point, but I thought it was funny. When Dave told me about it originally, in his head I'm sure I fully knew we would all be going, but what I heard is that Allie was going). I thought it sounded like something that would be fun for Allie, plus we were going to be having dinner at "Daddy's work" (I've probably explained anywhere at The Gateway=Dad's work). Pretty much all the children started having a melt down while we waited (and waited and waited) for dinner (I'll admit, I wasn't too pleasant during the wait either). I was nervously thinking of how they would do at the gymnastics meet (which was scheduled to start right around Kendall's bedtime) would go.

As soon as we sat down to dinner and got them fed, things were looking up. Detmer fell asleep on the way to the stadium, which was a blessing, because we knew then he wouldn't get to tired during the meet.

So I'd like to say the children loved it.
But really...I could say Allie loved it and I could say Kendall was a very good girl. But there are no words to describe Detmer's reaction. I'm not even going to try. Unfortunately my good old computer won't post a video of his reaction, but please look for it coming in the future. Dave and I laughed so hard. It was the best. But again, no words to describe, so stay tuned as hopefully someone else can load it for me. (I'm fully aware that this is one of those things that no one will enjoy nearly so much as Mom and Dad, but I'm still gonna post it. It's just THAT cute!)

Saturday I made a Valentine's dinner. I called it that because the meatball subs were heart-shaped. And that's really all Allie and Detmer need to make their life complete. They were thrilled even though they didn't actually eat the subs.
Detmer said all weekend "I love you Valentimes Mommy."
Dave and I snuck and made a trip to All A Dollar on Saturday to buy Valentine's for the children. We thought we were pretty amazing sending them on a scavenger hunt to find their All A Dollar goods. They even got gum, which is something that rarely happens. Allie asked if they could be in charge of their gum and, what the heck, being Valentines Day I got a little crazy and said yes. They excitedly told us they were taking some to cousins for dinner that night. Before we left they both made a big production of getting the gum and counting the pieces to be sure they had enough for cousins.

We show up to cousins and the kitchen is all decked out. Balloons (with Allie and Detmer, where balloons are present, there is a big celebration). Then there was goody bags with hearts on them on the table. The bags were full (full!) of goods for each of the children. I don't think it would be overstating if I said they were as excited as Christmas! There were heart shaped jello things and delicious heart shaped sugar cookies (Denny thought they were Lofthouse). It kind of put my heart shaped subs and All A Dollar gifts to shame.

(The gum never left Dave's pocket.)

Yesterday Dave and I went on a hot date to lunch at Texas Roadhouse. I pulled out my leftovers for dinner tonight and learned that both Detmer and Kendall have expensive taste. They loved it and as soon as they swallowed, they wanted more. Detmer kept asking for another roll (thinking I had made a dozen, like usual. I wish I could make rolls that good!). Then we saw a movie (for our date yesterday). When In Rome, which I loved. I love the two lead actors a LOT so I figured I would love it and I did. Have I said I love long weekends?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good TV

This is part two in a seven part series about things I love (the first one was "Good Books") I was going to skip TV shows, because there is only one TV show worth watching (Survivor, and half the time we forget to watch it). I was trying to remember if I've even seen any of the shows that are currently on. I know I have seen Criminal Minds, and it's really good, but I have to wait until my sister comes out this summer to watch it. That's what we do. (Though she will have seen each episode no less then ten times).

It took me awhile to get on board with buying TV seasons on DVD. I thought "that's a whole lotta money for something you could watch free." But now I've realized it's pretty much the only way to go (I know, I know, all of you probably vote for Tivo or DVR, but like I said they aren't really any shows on currently that I even like).

When I was young, my mom frowned upon, well, let's be honest, pretty much TV in general. As such, I never watched much TV and if I did, I was being sneaky.

I've taken the last couple of years to get caught up on all the trashy TV I missed:)

Friends. Funniest show ever. I laugh out loud several times an episode no matter how many times I've seen it.

I think my favorite show of all time is Veronica Mars. Unfortunately, Dave and I were about the only two people who tuned in, so it got cancelled after three seasons. We have it on DVD (yeah!) and I could watch it a million times. It has it all.

After we watched Veronica Mars on DVD and realized how great it was, we started talking about other shows that might be fun to watch.

I mentioned to Dave that 90210 might be a good one. Another one I had to sneak to watch back in the day (and now it's like an after school special compared to some of the shows that are on).

Dave bought me the first three seasons for my birthday in 08. It was awesome. I liked it so much more the second time around. We spent many days cozied up on the couch watching it with our newborn baby. Such great memories of us and the gang:)

Dave had suspected that I might like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had never seen a single episode, but it sounded so lame (afterall, this girl didn't even like Twilight!). I kind of put Dave off on it, but he was fairly confident, so he bought the whole series for me for Christmas. It's awesome! It is much better then I thought it would be and I love watching it! Way to know me so well, babe!

The only thing I hate about seasons on DVD is I have to mourn a bit when we finish them.

What (or who) do two of my favorite TV shows, Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, have in common?

If you can figure out the answer to that question, you will know (loosely) what I'm going to post about next...(and sorry, but it's not in my series of good things, even though I am sure everyone will be dying to know what good thing I will post about next. Even me. I have no clue what it will be!)

Also, what are your favorite TV shows? Are there any really good ones I am missing?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boy!

Every year on my children's birthday, I write them a letter in my journal. It's funny to do. I want to tell them how much I love them but there are no words...seriously, there are no words to describe how much I love them.

So instead of spending this post trying and failing to tell you how much I love the Detmer boy, let me give you a glimpse into his life on this, his third birthday.

Detmer LOVES all things superhero. Especially his little superhero figures. Detmer is a boy you can feel good about buying toys for, because he plays and plays with them. He has some little Indiana Jones action figures and Indy is always scaling the bookshelves. Usually, a domino posed as Shorty is playing along as well. This is accompanied by Detmer's singing of the Indiana Jones theme song-"du du du du, du du du".
Today he got a Spider Man birthday card in the mail from Giff and Shirelle (thanks!) and it says "Happy Birthday, Super Hero". When he heard the "super hero" part, he got wide eyes and said, "that's me!"

I don't know why movies pay for big, expensive sound effects machines. Why don't they just hire Detmer? Seriously, he is awesome at sound effects. He is constantly making sound effects while he plays (when he's not busy singing Indy's theme song).

If you haven't heard Detmer say "easily" you are missing out on one of life's simple pleasures. "Mom, I could EEE-ZUH-LEE reach that bowl." I also love the way he says "bow-ling". Other words you should hear Detmer say: Salt Lake, Burger King, church, nursery. I basically love the way he talks and could listen to him talk all day (unless it's about Kaden!)

For his birthday, he is so excited because we are going to "chuck-E-Cheeses" (another word you need to hear him say). He got to chose between that and bow-ling.

He is the cuddliest kid I have. He loves to cuddle and be held and I love it too.

He is constantly asking me to play "the Firefly song". He does not get that I can't just make any song play at anytime. Good old iPod, usually we can. But I don't have the Firefly song. Sunday night Corben told him he would play it, and he literally shouted for joy at the top of his lungs.
He is usually the first to rise in the morning and immediately starts asking for cereal. We now have a rule that says Detmer may not have cereal until Allie and Kendall are awake (this at least stops him from getting up at 7 am, I swear he was getting up JUST to have cereal!). So now as soon as the last girl wakes up, the first thing he says is, "now I could have cereal?!!!"
He's Dad's boy. I point to his chest and say "Mom's bud or Dad's bud." He used to always say, "Dad's bud" until I would tickle torching him into saying "and Mom's bud." But now he just says, "Dad's bud" and I say "AND?" then he says, "Mom's bud". If we are both in the same room, he points to each of us with a seperate arm and holds out two fingers and says "two of your bud's."
He HATES getting up in the night. If he has to go potty at night, he wanders in here walking like a drunken sailor and just as ornery!

He LOVES his sisters. On Sunday morning Kendall went into his room all ready for church and he said, "Kendall, you look so cute today." The other day Allie and I were going somewhere and he said, "Allie, are you going to miss me." Whenever he and Allie are re-united they scream and give each other a huge hug. They play together SO well. They are truly best friends.
He's obsessed with his cousins, Zack, Brody, and Jace, and woudld rather be with them then almost anything else. The rare times that they don't go home with each other from the gym, they try and sneak each other out. They leave each other after playing for hours on Sunday night and as soon as Detmer sees them at the gym Monday morning, well, you'd think they hadn't spoken in years. There's so much excitement!
Detmer has already had two parties! He's loved the celebrations!
I truly feel so blessed to be this boy's mother. He is the greatest. He makes me so happy. He is so funny and a joy to be around. He is easy going and loving. He makes everyday around here so much fun! I love you, Detmer!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


(As I type the title, I can hear Dave singing..."ForgiveNESS. ForgiveNESS. Even if, even if you don't love me anymore).

Allie and Detmer love to use their scissors to cut. You know, making tiny pieces of paper smaller and smaller. On any given day, my floor is most likely covered with tiny bits of paper. Then comes the threat "if you don't clean up what you cut, the scissors will be put up." I keep hoping they are going to eventually just start doing it with no threat necessary, but that hasn't happened yet. The thought of losing their scissors is a scary one, so they usually pick up quickly. They have lost the scissors a couple times and those are some dark days.

The other day after a serious cutting spree, I noticed Allie's shirt had a small cut at the collar. All I had to do was give her a "look" and she knew she'd been caught. Of course since she already knew cutting clothing is off limits, the scissors went up. Everyday she begged for the return of the scissors. She promised to never cut clothing again. She said she was sorry. She begged.

One day when we were getting ready for the day, I pulled out the shirt with the cut. If you know me at all, you know that if a shirt has a cut, it is no longer wearable, but since this happens to be a long sleeve white shirt, I will still let her wear it under stuff. When I got out the shirt I made sure to make a big deal about the cut. Showing it to her and sighing (it was very dramatic).

Then I told her: "Allie, you told me you were sorry for cutting your shirt and you told me you would never do it again. So I'm going to forgive you for cutting your shirt. That means I'll get the scissors back down and we will never again talk about you cutting your shirt."

Allie was ecstatic. When Dave got home, she told him "Daddy! Mommy forgiveded me!"

Yesterday in church, Dave had to take Kendall out (this is an incredibly rare experience, usually she sits on a chair with her arms folded and pays attention to the speakers). Allie started to go with, and I told her to sit back down. She totally ignored me and went with Dave. When she came back, she got in trouble and started to cry. Not an obnoxious "how dare you yell at me" cry but a genuine "I really didn't think it was a big deal and I hate getting in trouble" cry. (well, anyway, that's how she pulled it off). I left her with Dave and took Detmer to nursery. As I headed back to primary. I found Allie and Dave sitting in the foyer. Allie was sitting on a chair and Dave knelt beside her trying to comfort her. As soon as she saw me, she looked up at me with tearful eyes and said, "Mommy, do you forgive me?" I picked her up and squeezed her tight and told her that of course I forgive her.

(I wonder if anyone is reading this thinking how badly I just got played by my four-year-old. Cause let me be honest, as I typed it I kind of felt that way.)

Anyway. Teaching Allie about forgiveness has been simple. She forgives easily, and is (obviously) very easy to forgive.

If only it could stay that way forever.

If only the things we need to forgive others for could always be so simple.

If only others would make themselves as easy to forgive as a four-year-old!

If only everyone had a face this sweet. Forgiveness would be so much easier.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Many of you know that since the day Allie was born (actually, since the day I found out I'd be having an August baby) I have questioned if I should send her to kindergarten at five or six.

The other day a paper came in the mail that said to fill out and return if you have a child who will be entering kindergarten this fall.

I threw it away.

I guess I finally made my decision.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cousins: Close to the heart

If it's not Christmas or cabin weekends, we do not see much of the Steffensen side cousins. (Yes, I admit that includes the ones who live twenty minutes away!). But my children are thinking of them year round, no matter how near by or far away.

The other day, Detmer walked around repeatedly, saying (or rather, I thought he was saying), in the saddest voice, "I miss my friend Pitcher. I miss my friend Pitcher." I assumed Pitcher was someone who hung out with Detmer and Kaden, so I didn't think much of it. Until Detmer and I were in his room and he said it again and pulled a picture out of his pocket, looked at it longingly and said, "I miss my friend Bridger [which is what he was saying instead of Pitcher]." Allie quickly tells Detmer, that's not Bridger, it's Jacob. So, Detmer walks around holding the picture "I miss my friend Jacob."

Detmer had taken the picture of Jacob off the fridge and taken to carrying it around in his pocket. I didn't have the heart to get mad at him for bending the picture, because it was so cute.

The next day, we dropped Allie off at gymnastics. She wears her leotard under her clothes since we go to the gym first. Allie stripped down to her leotard and what should I see...tucked right inside the top of her leotard, barely poking out the top is a piece of paper.

I give her a "what the heck?" look and she sheepishly pulls the paper out of her leotard, which is a picture of Ainsley! She thought she was in trouble, but again, it was so cute I let them carry their cousins around with them for another couple days.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ground Hog Day

For most of us it's been awhile since we sat within the confined walls of elementary school and learned about the ever important Ground Hog Day. If you've forgotten the rules of the day, let us take a moment to review.

If Phil sees his shadow, it six more weeks of winter.

If he doesn't see his shadow, it six more weeks of winter.

And if he does or doesn't see his shadow, it's probably more then six weeks of winter.

Then, we move onto March. Please take note: If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a...what? That's right, lion. And if it fools us and comes in or goes out like a lamb, it will doubly make up for it in April/May/June/July with below average temps.

Now, let's remember the rhyme we learned about April showers. April showers bring May showers. And in the case of last year, June showers, July showers, and August showers (please bless that it will not be so wet this summer!).

Let me end with this reminder: It is February!!! I love February!!! Gone are the darkest and coldest days of the year (which will always be January, because in December it may be dark and cold, but that is cancelled out because it is Christmas).


~Celebrating this boy, even more then usual

~And last, but not least, President's Day. I'll be honest, I'm more then happy to celebrate the life and accomplishments of almost anyone, if it gives Dave a day off work!