Sunday, March 28, 2010


*EDIT* Due to technical difficulties, it has come to my attention that I did not receive one of the quizzes. Diana accidently sent hers to Dave's email, but for some reason he thought I had it??? After grading the quiz, it seems we have a new FIRST PLACE WINNER! Congratulations Diana, you can wear your title with pride.

There was almost a three way tie for second place. But then, Heather answered question #20 like this: Xanadu is not a must see. If he didn't say that, he should have. The part in bold caused her to lose one million points, and drop into the very last position. So keeping that in mind, here are the results and the answers:

Cami (tie)
Tammy (tie)

17. What is Dave's favorite movie of all time?

Almost everyone picked Goonies, but the correct answer is Top Gun.

18. How many bones has Dave broken?

The correct answer is 3. All fingers, all sports related. Well, two fingers and a thumb.

19. Who was Dave's best childhood friend?


20. Dave got in trouble for making what comment about this post?

Xanadu is not a must see (I'm afraid it's true. He did say this. I'm still trying to recover...)

21. What movie brought Dave to tears?

I was doing something else while Dave watched this movie. I believe I was in teh bedroom. I came out and Dave's face was all tear soaked. He started crying all over again when he told me about it. The correct answer is: Bridge to Terebithia

22. How did Dave get a scar by his eye?

lawn dart

23. Where did Dave decide he was in love with his hot wife? :)

Lagoon. I meant to ask Dave about this so I could put it in his words. But when we were first dating we spent a day at Lagoon with some friends. We had so much fun spending the whole day together. We had a ton to talk about and realized how much we enjoyed being together. I wish I would have added something about the first time he actually told me he loved me though. That's a pretty good story.

24. How many dates did Dave take me on before he kissed me?

Dave kissed me on our first date. Playa!

25. Where did Dave propose to me?

the park. Lest you should think he's not a romantic (Jenn) here's the story. We went out to eat and then we went and roamed around the park. We had been dating for quite awhile (by the common standard around here). I knew I wanted to marry Dave, and I was READY! Every night I would hope that would be the night. So we were at Barnes Park playing around on the big toy. We sat down on the steps and Dave was like "I have something for you." (I hold my breath). He pulls a love note out of his pocket (not a ring, so I exhaled). It was called "101 Thing I Love About Kira". He said, "I got bored at work today, so I typed this up." I read it and it was so special. Some funny, some serious. Lots of good stuff (I have the note in the front of my journal and it's so fun to read. It's a great journal for our dating era). So after I finished reading it, Dave said, now read vertically numbers 59-76." It spelled out "Kira, will you marry me?" Using the beginning letter to each of the numbers. I had to read it about twenty times. I didn't want to shout "YES!!!" If it was like "Kira, are you having fun?" Or, "Kira, I like you." Or something. Then, when I looked up from reading it, he was on his knee in front of me. Sweet talk, place ring on my finger. Romantic? Yes. The perfect night. (I loved typing that story)

26. Dave has a song for each of his children, what are they (please pick three)?

He starts them out young. Like, a day old. It makes me laugh everytime. The songs even have actions. One day, I will have to upload Kendall to the blog. We have video footage of all three, but I don't think I could get it off our camcorder.
Big Papa-Detmer
This Is Why I'm Hot-Kendall
Stayin' Alive-Allie

27. What is Dave's favorite ride at Disneyland?

California Screamin

28. What is Dave's favorite game?

Bingo. It's not the version you are thinking of (I-52, B-7). The way we play is way more fast paced and a LOT more fun.

29. What is NOT one of Dave's recurring dreams?

He's being attacked by a cat

30. What is the best thing about Dave?

Surprisingly, everyone missed this question, which surprised me, since the correct answer (that's he's so hot and sexy) was so easy. Oh well. Better luck next time. Here's what everyone guessed:

Ainsley-He is very funny and fun. He is always happy. He ROCKS!!
Bridger--He is funny. He has awesome games. He is AWESOME!!
Jacob- He is awesome and he is fun to be with.
Gayla: His sharing abilities, even if it's clothing articles like sweatshirts and his cute family.
Cami: Dave is a great guy because he treats my sister well. He is a good father. He works hard to support his family. He tries to paint, even if it isn't his strong suite. He puts up with his obnoxious sister-in-law on her summer visits. He has never criticized his obnoxious sister-in-law about her obsession with Garcia's. At least not to her face. (Clarification from Kira. Nope, he never has. Same can't be said for me, but always to her face:) )
Heather: He is my little "bother" of course.
Donna: He always gives me a big hug when he sees me, I love the hugs from my boy. He truly is an awesome son and I know that his sisters, nieces and nephews idolize him!!!
Jenn: He is a very dedicated to his family.
Kelly: His lack of ability to get angry.
Cooper: My Uncle Doda is the best. He loves balls!! I love balls too.
Tammy: The best thing about my brother is his love for life. Also I think he is the most amazing dad in the world. He does so much for his three kiddos and when he talks about them you can tell that he is busting with pride. He is also a romantic (I think having 4 sisters helped with that), but I think he treats Kira like a Queen and likes to pamper her. He is a wonderful guy. I'm lucky to have him as a brother.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quiz Part 2!

Hello, and welcome to part 2 of the Quiz of Dave. I love that Dave's birthday falls during one of his favorite times of year, March Madness. To give you a small idea of how much he loves it:

Tonight Dave was looking for the scriptures. He searched high and low. I came in the room and saw them. I said, "they are underneath your fourth born child." He immediately turned and found them, under his brackets.

I also want to clear something up. Kelly was right. Dave's fake son's name, Manase, does look like mayonnaise. But not like my mom said it, which was "may-uh-naze" but like most people say it "man-aze". It's even almost spelled the same. For the record, it is "muh-nah-say". Does that make a difference in whether or not you like it? Probably not, but now you know. Good luck with your quiz. I'll post the answers sometime in five or so days. I noticed last time pretty much everyone who took the quiz had it turned in within 24 hours, so I'll use my best judgement and post the results when I have time. I hate to keep you in suspense too long.

17. What is Dave's favorite movie of all time?

Top Gun

18. How many bones has Dave broken?


19. Who was Dave's best childhood friend?


20. Dave got in trouble for making what comment about this post?

Kristen Bell is way hotter then Eliza Dushku
Xanadu is not a must see
I'll learn to make won ton salad myself before we ever have another baby

21. What movie brought Dave to tears?

Bridge to Terebithia
Top Gun
Nights in Rodanthe

22. How did Dave get a scar by his eye?

soda can
paint roller
lawn dart

23. Where did Dave decide he was in love with his hot wife? :)


24. How many dates did Dave take me on before he kissed me?


25. Where did Dave propose to me?

the park
his parents basement

26. Dave has a song for each of his children, what are they (please pick three, extra points if you can name which child goes with which song)?

Big Papa
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful Day
This Is Why I'm Hot
Stayin' Alive
Aint No Sunshine When she's Gone

27. What is Dave's favorite ride at Disneyland?

Tower of Terror
California Screamin
Splash Mountain
Haunted Mansion

28. What is Dave's favorite game?


29. What is NOT one of Dave's recurring dreams?

He's back on his mission
He's drafted into the NBA
He's being attacked by a cat

30. What is the best thing about Dave?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Serious Problem

Please allow me to address with you today a serious problem that is plauging the world today.

The problem I speak of is early-onset-adult-senility. Please allow a little backstory...

Are you like me and Jacque? I mean, the changing of the wardrobe from winter to summer is practically a holiday in and of itself.

And with tomorrow being St. Patrick's day AND nicer weather, what better day to make the change? I already have planned to put my girls in capri's.

So I planned their outfits for tomorrow, complete with capri's. (I hope to never be the mom who forgets to send their kid in green on St. Pat's day). The only problem is, I thought to myself, they need new sandals. What shoes will I put them in with their capris (the capris are a must). I started thinking of possible sandals that I might buy them this year (you've been wondering what goes on in this busy little head of mine, haven't you?).

Detmer, the poor boy, doesn't own any shorts (and definitely no capris) so he's stuck in jeans. At least I don't have to worry about sandals for him, right.

Kendall's St. Pat's outfit was unsatisfactory to me. She doesn't have much green. I headed downstairs to rummage through the totes and see if any green pops out at me.

As I'm searching, I was thinking about part two on the Dave quiz. I almost wasn't going to do it because of the controversy (it's for fun, people), but my friend talked me back into it because she thought it was such a FUN idea.

I was thinking of some questions to put on the quiz as I rummaged through the totes for a green Kendall-sized outfit. I was trying to think of some questions from Dave's childhood, as requested by one of his sister's.

Then I remembered Jenn's comment on my blog. She put something like "the sister's should get together and write a pre-Kira quiz". After I joked to myself, now THAT would be boring:) I thought it would be impressive. I'm not even sure if I could write a quiz about my own childhood, let alone one of my siblings.

I'll be honest, some of my childhood memories are not even real. For years, I thought my family lived in Arizona. I could even picture the house and the heat. I was older then I care to admit (oh and also, I don't remember how old I was) when I found out we never lived in Arizona and in fact I'd never been to Arizona (so how is it that I had the perfect picture of my Arizona house in my head? A dream? A hallucination? You decide.)

I thought of exactly two questions from Dave's childhood that could be included on the quiz. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Then, I reached for another tote.
Ah, yes.

That's right! My children have several pairs of sandals. Each. To help myself out last year during the more depressing wardrobe change (from summer to winter) I put all the summer shoes in a tote. It took a decent sized box to carry them all back upstairs.
Furthermore, Detmer does have shorts. And it's not just that he happens to have shorts, it's that last summer Cami, Kelly, and I searched high and low (Gymboree, Children's Place, Dillard' name it) for the perfect pair of shorts for the boy.
How quickly they've been forgotten, shoved away in a tote. Thankfully I made these discoveries before going shopping. Some of the sandals are practically brand new because I bought them in bigger sizes last year specifically for this year.

P.S. Last night I had a nightmare that I forgot to get ready for St. Patrick's Day (it's a whole night-before process around here.) My senility even haunts me in my dreams!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just so you know

-My children think pancakes and crepes are the same thing, but crepes are way better.

-I wish I had texting or on-line chatting so I could talk to my brother's more. They hate talking on the phone worse then I do.

-This is the honest truth: My brother-in-law once took a pair of sweat pants to the tailor.

-Sometimes I spend as much time at the gym talking as I do working out. The daycare has had to come get me three times because I exceeded my time limit. Do you think I was excercising? No.

-I have a girl crush on Eliza Dushku. And to a lesser extent Rachel McAdams, Beyonce, Kristen Bell and Pink (but not her hair).

-I'm considering having another baby just so Dave's sister, Heather, can bring won ton salad to the blessing. It is soooooooo delicious and I'm too lazy to learn how to make it.

-My husband has awesome fashion sense.

-My little brother got to do one of those half-time shoot things at the Jazz game and won a year supply of Powerade.

-Allie and Detmer were watching Willie Wonka and when the psych patient came on Allie said, "Mom, he looks like Joseph Smith."

-If you haven't seen Xanadu, you really should. It is a MUST SEE.

-I was impressed with When they reported on the death of Marie Osmond's son, they referred to the church as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints".

That's all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charisma (or Kendall)

A couple posts ago, I posed the question "what do Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars have in common?" (why do I ever pretend like I know what I'm going to post about "next"? It just never happens. If I ever say what my "next" post will be about, know that it means I will probably post something about it sometime in the future. Probably.)
The answer is Charisma Carpenter. If you've ever seen either of these shows, she's a fairly loathsome character in each of them, but there is just something about her that intrigues me. I found the perfect article to link her name with from In it she said her manager told her she has to take the role as Kendall on Veronica Mars, because that's the best name on TV right now (Kendall Casablancas). But then it got a little racy, so enjoy the imdb link instead.
It was meant to be for our baby girl to have this name (besides, we couldn't do Charisma, or her Buffy name Cordelia). After searching, pondering, and praying, our name list was empty. I was envious of my friends who fought with their spouses over names. At least that meant they HAD a list. We had one, and it was empty. We would come up with a name that we liked and the other would half-heartedly argree. I told Dave he needed to put more effort into the name search because I was coming up with nothing. Since we had named Allie after a character in our favorite movie and Detmer after a favorite sports figure, I started thinking of other names from our favorites. I came up with Kendall, Charisma's character name in our favorite show Veronica Mars. Dave came home that night with a list. He told me there was one name he just thought of, and he really loved it. Kendall! At the last minute we finally had a name for our baby (girl, we never came up with a boy name we loved).

I love the name Kendall. I think you always love the name you pick for your child (I do have one friend who does not like he son's name, but her husband kind of made her do it).

I've had some problems with it, though, and I'm sure there will always be. When we rode the Polar Express, she had on a blue hat and snowsuit. I was so mad I couldn't find her purple hat. I DO NOT dress my girls in boy clothes. Well, then I put her name tag on, "Kendall". Yikes, I knew that would not help. Sure enough when they came up to her they said "does he want some?"

Then the other day at the library, I was using her library card. The employee asked "is this your husband?" And another time the employee asked, "are you his mother?"

But as it turns out I have NEVER in my life met a man named Kendall. I played softball with a Kendall. I met a Kendall the other night at Dave's basketball game. Then of course, Kendall Casablancas. And I can't forget the Kydal from the gymnastics meet we went to. Some Kendall trivia for you as well, Sarah Michelle Gellar (who is Buffy) got her start on a soap (All My Children, I believe) where her character name was...that's right, Kendall.

Kendall is LOVING the spring weather (well, it's gone now, but she WAS loving it). She sits by the back door screaming to go out. She is in heaven out there. She can keep up really good at the park. She ate some sand the other day and went to get it out and her hand had a bunch of sand stuck to it, so she just kept putting more in and was so mad.
She's crawling WAY to good! No baby should ever crawl as well or as fast as Kendall can. Why? Because she is lazy and won't walk. I hope she learns to walk soon. I told Dave we will just planning on her ruining all her clothes because outside + crawling = hello wholes in pants (and dirt). I couldn't do it, though, and found some old pants to pull on over whatever she is wearing when she goes outside to play.
I love that she is starting to act like one of the big kids. She would prefer to play with Allie, Detmer, and whoever is here over being with me. She is starting to get it when she is left out. Tonight Allie and Detmer went in cousins van and she cried and called out to them.
She is constantly saying "Mama! Mama!" When I say what she's says "loveyou". So precious!
PS. Cousins came home on Sunday and all is right with the world again. (I finally made them go to sleep after 11 when they were still up lauging and playing.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A loooong week

Our cousins left to Disneyland on Saturday. Allie and Detmer thought I was playing a cruel joke on them when I told them we wouldn't be going over there on Sunday. They looked at me and said, "Mom, you're saying a tease." With a most begging expression on their face that read more like "Mom, PLEASE tell me you are teasing!!!" Detmer has lived the week in denial, "Mom, can cousins sleepover tonight?" While Allie has tried any and every way to get to Disneyland. "Mom, remember last time we were at Disneyland and you lost your water bottle? Let's go back today and find it." They are going to be happy campers come the return of cousins this weekend.

But what about ME? How am I supposed to handle the absence of my sister. I am bursting at the seems for all the stories I've had to save up. Ranging from unimportant (my letter) to very important (an old friend) to very embarrassing (ugh).

Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate my friends who listen to me drone on and on (and especially Dave, oh the stories he has to listen to!), but some stories require just the right audience. I even tried to tell Dave one of the stories (I began by saying, "I hate to bore you, but with Kelly being gone, I HAVE to tell someone."). His eyes were glazing over so bad by the end I just gave up and decided I will have to wait!

Cami is caught up fairly well on all the stories, but in my drama queen fashion, I am waiting for a real live audience who can make all the right remarks at all the right times. Still, there are some advantages to the email relationship we keep nine months of the year (while I am awake, she is asleep and working and vice versa). Email can be great therapy for getting it all out.

When I got on the internet, I read a headline that said "Tawain Earthquake" and got a whole in the pit of my stomach, because that is where Cami lives.

Phone lines are down, power is out (in Tawain). I am waiting. While the magnitude was large, the quake doesn't seem to have done much damage, but let's just say Cami's not exactly one to stay calm in dramatic situations:) And I freak if my power goes out for an hour, so I'm hoping it was not near her.

I'm not much of a worrier, but still I often hope and pray for my siblings: Are they happy in their relationships, secure in their jobs, strong in their testimonies, healthy?

(Some cause me more worry then others).

When I ran into a friend from my old neighborhood the other day, she asked how long Ryan has been gone. She said "I can just imagine him up there, teaching the gospel to everyone. I'm sure he's the best missionary ever."

Today is his birthday. I had to calculate from his birth year that he would be 24 today. How can that be, when just yesterday...

I am grateful he was born near the spring, my favorite time of year. His birthday rolls around each year as we are thinking about Easter, and remembering what it means to us.

I miss him. I still picture him perfectly (and dread the day when that starts to fade), I can still hear his voice, especially when he sang.

But never one time in the past six years have I worried if he's happy, healthy, strong in his relationships and testimony. I'm so grateful I know he is. This is my favorite scripture (I'm sure I've posted it before), and I remind myself of it very often:

...there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ (Mosiah 16:8)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A note to Daddy

Dear Daddy,

We hope you are enjoying your birthday month so far. We sure are! We can't wait until you get home tonight so we can have some more fun.

You may have noticed your birthday falls on a Wednesday this year. While we will make sure to do it up big that day, you probably already know that all REAL partying is saved for the weekend. So can you please take the day of on March 26th? We promise to show you a good time!

We love you!

Allie, Detmer, Kendall