Monday, May 17, 2010

My son's name is also Bort

The other day as Allie and I drove down the street on our way home from grocery shopping, Allie looked next to us and exclaimed, "Gifford is driving next to us!" I laughed at how casually she said it. She hasn't seen Giff in months.
I looked out the window to see who was actually driving the car that she thought was my big brother. But of course, it wasn't my big brother.

It was my little brother.
The other day Kelly and I were herding our children into the gym when a lady looked at us and asked, "twins?" "Yes," we both answered and rambled about how two of the six are, etc. She said, "I knew you were twins, I always see you working out together."

Kelly and I also started our new job (which deserves a whole blog in itself). Kelly has worked there before and knows the people in the office, but I haven't. I walked in and the office gal said, "Hi Kelly."

It happens all the time, but it's always funny, and I love telling people who think we are twins that we are five years apart.

The other day we were having FHE at my Dad's. My aunt told me she looked up the stairs and saw me standing there and said, "What's Cami doing here?" Because she thought I was Cami.

Then a couple days ago, Allie took this picture and I thought I looked so much like Cami.
Maybe someday, I will be a triplet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Post Vacation Depression. Why can't I be more like my children? They LOVE vacations, but then we come home and they look forward to the gym! the store! a popsicle! I don't think they ever stop smiling and being happy.

I, on the other hand, have not adjusted well to being home. When Dave called me this afternoon we each said we need a vacation. We came back to a load of crap. All small stuff, in perspective, but I wasn't ready to get back to reality. I literally did not worry about one single thing while I was on vacation. I just got to play, play, play with my family and it was the best. No laundry, no cooking, no "just a minute kids, I need to make a phone call" or any of the other chores of daily life. Anyways, hopefully by posting about it I can bring back some of the magic!

Years ago, Dave mentioned that he wanted our children to have a chance to vacation with his parents. They are world travelers and have been able to spend a lot of time vacationing with their grandchildren all around the world. I never thought it would work out because it is so hard to get schedules together, but in the end it did! Allie and Detmer (and I'm sure Kendall) thought it was the coolest thing ever to have Grandma and Grandpa at Disneyland with them.
Our drive to Disneyland was awesome. Our best time yet. We only had to stop once in Mesquite!

Grandma came with gifts. A Mickey for Kendall, Mickey "Ty Detmer" Mouse (with a football) for Detmer, and Minnie for Allie. It was funny to hear the kids "Detmer, do you want to play with Ty Detmer?" "Oops, you dropped Ty Detmer's ball."
One of the nights I asked Allie what her favorite thing of the day was and she said, "having Grandma and Grandpa here." I hope they will always remember and cherish that special time with their grandparents! It's too bad it can't happen more often!

I think Allie and Detmer do Disneyland different then most children. They are take them or leave them with the characters. If there was no line by a character, I had them get a picture, but they acted like they hang out with Mickey Mouse everyday. Their favorite rides are Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Matterhorn, and for Allie Star Tours. I'm glad because those are shorter lines then the Fantasyland rides that I would expect them to like best.

Unfortunately Detmer realized this time that he was missing out on a lot of the fun because he was too small. We will be making a trip back when that boy hits 40 inches. I felt so bad when he got left out:(
Sad news for Allie, Star Tours is closing it's doors in June. They are opening it up again in 2011. It will be a different ride, but still Star Wars. It will be in 3-D so I bet it will be cool.
"Lucky for us" Captain EO was extended and it was still showing when we went to Disneyland. I sat there watching it and I was just thinking it was some kind of joke. It was soooo ridiculous. It gets over and Allie exclaims, "I have GOT to see that again!" So of course we went back and Kendall stole my 3-D glasses so I rode it without even having the benefit of 3-D. Allie loved it just as much the second time.

If you are not familiar with California Adventure, they have "The Crush Show" featuring the turtle from Finding Nemo, who answers the questions of the inquiring children, such as "what do turtles eat?" "Where do you live?" Of course this is the first time EVER I didn't sit by Allie and Detmer and the first time EVER Allie's gotten called on. What does she ask? "How do the people at the store make the food?" If you think that is bad, please know Dave and I were grateful she didn't say something like "how does Heavenly Father make the trees?" Crush totally made fun of her! Was that really the most insane question he's ever heard. She asked me that question when we were grocery shopping before we left. I guess she didn't let it die.
When we very first got there, the first ride we went on was Pirates. That's kind of our tradition. Kendall cuddled up to me the whole time. I was in heaven! I never wanted the ride to end. She's too busy for much cuddling these days so I took advantage. She loved Disneyland! I was so happy she didn't cry at the characters this time. Thankfully, her waving is better under control so instead of waving non-stop she would just wave and say "hi" and I hate to brag but it was pretty much the most precious thing ever. She didn't cry on a single ride. I thought she might cry at the drops on Pirates but she just took it all in and was so happy to be doted on 24/7. The picture with the Snow White Queen is from October, and that's pretty much a calm picture compared to how she reacted to some of the characters. The one with Goofy, she loved. She held on to his ear the whole time.
Dave's mom also brought a quiet book for Kendall. It was cute and the children all loved it. Little did I know it would be the life saver of the trip. Whenever Kendall started to fuss, Dave or I handed her the book and she played with it. Pretty much if she was not sleeping, she was playing with the book. If you are road-tripping with a little one, I highly recommend a quiet book. It was much better then any I've seen in the store though. Too bad they take so long to make maybe she could sale them, but I think for how long it took she would have to charge $200!