Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Scrapes, bruises, bumps, cuts, and falls have always been abundant around here. This summer my children, like most, have not gone a day without a scraped up knee.

Well, that's all small stuff. We've received our first real injury. I wish it had been stitches or even a broken arm. Then you get your cast off and go on your way and no one ever knows what happened.

Allie and Detmer love to climb in Kendall's crib with her when she first wakes up. They always have. Allie did it when Detmer was a baby. The other day after I got Kendall out, Detmer wanted to stay in. He was jumping up and down, obviously very hard, and hit his mouth. He screamed. I remember holding him and being surprised he was crying for so long. I couldn't see anything. No blood or anything so I was surprised how upset he was. I remember specifically the next day taking the children to try their first soft pretzel and Detmer couldn't eat his because his teeth were hurting. It hurt him to eat for a couple days, but I still didn't see anything so I didn't think too much of it, except that it would heal soon.

On Friday when I was brushing his teeth, I noticed his front tooth looked discolored. I literally said a quick prayer that whatever it was would brush off. It didn't and after looking closer, his gums were swollen as well. Of course this happened Friday night, when I couldn't all the dentist. I was sick about it over the weekend. I called the dentist first thing Monday morning and they got me right in.

By then, it was a bit more grey. The dentist said there could be several outcomes. It could stay like it is. It could get infected. It could have nerve damage, in which case he would need nerve therapy. He could need a root canal. Any of these would result in a crown, which would mostly match his other teeth. Turns out he hit his tooth so hard, it cracked. Not all the way through, but bad enough that if (when?) he hits again, it will probably break at the crack and half of it will fall out, then he will end up with the crown. That is kind of the one I'm thinking will happen. He's already got a bloody lip today. He's rough. He's a boy.

Today, it is even more grey and quite obvious. I'm thinking now along with fielding endless "what are those?" in regards to Kendall's birthmarks, I'm going to also be fielding, "what happened to his tooth?" I'm so bummed. I picture him on his first day of kindergarten with his grey tooth smile. I know there are much worse things, it goes without saying, but I'm sure someone will still say it.

Tonight I took Allie and Detmer to Surf N Swim. It was the most crowded it's been, and Detmer likes to stay shallow while Allie likes to go deep. I stood in the middle of them to keep an eye on both. Detmer was just playing, but I could tell he didn't know where I was. After a minute I walked over to him and when he looked over and saw me he got the happiest look on his face and said, "Mommy!" Why can't I protect him from any pain???

Sunday, July 25, 2010

th-th-that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger

This is me and my friend Jen, for anyone who is wondering what I look like thirty seconds after I finish the race.
Yesterday was our second annual 10k and it was awesome!

I'd like to officially dedicate this race to my best friend, Corben. The night before the race I was running around getting my clothes ready, water bottle filled, playlist ready. Dave had brought my iPod inside and downloaded a couple new songs for me. He borrowed his mom's ipod to use during the race. As I was getting my stuff together I asked Dave, "did you just leave my headphones in the diaper bag, because I didn't see them in here." He then informed me that he was going to be using my headphones.

Please recall my obsession with my ipod while running. There is no run without an ipod in my world. It was 9:45 and we had planned to go to bed at 9, so a trip to the store to get headphones was not on the agenda. I called Corben and asked him to send his headphones with Kelly in the morning. I was very nervous he'd forget, but he didn't. He put them in the van pinned to a note that told Kelly what they were for and wished her good luck. I really love him!!!

During last year's 5k, I decided to dedicate a mile to someone/something and try and focus on that throughout the mile. That's my motivation/inspiration!

Mile 1: To my ipod, of course. Without whom this could have never been possible. I slave over picking out my playlist, as each song has to have the exact right tempo. I sing along the whole time. Whose not going to run just a little faster with Kanye singing in your ear "work it, make it, do it makes us longer, better, faster, STRONGER".

Mile 2: My fellow runners never cease to amaze me. There was a blind lady holding onto a rope attached to her guide. Talk about an extra challenge for both runners. A special thanks to the girl who picked up my dad's wallet.

Mile 3: My running partners, my dad (he may even read my blog this week since he's featured:)) and Kelly. I better be running 10k's with my grown children at age 56 (or is it 57?)! And Kelly, psht. Six kids. Need I say more.

Mile 4: DAVE!!! He was also my running partner, but he deserved a mile all his own. He decided, ummmmmm, about a week ago to run the 10k and smoked all of us. However, he inspires me for totally different reasons. A family gym membership is a huge luxury and he has never once complained about the expense or suggested it costs to much or that we need to cancel it. If you heard the way he talks to me, you'd be pretty sure I have the body of Angelina Jolie. Four months pregnant? Two weeks post-partum? It doesn't matter, his compliments always come fast and furious. I giggle and roll my eyes, but please, a couple million compliments a week never hurt anyone.

Mile 5: My amazing children! I hope they love running. While I was running, thoughts crossed through my mind of ten years down the road and having some of them run the race with us.

Mile 6: The parade attendees. I could not have made it through the last part of the race without them. They cheer and clap and squirt water. It made me keep pushing when I was soooo done! Also, the volunteers. Handing out the water and cheering us on.


My Dad's pack. I graciously offered to wear it around my waist (yep, one of those). I made a joke before the race started, "what if it falls off and everything scatters and they have to stop the race for me to pick up my stuff." We all laughed. When it actually happened, it was not funny. It didn't fall off, but it slowly unzipped while I was running and I noticed at about the time my dad's wallet went flying out. I could have been trampled. It sucked and I got to minus ten minutes from my time for the emotional strain of embarrassment and the physical strain of running backwards to pick it up, and while running undoing a safety pin from my bib, hooking two of the zipper ties together, and then tying them very tight. Did I mention it sucked!

My pride. I wanted to tell all the parade watchers all my excuses for why I didn't take first place this year. I spent a better part of the last half of the race trying to convince myself it does not matter where I place, I just want to finish the race!

3:45 am. That is the middle of the night, not when my alarm should be going off.
These two comments at the finish line: From my dad, "I was worried. When I passed you, you didn't look good." That's pretty much what everyone wants to hear at the end of a six mile run. From Kelly, "yeah, we'd been wondering where you were." I wasn't THAT far behind.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This morning, I asked Allie if she wanted to tell me what I should write in her journal. She was excited for this idea and here is what she came up with:
I love my Mom and Dad and I would also like my Teddy Bears are for I don't have a dream and sometimes my Mommy and Daddy let me cuddle at night. I love to play the computer. I love my baby because I'm excited and I'm excited for the baby to be borned. I wish Kendall would give me the sunglasses and I want to have lots of fun with my Care Bears. Me and Kendall have lots of fun with my bears and stuffed animals and I wish I could have a cat. I really want a dog. Love my mama. I love my Dada. And I really love to play the computer. I would like to play on the computer and I love watching TV and I really love you. Detmer and Kendall are playing with each other and I really love to play with Kendall. Playing with Detmer is great. I love Mommy and Daddy and I love to wear a hat. I love coloring and be helpful be grateful be good. I love when the 4th of July is here.

Monday, July 12, 2010


As you might have guessed, I love to have babies. Love them from the second I start dreaming of them. Even more when they're in my belly. Mostly, when I get to hold and love them.

Pregnancy, however, does not agree with me. I'm grateful that we have been able to easily get pregnant, and I always look forward to meeting my baby, but I don't have that pregnancy glow about me. My friend the other day said, "I feel so great, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant."

That doesn't happen to me. I try to be a healthy person while I'm not pregnant. I drink several bottles of water a day, eat my fruits and veggies, excercise, etc. As soon as I become pregnant, I get sick almost immediately. Taking one sip of water is a challenge and please don't even say the word veggies. When I was planning to take the children to the cabin with Dave's family last month, I got out the grocery ad to try and plan our meals and started to cry it made me so sick just looking at it. I couldn't step foot in a grocery store. Several of the meals Dave wanted to eat I had to ask him not to, because of the smell.

I've always fallen victim to pretty bad morning sickness, but I was no match for what happened this time. I was half expecting at my first doctor appointment to find out something was terribly wrong with me. I had never felt so bad in my life. I couldn't do anything. My days consisted of laying on the recliner while the children played (they have been too amazing for words during these few months). I didn't take care of any of my usual responsibilities. If Dave was home, I rarely even got up from my recliner. Laying down, but not down flat, at least gave me a tiny bit of relief. Even wake up in the night to use the bathroom brought on horrible waves of naseau. Two nights out of three I cried myself to sleep thinking, "I can't do this again in the morning." Dave would tickle my back and offer any comfort he could.

I was so grateful to Dave for stepping up. Changing every diaper, doing every dish, brushing every tooth (except mine), cleaning the house for the appraiser to come. But he doesn't cook.

So my sister did that for me, when she could. Along with, of course, taking my children as often as possible. One night I was picking up my children from her care and she had dinner on the stove. Sure, she had her family of eight plus my three children to feed, but I hadn't had a warm meal in a long while so I asked if I could have some. This was a Wednesday night. I ate the dinner and it was so good. I told my sister I still couldn't cook, but my appetite was back enough to the point where I could eat, and if I had some warm, nutritous meals to eat, I really think that would help me feel better.

The next day, the compassionate service leader from the ward called. She said she had just heard I was sick, and the ward would like to bring in some meals. Of course I felt silly. I was worried people would hear about it and think I was a big baby, because it's just morning sickness. But I knew this was a blessing from Heavenly Father, and expressing my thanks I said we would love two meals. It was perfect timing and I felt bad to watch my baby Kendall devouring this food, it had been so long since she'd had a proper meal (my dad had to reassure me my children were not going to be malnourished after this stint.)

I prayed that my sickness would ease up so I could take care of my family. One morning, the thought came to me that I should ask Dave to give me a priesthood blessing (this is a long reference, I couldn't find a definition). For a second I dismissed the thought. I almost felt guilty asking for a blessing. Here Heavenly Father had blessed me so much to be pregnant and I was asking for more. Then I realized, Heavenly Father wants me to feel better. He wants me to take care of my home, family, church callings. I needed to have faith to ask Heavenly Father if it was his will. I asked Dave to give me a blessing when we were at my dad's and my dad assisted.

That Tuesday my sister (yep, again) had the children, they had slept over. So I spent a lot of time sleeping and that afternoon was able to go to a restaurant with my sister's that I wasn't sure I'd be able to go to if I was sick. I didn't think much of it until the next day, when I was back to my busy schedule attending to my children. I went to the gym and got an awesome work-out. Around two o'clock that day I realized I had been conducting business as usual, for the most part. I called Dave at work and told him the great news and prayed that my "feeling better" was here to stay. Instead of wanting to crawl out of my own skin, I have just felt the regular bouts of naseau that usually accompany me all throughout pregnacy.

I am constantly reminded of Heavenly Father's love for each of His children, as individuals. He has blessed our family more then we could ever express, and yet he continues to bless us with more. He blesses me with my precious fourth child, and yet when I ask for more, to feel better, He gives that to me as well. It was a sweet reminder that He is on my side, wanting the best for me and my family.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last week Allie and Detmer graduated from their first round of swimming lessons! They had such a great time and were sad when it was over. They have always loved swimming and loved spending two weeks being little fish.
I had originally signed up Kendall and myself to do a mom and tot class. When we showed up the first day, I got nervous as to whether or not I made the right choice, since that meant I'd be swimming with Kendall and wouldn't be watching Allie and Detmer. I thought maybe I would ask the head lady if I should be watching. They called Allie and Detmer's name and I walked them over to their pool and Kendall practically leapt in. I knew immediately I made the right choice. If I hadn't signed Kendall up, I would have spent the whole time not watching Allie and Detmer, but trying to keep Kendall out of the water. I was bummed I didn't get to watch Allie and Detmer's lessons but I was lucky to have a friend there who took pictures of them during class. We also stayed almost everyday for a couple hours after lessons to swim. I love Surf N Swim for small children. It's really shallow and I felt like I could keep a pretty good eye on them. We can't wait to go back.