Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Date

Last night Dave and I took Allie and Detmer to the circus. It was part of my birthday present and Dave had already made arrangements for his mom to watch Kendall. I debated all day on whether or not we should take her. I hated to think of her missing the fun, and Allie and Detmer hated it worse. They asked a million times why Kendall wasn't coming. Allie said to Kendall on Tuesday, "Kendall, do you want to go to Grandma's tomorrow? Me and Detmer have to stay home and do chores." She thought for sure Kendall was so offended at the exclusion. However, she loves hanging out with her grandma and was so excited when I dropped her off. Turns out I was very happy we didn't take her, especially as I went out for water/bathroom breaks and saw all the poor parents out in the foyer with their kids. Thank goodness we had an option.

It was so fun to just spoil Allie and Detmer. Allie sat on my lap the whole time, and Detmer on Dave's, which is interesting because they normally aren't lap sitters. Maybe because that space is usually occupied by Kendall? I don't know, but it was nice to spoil them!

We got to the circus early to take in the pre-show. Allie and Detmer loved that and thought it was the circus! When Allie and I went to the bathroom during intermission Allie told me, "Mom, I changed my mind. I don't want to be a ballerina, I want to be a circus girl." Allie was totally concerned for the safety of everybody. When they were up high she would ask, "Mom, are those real people." When I told her yes she would ask how they are not falling. She needing to know nobody was at risk. When the guy came out with the tigers, "Mom, are those real tigers?" So concerned!

Detmer just loved the thrill of it and especially loved when the motorcycle guys came out. He also loved when they jumped on trampolines and told Dave, pointing to the jumpers, "that ones going to be me and that ones going to be Allie." This morning he was still talking about it. He said, "My favorite part was the motorcylce guy, and, of course, when they walked on the ropes." He always says "of course" it's so funny!

My favorite part was during the pre-show where Allie got to perform a little dance. I wish I could post videos. She was so into it!

Allie and Detmer wanted to go back to the circus right away. They were disappointed when we told them it only comes once a year!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On being the mom

Usually, it's a pretty awesome gig. But at this point, I will be lucky to have any self-esteem left by January.

Example 1: Allie walks in the bathroom while I am changing. Gets a look of disgust on her face and says, "Mom, you look fat." I told her that is such a rude thing to say and it hurt my feelings. SHE starts to cry and says, "that's not what I meant to say." So I ask, "what did you mean to say?" "I meant to say, 'when are we going to the dentist?'" So at least she had a really good cover. Didn't stop her from saying it again a couple days later. The first time I told her I wouldn't tell Dave (only because she was so embarrassed) the second time I told her I'm telling Daddy (I told him the first time, just not in front of her because I thought she felt sufficiently bad). So I tell him and his response was, "she's just being honest." Oh, well thank you SO MUCH. He realizes his error and stumbles, "um, because she just thought, that's what she perceives..." He should have just said he meant to say when are we going to the dentist.

Example 2: We're in the kitchen, I'm making dinner while the children are at the bar. Allie says, "Mom, if I were you I would NOT wear those glasses." Just a couple sidenotes. Number one, I have ALWAYS hated wearing glasses, but I'm so blind that even with my contacts in I can barely see. Number 2, I have always hated wearing glasses even BEFORE Kendall bent these ones so they sit sideways on my face. Number 3, last year I was set on getting LASIK. But how could I bring myself to spend that much money on myself? Wouldn't I rather get my family season passes to Disneyland? Gee, Allie, I am so sorry I wanted you to enjoy the finer things in life so I gave up my vision on your behalf. Guess if we are going to Disneyland next year? Nope. But at least I will NOT be wearing these terrible glasses.

Example 3: I admit, I bated them on this one. For some reason they were talking before church on Sunday about whose nice and whose mean. So I ask if everyone in the family is nice or mean. Of course, everyone (Allie, Detmer, Kendall, Daddy) was nice. "Is Mommy nice or mean?" Allie and Detmer both agreed, "mean". We get home from church and the children are wondering where their french toast is. I make them french toast every Sunday. I said, "mean Mom's don't make their children french toast." "Pleeeeeeeeeease Mommmmm!!!!!!!!" "Nope, sorry, I'm too mean." So Allie says, "sometimes you're not mean." That's the best she could do: sometimes you're not mean.

But at least if I've had a long day, I can count on a warm dinner on the table. And they throw me the ultimate Mother's Day and Birthday celebrations, so I can remember that I'm truly appreciated.

To be completely fair, last night for family night Dave asked everyone to share a blessing. When it was Allie's turn she said, "it's someone whose beautiful. Someone who looks really good in her glasses..." Maybe she's learning?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We just celebrated our big half way party, so I want to do an update on my baby. We were actually half way through the pregnancy last week but I was so sick that day I couldn't get in the partying mood. Tonight was so much fun. All you have to do around here is blow up balloons and you officially have a party.

First off, a favor from anyone who is reading this. Could you please name my baby? Okay, thanks. Just let me know what you decide. Good news. You only need to pick a boy name. If it is a girl, her name will be Betty Jean. Except the other week Dave told me he wanted to chose a different middle name besides Jean. I said, "Great! What is it?" Which is when he broke the number one rule of baby naming and said he didn't know. That is just not allowed. If you want to replace a name, you keep your mouth shut until you know what you are replacing it with. Names are not something to be taken lightly. They are thought over, changed, and prayed about until the perfect combo is found, so you must not ever cast aside a name with no replacement. I loved having a name so early with Allie, Detmer, and little Betty Jean. I wish they all came so easily.

With my other pregnancies when people said, "how are you feeling?" I usally just said, "fine, thanks." But I really haven't done that this time. It all started in the beginning. You might recall I was very sick. More sick then I have ever been in my life. People would say, "how are you?" I would say, "fine thanks." Then the other person would say, "oh, you are sooooo lucky, I was always SOOO sick with MY pregnancies." I also had a neighbor tell me, "you better let us know when you are pregnant so we can help you." I secretly knew this was just her code for wanting to be the first to know I was pregnant. But still, I made sure everybody knew how sick I was just in case they wanted to offer to help with the kids or bring in some dinner, you know. I never turn down service. That way no one can say, (gasp) "you should have told me how sick you were!" Cause I did. I was just trying to give everyone some service opportunities. So, now, if you ask me how I am doing I will probably tell you. Just ask my poor bishop who got more info then he bargained for on Sunday. Don't worry, he is about the kindest man alive and acted like he couldn't have been more interested. Still, he was probably wishing I would have said, "fine thanks."

Last week, I officially lost the use of my left leg. It happened right on cue. With my 2nd, 3rd, 4th it has happened right around week 20. This week, it has been feeling amazing. It has barely bothered me at all. This is a huge blessing because I usually get no relief from it for about eight weeks, so even if it comes back I'm grateful for everyday I can move!

I have cried the least amount with this pregnancy then any of my other's. Usually lame books and movies make me cry (you should have seen me reading The Wedding when I was pregnant with Detmer) but not this time. This is good because I hate crying and my kids HATE when I cry. Considering the circumstances, you may think I would be full of tears. But maybe I am running out. That would be great. Unfortunately, they are probably just waiting for an onslaught next month.

So according to the myths, my lack of tears would mean boy. You are supposed to be less hormonal with a boy. Of course, less tears does not really mean less hormones:) A girl according to the myth that girls still your beauty. My complexion is worse then it was at sixteen. The way I am carrying, so far, also says girl but I'm not going to go by that because four babies in five years, things are bound to change. My friend asked me the other day what the chinese gender chart says I'm having. I told her I didn't check. She was like, "check! that thing is always right!" It's funny, because she has three boys, which is probably why it was right for her. According to that, I also have three boys (so it was right with Detmer). However this time, it says girl.

The other night I had a little scare. I was freaked out, my doctor's office was closed, and I told Dave I will not sleep a wink tonight. But then, when I got in bed the baby was moving around so crazy it comforted me so much and I fell right to sleep. Love being able to feel the movements! The best part of pregnancy for sure!

Our baby is now called "Manase" instead of Michael Jackson. Tonight I asked Allie and Detmer questions about Manase and videotaped while Allie and Detmer answered. I asked Allie why she is most excited for Manase and she said, "because of his name". So I guess she is in for a surprise when the baby is either A) a girl or B) a boy named ______ (Remember? You are deciding.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Provo's kinda sleep til about September 4th

The children are excitedly anticipating tomorrow's big game! Unfortunately they won't be attending, but I'm sure Kelly will have it on for them. I wish they sold warm weather season tickets. Tomorrow's game is so inviting, but come a month or two and the two degree weather, not so much. It will be fun when they are older to go as a family. Dave wanted to get two season tickets this year. It'd be nice if I had a nanny (aka: Mom) like most of my friends, but I think I went to two games last year and it's not worth the stress of having someone watch the kids. Can't believe no one wants my three angels for a Saturday or six during the fall. I had a difficult time convincing Dave of that. I should have just let him buy the two tickets and put him in charge of finding someone to watch the kids. He wouldn't have invited me to another game for years!
Allie had a super fun date with Grandpa Greg. She was so excited and couldn't wait for the clock to say "five zero zero" so it would be time to go. The anticipation was well worth it. She came home so excited to tell me every detail. She even repeated some parts, "and Mom, did I tell you that..." You can hardly even see Grandpa's two black eyes, bruised forehead, and scraped up face. It hasn't exactly been his day, his week, his month...but he still took time for his date with Allie and she was so grateful (so was I-I LOVE seeing her so happy!). She felt so special and even put on a bracelet. Fancy girl.

I think Detmer's gray tooth is getting a little lighter, or maybe I'm imagining that since I now know there is nothing we can do about it. He couldn't care much less about his gray tooth, he know's he's still my handsome boy. The other day he was out riding his trike and I kept saying, "wow, look at that fast guy!" "whose the fastest guy in the world!" "that guy is awesome!" He pulls his trike right up in front of me, puts his hand on his chest and says, "Mom, see this guy on the bike?" Yes, I say. "See this guy in the red shirt?" Yes. "This," still with hand on chest, "is me." He is so funny, so much fun, and such a sweetheart. This weather has been so ideal for us. We've spent so much time everyday outside, not too hot, not too cold. Detmer loves riding his scooter and bike, but is still not interested in his two wheeler. At all.
Kendall makes me laugh all day. When she wants to be held she says, "I want doingies." I use to always say that when I would hoist her: "doingie" and she caught on. I say, "hi gorgeous" and she says, "hi gijis". Almost all her sentances start with "I want" I want taste. I want milk. I want cuddle. I want 'side (outside of course). We always do the I love you sign and she says, "I love you" and holds up her first finger, totally thinks she signing it. She loves riding her bike as well and loves to play at the park. (this is the part I was going to upload a video of Kendall, but can't figure out how).
Dave, it's your lucky day.