Sunday, October 31, 2010

One more

I had to do one more Halloween post for Aunt Jenn and Nathan so they could see how awesome Detmer looks in Nathan's motorcycle outfit. I was uncomfortable with him wearing his (way too small) Batman costume. I was happy when Donna told me about this outfit that may possibly fit Detmer, and even happier that he loved it so much. The first time we put it on him, Dave finished getting him ready and he announced, "I look awesome as Justin Bieber."
Allie's very original idea for her Halloween costume (like, back in August) was Super Girl. I was excited about this. We have a Superman cape and I was picturing something like what Phoebe wears (you know-The One With the Halloween Party). Red skirt, blue shirt, cape, done. When I started putting it together Allie was totally turned off and changed her mind about being Supergirl and moved onto other ideas. About two days before Halloween, she brought up the idea again, that she wanted to be Supergirl, but with her pink cape. I said I didn't think anyone would know who she was with a pink cape. So Friday morning we get a catalog in the mail. Who is on the cover? Supergirl and her pink cape. Allie runs it into me, "see, Mom! Supergirl DOES have a pink cape." She went to a birthday party that afternoon as a cowgirl and while she was gone, I put together almost an exact replica of the Supergirl costume from the catalog (except different colors) with stuff we had lying around the house. She was soooo happy. Even though she doesn't look it in this picture.
I love taking Allie trick-or-treating. For a kid who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, she sure does love the thrill of the hunt. She didn't care about the cold or the rain. She would have kept going much longer if Detmer and Kendall hadn't given up in such a big way. She didn't complain once and she just makes the whole night so fun with her happy attitude.
We had so much fun carving pumpkins. This year the children were really able to enjoy it. Kendall loved getting the guts out.Trunk-or-treating with cousins.

Kendall enjoying her Halloween dinner, which was, of course: brains (speghetti), sea monster with exploding guts (salad and dressing), eyeballs (meatballs), grapes (also meatballs, I realized too late I wasn't creative enough and called two things meatballs), mummy (bread), and to drink, blood (kool-aid). The children are not big dessert people and I didn't want to waste stuff just for the sake of the Halloween dinner. I thought of the perfect thing. Worms (gummy) in mud (pudding). They love gummy worms and pudding, but do you think they would touch it? Nope. Detmer did eat his and the rest got tossed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucky 13

Last Monday, with thirteen days left until the big Trick-or-Treat and 13 weeks left until the baby comes I decided it would be the perfect week of spooky (or not so spooky) celebrations. It was a fun and busy week!
Monday: We went to Black Island Farms, which is such an awesome place. If you haven't gone, definitely get it on the schedule for next year. It's a little pricey, but there is always coupons in the Home Town Values magazine, and it's worth it (I would say, if you happen to be paying yourself). We stayed almost four hours before we had to drag the kids to the van, and we didn't even have time to do everything we wanted. If it wasn't so cold/dark/late we could have easily stayed another couple hours. I wish I could post all the pictures, there are so many fun activities. Kendall's favorite was the little petting zoo area. The animals were so active and friendly.
Tuesday: My birthday date package #3, which was the play "Clue" at the Rogers Memorial Theater. Dave and I had so much fun and the play was awesome. It's my favorite one that I have seen there.

Wednesday: We went swimming at Spook N' Swim. Or Surf N' Spook. We couldn't decide which sounded better. Wednesday at Surf N' Swim is only $1 per person. I wasn't thrilled about swimming in October, but the kids were, and I figured even if we only stayed a bit it was worth the dollar. We stayed almost two hours, so it was totally worth it. The spookiest part was getting the kids all showered, dried off, and dressed in jammies before heading out into the cold night. No wonder I was the only sucker parent there! Every other kid in the place was with a grandparent, and there was less then twenty people that came the whole night. I would do it all the time if my kids could shower/dry/dress themselves. As it is, I'm sure they'll sucker me into it at least a couple more times this winter.

Thursday: This will sound lame to everybody else, but it is one of my kids favorite things to do. We went to Target (we're usually a bit fancier and go to Toys R Us) and I let them browse through the toys. I'm not sure if my children even realize toys are available for purchase.

Friday: We went to a Halloween party with the Cardon's. By the time we trick-or-treat on Saturday, we will have had seven different events that call for the children to be dressed up. And they love it everytime!!!

Saturday: I had this bright idea. I was exhausted by Saturday (um, I know I know I'm exhausted everyday). I had been on my own Wednesday, Thursday, and again all day Saturday. So I remember a couple years ago my friend who had a baby near Halloween painted her belly orange and let her children draw a jack-o-lantern on her belly. I was not quite that ambitious but I did get out the markers and told the children they could draw a scary face on my belly. If you ever decide to do this, here's a few tips:

-Young children will most likely think "why am I wasting my artist abilities on Mom's belly, when I could be decorating my own belly. And legs. And face. And arms." And since the fun was not to be stopped, I let them proceed. But if you do let them proceed, remember a few more tips.

-Don't do it when you have church the next day. Even washable markers take a couple days to disappear.

-Don't do it when your children have been asked to be photographed as inspiration for someone's paintings.

-Especially not if one of them is giving a talk, because you always feel like a better Mom if your child is up in front of the primary giving a talk and they don't have marker on their face.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Away

This year for my birthday Dave got me a "date package". The first one was the circus and last week we did the second date, which was a family trip down to stay in a hotel and go to the Cougar game. Since Friday is our last day with bragging rights before we get slaughtered by TCU, I better hurry and do this post:) Sorry, Cougs, but when you lose to the Aggies my team spirit really dwindles.

We had an awesome time at the hotel and were less then enthused about the game. Lucky us, it ended up to be the best game of the year (to that point, I'm sure when we slaughter TCU on Saturday that will be even better:)). The children were so super excited about their new Cougar clothes and Dave mentioned that he got some pictures but they didn't turn out very well. Uh, he was right. We'll have to do another picture with the new Cougar clothes.
The children did surprisingly well at the game, although I think it's always nice to offer Dave a reminder as to why it is not the right time in our lives to get season tickets. We were surrounded by the nicest people. They were so super patient, even when Kendall was literally climbing on the guy next to her. And I was so glad the soda that spilled all over everyone's coats that were on the ground did not belong to us, nor did we spill it.

As a sidenote, Dave is really fun to watch football with. He knows everything that is happening in the game and always knows what the call is going to be. If the entire stadium is a booing a call the refs made and Dave sides with the refs, I know the refs are right. He's just a man of many talents, I guess. Plus he doesn't all bent out of shape if his team loses. Actually, that should read he doesn't show how bent out of shape he is if his team loses.

We spent four days at the hotel and had planned to do a lot of things with the children, but really they were happiest to just swim. We would eat breakfast, swim, nap, swim, lunch, swim. They are better in the water then me and this is the first time we've stayed in a hotel that all three of them wanted to do nothing but swim.

We did go to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was pretty fun. I would recommend it over the zoo (that's not saying much-I hate the zoo). I hate when places for children charge an huge amount for adults, since obviously the kids need supervision. $7 for kids $13 for adults. Lame. Detmer and Kendall had fun petting stingrays, starfish, and anything they could touch. Allie was freaked out even by the sharks in the tank! (But was happy for this photo op in the fake boat).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things That Matter Most

One day last year, I sat on my bed and cried. The kind of tears where you start to wonder where they are coming from and if they will ever run out. It was, literally, the worst day of my life. Dave took care of the children while my sobs went from hysterical, to a little more calm, and back. I felt like I would never be happy again. I thought I wouldn't be able to face anyone for days. Around bedtime that night, Dave brought the children in for prayer and scriptures. Sometimes, when we can't find our kid scriptures or we're too lazy to go get them, we just tell a scripture story. On this particular night I know Dave was inspired to tell the story of when Jesus and his disciples got caught in a storm on the Sea of Galilee, and Jesus' disciples woke him to calm the sea. The words to one of my favorite hymns came into my head:

The winds and the waves shall obey Thy will
Peace be still!
Whether the wrath of the storm tossed sea,
or demons, or men or whatever it be,
No waters can swallow the ship where lies,
The Master of ocean and earth and skies.

They all shall sweetly obey Thy will
Peace be still, peace be still.

More quickly then I dreamed possible, I was healed. My problem was there, just the same as it was that night. But peace overtook me and I was comforted and have worried very little about it since.

When the missionaries came to our house a couple months ago and challenged Dave and I to find someone to hear the message of the gospel, that is why I said yes. I don't know everything about this life. Some questions concerning the church will never be answered for me in this life. I am not a scripture scholar and I am constantly reminding myself to be a better example of the Savior. I won't get fame, fortune, or prestige by introducing the gospel to someone. But I truly want everyone I know and love, and those I don't know, to know the peace the gospel brings.

A couple days ago one of my friends took me off guard when she made the comment, "why can't we just live and let live." She disagreed with something she heard from a church leader and said, "if what they are doing does not effect me, why should I care?" I was surprised, because the whole message of the gospel is that we do care about everyone around us. That's why my parents went to Scotland when they were young. Dave to Texas, and my brother's to Connecticut, Canada, and even onto the next life. The choices of the people in those places were not effecting their lives, but they knew the importance of the message they had to bring! After they grew to know and love the people it was even more rewarding to see them accept it!

A couple weeks ago when I attended the General Relief Society Conference. What touched me the most was not one of the talks or the songs, but to see how much we, as women of the church love our prophet! I think he could have just stood there and not said a word and everyone would have been satisfied (watch the first 10 seconds of his talk and you will see what I mean). I did love President Monson's talk and have been working to keep my windows clean!

My favorite talk during General Conference was this one, by Mervyn B. Arnold. I also loved
this one, by President Uchtdorf. (I posted the link to the text but I definitely recommend listening if you can, and I know everyone wants to listen to my favorite talks. I'm sure posting the audio is possible, but not with my limited computer capabilities) I LOVE this line from President Uchtdorf's talk: "It is so easy for the basic gospel message to get lost amidst the deluge of information that hits us from all sides." I barely heard it the first time around but as I listened to his talk a couple days later, I realized what a prophetic statement that truly was.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Fun

-We took the children to Frightmares a week ago. It was awesome! There was nobody there and we got right on every ride. The girls were so excited to pull out there Halloween clothes and Detmer does not understand why he doesn't get to have festive clothes (I guess he didn't hear the rule). So I cheered him up by telling him he can match Dad in their awesome Cougar shirts. It totally worked.
-Today I sent Dave a text: "What should we have for dinner? Marinated chicken or chicken enchiladas?" He responds, "chicken". That about sums up how much help I've gotten with dinner in our eight years of marriage.
-Yep. I turned on the sprinklers for the children last week. Several times.
-I'm so happy that I know exactly what everyone in my family is getting for their main Christmas gift! I'm not exactly sure with Dave, but I have a couple ideas, which is more then I can say about last year. I better start hinting to Dave so he has some ideas for me. At first I was going to ask for this, then I decided I'd rather get this, so we don't have to worry about ours losing it's charge when the baby comes. By the way, I haven't done any research on what kind of video camera is the best so if anyone has one they love, please let me know.
-Speaking of video cameras and baby's coming, I really want to record this baby being born. I think the hospital should have volunteers available for such an occasion. Dave is busy trying to take pictures and do his thing. I want him to enjoy it without stressing about recording. However, I would love to see a tiny, goopy, fresh from the womb newborn whenever I want. Dave got 12 seconds of video footage with our camera when Kendall was born and I can't get enough of it.
-I don't even remember the last time we went to the Treehouse Museum before last week, but when I told Allie we were going she was like, "oh the place where I dress like a cowgirl? And a firefighter?" Um, I had no clue. And people say kids don't remember. As it turns out, she was exactly right. -We made Halloween sugar cookies tonight. I can't tell you how happy I am to cross that off my Fall list. See, my children hate sugar cookies. They love making them and they love frosting, so twice a year (Halloween and Christmas) I make the world's biggest mess in my kitchen and spend hours laboring to make a bunch of cookies that I'll throw away later when they've been frosted and the frosting has been licked off. I gave Detmer his haunted house to frost and he instead frosted some dough. Allie frosted her ghost beautifully and didn't even pretend to take a bite of it.
As an aside, I've been meaning to ask Allie and Detmer how they can tell the twins apart, because I can't. When they got here today I asked Allie "how did you know that was Jace?" She said, "cause Brody has fat cheeks." So tonight I tried to see if the cheeks were fat and call their name based on that. No dice. I can tell them apart more based on personality. One behaves a certain way and one behaves another.

-22 week 4 day belly picture