Tuesday, November 30, 2010


(For some reason, I can't move my pictures without a bunch of hassle, so this picture is at the top, even though I talk about it at the bottom:))

My sweet baby girl is two!!! I was so excited for her party to finally give her the present that has been sitting in the garage for a month. I knew she would love it! (The rest of the pictures are random and I don't want to move them, but just a little showing off of my cute baby!)

Making her birthday cake.

LOVED the Christmas tree and decorations and has surprisingly not taken the ornaments off the tree...yet.
Not into this whole winter thing. It's the whole spend an hour to get dressed, go outside for two minutes, come in screaming from cold-hand-pain.
Kendall and her favorite guy.

Allie and Detmer were so cute wrapping her gifts and carefully placing them on the birthday table. About a half hour before her party, she opened them! Allie and Detmer were devestated, but I assured them the great thing about two year olds is they quickly forget, and she would be very surprised when she opened them. To be honest, she saw the horse MANY times before she knew it was hers. We were too lazy to hide it very well.

We had a couple of ideas of what to put on her cake, and decided on making her a Netflix cake. It is a running joke in this household. Kendall WILL NOT sit and watch TV. Not for one single second. I have so many friends who can pop in Einsteins for their ten month old and they watch the whole thing and Kendall just refuses. And YET. Several times a day, "I wanna watch Netflix. I wanna watch Netflix." She is constantly asking! If not for Netflix she says, "I wanna watch Barney." If she liked to watch TV half as much as she ACTS like she wants to watch TV, well, I would have a lot of free time!

We put Kendall in a toddler bed about a month ago. Dave was anxious to get her in it, because he didn't want to put up two cribs. I agreed to try it but secretly I was planning on getting her after she cried for two minutes, cuddling her for an hour as an apology, then sticking her back in her crib for the night while assuring Dave putting up the other crib won't be that bad. She did amazing! We can't believe how well she has done. Now the really scary part, putting her in with Allie and Detmer. Yep, three kids in one room. I like my baby to have their own room and I have never shared a room with my baby. That should be interesting. But I'm happy part one went so well. However, I'm pretty sure sometimes she doesn't even take a nap, she just waits until she feels it's been a sufficient amount of time that I will think she has napped. Like today she was calling me and I went into get her and she was sitting in the rocking chair in her room. She had probably been there the whole time thinking, "is she going to buy it if I call her now?" She ALWAYS wakes up happy. We know she is awake because she just says, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" If Allie or Detmer get her out of bed, she crawls into our room. On Sunday she came crawling right for me until she heard the news that Daddy was home and she quickly changed direction and crawled to his side of the bed.

She LOVES calling Dave at work. She brings me the phone a hundred times a day, "I want hello Daddy." She getts giddy with excitement every single time she calls him. It is the sure fire thing to put her in a good mood.

On the night of her birthday party, she was doing her favorite thing: taking a bubble bath. She gets in and says, "I want pony." So I hand her the pony. She says, "I want other pony." So I give her the other pony and she says, "thank you Mommy." Then about fifty times throughout her bath she said, "Mom." I said what she said, "I love you." Dave was out watching TV so she would scream, "DAAAAD!" He'd say, "what Kendall?" She would should, "LOVE YOU!" It was so cute and I finally kicked her out after about an hour. She loves bubbles.
She loves to make people laugh. In the van she always makes funny noises then turns to Detmer and says, "funny Betberr? Funny?" She also points out everytime she sees a housecar (RV) and "Christmas lights!" Used to be Halloween, then Thanksgiving. If someone else points it out and she can't see it she says, "where Mom? Where?" She hates to be stuck at red lights. If we are stopped she says, "go mom!" Until we are going.

She is just like Allie and Detmer and loves cousins and likes Kelly better then she likes me. I can bribe her to do anything in the morning because I say, "if you want to go play with cousins..." (Kelly and I work out together in the mornings) as soon as we pull into the gym if she sees there van she gets SO excited and shouts, "SUZZINS! SUZZINS!"

Man, I could go on for a thousand pages about all the funny and cute things she says and does. We love her so much and she is so fun! She plays so cute and loves all her toys. She loves Allie and Detmer so much. She hates when she gets up in the morning and they are still in bed. She so wants to go wake them up. And they adore her. They love doing little favors for her and they spoil her so much.
For Kendall's very birthday, she got to go to Build-A-Bear and Grandma Marbles got her a bear. She was so cute! She loved picking out her bear and was very sure about the dress she wanted. She said she wanted to name the bear "Grandma". We called the bear Maddi, but this morning she came in and said, "where's Grandma?" Then finds Maddi and says, "Ohhh." That's why Maddi had to get glasses just like Grandma's. And Kendall is obsessed with glasses, but surprisingly Maddi/Grandma's glasses are still in one piece. We had dinner at Applebee's and when they sang happy birthday to her she had this look like, "what the heck?" but just clapped right along with the staff.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Truths & 1 Lie

1. There is a gal in our ward who is an awesome artist. A guy in our ward is an aspiring actor. Together, they decided he would pose as Jesus to inspire some of her paintings. Good for her, and good for his portfolio. He is a kind of small guy, though. A couple Sunday's ago she knocks on our door and asks to come in and sit down. Then she asked Dave if he would model as Jesus for her. With his nice hands and his broad shoulders, mind you. When he played two truths and a lie at work he mentioned he was asked to model as Jesus, but of course, no one picked that as the lie. It was only a matter of time before he was discovered.

2. The glucose test that pregnant women have to do causes me huge amounts of anxiety. This was the first time I had to drink the orange drink and I thought about it for weeks. The paper of instructions says THREE times to be sure your test is done exactly one hour after you finish the drink. We got to our appointment at 5:39 and I told them, "I need to do the glucose test at 5:49." I stared at my phone waiting for 5:49. It came and I thought surely, they know what they are doing. Finally at 5:55 I went up and said, "um, I was due to take the glucose test at 5:49?" The receptionist replies, "oh. it's too late now." WHAT?!!! I was so mad! She called the medical assistant who was at fault and she took my blood anyway, and then said, "well, you're going to have to do it again, but you're going to have to do the three hour test." Please raise your hand if you feel I should be reimbursed for my time, driving expenses, and emotional trauma caused by her mistake. Thanks, I thought so too.

3. How do you like this song I wrote? Okay, so I didn't write it, but I could have. For Halloween we went back to my dad's old neighborhood. All night Allie kept asking to go to Grandpa's. We had already gone, I thought she wanted to go back because cousins just went. Finally Dave figured out she meant Grandpa's old house. I told her we could go there while Dave, Detmer, and Kendall (who were so done) waited in the van. We knocked and the guy who answered was really friendly. Just before we left she muttered "this used to be my Grandpa's house." The guy at the door said, "what?" I told him, "she just wanted to tell you her Grandpa used to live here." A very long story short, the guy invited us in, offered to let us take a tour, and chatted with us for at least ten minutes (my apologies to Dave, Detmer, and Kendall in the van). I appreciated it so much. It was nice to go in and look around. It all really happened, even if my only tangible memories are a couple of boxes of things cluttering my basement and Kelly's. He also said I could come back anytime. I might.

The lie: You might be surprised to learn my baby daughter will not be named Betty Jean. If you recall this post, I asked for suggestions on naming my baby boy. The reason being Dave and I had picked out a girl name, so I only needed a boy name. The joke is on me. Just as quickly as our daughter's name came, it left. Both Dave and I, on cue, started feeling less then excited about the name (we actually have two possibilities). Who knows, maybe my daughter will be Betty Jean. The rest of that post was true, including Dave disputing using Jean for a middle name. Incidently, Dave's mom's middle name (along with 50% of the female population) is Marie. You might think it's a no brainer to use that. BOTH our names rhyme with Marie (think: Bree Marie). And you thought you had problems.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best Prank Ever

You might have noticed me and the good people at Kosy 106.5 and FM 100 are in the Christmas spirit. I look so forward to the Christmas tunes. The past couple years, the start time has been so random. It's like three o'clock on November 4. So Dave called me this year to inform me the Christmas music had started. I could practically hear Denny's blood pressure go up. He would like to outlaw listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, Kelly had the best idea ever. The Cardon's and some neighbors hung their Christmas lights on Saturday, so on Sunday the Cardon's asked the neighbors to turn on their lights. That way when Denny came for dinner he was welcomed to a winter wonderland. As if that wasn't enough (and it probably was) Kelly made Christmas sugar cookies and had Christmas music blaring on the radio. You can guess (if you know Denny at all) he wasn't in the house two minutes before he began his rant. "Thanksgiving? What's Thanksgiving? Isn't it Christmas?" He said sarcastically. Denny doesn't know the meaning of "I don't care". He is he has an opinion on everything, and it's a strong one.

(Hey Denny-Wasn't Jennifer Aniston HOT in her last movie? Oh my gosh, have you seen The Blindside? So good! And what about The Office? That's what she said. Could you please give Limo a hug for me? If I could stomach it I would put something like go utes but I don't want to taint my blog.)

I have two legitimate questions for anyone interested in this hot topic:

#1. Why doesn't anybody ever accuse me of skipping Halloween? I pull out my Christmas music before Halloween, but everyone is only concerned about precious Thanksgiving?

#2. People make the accusation that others are "skipping Thanksgiving", but what does that mean exactly? Is it simply listening to Christmas music? Should you not go Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving? I'm truly curious. It's probably just a matter of opinion.

But this year, before you accuse me of skipping Thanksgiving, please tell me how I can do so.

I. Hate. Thanksgiving.

After I had Allie and the rest of the children came, I lost a lot of the bitterness that came when my mom died. I found joy in everything again. Almost everything. But somehow, it didn't happen with Thanksgiving. It has sucked every single year since my mom died.

The first was obviously horrible. We were all in such a deep depression and my mom was more painfully absent then ever as we tried to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate on Thanksgiving (overeating of food that's not that good?)

The second Thanksgiving was even worse. Ryan had just died. And what's worse then being around a lot of people who are as miserable as you are? Being around people who aren't miserable at all. This was the worst "holiday" I have ever had in my life. I still remember playing a game that night with a bunch of people laughing and talking and thinking that I was going to die.

To try and make Thanksgiving a little less horrible, three different years I asked three different people (I mean four) who had made endless offers of "ANYTHING I can do to help" to help. That's when I first realized when most people say "Anything I can do to help" means "anything I can do to help as long as it fits into my schedule and doesn't cause me the least bit of inconvience."

Do I sound bitter at all?

And I didn't even include the real doozies.

A couple of years I made some attempts at turning this holiday around and making it really special, but those all failed so this year I'm anxiously awaiting Black Friday, a better holiday then Thanksgiving.

Just for fun, want to know what our two options are for Thanksgiving this year? No. No, you really don't.

Until next time, Merry Christmas!!!