Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Number One

Today was Dave's first day back to work after having over a week long vacation. It was so much fun and I am definitely the one who got the vacation. Over Christmas Dave and I talked about the two different kinds of service people usually do. 1) To be recognized and applauded for their actions. 2) Out of love, where no one knows but them. Both kinds of service are admirable, but I am always in awe of people who are constantly serving without getting accolades from those around them. Dave is that kind of person. He doesn't track his service or make a big deal of it, he just does it. I would be surprised if anyone knew about some of the service he heas been up to this year. And he spends most of his time serving where it matters most, right in his home. For example:

-While he was off work, I did not change one single diaper unless Dave was asleep or gone. He didn't announce his plan to me. In fact, I'm not even sure if he realized it (he probably did) but I wanted him to know I realized it and appreciated it so much.

-I didn't get any kids into jammies.

-I didn't brush any teeth (except my own, surprisingly I didn't make Dave do that).

-During his time off, Dave did not plan one single thing for himself. He did plan several family activities.

-He taught the kids how to play Monopoly. They loved it! And he does not impatient with them. The first game was over two hours, the second one was probably even longer!

-Back in the summer when I had such bad morning sickness, I missed at least two months of church. Dave took all three children every single week!!! I do not know of many men that would do this. He never once just decided to take a day off, never once asked if one of the kids could stay home with me. Now, you may know our children as perfect little angels:) but they walk through those chapel doors and they don't hear "shhh, be still". They hear "run around, cry, crawl under benches, talk as loud as possible." I break a sweat at church when Dave is there to help, I'm still amazed that he did this by himself for so long (and a couple times since) and never once complained.

Well, I could go on but I'm sure Dave is embarrassed enough! I just wanted to make sure he knows I recognize all he does for our family, because though you may not believe it, I don't always show it. He is one in a million and we are so lucky to have him!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Loves

We had a great Christmas. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of my kids in their matching Christmas jammies. I bought those things last year to make sure they would match. Luckily they'll wear them again. Poor Kendall. I bought her a size two but she may wear them for two more years they are so long on her!

Christmas Eve is my favorite. We went to the Cardon cousins and played and played and played. The kids are so excited and wild-I love it! The kids fell asleep on the ride home. Thanks to my awesome dad, who had the kids sleep over on the Sunday before Christmas, Dave and I had NO WRAPPING to do on Christmas Eve. It was glorious. I told him to count that as our present, but of course he didn't listen. Hopefully he listened when I told him to make it a yearly tradition:)!!! We also had a very fun performance by the kids on Christmas Eve. I hope I post pictures of it when my dad sends them to me next week.

Dave and I felt ten years old this Christmas. We could not even sleep this year we were so excited for the kids to get their gifts. Detmer woke us up at five to go to the bathroom and we tossed and turned until 8 when Allie finally got up. We couldn't bear to make her wait much longer, so went and woke up Detmer and Kendall. Having young kids is the best. I just love them and their excitement. They make us so happy!Kendall shows off her loot. She was mostly happy she got cookies for breakfast. I thought she would just wander around and look at everyone's gifts, but she was very excited to unwrap her gifts. She was also VERY slow. I kept trying to help her along and she was not having it.
Detmer got an R/C car from my dad, but my dad forgot to get batteries for it, so Detmer just sat and drooled over it. I've mentioned he is the funnest kid to buy for because he LOVES everything. Last year after each gift he said, "it's just what I always wanted." This year he said, "this is the best Christmas ever!!!" He and Allie were both ready to get back home about five minutes after we walked out the door because they wanted to play with their toys.

This is Allie and her famous Barbie house. For anyone who didn't hear the national news bulletin, Dave built this thing! I looked everywhere for a Barbie house and if it was one hundred bucks or less, it looked like it would break in five minutes. I secretly thought of this idea to have Dave make one and waited for the right time to approach him about it. After showing him some houses online, he came up with the idea all on his own. I had conviently kept this very sturdy wood piece to use and Dave did the rest. It has been her favorite thing. She's been playing with it non-stop!
My favorite gift this year was from Allie. She made it in primary weeks ago and diligently kept it under the tree. Christmas morning she immediately brought it to me, so excited. It was a note in an envelope that said, "to Mom and Detmer, Allie". She is pretty good at sounding words out but writes in short hand-as in she gets bored after the first two letters so it said, "Mom, I wi he u wi ba." She told me, "it says, Mom I will help you with the baby." Then, she took it to Detmer. It said, "Detmer I wi pl wi." It says, of course, "Detmer I will play with you." And I know she will be true to her word. She is such a sweetheart.

I also was very excited to get my new video camera! Our current video camera is all sorts of broken, but it still works (usually) so we've been using it. However, I wanted something good for when the baby comes and the one Dave got me is perfect. It will fit right in his pocket with the camera.
A few days before Christmas, Santa called. Allie was so nervous during the call and Kendall was just here and there. After starting with "Hi Santa." And informing him she wants Barney for Christmas, she started singing Happy Birthday to you. Detmer, however, was very calm and cool. You'd think he talks to Santa everyday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Santas

I loved this Santa! He was at our ward party and he did a great job. This was after Kendall already sat on Santa's lap, so she just waved from a distance. Allie told Santa she'll be grateful for whatever she gets. Awesome Santa #2. Dave got in trouble by Santa for putting a crying baby on his lap, but we did need our token "baby crying on Santa's lap" picture.
This boy loves Santa. Detmer has never cried on Santa's lap. He is the most appreciative boy, too. He is the one who has not stopped playing with the gift he got from Santa.
I don't have a picture of Santa number 3. Maybe Kelly will post pictures next September for us all to enjoy. Kelly was in charge of her wards Christmas party and she could not find a Santa anywhere. The Santa from the past retired this year. Another guy they tried to get was going out of town but was willing to rent out his suit. Kelly suggested Dave but I had to laugh at that. I mean, just because he has made his modeling debut does not mean he can act. Desperately, Kelly asked my dad. A tricky thing because he did just have major surgery less then two months ago and he does not know how to say no. But of course, he was happy and willing to do it and Kelly said he did an awesome job. I can't wait to see pictures. Thank goodness for my amazing Dad! It was only about four days before that she got it all worked out, too.
Below is me and my cute Kendall with Detmer's beloved Power Ranger toy.Look at that glowing face! I think Santa picked the right gift.
The Christmas Village was awesome this year! It was such a nice night. We didn't just have to rush through to keep from getting frostbite. The kids had a blast playing.
I told Dave to take a picture of the kids in their church Christmas outfits. But I didn't specify that if Allie had candy cane on her face, he should wash it first. Also, "cheese" "Merry Christmas" "Happy Holidays" all great phrases to say during a picture. "Ho ho ho"? Not so much. Still, I love these little cuties, even if they look like big nerds in their Christmas clothes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dave got me a new laptop for an early Christmas present. Oh my gosh, I love it!!! Like with our cellphones, we are probably about the last people on the planet to make such a purchase and I'm glad to see what all the fuss is about.

The only problem is all my pictures are on the computer. I don't mind blogging without pictures, because I love to go back and read and re-live through my posts. However, the children only appreciate the pictures. Everytime I turn on the computer Kendall comes running over and says, "I want to see Kendall" so I show her pictures of herself on the blog and I'm ready for some new ones! But that will have to wait because I'm too cozy sitting on my couch tonight, so here are some random things.

Dave took me on a surprise date yesterday. I teased him because we went to a movie as part of the date and I could have only guessed that since going to a movie is his favorite thing in the whole world. However, I was very grateful that HE got a baby-sitter and I didn't have to worry about a single thing! We saw Harry Potter and it was sooo good!!! I hated the first Harry Potter but then after I was forced (by my bookclub) to read the book I watched it again and loved it. I have loved all the movies since. Dave and I also loved all the books. I personally don't think the movies are even worth watching without reading the books!

Dave also took Allie and Detmer last week to see Tangled in 3D. They loved it. The best part was Allie and Detmer's excitement over going to the movie. They are like there dad and think the movie theater is the most exciting place ever.

We got Eclipse from Netflix. I think we got it the first day it released. Anyway, I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but I thought this movie was the worst one yet. Dave thought it was the best one yet. Who wants to be the tie-breaker?

I would also like to congratulate Dave on his new position at work. It is a position he set his sights on when he very first started with Fidelity and it has been awesome to see all his hardwork recognized. So far he has been loving it. I feel very fortunate, as a wife, that Dave has always loved his job. He could probably be happy working at the dump, he's got a great attitude about things. He hardly ever complained at all last month when he was going in early and getting up at 5:30 while the rest of us slept several more hours. I also take partial credit for him getting the job because I did a really awesome mock interview for him. I even wore a dress.