Friday, January 28, 2011


"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favorite Things

The pictures have nothing to do with this post, but you can't have a two week old and not add pictures to a post.

Dave & Kira's naming trend:
Allie: a character in one of our favorite movies
Detmer: one of our favorite athletes
Kendall: a character in one of our favorite TV shows
Maci: one of her favorite aunts. Work with me here, people. After the naming trend of our first three kids, I couldn't just randomly name a fourth. So please transpose the first three letters in CAMi and there you have MACi.

When I was about to deliver Maci I told some of my nurses I thought I was having a boy and they asked if that was why we hadn't picked a girl name. I can honestly say that is not why. We were simply stumped. Nothing came to us. We never, ever argued over names. We just didn't like ANY. We had a similar experience with Kendall but had her name in plenty of time for her birth. We thought something would come to us, but it just didn't. We made a firm decision to not even discuss names until the birth of our baby. It was doing nothing but making us crazy.

Almost as soon as Maci was born I thought, "Maci". When I kissed her cheeks (one hundred times) while I was getting stitched up I kept thinking, "I LOVE YOU MACI!!!" As I was getting stitched Dave and Maci were doing the weigh ins, apgars, and finally off to the nursery. So even though I felt sure of her name, I hadn't had a chance to discuss it with Dave.

As soon as Dave and Maci came in to the recovery room the first thing Dave said was, "I have been thinking about a name and there is only one that sticks out to me." I cringed. I had already named her and I wanted to be the one to bring it up. Then Dave said, "Maci." It was so perfect!!! I felt so happy. We had discussed a few names briefly so it wasn't as if we randomly picked the name out of thin air, but still it could have been any number of names.

Dave had decided early on that if it was a girl, he wanted to name her after someone on his side of the family. I agreed and asked him what names he was thinking of. He literally did not say one name. The entire pregnancy he did not offer up a single option for this family name he had in mind. I decided, again, to just let this go and maybe something will come when she is born.
When we DID discuss Dave's family names, it wasn't pretty. Dave adored each of his grandma's, but their names were Madge Rosina and Olive Pearl. Need I say more?
For my part, I wanted to name her after my grandpa(if Dave didn't come up with anything), whose middle name was Kay. I love the idea of tying generations and family members together through names and have known since I was young that I wanted each of my children to have a family name.
As we discussed a middle name, I remembered a pioneer story from Dave's ancestors that I really loved. I told Dave I thought the little girl in the story was named Kate. We both loved the idea of Maci Kate. However, when we went to confirm it with Dave's mom we learned the baby's name was Katie. Maci Katie did not have quite the same ring. We probably went over at least twenty middle names, including invented ones like "Olivia" as a form of Olive. Things were desperate, as in we had one more day until we had to hand in the birth certificate. I still liked Kay but I liked Maci Kate better. I was reading a magazine that Kelly had brought me while I was in the hospital and read about a girl named "Kayte". I thought this was the perfect solution. It still has "Kay" like Grandpa, but I thought Maci Kayte sounded a little more complete (Plus it didn't rhyme with Macy Grey).

I still remember the first time I heard Dave say, "Maci Steffensen" and I thought it was the most beautiful name I have ever heard. Amazing how that happens.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sisters and the Brother

After Dave walked Maci back to the nursery, they were getting ready to take me to my room and the nurse said, "your kids are so excited!" I said, "my kids are here?" She told me they were in my room. I was so shocked they were already there! I asked the nurse to let Dave know my kids were there so he could hurry and get their gifts into Maci's bassinette. I was wheeled into my room laying flat and shaking out of control (again) and there was Allie, Detmer, Kendall, Kelly, and my dad. It was awesome!!! I hate waiting by myself for anyone to get there and I loved having them there already. They were disappointed that Maci wasn't there yet and she didn't get there for awhile. I reminded them how they would know if it was a boy or a girl: a girl would have a bow, a boy would have a football cap on.


Allie was SO out of control. I wanted Dr. M to give her some of that relaxor he gave me. We couldn't calm her down for anything. When I reminded her about the bow/cap for girl/boy she said, "MOM! I already know it's a boy." I asked her how she knew and it was because we already have two girls but only one boy. She was SHOCKED when she saw the bow!!! She loved Maci from first sight and could not wait to hold her.

We had Allie up to the hospital by herself on Saturday to spend sometime with me, Dave, and Maci. She was in HEAVEN!!! Her favorite thing was sitting on my moveable bed and watching cartoons. We ordered hamburger and fries from the cafe and the two of us had lunch in bed. Allie had plenty of time to hold Maci and got to go for a walk to see the room where she stayed when she was Maci's age. They also (Allie and Detmer) got to go during their date with Daddy to Smoothie King and get their own smoothie.

Allie loves almost everything about Maci. She made it clear from the start she does NOT want to see Maci's belly button. The other day she was holding her and her blanket slipped and Allie was like, "ahh, someone take her". If she comes to look at her and her belly button is showing, Allie turns away. She loves when Maci is awake and if Maci starts to drift off, Allie's like, "no no stay awake."


Detmer was the perfect gentlemen from the second Maci was born. He kept coming over and rubbing my arm and saying, "I love you Momma." It was the sweetest. He would even get in bed with me and give me hugs and kisses. Everyone kept saying "Detmer wants a brother sooo bad" but I honestly don't think Detmer ever said that it was more like everyone expected him to want a brother, but he has never said a word about it and has loved this new baby from first sight.
Our hospital date with just Detmer was so special. Thank goodness for my brownie. Detmer almost ended up missing his date but when he saw the brownie that came for him (when we ordered lunch) he decided to stay and I had the best time with my sweet guy. We also took Detmer to see the room he stayed in when he was born and had so much fun hanging out with that funny guy.

Detmer also loves it when Maci is awake and loves talking to her. He's not too big on wanting to hold her, which at this point is a kind of a good thing.
Kendall was exactly how I thought she would be at the hospital. She wanted nothing to do with me and always wanted someone else to be holding her. Mostly Dave.
At home she always wants to be around Maci. We all love the way she says "Maci" so much everyone kept asking her, pointing to Maci, "what's her name?" So now Kendall always points to her and says, "what's her name?" So I tell her something crazy and she says, "no that's Maci." The first time she heard Maci cry she looked at me with this concerned look and she said, "Maci do this: wa." We laughed so hard so now we say, "Kendall, what does Maci do?" Kendall says, "waaa" and laughs. For every other aspect she is our same girl. Loves to be spoiled, expects to get what she wants, suddenly becomes the cuddliest thing on the planet when it is time for bed. She even loves me again and will sit on my lap. Especially if that is where Maci is. Yesterday she was trying to reach Maci and couldn't quite get there and tells me, "I want to pet her." She treats Maci exactly how she treated Kelly's dogs. Luckily she hasn't poked her in the eyeball yet though.
On Tuesday night we got permission to "cut the cord" as Uncle Steve likes to call it. She had to come home with a biliblanket. It was weird because the pediatrician said they go on the blanket if they are above 15 and the highest Maci ever got was 14.2. We still can't figure out why they gave it to us. She is still a little bit yellow, but looking better each day.
Yesterday was her first day with no bottles! She is finally learning how to nurse. It's still a long process. Hopefully very soon it will be nice and simple!
I always forget how often a newborn sleeps. I keep thinking, this cannot be right for her to sleep this much! I also can't believe how tiny she is. We love her so much!!! I am so happy to have her here with us. We are so blessed!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surprise Surprise Surprise

Maci at a few minutes old.

Surprise #1: After planning for months of having a January 15 baby, my baby was born January 12

Surprise #2: A baby girl! I thought I was having a boy!

Surprise #3: After two dark haired baby girls I got a blondie. Still can't believe it!

Yep, this will be long but believe me this is the condensed version of the birth story. I have fifty Maci stories I want to record so this will be part one of a lot!

-Found out Tuesday we were going to have the baby Wednesday (I might share the story later of how my doctor tricked me into this).
-Doctor told me it would be Wednesday night. I begged for an earlier appointment so I didn't have to sit and think about it all day.
-Dr. Bierer made some calls and told me to come in at 11:30 and the c-section was scheduled for 1:30.
-The pre-op rooms were almost all full. Busy day.
-We got all the prep work done and it went pretty well. I was feeling so beyond excited that I would be holding my baby soon.
-At about 1:15 we were told an emergency c-section came in and we got bumped to 6:00. We were so bummed and especially disappointed because I knew how anxious the kids were to meet our baby. Still, like I told the nurse, I've done the emergency c-section thing. It sucks. We were just grateful that everything was going so well for us and that waiting was an option. It was a very long, hard wait.
-As soon as the time finally came and we were walking to the OR I got the shakes so bad I felt like I was going to pass out. I could barely walk or move.
-I had the most AMAZING anesthisiliologist (I'm not going to look up how to spell that, let's call him Dr. M). He was so kind and friendly and asked if I wanted him to put something in my IV to help me relax. Ya think? I don't know why that is not standard procedure. I was still nervous but had much better control of myself and stopped shaking.
-The epidural part sucked as usual, but hey, it worked this time so I was grateful.
-What transpired between the epidural and the part where Maci came out was so awful I will have nightmares until the day I die. Enough said.

-Except, of course, I have to include the part where Dr. Bierer said, "What the...I couldn't get your last baby out, either, could I?!" Gee, doc. What timing for the words of comfort.
-More things I'm trying to forget about.
-Dr. Bierer exclaims "woah, she's huge!"
-Dave and I were so shocked she was out so fast (especially after the above comment)
-I was taking in all at once "she" and "huge". How huge is my baby girl?
-I got a tiny glimpse of her and they took her to weigh her and I couldn't see her anymore:( Usually I have been able to see them when they are weighed and scored.
-Somebody said she has red hair. I was very anxious to see my huge, red headed baby!
-The doctors having some serious trouble finish up my c-section and me being able to hear bits and pieces of their conversation (even though they were trying to whisper). I thought I might never walk again or something horrible. For the record, Dave knows what happened and he is dying to tell someone. He is not allowed to talk about it in front of me. I never want to know.
-FINALLY Dave brings over my beautiful, TINY, BLONDE baby girl. I got to kiss her precious little face for a minute until she left me AGAIN to go to the nursery.
-Awesome Dr. M moved me to my new bed. Transferring is normally the worst part for me but he did it so smoothly I barely felt like I budged.
-In recovery I was in so much pain, plus I didn't have my baby to take my mind off the pain. It didn't help that I was on the evil Pitocin. I hate that stuff!
-When my sweet Maci came in I couldn't even hold her I was hurting so bad. But at least she was with me at last. For a second then back to the dang nursery!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Maci Kayte Steffensen
January 12, 2011
7 pounds 8 ounces
20 inches

First family picture. Too bad Allie was being such a goof!

Modeling her outfit sent from Aunt Jenn
Modeling the outfit from Aunt Jenn with the hat. The hat was so cute but would't stay on her head! Allie, Detmer, and Kendall were so excited to bring her the little pink monkey.
Maci's first picture with Mom! She is about twenty minutes old in this picture.
Many pictures and a birthstory to come! We are sooooooo excited to have Maci here! We love this baby so much!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See this boy in the suit?

This is my sweet little SUNBEAM! Detmer started primary on Sunday and was SO excited! He has the cutest teacher ever. She came over to let him know she was his teacher on Saturday night and he talked about Sunbeams all night and all morning Sunday. Dave and I must have been asked twenty times "is it time for Sunbeams yet?" I was so sad Dave and I just got released from primary so we didn't get to watch how his first Sunday went. However, from the full report we received afterward, it was a huge hit. He loved it!When I was taking pictures of Detmer and Dave, Kendall wanted a picture with Daddy. Then after I take her picture she always runs over and says, "I wanna see I wanna see." She has not yet gone to nursery by herself. She had a little cold on Sunday so we came home during nursery.
Two handsome suit guys!Allie had been talking about being Mary on Christmas Eve for months. Try not to be jealous of these beautiful costumes I spent months sewing together. It was fun. It is so nice to blend the true story of Christmas in with the parties so it gives the kids time to think about the meaning of Christmas in a way they really enjoy. Please note Kendall was the star. Not the star of the show, the shining star. You can barely tell in this picture that she is holding it. Although she was also the star of the show. Weren't they all!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guessing Game

Please entertain me with your guesses!
Boy or Girl?

This is a 37 week picture taken by Allie.

If you have seen me at all in the past month or so, you may recognize my uniform I am wearing. What happened to all of my maternity clothes? Well, I don't do jeans. My size fits wrong in all the wrong places by the time I reach this point and the size up look like MC Hammer pants, so I always swear off jeans sometime before week 30 (which may or may not be sometime around week 12). I had a pair of cream colored pants I wore a lot with Kendall. They were so comfy. Then Kelly and I discussed (they were a hand-me-down from her) that they should have never been worn in public. I still have several other shirts, but they don't go with black pants, really. They look better with cream pants or jeans, but remember? (see above). So this is pretty much it for me. Good thing it's so flattering. Mind you I do have three different pair of black pants. And if my shirt is being washed (or line dried, since I don't currently have a dryer) I have plenty of billowy sweatshirts.

One should never assume (or mention) that a pregnant gal is going to have her baby "any day now". Because for some of us, that does not happen. It should not be assumed that our baby is coming even one day before 42 weeks. People are constantly asking, "do you ever go early?" No. I don't. I would probably still be pregnant with Allie were it not for the invention of my dear friend the c-section.

This is my first pregnacy that I have not been asked, "when are you due?" told the answer and had the other person shockingly respond, (gasp)"is it twins?"

Friday was my last day at the gym. I have officially started my maternity leave. The day before millions of Americans join the gym, I am done. Friday was awesome, the whole class was dedicated to me (by me). We did all my favorite tracks and it was the perfect way to start my hiatus. It's probably for the best. Some people were starting to get a little jealous of all the attention I was getting. I don't see what the big deal is, though. I know someone who went to the gym the day before she went into labor with twins. Haha!

People always want to know if my other children are excited about the baby and I just lie and say, "yes, they can hardly wait!" The truth is I think by this point of pregnancy kids think it is all some made up game and that no baby is actually coming. However, today Allie actually said, "I can't wait for the baby." So I think at her age she realizes it is getting close.

When Kendall was born I had her in the nursery while Allie and Detmer arrived. I wanted to greet them and then have Dave go get Kendall. When Kendall came in, she had two presents in her crib, one for Allie, one for Detmer. That was a huge highlight for them and they are already talking about what Manase might bring them. There is only one thing packed in my hospital bag so far: the gifts from the baby for Allie, Detmer, and Kendall. That is the only thing I absolutely can't forget!