Sunday, February 27, 2011


I left my Maci Kayte for the first time on Thursday. I wasn't quite ready to leave her yet just because I prefer to be with her. But I wasn't worried and I knew Kelly would spoil her. Dave's work was having a dinner and I couldn't let him have all the fun:) I picked Maci up at the church where Corben was playing basketball. She was wearing these jammies (below) and here eyes were so big and bright. I was sooo happy to be back with her. At Dave's work party everyone kept asking about "the baby" and I was thinking of her all night!She is getting so big. For the longest time I was nervous about her growth but to me her look has totally changed and she no longer looks like a newborn.
Maci got to meet Aunt Tammy and Cooper! My friends did not believe me when I said I have taken a thousand pictures since Maci was born. I looked and it was actually 700. Plus probably fifty or so on our phones. I can't help it, I want to capture everything.~I think Maci is my worst sleeper. Unless it's true what they say and you just forget. I know Kendall was really awesome (I at least remember that far back). It was different with Allie, being my first and not having other responsibilities. She probably slept about the same as Maci but I just slept in longer with her. Detmer...the poor guy...we were so crazy with selling the house, moving, Dave's crazy work schedule. I still feel bad about his sleeping conditions in infancy.
~Maci loves when we talk to her. Baby talk style of course. She is starting to smile a lot when we talk to her.
~She loves chaos already. She is happiest in her swing when we are all doing Just Dance or DDR on the Wii. She doesn't really seem to like the peace and quiet while she is awake.
I think I can finally say nursing is going better. I have stopped praying that someone will knock on my door with a year supply of free formula, so things are definitely looking up. She even sometimes sucks without me harassing her and usually latches on in the first five tries. Why, at this rate in another six months we'll have it down to a science. I think this must be why I breastfeed for so long. Once we finally get the hang of it I'm like, "I worked hard for this! I'm not giving it up!"
~She is starting to like "stuff" better, like her swing and the bouncer (she'd probably like it better if it worked!). She likes to sit up in the boppy. Of course her favorite thing in the world is still being held.
~If there is one thing Allie hates (besides an umbilical stump) it's baby acne. And Maci's got a bad case. Although I don't think Allie thinks it's gross, I think she's just concerned. When she first saw it she said, "(GAAAAAAAAAAASP!!!!!!!!!) MOM! WHAT IS ON MACI'S FACE!" So I explained it the best I could and Allie said, "oh, poor Maci." Any chance her horrible case now means acne will go easy on her in the teen years? Ha!
~Allie asked me what Maci's nickname was going to be. She doesn't really have one yet, although here's an idea: (DAVE!!!) Let's not give her a nickname after an huge, unattractive creature. I admit Kendall MOOSE is fine for now, but it's not going to be so cute in a couple years.
~We do call her Maci Kayte and Maci Kayti a lot but I'm sure a good nickname is brewing and will come out of the woodworks soon.
~I decided that the whole "jealous siblings" thing is an old wives tell someone made up to make us new mom's all excited about how well our kids adjust to a new baby. Not only adjust well, but they think she hung the moon. Especially Kendall. As soon as she wakes up it's, "where's Maci?" Then runs to her to give hugs and kisses. Then when I think of it, I have never actually heard someone say they had a child adjust badly when a new baby was born. Either way I'll take it because I'm so happy they all love her so much!

More Detmer Fun

Detmer had a fun date at McDonald's (of course!) He loved his gift and true to Detmer form has played with it non-stop since!
Detmer finally got to have his birthday party! I had originally scheduled it for last week. But when you schedule a party and want people to come, you should tell them about it. And that, I forgot to do. Except I had told Diana so she text me and said "is the party still on for tomorrow?" So I text her back and said, "uh, no. I forgot to invite anyone." It was a fun and super easy party. Detmer is so laid back and not an attention hog either so they all just had fun play. Except who told him he could invite Allie? GRRR! They were all playing so great I thought I would just let them play and have fun. Allie kept asking when games were and I told her we were still waiting for Monson. As soon as Monson showed she called everyone for games. Girls and boys do parties very differently and next year I'm thinking she's not going to score an invite.

Detmer's birthday party was "Cars" (as in Disney) themed (since Target had their Cars stuff 50-75% off. Oops. I mean because Detmer LOVES Cars). So the cupcakes are stoplights. Woot Woot! I'm just like my mom with my fancy cakes. I was going to make an excuse and remind everyone that it was not fancy because I just had a baby, but the truth is this is how my kids parties will always be. No table runners, no cupcake flags, no coordinated colors, just lots of fun! (I know for some mom's doing all that IS fun, but not me).

The best part. Helping make the birthday cake and eating the leftover batter. They really couldn't careless about the end result, they enjoy the process. (and yes the DDR is on in the background, which it is about 99% of the day. The kids probably only took a break to bake the cake).
This picture makes me laugh. Kelly did the family birthday party for Detmer. When we have Sunday dinners the kids hate eating dinner because they just want to play. I make them eat so they don't say they are starving when we get home. I kept telling Detmer to eat his soup so we could sing and do presents. Then I just decided to sing and do presents even though he wasn't done, but we didn't have all night. I forgot to tell him he didn't need to finish his soup first. So here he is, with the candle lit and everyone gathered round to sing Happy Birthday, and he's shoving his soup in his mouth trying to finish so he can do presents! Thankfully I finally figured out what he was doing and told him he didn't have to finish.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What Valentine's Means To Me...

I get to dress my baby in cute clothes with heart shapes. I just love this girl!!!
Taking the kids to "heart attack" Grandpa's house. We were going to surprise him but the kids were so loud when we got there I sent him a text and said, "don't come outside" which piqued his curiosity enough to come running out. Oh well, instead of leaving our heart shaped cookies on the doorstep we went in and visited for a minute. (I felt like I made a billion hearts that would cover the whole house and they actually covered about half his door. Oh well, easier to take down.)
The picture below is just evidence as to why I have had no desire to get professional photos yet. I took about twenty and this beauty is the best one.
Another reason to opt out of professionals for the time being: Detmer has licked his lips so bad he has a red ring around the bottom of his mouth. It was hurting him so bad on his birthday he was crying. He would lick it and I would tell him to stop and he would cry, "I can't stop." Ugh! Maybe we will just have it in his four year pictures as a memory.
Then poor Allie made cookies with Grandma and I guess they smelled so good she was looking at them and burned her lip on the pan that was fresh out of the oven.We had a fun dinner with red and heart shaped themes and Dave left the kids the game of Life for their Valentines. Then we discussed what we did before kids, because Valentines is totally about them. That's probably because we learned how dumb it is to attempt going out on Valentines and we will never do it.
It's also fun to go to the store on Valentines and see all the poor suckers purchasing the over-sized Teddy Bears and grocery store flowers.
I was just reading my Valentines post from last year where I bashed Chuck E Cheese, which is what I do after everytime we go there. You'd think we'd stop going there, especially after I swore it off after Allie's birthday. Well, I saw a sweet deal on the internet and I couldn't resist, because while I loathe the place, my kids adore it. I got a twenty dollar gift certificate for eight bucks. I also had coupons for forty free tokens. I guess it really is about the money because this time we had an absolute blast! We even earned enough tickets to get cotton candy and other stuff-our talents at arcade games are improving. We also must eat less then last year because one pizza was more then enough. Won't ever pay full price again but I'm sure glad I bought the gift certificates!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Uh, the video

It was brought to my attention that I accidently did a still shot on the post below. I meant to do this video!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Club Can't Handle Us

Dave's sister decided we should have some FUN before Dave's mom went in for hip surgery, so she put together a HIP HOP party!!! The first game we were in a partnership and each partner drew a body part, like "ear" and "nose" and one partner had to put their nose on the others ear. Allie and Maggie refused to lose and talked Grandma into playing a whole new round. I think they are "cheek" and "hip".

Check out my baby Maci's bandana! So cute! And I love how her arms are like "wussup!"

I especially liked the one pant leg down one pant leg up look Dave sported, inspired by Step Up 2, which was an awesome movie. But please take my advice and skip Step Up 3. It is horrible! I really feel like they should have checked with me before putting my favorite song on the soundtrack of such an awful movie!Try not to be jealous, ladies. The one on the left is all mine. AND take note that he was the champ everytime. I'm such a proud wife. (I even captured Dave's dad participating. Like full out dancing. Trying to steal the "champ" title away from Dave. Hopefully Dave and I can figure out how to get video uploaded from our new video camera because Jenn and Tammy have to see it to believe it.)
If you're not familiar, we played the Wii game "Just Dance". It was my first experience with the game, but definitely not my last. We had such a great time that one is definitely going in our Wii game collection! I was a little jealous, though, since my baby was only three weeks old I couldn't fully participate. Probably for the best, though. I didn't want to intimidate everyone.
Of course it didn't take long before Allie was stripped down to her leotard. She has about fifty of them, but two she really favors and hardly ever takes them off (literally. she wears them to bed under her jammies. sometimes over). I am so glad she loves to dance. I have always loved to dance. Me and my bff used to spend hours making up dances. You might be thinking, "oh, what a cute activity for second graders". But take note, we were in high school. Oops. Did I just admit that. Don't worry, I will never out my partner in crime. And I will never admit how much dancing goes on in this house daily. (But you could probably tell from the video Dave gets lots of practice).

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Detmer's silly face is on account of me telling them to say "Happy Birthday" while I took the picture.
Yep, his four is planted firmly in his piece of french toast. I figured since he requested french toast for dinner there would be no cake.

My Detmer boy is four! Now that he is sweetly tucked into bed I'm feeling SO happy about his successful big day, with more celebrations to come. Tomorrow is his date with Grandpa Greg, next week his friend party, and a week from Sunday a family party (hence why I didn't feel guilty about not doing a cake tonight!).

First thing I heard this morning was Allie saying, "Mom, the birthday boy is awake!" Allie spoiled Detmer so much today. The stuff they usually take turns doing like answering the door, sitting on a certain barstool, picking a movie, Allie gave all the honors to the birthday boy. When the door knocked she said, "go ahead, birthday boy."
Detmer LOVES Boondocks (if you haven't yet, check out the Boondocks birthday club. It's awesome!) So I decided to take the kids their for Detmer's birthday. Despite having my huge reservations about taking Maci not only out, but out to Boondocks, after much deliberation I decided to do it. I knew what a big deal it would be to Detmer and it was so worth it. He must have come up to me ten times saying, "Mom! I love Boondocks!" "Mom! I'm having WAY fun!" (and just as I asked of her, Maci slept in her carseat the whole time).

For dinner he picked his favorite: French Toast. I thought he would pick corndogs but after some persuading from Allie it ended up being French Toast, suasage, and scrambled eggs.
At four years old Detmer:
-Still worships his big sis. I've said before, I'm not sure what thoughts are Detmer's and what are just put into his head by Allie. Does Detmer even like French Toast? Maybe, but it's not his favorite food, it's Allie's. I know it was worth it to him to pick it just to please her.
-He LOVES any and every toy. Nothing ever gets cast aside with Detmer. For example last night Grandma and Grandpa Steffensen gave him GI Joe gear and clothes for his birthday. He had not been up more then thirty minutes before he had it all on. He went to bed tonight playing with it.
-We recently put him in a room with Maci. I think he's sleeping much better, since he doesn't stay up til all hours chit chatting with Allie. Dave and I kind of miss hearing them in their giggling but they are all getting a lot more sleep. Detmer was a champ about the room switch. He didn't utter one word of complaint.
-When he's eating, he always wants to know what's healthy so he can build strong bones.
-He has the biggest sweet tooth out of all my kids. He is like me and prefers baked goods over candy.

-He is HORRIBLE to talk to on the phone. We can't understand a word he says. Typical boy.
-He loves the books, activities, and crafts we do in "pre-school" but is not interested in academics. He started working on writing the letter "A" the same time Allie started working on writing "Steffensen". She's an old pro and he-well, we're going to revisit writing in a couple months.
-He's left handed and I'm wondering if that's why he doesn't write well, or if it's just that he's not interested yet. (for the record, I'm not worried, he still has a year to get excited about it).
-He plays so well and so patiently with Kendall. She has to be the ring leader in all things and he let's her be boss.
-He is so sweet with Maci. Everytime he gets home he asked if Maci was missing him.
-He is a Daddy's boy! His favorite part of the day is when Daddy comes home and it is no wonder-Daddy spoils him big time.

-He is super affectionate. He is always quick to say "I love you" and is always complimenting me and his sisters, especially when we are ready for church on Sunday. He'll says, "wow, you look beautiful!" Or some other line, the smart guy.

He is such an easy going, happy, sweet boy. He brings so much joy into our home and family. I'm so grateful to be his mom!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Artic Front Brings High Wind, Dangerous Cold

PS. If it is your own blog, you are allowed to move a PS to the top of the page.
PPS. This post totally got off topic. I was telling a story about our artic night and it turned into a gratitude post, so if the progression doesn't seem natural, well that's how my mind is working.
PPPS. The title of this blog post comes courtesy of KSL's top story today. I thought the fact that this is the top story adds just that extra bit of drama this post needed.
PPPPS. A week or so ago I told Dave I thought Maci had a dimple like Allie. He hadn't noticed. So then, how lucky was I to get this picture of a smiling two week old?! I have never been so lucky with my other kids to capture those two second newborn smiles. No wonder I am so in love with this picture.
And now, on to the actual post:

"Want to hear something depressing?" Dave asked me while we talked on the phone yesterday. Uh, no not really. "The low is nine degrees tonight. And zero tomorrow." Boooo!!!! Remember those unseasonably warm January days? Welcome, February.

So after a particularly long and exhausting day yesterday, all the children were tucked comfortably into bed, except Maci, who cuddled with me on the couch. Dave was in bed as well. All of the sudden I hear a really LOUD noise that did not stop. Dave got out of bed and we gave each other the "what the heck is that?" look before discovering MUCH to our dismay, it was the furnace. After about an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong, no luck. We knew we had to turn the furnace off for the night or risk ruining it by running it all night. Of course, we turned it off. Just before 1 am Dave laid blankets on the floor and hauled the kids all into our room so we could run the space heater. (This is the part where I was really, really sad that Detmer got sick and we had to cancel a sleepover planned at Aunt Diana's.) Our room stayed warm and the kids did great on our floor (although I did have to retrieve Kendall out from under the bed one time when I came back in from feeding Maci).

As soon as we woke up this morning I sent a text to my most wonderful friend across the street. Her husband happens to own a business. HVAC. Because we are lucky that way. "What's John's work number?" She text me back with the number and said, "did your furnace go out?" How did she know we didn't just want to have him over for dinner?:) So about noon Dave called John who said, I'm in my driveway I'll be right there. Then about 12:01 John knocked on the door. Then about 12:15 John headed back home after restoring heat to my home. AND! He acts like it's no big deal. Okay, have you ever got up to feed a baby at three am? It can be hard. BUT, if you've ever got up to feed a baby at 3 am when it's fifty degrees inside...oh man. I could not have survived another night like that.

Amazing. These people who live around me. I want to be more like them.

The night we got home from the hospital Dave and I had not eaten all day. It took us way longer then we thought to get home (we had pharmacy hour issues since it was Sunday). We came home starving, but still with a million things to do. Shortly after we got home, our door knocks. Our friend and neighbor bringing us warm rolls. For one thing my mouth waters just thinking of them, because they were that good. Dave and I downed all of them in about five minutes. It was just the thing we needed and I know it was no coincidence that she showed up at that time with those rolls. Other people (ahem, me) would have thought, "hey they just had a baby, they would probably love some warm rolls". But I never would have actually made some and taken them!

We've received so many delicious meals and we are totally overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts for Maci and even one sweet neighbor who brought a treat for Allie, Detmer, and Kendall (although I think Dave enjoyed it most) along with something for Maci.

We are so blessed, it is no wonder this baby is so happy.