Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Everytime we have gone to church since Maci has been born (which is admittedly not a lot) Dave has gotten all the kids ready for church. I do the hair, but he dresses all of them from head to toe. I wish I had a better picture of Kendall's entire beautiful outfit from Sunday, but I just wanted to post this one with the bows Stephanie got for her. She loved them and they looked so cute on her!
"The holiday" (March madness) fell right upon St. Patrick's day this year and since everyone get the holiday off work (right?) Dave got to get up with the kids this St. Patrick's Day and see the excitement of finding those sneaky leprachauns making a mess of the house, turning the milk green, and leaving a dollar in their shoes. I LOVE "holidays" where you turn milk gree and your kids think it is the greatest day ever. Dave also made some delicious green themed breakfast burritos for dinner.

St. Patricks Day afternoon we left Dave alone with the Madness and went to Dollar Tree to spend the leprachaun dollars. Each of the kids got themselves a super fancy and valuable toy. And Maci did not enjoy the photo shoot. (But Detmer clearly did).

I have so many issues getting videos to post, so I'm doing this sideways since it's the only way I can figure it out. This is when we were watching the BYU game on Saturday and Allie decided to help Maci cheer, all on her own. We're such proud parents.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Worth It

A couple weeks ago Dave was laughing when he saw me loading the dishwasher while wearing Maci. I thought nothing of it since that is pretty much how I get anything done!
Lucky Maci got to meet Giff and Shirelle this week. Giff and Shirelle have issues with keeping their eyes open during pictures, so out of about ten, I think three had their eyes open.
This picture is a good illustration of what Allie said the other night. All the kids were playing with Maci and Allie said, "she looks like an alien." I said, "aww. Poor Maci." And Allie goes, "Mom! I meant a cute alien."
And if that wasn't enough when Giff first saw her he exclaimed, "oh my goodness!!! She's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life!!!" No. Wait. That wasn't quite how it went. Let me try to remember. Oh yeah, it was like this, "is she still jaundice? She looks yellow?"

Maci only lets Great Grandma hold her like this. She usually likes to be sitting up and looking around but she makes a special allowance for Great Grandma so they can have some cuddling time.

Maci had her two month check-up this week. I'm so happy she is 10 pounds 2 ounces, which puts her in the 29th percentile and growing beautifully. She was in the 54th percentile for height and like the 10th for head size. My first two kids were always chubby, tall, with huge heads. Kendall and Maci have been smaller, average height, and tiny heads.

Prettiest yellow alien EVER!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I just had the most unrelaxing bath ever! So there are a lot of things in the goings on of life lately that made me start thinking of this. I will spare the details and get right to it.

I was thinking about boys and dating and praying that my little daughters or not going to be the same kind of drama queens in that area.

-First of all, sometimes I just want to cut a check and send it to some of the guys I dated. Seriously, why does the guy have to pay for everything? These poor guys work so hard making minimum wage (I never dated any career men until now:)) and then they spend so much of their hard earned cash on some girl who they will most likely lose touch with in the not-to-distant future. There was this one guy, he paid for EVERYTHING we did, even if we were just hanging out with friends and not on an actual date. And while I'll love him til the day I die for being an amazing friend, we both had very different ideas of where we were going with that relationship. I was just too oblivious and immature to say anything.

-I was in love on a daily basis (I will not accept any comments on this post from my high school friends-I know I was so LAME!) It would take all the hands and feet of every person in this house to count how many boys I just knew I was going to marry. I'd like to say that stopped after I "matured" and was out of high school, but it did not. Because...

-Remember when I went to California for like three whole months the summer after graduation and "fell in love" with the first guy I went out with. I'm not going to lie, if he would have said the word I'm certain I would have packed my bags and moved out there because I knew we were meant to be together. If I called him tomorrow, I swear he would not remember me. I didn't even like him! However, I loved the idea of him. Please bless that everyone burned their emails from that time.

-My. poor. mother. She heard every detail of every guy. Whether I had dated him, had wanted to date him, or had wanted to want to date him. Thankfully she was awesome about it but what I wouldn't give to talk to her about it now and hear what she was really thinking during those conversations. I'm so thankful she got to meet the hot guy I landed. I bet that was the happiest day of her life. No wonder she never once said she thought I was too young to marry at the age of 20. She was probably like "halleh-freaking-lujah someone get this girl off the market."

So during my stressful bath I thought maybe I was unusual case. Maybe other girls dating lives are filled with much less drama and total lameness. Then I realized both my sister's dating lives were ten to twenty times more dramatic then mine. Heck, by the time I rolled around my mom was probably relieved because I was the tame one.

Feel free, anyone, everyone, to tell me all about your drama-free dating life so I know it can happen. And that me and my sisters and almost every single one of my friends was an unusual case.

I vow to not think about my daughters' as teenagers for at least seven more years. Boys have it so much easier. I'm sure my little Detmer won't give me a single problem.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Holidays

It's that time again, people. I hope everyone has been fasting and praying today in prepration for filling out the brackets. March Madness is upon us again and the celebration is well underway. Dave has already spent hours today bonding with the computer and is in in right now taking a nap, most likely dreaming of his picks he will be making in a couple hours. He'll need all the rest he can get since he has to fill out not only his two brackets but help the kids fill out FOUR brackets this year.

When new employees are hired at Dave's work, he and the other managers go have a "meet and greet" lunch. The director asks them to share something they like outside of work, family, and he sometimes says religion. At the last meet and greet when Dave's turn came he said, "since the director didn't exclude us from talking about religion today," (and this is the part I wish I would have been there. It's no secret that Dave is a pretty religious guy and I bet the directors heart stopped for a sec) anyway, he continued, "so I just wanted to share that I've recently been converted to the church of Jimmer."

It's true. Dave's never been quite so into BYU ball. In fact, this year the theme for our March Madness bracket was: "We believe in Jimmer. The Player of the Year. And in the BYU Cougars. And in the Holy Blue Devils." (He'll always have a place for Duke in his heart, although I told him I thought it should say and in Coach Rose, or something).

I text him on Thursday and said, "I feel like I'm having an affair." Why? Because I was watching the BYU game on TV while he was at work. It just felt wrong.

I bet this poor gal is looking forward to the end of the Madness. (I love the coverage ESPN gave that story.)

And if you've not yet learned how to Jimmer, it's not too late.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today was a pretty big deal at the Steffensen home. A couple weeks ago Allie came home from playing at Grandma Marbles and announced she had a lose tooth. My first thought was that I need to call the dentist right away. Then I realized, um, Allie is five and a half, and her loose tooth is just that, a loose teeth (my baby girl? old enough for a loose tooth? what?) When she showed Dave her loose tooth he discovered her permanent tooth was already growing in. Ugh. What? Orthodontic issues for the Steffensen's? Why I never!

As kids do, Allie was constantly fiddling around feeling the tooth with her tounge making it more and more loose. When Allie was born, my sister-in-law gave her a stuffed bear to place her lost teeth in. By some miracle I still have it over five years later and I knew right where it was.


I woke up Sunday morning and Dave had already given the kids breakfast. When Allie came over to me I noticed her tooth was gone. I was like, "Allie!!! Your tooth fell out?" Yeah, she hadn't even realized it. Dave hadn't realized either. Dave and I looked at each other and we both new where it was, resting comfortably in her gut. I knew Allie would freak at the thought of swallowing her tooth, so I told her Daddy must have not seen it in her cereal bowl and washed it down the drain when he was loading dishes. Either way, guess we'll be holding on to that bear a bit longer!

So Allie's first lost tooth was literally (litrally) a lost tooth. When we got to Kelly's last night, Allie showed Kelly her gap. Kelly said, "where's your tooth?" Allie responded, "I lost it." Kelly was like, "I know but where is the tooth?" Allie, "I lost it." Round in circles until I said, "when she says she LOST it..." Then Allie told Kelly about Dave washing it down the drain although I'm not sure she's entirely convinced.

Allie wrote the tooth fairy a note that said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth but Daddy accidently washed it down the sink. Love, Allie"

I spent the day dreaming up ways of how I would make this a fabulous and amazing experience, getting a visit from the tooth fairy.

Then at about 11:30 last night just as I was about to fall asleep I startled myself awake, ran to my purse, grabbed a buck and put it under her pillow. Didn't even get the note because I didn't want her to wake up and see me! I came sooo close to forgetting!

She woke up this morning earlier then she did on Christmas and was so thrilled to see the $1 from the tooth fairy (whose idea was it to get kids all those presents for Christmas when they are that happy with a dollar?!)