Monday, April 18, 2011


Saturday our lender held an Easter egg hunt at the Layton Park. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go but I figured the kids would love it. So we headed over and boy were we in for a treat.
There was an adult egg hunt. Unfortunately, this picture does not even come close to doing the situation justice, but if I would have stepped out any further onto the playing field, I probably would have been tackled. You've never seen adults make such fools of themselves!!! Once we found out there were prizes to be won with the eggs, it was all over. Thank goodness we use the same lender as Kelly and Jeremy, because not only does it make the events a lot more fun, but Corben and Trevor watched after our kids as well as their brothers' so we could all go make idiots of ourselves running around like two year olds trying to pick up Easter eggs! There were hundreds of eggs on the field. I personally collected six. Then I realized my cell phone and/or camera were about to fall out of my jacket. I doubted any of the prizes were valuable enough to risk breaking my camera or phone, so I stopped in the middle of the field to watch all the other adults make idiots of themselves. I only spotted Kelly and I can still picture her sprinting for the hills! Oh man, I could not stop laughing for hours! Dave and Kelly each got a prize egg. Kelly's prize was ten bucks to Joy Luck. Dave's was a haircut. Dave could not quit complaining. He cuts his own hair.
After the prizes were in our pockets and things settled down a bit we were able to take pictures with these giant bunnies. Maci was such a good girl while her parents went insane collecting Easter eggs.
Dave's mom had a "Bridal Tea Party" for the granddaughters on Friday. Allie and Kendall had a lot of fun getting all dressed up and getting make up on.
Maci is wearing the dress that all Dave's sisters' were blessed in. Allie is in Grandma's wedding dress and Kendall is in her "bridal" dress.
My three sweet girls by my wedding dress, which was displayed for the party. I love my beautiful wedding dress. It is not even out of style yet! I think someone could totally still wear it and look beautiful.
Dave's family had an Easter party on Saturday. I was not there and was so proud of Dave for taking a couple pictures!
Dave and three of his four sisters. That's about as good as it gets! (isn't Dave so handsome?!)
I'm so proud of Giff and Shirelle for having their eyes open in this picture! :) It was not an easy feat. It was last Tuesday when we had just got home from being out all day when my door knocks. I opened it and I was seriously like, "Okay, I know you from somewhere." It was these two people! They didn't tell anyone they were coming and just showed up on our doorsteps. It was such an awesome surprise!!! I love having them here. I am trying my best not to pester Giff about three things:
1. Moving back home
2. Having kids
3. Shaving his beard
But since a couple people asked after the last time I posted pictures of him, let me just inform everyone he is keeping his beard until he graduates. So no use harrassing him. Isn't his wife so cute?! We love her and I would say our kids love her but that would be the understatement of the century. Seriously! When they came over on Tuesday we were all sitting on the couches chatting and suddenly I notice DETMER has his feet on her lap and she was tickling his legs. Okay, if you know my shy little Detmer, you can see why this is so amazing. Not too mention Zack thinks she's hot and tells her way too often!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


YES! I fixed it and although it is probably something Kendall could have done, I am so pleased I figured it out.

So I (clearly) decided to change the pictures on my blog, since I didn't have one of Maci yet. Why do I ever attempt stuff like that? Is the picture at the top showing up enormously on everyone's computer, or just mine? How the heck do I fix it? I have never had this happen before and it doesn't matter what picture I change it to, it's huge. The first one I changed it to was just Dave and Maci but it was like HELLO Dave. His whole face barely fit on the page so I hurried and picked one where there was lots of people and now there is just a giant bunny at the top of my page. Hopefully it's fixed soon. That is going to drive me crazy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


My pediatrician recommended that I keep Maci in until she was three months. That is in two days. Boooo! I don't like hitting such milestones, because I just want her to be mine. My little tiny baby who is too small to take out.
These two (above) are for Corben. He loves Maci's big alien eyes.
Allie loves doing photo shoots of Maci and I loved this one with her arm around the Care Bear.
This is what Maci does while I excercise. She sits in her swing and stares at me. She LOVES the music on my workout DVD's. I can usually play them again after I finish and she will sit in her swing, but when the music turns off, she gets so fussy.
Last week Maci laughed for the first time and it was awesome! She laughed for such a long time when Allie was tickling her armpit with a paint brush, I even had time to video the last couple seconds. The best part was 1) Allie was so proud of herself for being the first one to get Maci to laugh and 2) All the kids were gathered round her so we all got to enjoy it. Dave was still at work but last night he was tickling her belly and got a good laugh out of her so we've all got to enjoy it.