Monday, May 30, 2011


My sweet little Maci was blessed on May 1, 2011. She looked so beautiful and the day was truly perfect! Maci is a naughty little stinker but she was so good on her blessing day and thankfully she didn't cry. My dad told me that during her blessing Dave was holding her so close, even if all the other men had moved their hands, Dave would have been find holding her. I never take a picture of the blessing circle, because even though it would be fun to have I think it causes too much stress. I wish I had gotten more pictures of Maci with those who came to share her special day. I'm usually so good at picture taking (as in I take so many I can easily delete at least half). My dad has not sent me his yet, so hopefully he got a couple more people. With Grandma and Grandpa Steffensen.
I love this baby girl and am so grateful I get to be her Mom!
Silly family pictures are the best. I think for the next ten-ish years I am only going to have those hanging on the wall. At least then when no one is looking at the camera it looks like it is on purpose!
Allie and Detmer picked out our seats in the second row. I agreed because I knew they would love seeing Maci as she was being blessed and right after. Dave held her most of the meeting as she slept.
Hopefully I remember everyone in her circle:
Grandpa Greg
Grandpa Bob
Uncle Denny
Uncle Jeremy
Uncle Steve
Uncle Kent
Loran Nikol
Justin Zlotnik
Lynn Wood
Bishop Mark Ericksen

Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trip

It started as a business trip, so I almost ended up going without my kids. Of course Maci was always going to come, but even as I was making arrangements to leave my older three it was like a bad dream. Thankfully it worked out so they could come, changing it from a business trip to a pleasure trip. They are so much fun! Every little thing is so exciting and amazing to them. They help me to see joy in the most simple things.
Shirelle knew we were going, but it was a surprise for Giff (probably the best one of his life. I mean, he didn't say it in those exact words, but come on. Your sisters' show up on your front door with six of their children. What could be better?)
We left early Tuesday morning and drove to New Mexico! An 11 hour drive and they were all so perfect! I couldn't believe it. We have always strategically planned to leave on our Disneyland trips in the middle of the night to let the kids sleep for a long part of the drive but I guess that's not neccessary. Shout out to my amazing baby Maci! She was incredible. She barely fussed on the long drive there or back and was SO good as we dragged her around from place to place.
We were at McDonald's and they bought us all sundaes. They brought them back and there was an extra and Kelly was like, "did you get one for Maci?!" Yep, they totally did.
I didn't get a ton of pictures because it was a lot of just good old fashioned hanging out, but this picture below is my favorite:
By far the highlight of the trip was riding in Giff's car (it is this super hideous 1969 white boat-the kids loved it). Poor Kendall got ripped off because I was too lazy to move her carseat. So FINALLY on the last night she got to go for a short and sweet and satisfying spin.
The kids thought it was so awesome to go on a vacation with cousins! We got SO many compliments and I heard that some people were glaring at/annoyed with us but I guess I didn't pay attention to them. I only heard the oohs and ahhs of how cute they all were. Especially my baby Maci, who of course misses all these photo ops since she is in her car seat.
This photo is especially for Cami. She may have a little bit of an opposition to Giff's unruly beard, but look! At least it is trimmed!
Kendall was in love with Giff and everywhere we went, she had to hold his hand. If he forgot, she would chase him holding out her hand.
The kids are still constantly talking about their adventure and love telling everyone how cool it was riding in Giff's car!
PS. Giff the cake is almost gone so I figured it was time to post this.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend turned out much different then I had planned, which is kind of our calling card these days. So tomorrow I am not planning on winning a million dollars.
Long story short, when the painters came to begin their work on our house, they asked me where I was going to be staying. "um..." cause I thought I was staying at home. So I called Dave and gave him a big sob story. He called me back twenty minutes later and told me to pack up the kids. He booked a hotel (I always try to tell everyone: he's a smart man. Very, very smart.)
Dave had to work the first day we were there, but still, it was neccessary to immediately jump into our swimsuits and head down to the pool. I wasn't exactly sure what my plan was with four kids and a pool, but I didn't want to let them down. I pushed Maci down in the stroller and she fell asleep. I sat by her while the three kids swam in the shallow area (I didn't want to get wet in case I needed to hold Maci). Well, wouldn't you know at the pool this day was the family of the three Nephites or some other random angels. A family with their 11 year old daughter AND her friend. Two 11 year olds. They completely took over with my kids. Played with them and spoiled them at the pool while I sat by Maci. The timing was perfect. Of course Dave was with us the rest of the time so we were at a much more comfortable 3 to 1 ratio at the pool (we are pretty good at this thanks to Surf N Swim's dollar Wednesday which we've been enjoying for the past couple months). Also, the rest of the time we had the pool all to ourselves. It was just perfect. The kids also made huge strides in their swimming. Allie was swimming the short length of the pool. Detmer loved jumping in and getting thrown around and attempting to swim. Kendall surprised me the most when she decided to start jumping in. The first time she has willingly let her face go in the water. She would say, "Mom, I wanna do canny ball." So she would "canny ball" in and I would catch her.
The kids enjoying one of their favorite hotel activities: laying in bed watching TV.
For one of our adventures we went to the Church History Museum (did I mention our hotel was in Salt Lake?)

My beautiful baby on her first Easter.
All four kids looking at the camera (basically). And this was even taken AFTER church.
My kids are lazy and turned our single stroller into a triple stroller. The things they will do to avoid walking! It was a long walk, though.
(Random story that I don't want to forget). Kendall was afraid of the elevators when we first got to the hotel. She wouldn't get on unless Dave or I was holding her tight. By the end, she couldn't have cared less since we were on the third floor and the pool was on the first. We used it many times each day. Anyway, one of the first times on it she was on top of Maci's stoller holding her breath and we went up. Then as the doors open she shouts "We did it! Yay Kendall and Maci Kayti!"
Love catching these sweet moments on camera. Dave was telling Allie some details about the temple. (I am trying to train Dave to take candid pictures so my children can someday know that I, too, was involved in their upbringing.)
We got comments on our family everywhere we went and they were all so nice (but I have leared that I ignore people who are glaring so there may have been some of that). The most common thing we heard from passersby (thanks to being in Utah) was, "it seems like just yesterday we had our four young kids in tow, now they are all grown." I love my little ones!