Sunday, June 26, 2011


Numbered ListI mentioned in this post about how surprised I was by Maci's light/lack of hair. Here's some of the reasons why. Allie had a ton of dark hair at birth. (By the way, I'm aware that Maci looks way awkward in the "surprise" post. I'm not afraid to admit it. I always think newborns are cute when I'm looking at them. Then I look back and I'm like, "meh".)
This is my newborn Detmer. His hair was lighter but he had quite a bit. In fact, in this post, if you find the picture of Detmer in the green sweater it was that very day that my neice told me Detmer looks like a girl because of his long, curly hair. He got a hair cut the next day.

Kendall's pictures are on the other computer, but this is her and her hair as a newborn.
Then my bald little Maci came along and I was like "who the...?" But now I have come to learn they are duplicate babies. I look at pictures of Allie and Kendall (but especially Allie) at the age Maci is now and it's shocking because it's like, "oh! That's what Maci would look like with hair!"

I have started to get tons of comments, too, on how much Maci looks like her sister's. It's just funny that it took me so long to see it because I was so caught up on the hair!

This cute little kitty below could easily be Maci (except it's Allie. Plus why would I dress Maci up like a kitty? She hasn't even been around for Halloween yet).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Count the Ways

Here's just a couple reasons why I know I landed a great catch when I married Dave nine years ago:
1. My dad likes him better than he likes me (don't worry, Dad. I'm okay with it:)) The other day my Dad said, "...all married couples fight," then he turns to me and says, "well, except you and Dave but that's because Dave gives you whatever you want." But to my credit a couple weeks ago my brother told me I was an easy wife. It lost it's credibility, though, when Kelly and I both burst out laughing. Then I text Dave and told him-"I hear I'm an easy wife." Yeah, I probably don't have to spell out where he went with that one.
2. Dave was telling me that he saw a story in the news the other day about a woman who was getting props because she had five kids, aged five and under. He said, "but she only had five because she had twins. I was like, whatever! My wife has four under five AND she does it all on her own. I bet the girl in the story has her mom helping her all the time." Made me feel so good he recognized that! (here's a little sidenote: I don't give props to mom's with several kids under a certain age-although I'm sure this woman was super amazing outside of that-but if you are able to have five kids five and under, mostly I just think you are very blessed that your children came so quick and easy. I give more props to the woman with one 11 year old or maybe an eight (Happy Birthday Ryan!) and 16 year old who smiles everyday and finds ways to keep busy despite the fact that her arms are aching for a baby of her own. Same goes for people who celebrate there 70th wedding anniversary. Very blessed that they both lived that long. But I digress...)
3. I sent Dave a text the other day, "Oh my gosh! The kids and I are watching our wedding video and I keep patting you on the back! What the heck?!" He responds, "Really?! Lol! You were probably just congratulating me on scoring such a hot wife."