Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My annual post

I, of course, have to do a post about how much fun we had, or rather *I* had, at our annual 10k this year.
This years post is a little boring. It wasn't
I did a little research project this year. I didn't run at all before the day of the race. I wanted to see how hard it would be without a single bit of training. I don't suggest it. I hadn't planned on doing it that way. In fact a month or two ago when I first started thinking about the race I had all sorts of goals which including running several miles several times a week. I have NO EXCUSE as to why I didn't do it except for that I was too unmotivated to run on the treadmill and too lazy to go when Dave got home.
I thought I was in pretty good shape from my gym classes. But running is just a whole new ball game and the only way to win a race (which I thought I was going to do) is to train for it.
On our way to the race we talked about our goals. I was the only one brave enough to state mine aloud, which was to beat an hour. I am not too prideful to admit that out of my running partners I came in last and didn't beat the hour mark. Guess I should be a little more modest!
These are my awesome running partners, minus my dad. We got to the race so late this year we didn't have time to take pictures beforehand and we had already dropped my dad off at this point.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I met a gal the other day who was pregnant with her eighth baby, all in hopes of giving her one daughter a sister. She already knew she was having her seventh boy. I tried to sympathize with her and told her I only had one boy and three girls. She didn't appreciate my empathy. She said, "that's not the same. Boys don't need brother's. Girls need sister's." And I guess I agree with that. Dave has always wanted a brother because whenever he's invited to golf or to be on a basketball team, it's always with one of his buddies and their brothers. Always.
However, I think having his little boy is curbing his appetite for a brother (which is good because I'm pretty sure he aint getting one).
The other day Dave won tickets to go see Transformers on opening night. The midnight showing. I thought, oh that's too bad it's for the midnight showing, that would have been fun. Even I sometimes underestimate Dave's obsession with seeing movies. He had it all planned out that he was was going to take Detmer.
Luckily it was a Tuesday and Dave didn't have to work. We went bowling as a family that afternoon then came home and put Dave and Detmer to bed at about 5. They got up around 7 and went to Training Table and Cherry Hill for mini golf, then onto The Gateway for the movie (creepy when Dave left the Gateway he had to be back in four hours).
They had the best time and Detmer loved being spoiled by his favorite person in the world. They did a drawing at the movie and Dave won so he and Detmer got to go up and get their prize from the Boondocks dog.
I woke up at 3am and they still weren't home so I called Dave and they were almost here. I fell back asleep and Detmer was so excited to tell me about it in the morning. He told me all about the dog and loved showing off the prizes he won. He would not put them down.
Dave said Detmer fell asleep about 12:40 (which is way longer then I thought he would make it). But I'm so glad he has an awesome dad to have these fun experiences with and Dave finally has someone to go see the man movies with!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My baby's a sucker. Just like her momma. Great Grandma was also a fan of the two finger suck. Who knew it's hereditary!
I was sad when it happened because I know how hard it is to quit. But, it turns out it has been worth it.
Sometimes I try and shove her fingers in her mouth. She is so content when she is sucking. She goes to bed at 7 and usually does not get up until I wake her up to get her ready in the morning. However, I know she is not sleeping that whole time because she takes such long naps. I think she just wakes up and sucks until she goes back to sleep. I do wish I could get her to suck on demand, then maybe she wouldn't be so unpopular. The few times we've tried to get a baby-sitter (other then Kelly, of course) for the kids we get, "um, is Maci coming?" Poor Maci. Lucky for me Grandpa Greg loves her and he even lies when I pick her up and says she was really good!
This baby is spoiled by these people. She loves the siblings. They can almost always make her happy.
She loved the fireworks. There was another baby in our group that screamed the whole time. The screaming baby's dad suggested we have Maci's ears checked:) We were pretty surprised since Maci doesn't generally tend to be a content baby. She surprises us all the time.
Loves daddy, of course. She always takes a bottle for Dave (hallelujah) and gives him big smiles when he gets home.
Had her first solid foods on July 11, one day shy of six months. She liked the taste but didn't most of it came right back out. I think that's normal??? Tonight I was feeding her and she seemed done so I left her in her highchair and was doing dishes when Kendall climed up to finish feeding her. One bite for Kendall, one bite for Maci. Super cute. I even had the video camera right there.
Escape artist. She totally climed out of her jammies and this is how Dave found her the other morning!
Other fun Maci facts at six months old:
She rolls EVERYWHERE! Does NOT stay in one spot.
She is not sitting yet. My other three were early sitters and late rollers so she is changing things up a bit. She sits, but not well.
Her skin is so sensitive I'm still debating if she's going to be a redhead.
She's really tall. No more 3-6 month clothes for Maci:( Okay, so I still shove her in some but I should stop soon.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Before this year, I had only missed Kaysville's Fourth of July celebration once. The summer after I graduated highschool when I was in California with Bart and Amy. Dave had missed it three times, twice on his mission and another year he spent in Evanston. It was hard to make the decision to break our awesome tradition, but we knew our kids would love spending the Fourth at the cabin, so that's what we did this year.
The kids and I went up Wednesday then came back Friday so we could attend Ryan's baptism on Saturday, then headed back up with Dave on Saturday afternoon. We had planned to attend the Evanston parade and festivities but found out the parade was on Saturday so we missed it. I knew the kids would be bummed to miss the parade, but they really only want the candy so I took them to the store and let them each pick out a pack of candy. Then they dressed up and walked around the family room at the cabin and had their own parade. They were so cute waving and throwing candy.
Super Det!!!
The kids were so excited when Grandma and Grandpa showed up to the cabin Sunday afternoon for a short stay. They aren't around my kids too often, so I could tell they were a bit surprised at Maci's less than sunshiney demeanor and they were probably glad it was a short stay, but the kids were thrilled to spend Sunday afternoon with Grandma and wished she could have stayed longer.
This is a picture Dave took of Maci. Yep, she is under there. Poor sensitive skin girl needs all the protection she can get.
One of the best parts of the cabin, riding the gate.
Allie and Detmer enjoyed watching the fireworks with Skyler. We were lucky to have Heather and Steve invite us to their bbq and fireworks. We had such a great time crashing their party!