Monday, August 29, 2011

I keep on taking pictures

It was brutal.

You dread something, like say getting your car registered. Then you do it and you heave a big sigh of relief and think "I'm glad that's over!"

Well, this whole kindergarten thing is not like that. Because it's never going to be over. We've only just begun. And I dreaded it for a long time and then it ended up being worse than I thought. It's true, I miss my baby girl. But it's so much more than that. My whole life as I have known it is over. It's really tragic. I never got post partum depression or baby blues with my babies, but I think I have it now. Just a really late onset?

Heather got a book for us-"Let Me Hold You Longer". I was determined not to cry in front of Allie (I saved all that for Dave). But when I held my baby girl last night and read that book, it was a struggle, especially this line, "Silly scattered images will represent your past. I keep on taking pictures, never quite sure of your lasts..."

One good last happened today though, as I told Kelly this morning. I am SO thankful this is the last time I have to send my first child to kindergarten.

But enough about me.

Here's how Allie feels about Kindergarten:
Thanks for the shirt Aunt Diana.
Her "first day" is more of a parent meeting. Dave and I stayed the whole time to learn about this whole kindergarten mess we've gotten ourselves into. Allie was in heaven from the first minute! She was disappointed when she found out Dave and I were staying. Darn that little Miss Independant! I took her for testing the next day and she said, "I never want to leave school!" After school we made her favorite breakfast and we gave her a choice of activities. Bowling! Swimming! Arcade! Yeah, she chose feeding the ducks.
Today was her official first day. Meaning I had to drop her off and leave. Ouch. I dropped her off, went to the gym, and had lunch with some friends. I was SO grateful I got to keep busy because believe me when I say I was a big mess just waiting for the clock to turn. Dave said, "now remember school gets out at 1:25 so you don't need to leave here at noon to go get her." Even as I was on my way to pick her up I had thoughts of what if school got out at 1? What if she cried? What if she hated it? Of course, none of that happened. She was so happy and said she loved every minute. She was so cute with Detmer, Kendall, and Maci. Reunited and it felt so good.
After school Allie had dance practice. This girl is going to be exhausted.
Tonight we had a bash at our neighbors for the kick off to the football season. (No Ute fans allowed, although some of the neighbors did crash). It was a blast with good food, friends, face painting, and a trivia game (which, of course, Dave easily dominated). Whew. Welcome to fall.

And hopefully I do more posts this week. Because I DO have three other children and they are doing cute, funny, amazing things everyday. I better get documenting!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


One of our fun adventures this summer included a visit from the Seager's coming to us from DC. We had such a great time and as always the time Cami is here FLIES by. The whole summer flies by. I can't believe it's almost over. Despite my numerous warnings to Cami about Maci-the-stinker she was still disappointed to see that Maci wouldn't cuddle her namesake.
We had so much fun together even the night my sisters embarrassed me so bad by being snobs to the neighbor. Still, the drinks were good especially when Grandma joined us. Too bad I don't have those pictures available to upload. (Although I bet Giff saved them, probably even printed them and hung them.)
I'm so proud of Cami and how well she is doing. She has been through more in life than most of us would ever dream (or have nightmares) about but she is so tough! She takes such good care of her family and is a good friend to many (but let me warn you: don't get on her bad side:)).
This picture looks staged, but no that was Dallin's actual reaction after his two favorite aunts kissed his cheeks! Can't wait until next summer when we can party again. Going to Grossia's each week is not the same without you, Cami!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That's a wrap

Allie was so excited for her birthday gift-a leap pad. She has been playing with it in the store since she was about two and is a proud owner. She also got her own snow cone maker.
Smart girl picked peanut butter bars instead of cake!
Allie had SO much fun on her date with Grandpa. He picked her up first thing in the morning and took her to IHOP. Then they went to the Gateway (she was so excited when she got home, "Daddy! I went to your work!") She was soaking wet from the fountains. They also saw Smurfs and went to Target to pick out her present. Allie was on cloud 9 when she got home having such a special day. I think Grandpa Greg is awesome to do this. My mom was the most amazing grandma ever and my dad has worked hard to make the kids feel special even though it doesn't come as naturally (which is pretty much a given with grandpas!) He has once a month sleepovers, takes the kids out for a birthday date, and also has a once a month family home evening where we celebrate that months birthdays.
Allie got ot have a sleepover with Maggie last night. They were so excited and asking to have another sleepover. They have so much fun together.
Allie has got the cutest little friends. The party could not have gone better. Maci slept the whole time and all the girls were awesome to include my Detmer and Kendall in the party. Dave was also home which made it awesome because little girls are in love with Dave. They were literally mauling him and I had to remind him they are in awe of him because not many dads would let that happen. He's so much fun!
My cute neice McKenna made this pin the tail on the pony game. It was a HUGE hit with the girls. They all loved it! Thanks Kenna!
All the girls with the little ponies they found. See Kendall right in with the girls.
Allie pinning the tail. I was impressed that very few of the girls cheated:) It's so funny because with that game it so obvious when you cheat but little kids don't realize it!
Allie also had an awesome chance on Sunday to meet her teacher. Dave's good friend from work is the dad of Allie's teacher so he invited us over to Sunday dinner to meet his daughter before school starts. Now ever since Allie was about two all I've been hearing is how amazing Mrs. Piper the kindergarten teacher is. We were SO excited to have her as a teacher. I had never met her but heard from about 100 different people how amazing she is. When I met her on Sunday it was love at first sight. The woman is amazing, there is no denying that! We had the best time and felt like part of the family! The house was literally built for grandkids with a huge toyroom and an amazing back yard. I am pretty sure the kids want them to adopt us. I am so grateful we had this opportunity. It is not going to be as hard sending my baby off to school when I know she is going to be cared for by such a wonderful person!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Yesterday was a very happy birthday for my six year old! Lucky girl got to spend her birthday at the cabin, one of her favorite places in the world.
I was shocked she didn't wake up at the crack of dawn, but she had been staying up so late each night I'm sure she was just exhausted. I was glad because it gave me time to get the cabin decorated before she got up. She was so excited to see the decorations and to have her favorite breakfast of pancakes, suasage, and eggs. We let her pick whatever she wanted to do for the day and she picked going to Evanston to tube the river, even though we had done it the day before.
This turned into a great birthday adventure. Her first ride down the river was a short one and she was on my lap. I usually don't want to have a kid on my lap because I don't have enough confidence in the water, but so that she and Detmer could both have a turn (Detmer with Dave) she rode with me. We got a bit of a head start because Dave and Detmer were having trouble getting on their tube. We had a great run with lots of fun rapids, but when we got to the part where we needed to get out of the water before we went down a really fast flowing, deep rapid I couldn't get our tube to the edge. We were heading straight for the rapid, which was incredibly dangerous. Despite having a long talk with Allie and Detmer about what to do in the instance that they were seperated from us/their tube, Allie freaked (which was the number one thing we told them not to do). I paddled as fast and hard as I could but was getting us no where so I put my arm around Allie's waist and said "Allie. Swim hard." She screams, "MOM!!!! NO!!!!" And I tipped us off the tube. Once we were off the tube I had an easy time getting us to shore (although I had non-sleeping nightmares about the incident that kept me awake half the night). I never had to let go of Allie and by the time we reached the shore she was more concerned about our lost tube. Luckily a super nice Evanston cowboy took us right to where he knew it would be. We ran back and found Dave and Detmer had a whole other adventure of their own!
Despite the chaos of the first ride, Allie still wanted to go on the long ride. Luckily that was with Dave although I was sad to miss it. They had a blast and Allie kept telling me how fun it was.
I stopped on my way to the cabin to get a snow cone maker for her birthday, but all the stores I tried were out. Thankfully Heather had one she was willing to share so we made snow cones (Allie's favorite treat, way above cake) for her a treat when she got back from tubing.
(Normally I wouldn't post a picture of someone in their jammies on my blog, but Heather just wears them so well). Heather told Allie the three important things to make kindergarten great (Heather teaches in a kindergarten class). That afternoon on our way to the river I asked Allie what they were and she remembered! (Be a good friend. Read twenty minutes each day. Work hard.)Allie showing off all her birthday loot.
The best kind of birthday cake-pancakes.
Dad and Allie tubing the river.
Ever since the first second I met Allie she has always amazed me. This household is barely going to cope when she starts kindergarten in two weeks! She is such a great friend to Detmer and takes such good care of Kendall and Maci. She has a huge heart and is the best peacemaker and problem solver. She is doing so well with reading and has the craziest memory. We looked at pictures from years ago earlier today and she could tell me all the events surrounding the pictures.
She is so excited to start kindergarten and especially excited to be learning chinese since she will be participating in the Chinese Immersion program. Of course she has no idea what she's in for but I love that she has such a positive attitude about it already!

Since it's her birthday I can say this: I am the luckiest mom in the world to have such an amazing child!!!