Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a little dedication

This summer was not all fun and games. The dark spot of all when one of my best friends in the whole! entire! world! moved. Boo. Boo for moving. When people move you should say, "well, I will miss you but I'm excited for this new opportunity for you and I wish you luck." But I don't say those things. I say, "COME BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!"
Lindsay is the beautiful one on the left (Chels is the beautiful one on the right.) If you want I will hook her up with your handsome and available friends and neighbors. Just let me know. She may be the funniest gal you will ever meet. At least half my lingo comes from Linds (and I'm pretty funny). She is really good with music too, so if you are ever wondering if a song/artist is cool or not you can just text her. BUT please don't text if you need to have a full conversation. Just to make quick plans (hey meet you at 7!). Also, please don't serve her warm fried chicken or mexican. And just a warning: at the end of the date it is possible she will run (sprint, even) to her car. Her turn ons include white jeans.
Anyways, most of the time I am doing okay. But then I go to the Downtown Club and there is just an emptiness inside. Then when I saw the sign announcing Women's Conference in church on Sunday, I almost had to walk out so I could shed a tear or two.
This post was meant to include our really fabulous pictures from our first annual day of fitness. But I go to post them, and they turn out like this:
What the...? It's a sign Linds. You need to come back for our second annual day of fitness. This time we will get amazing pictures (maybe let a professional photographer follow us around for the day?). I know our vertical has improved 100%. We will put our last year selves to shame.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Hot Wife

You know when you listen to a radio station and someone calls in and says "Hi I'm a long time listener, first time caller." That's kind of like how I feel right now. Long time reader first time poster here. Anyways enough about me let's get to the lady of honor today, my Wife. Happy Birthday Kira!!
It's crazy but it seems like just yesterday I was celebrating your 20th birthday with you and now it's the big 3 - 0!! A lot has changed in 10 years hasn't it, babe? I still remember that night of your 20th birthday. Back then you were just known affectionately as my girlfriend. Let me set the scene for you. It was a beautiful hot September 4th night. A sweet couple was sitting at some picnic tables at Barnes Park. The sun had just set on a perfect day and the moon was just starting to descend it's moonbeams down upon us. Across the way was a smiling gal, who to this day I swear was glowing in that moon beam light. We had just stopped at Chevron to pick up some raspberry filled powdered donuts, a favorite treat of mine at the time. As we sat at the table I may or may not have had white powder lining my lips. Which I may have been doing to try and tempt you into kissing me. I mean what is hotter than kissing a guy with powdered lips?
The moment came that it was time to give you your B-day present. Fortunately for you I wasn't like most guys. I didn't pull out flowers or jewelry. Which I had learned were not on the top of your list of things you'd like as presents. So maybe I should say I was fortunate you are not like most women. :)
At this time we had only been dating for about 4 months and we still had about another 4.5 months till we would get engaged but, this crazy guy had the gull to tell you before he gave you your birthday gift that it was something silver, round, shiny, and has a hole in the middle. What could it possibly be you might ask? No, it definitely wasn't a ring. It was none other than a Michael McLean CD. How romantic!! That wasn't all. You reached back into my fancy dancy wrapping paper, a plastic bag, and pulled out an electronic Yahtzee game. Little did I know at the time that I had hit the jackpot with the gifts. I learned several months later that you would sit in your room every night for hours past your bed time listening to the CD, playing Yahtzee, and dreaming of a certain hot guy.
Flashforward 10 years later and we have the most amazing family. I have four of the most beautifully precious kids and a wife that would do anything for us. I couldn't ask for a more amazing woman. I hope it's not to cliche to say my love for her grows more and more with each passing day because it's true. I look at Kira and am so thankful for all she does for us. I am so grateful that she makes us her #1 priority. The memories we have made are priceless and I look forward to many, many more. I may have given her a CD and game for that first birthday together but, she has given me the world. I love you Kira!!! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Buddy

This is my handsome little buddy at the BYU party, where someone said, "do you know who Ty Detmer is?" He looked at them like they were stupid and said, ""
Detmer also started "preschool" this week. Diana asked me if I wanted to do a cousin preschool. Of course I had to ponder and pray about it because 1) I'm selfish. With both my time and Detmer's (last year before kindergarten!) and 2) I'm lazy. Having Detmer gone/occupied leaves me to entertain Kendall and she is our worst kid at entertaining herself. She is also our kid who does not need MORE one on one time! But I knew Detmer would love it so I decided to give it a try.
Of course he needed a brand new back pack and a bunch of school supplies. I actually loved getting him stuff and putting him in the spotlight a little bit since Allie's had so much going on lately.
I got Allie and Detmer those days of the week clothes organizer's and most days I've just pulled Detmer's stuff out and given it to him. I figured he'd be up bright and early on preschool morning, so I just pointed to where his clothes were so he could get up and get dressed. Well, where he saw me point was to a brand new (still had tags) size 3T sweatsuit! He comes into my room in the morning wearing a skin tight SWEATSUIT! I'm going to make him put it back on JUST for the sake of a picture (we didn't have time that morning). It was actually a gift he got awhile ago but had already outgrown it when he got it. This guy if funny!
Detmer's life has definitely changed the most drastically with Allie starting school. Yesterday was glorious with Allie having her early out day and Detmer and Allie were back up to their old antics in no time. It made remember how things used to be (haha last week).
I sure do love my little guy! He's such a good boy!