Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Allie at Parent Teacher Conference.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I try to teach my kids that just because they had a bad minute, that does not mean they have to havea bad hour. A bad hour does not mean a bad day. Things can always improve, especially with a little change in attitude.

With that said, this past week SUUUUUUUCKED. The bad minute turned into a bad hour, the bad hour turned into a bad day, and the bad days stacked up and I was ready for the week to be over.

Today was our Stake Women's Conference. By Thursday night I had talked myself out of going, justifying why it be just fine for me to stay home with my family after such a rough week and all.

Begrudgingly I realized I needed to go.

From the second the meeting started the time I walked out the door, I felt as if I could have been the only person there. Each and every single message seemed to be written just for me. To remind me, uplift, edify me, build my testimony. Each of the speakers addressed some very specific things I needed to hear. I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father continually reminds His stubborn children of His love.

I sat with a group of friends as we listened to the keynote speaker, Susan Bednar (wife of David A). I just love her and how she was so easy to relate to and so real. After she spoke we were to divide into groups. There were eight speakers but each group would only get to hear four of the speakers. As I heard my friends discussing what room they wanted to go to, I felt strongly that I should go to the Young Women's room. I didn't hear anybody else talking about that and I thought it might be more fun to go with friends, but as it came time to separate I knew without a doubt I needed to go to the Young Women's room. Sure enough, there was not a single other girl from my ward there. However, I knew I was lead to go there, because I couldn't have possibly gotten more out of that day than I did from hearing the four speakers I chose. In a future post I want to share my feelings about what I learned today. Hopefully it will be coming soon, before I forget. I have to write all these things down!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy New Year

Of course everyone is aware it is the Chinese New Year. It's been a super fun week for Allie's class. On Monday they had a parade. All the kindergarteners were dressed in their Chinese clothes and holding different Chinese momentos. Allie had a fan and she was so excited about it.
Allie is a distracted performer. As soon as she saw us during the parade she would yell, "DADDY! DETMER! KENDALL! MACI!" She was so excited to see them (I had already been with her getting her changed.) Then every friend she saw she would call out.
Today there was an assembly. Allie's teacher taught about some Chinese traditions, then the kids sang some songs in Chinese. Since, if all goes well, my kids will speak Chinese fluently, I would love to learn more about their traditions and incorporate some into our lives. We'll see if I'm ambitious enough for that.
We are 96 days into the school year. I know because next week I will go in to help celebrate "100 DAYS OF SCHOOL!"
I was so terrified of Allie starting school. We loved our routine and the joy of doing what we want when we want. But as with everything in life, I have tried to move into this next phase gracefully. I admit I LOVE days off and get the blues when it's time to go back to school, but so far we could not have asked for a better experience this year.
Allie has got two (both English and Chinese) of the most amazing teachers. I love both of them so much and pray we continue to be so fortunate.
Out of this week and next (ten school days) I will get to be in Allie's classroom five times. I love it! I love seeing her in action and I especially love how excited she gets when I come to her class. I'm so grateful I get to be available for all these little and big things. Especially grateful that when I had to take Detmer, Kendall, and Maci with me they were as good as gold. Everyone commented on what a good baby Maci is. That girl, what an actress!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Unfortunately all the Tebowing in the world couldn't help the Broncos last week, but we had fun showing off our gear at the party we went to last Saturday (the one we had to rush home from in order to watch the Broncos get slaughtered).

Maci was a let down with her smash cake. What the heck? This is the most she ate. I thought she was going to love it. She was not interested. The missing cake is just where I tried to get it going. She had maybe two bites. All of her siblings did better (including Allie who is not pictured).
Maci had her one year check up on Friday. The doctor was super pleased that she is up to 17 pounds and in the 5th percentile. I was just glad to avoid another lecture from him, because I knew she was just fine. She also has two birthmarks. Hopefully she never catches up with Kendall (who is up to eight birthmarks) but the pediatrician did say with Maci having two and Allie having two it makes it seem more genetic and less worrisome about Kendall.
Maci is and always has been such an awesome sleeper. And also loves to just lay in her crib and suck her fingers.
She is IN LOVE with her siblings. She sat with me today in primary and Detmer was right behind us and they would not leave each other alone.
The pediatrician ask me if she was walking and I said, um no she barely started crawling. Which was good because then he acted like she was a total genius when I said she is cruising.
She loves standing (supported) and climbing.
She is very ticklish, especially on her belly.
Every morning when she wakes up and I bring her out from her crib Allie, Detmer, and Kendall make a big fuss over her and she loves it. She claps and waves and bounces up and down.
She is starting to repeat words. I love when they start talking!
I take her to the gym, she's as good as gold. I leave her with Dave, she's good as gold. For me, she pretty much fusses at my feet until I pick her up. Spoiled!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another reason I love my husband

I had a basketball game tonight and between taking Allie to dance and running an errand and having Dave pick up Allie from dance and meeting Dave at his basketball game with the other three kids, I didn't have time to go home and change so I asked Dave to bring me a pair of shorts or capris and a black shirt.

(I knew Dave wasn't to be totally trusted so it was totally neccessary for me to change.)

After his game I got into his car and he took the kids in the van, so I grabbed the clothes he brought me and it was this tiny little pair of shorts. I just love that not only did he think I would wear those in public, but he's very familiar with them (they are my "I'm excercising at home and there's not a chance in the world anyone but Dave and the kids will see me" shorts), so he knows how they look on me and it didn't even phase him that I would wear them in public.

(I didn't end up changing.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One short year ago, I met this girl. I'm thankful I journal and can look back at the details of her birth, because I've forgotten a lot, but there's also so much I remember.
I remember from the instant I saw her, she was mine. It sounds so obvious, but that was the strongest feeling I had at Maci's birth. She was mine, and she was always meant to be mine. The emotions of having your brand new baby taken away from you is (for me at least) almost a physical pain. I wanted to look at Maci and study her every feature. I wanted to hold and cuddle her and kiss her one million times. But as soon as she came out of me, off she went. And I was anxious and couldn't wait to be with her again. When she came back to me, I couldn't hold her, I was in so much pain. But just being with her soothed me.
After the chaos of her birth and all the visitors and the whirlwind of the night it got dark and quiet and I held her, cuddled her, studied her every feature. Mostly I thanked Heavenly Father the whole entire night for giving me this most amazing little girl. I was so madly in love. I was giddy. I felt such perfect joy.
I remember talking to Cami on the phone in the hospital and going on and on and on and on about every single detail like a high school girl that just got home from her first date.
I would send Maci to the nursery while I slept and as soon as I woke up my first task was to get out of bed and walk to the nursery to get my baby.
I was so proud from the very beginning. I was always excited to tell the nursery workers which one was mine. "Yes, I'm Maci's mom."
We brought her home and she was such a novelty. None of us could believe how lucky we were to have her and I can honestly say that today, we all still feel the same way.
I called my dad earlier in the week to see what day he could do Maci's one year pictures. Since he likes to stop by on the exact birthday we decided to just do it at that time. As luck would have it Aunt Jenn and Aunt Tammy gave Maci these fabulous outfits for her birthday. Thanks Tammy and Jenn, they are perfect! And it is always fun for the third girl to get new clothes of her very own. I just loved the pictures. I raved to my dad about how perfect they turned out but I know I'm easy to please when it comes to this cute face.
She kept turning all the way around and thought she was so funny.