Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Valentine's

Our family has some fun Valentine traditions, but my very favorite Valentine's Day was five years ago. I had just brought a brand new baby home from the hospital.

If you look at that picture and think Detmer's shirt stepped out of the 1970's, you are right. It is part of an outfit that Kelly received when she was pregnant with Zack, who was born December 23. Someone gave it to her along with a letter explaining that she (the giver) had always wanted a Christmas baby boy, so she bought this outfit in anticipation. She waited and waited, time passed and the little Christmas baby boy never came. In fact, no baby ever came and her arms remained empty as she said good-bye to her dreams of that sweet baby and passed on the outfit.

I, too, dreamed all my life of a baby boy. And five years ago, my dream came true and each day my boy has brought so much joy I am continually grateful for the blessing of him in my life.

I am glad I have this picture of him in that special shirt. When I think of my dream fulfilled, it brings me joy. When I think of others dreams passed by, it gives me compassion. Despite everything, I will never understand how hard it must have been to pass on that sweet little outfit.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Boy

My little guy is now FIVE! He had a fun WEEK. I think one of my kids' favorite things about their birthday parties is delivering the invitations. Allie, Detmer, and Kendall all had to get out and take the invitation up to each door and they were giddy with excitement.
We had Detmer's birthday party on his actual birthday. I have always done 10 am parties so the kids don't have to wait all day, but from here on out school is going to be cramping our style, so the party as at 2. "Mom is it 2?" ALL DAY! Detmer was so excited. We had lots to do to get ready (whether real or made up-just to keep him occupied). The party was a huge success (all I need for it to be successful is for the birthday kid to have a blast!). My friend asked me today if I had recovered and told me she could hear the party all the way down the street. Fun was definitely had.
Tonight we had his family party. Detmer requested a chocolate cake with sprinkles. Thank you.
Opening up his birthday bucket.
On Detmer's birthday he got to go on a birthday outing with Dad to Boondocks. He had so much fun and came home exhuasted! I bet he was asleep within five minutes, still flying high.
Detmer is such awesome boy! He has such a passion for life and is so loving. He is the best brother and wants to carry Maci around everywhere. He is such an easy kid. We rarely have any trouble with Detmer. He is also a great friend and loves to play with friends. He constantly makes us laugh and has the craziest imaginations where he can play with any toy for hours. The kids have Valentines boxes they made that I occasionally put little surprises in for them to find. The other day Detmer got a puzzle and he played with the puzzle pieces for hours! I am such a lucky mom to have this guy in my life!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If I was a spry young thing like I was when I left the house this morning, I would run out to the van and get the pictures to go with this post. But I've aged about fifty years since then and I really should be in bed at this late hour (9 pm), but I've already talked to anyone who will listen about my fun day (hi Cob!) and it's not out of my system yet.

I might have mentioned that Dave got me ski passes for Christmas. Today we were finally able to go. It was so much fun!!! I'm addicted already and can't wait to go back.

I took two pretty serious spills. The worst one was when I was at the bottom of the hill trying to practice! Not even some sweet spill flying down a black diamond. But man, I am PAYING for that one right now. I also took another pretty bad one where I laid on the ground and I only knew it wasn't the afterlife because there was snow and there is definitely not snow and coats in heaven. But a concerned citizen did rush over to make sure I was still alive. I just started laughing. That was all I could do because I knew I looked like an idiot and I wished they made you wear bright orange if it was your first day or something so everyone could BEWARE!

It was really precious watching all the kids Kendall's size woosh right on by as I slowly and steadily made my way down the mountainside.

I encourage all parent's to take their kids skiing at a young age. Falling is so much easier and more graceful when you are that close to the ground. Although the thought of my tiny children on those chair lifts is enough to make my heart stop (and I've already had enough near death experiences for the day.)

We ended up having such a good time we hit the slopes for five hours straight with no breaks. We took my 11 year old nephew Trevor with us and I thought it would be good to have another novice skiier by my side. Oh my heck, that boy kicked my butt. The only reason he wasn't doing Black Diamonds and back trails was because I told him he could only do that with parental supervision. He took some pretty bad falls but was running around within two minutes of when we got home, whereas Dave and I are both afraid to get up off the couch tonight because it's GOING TO HURT!

I'm so glad Dave took the plunge and bought our tickets. I know if they hadn't been already bought I would have made excuses not to go (I've been wanting to go skiing forever, I just would have been too lazy to figure out a schedule for the kids).