Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dancing Queen

I never ask her to pose. She comes up with all of this on her own. Allie was so excited for her dance competition and especially getting to wear make-up in public.
She did two dances, jazz and hip-hop. The video I posted is my FAVORITE because I love the ending. Allie was in the front left corner since she is the #1 best dancer (I mean, no one actually said that but I think it's pretty safe to assume). So for all intents and purposes, she should have been the first to exit the stage. Oh no. She's last. First she has to give Dave thumbs up then she waves at us for an hour. So if you have trouble picking her out, you'll definitely see her big waves there at the end. At her Christmas recital as soon as she walked out she could only see Kelly so she was like "KELLY!!! KELLY!!!" Pretty soon she's going to have to be more professional on stage but I am loving her antics at this age when they're not so serious about it.
The next two videos are from Allie then Allie, Detmer, and Kendall dancing with Phineas and Ferb at Disneyland. It's a tribute to our cousins who just got back from Disneyland (FINALLY!!!) so they can see how bad they missed out not going up to dance with Phineas and Ferb!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

Like most dads, Dave only had one wish for his birthday: to spend the day at his sweet daughter's Dance Competition. Like the amazing wife I try to be, I pulled some strings and made it happen! It took months of planning to have several dance schools from all across the state come compete on his very birthday, but nothing is too good for my man.

Sometimes I forget how amazing Dave is, but I am reminded when Allie randomly tells this story at dinner today:

"I remember last time I wanted to have Maggie sleepover at my house and she decided she didn't want to, so her mom and dad came to get her. Then Daddy had to have a sleepover with me." I totally forgot Dave did that (slept on the totally uncomfortable hide away bed so Allie could have her "sleepover".)

He's really awesome. And if he's good, maybe he will have a follow up birthday surprise. You know, icing on the cake of the whole dance competition.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've often heard people say that in order to have a successful marriage, you need to have a weekly date night. I have always disagreed. It's simply not realistic for Dave and I to have a weekly date night. It would cause so much more stress then fun. In our marriage, it just wouldn't work. So we've become pretty happy with putting the kids to bed on the weekend and hanging out watching a movie or playing games.
I mentioned that for Christmas Dave got me a season ski pass and season tickets to a play. I was super excited for both things but dreading finding a baby-sitter and making the arrangements for going out.
However, I decided not to let my laziness stop me from having fun any longer, and Dave and I have probably been "dating" more this year than we have in the previous six years since we've had kids.
Last month, we went to our play. It was called "Noises Off". Neither of us were familiar with it but we both loved it and I said it was probably one of the funnest dates we'd been on. Probably because I forgot what it was like to go out and not stress about getting back by a certain time (since Kelly assured me she would LOVE to watch the kids and could keep them as late as we needed-I was kind of surprised she didn't just offer to have them sleepover). We had a nice dinner and a fun time at the play.
A few days later was when we went skiing, which I already wrote about.
A couple days after that, Dave had a work function. It was at Rio Tinto. We mingled with friends, had dinner, and won a sweet prize (movie gift card). While eating dinner Dave and I talked about what crazy young kids we were--going out on all these dates. One of the other couples at the table started whispering to each other and laughing. We looked over and they said, "we just thought it was funny because we can date whenever we want." They don't have kids. Then a minute later they confessed that although they CAN go out whenever they want, they never do. We also mentioned that one of our dates was NOT on Valentines, because on that day we took our kids to Chuck E Cheese. One of the wives said, "oh THAT SUCKS!" Dave nad I left that night knowing that we were made for each other, since we were both not only content with, but super happy about, having taken our kids to Chuck E Cheese for Valentines Day.
This month we went skiing again and to another play (The Drowsy Chaperone). It's been fun to get to hang out with Dave and have fun with him in a whole new way. So I guess I am realizing that while it's not realistic for many couples to date once a week, it's definitely something we need to take time to do. And even if it's more simple than a play or hitting the slopes, everybody could use sometime to do something fun and out of the ordinary.
We'll be staying in this week since our baby-sitter is on a much needed and well deserved vacation, and Dave thanks her gratefully for helping make his Christmas gift ideas become a reality.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Luck of the Grandkids

Tonight we celebrated Great Grandma's 84th birthday! The perfect activity for this LUCKY day because we are definitely some lucky people to have such a great grandma!!! The kids had so much fun. If we hadn't needed to get Dave home (after all it is the holiday season we call "March Madness") we would have stayed all night. Great Grandma has a HUGE backyard and the kids have a blast playing outside, even in the freezing wind. Holly made some yummy treats and the kids couldn't be bothered to put them down, even for a photo.
I took this picture last October. We had to go get our BYU tickets from grandma's house, and we found her out doing the neighbors yard work!!! Isn't she AMAZING?!!! She doesn't know how to do anything but serve others!
I do love St. Patrick's Day (any day where my kids get so much joy from green milk is a good day). Kendall was so excited about Lucky the Leprachaun stopping by. Of course as soon as I turned on the video, she wasn't as animated. She told anyone and everyone that would listen all about Lucky stopping by our house. All the kids were excited, but Kendall's reaction was most fun. Kendall is worse then any boy I've ever met as far as the joy she gets from anything to do with poop, farts, and butt homes, so the highlight of her day was that Lucky pooped in our sink.