Friday, April 27, 2012

 My baby has made a complete 180 these past couple months and I'm LOVING it!!!  I know I have mentioned once or twice what a dang little stinker this baby was but she is making up for it now.  She is such a good little girl!
In true Steffensen style she is already sporting the gap between her front teeth. 
 Luckily, we've learned from Detmer that it can close on it's own.  We've also learned from Daddy it could be a very expensive fix (but hey I won't complain, braces are doable!).
My Maci is so happy and so funny.  She loves when we laugh at her.  She's been folding her arms during prayers for at least a month and every single time, the kids pointed it out and applaud for her and she couldn't be happier.  The kids always make a huge deal when she wakes up and she loves it. She gets the cheesiest grin and starts waving.  She's aware that she is a pretty big deal around here! 

Also in Steffensen style, she is not walking yet.  The girl wants to be a lazy bum just like her siblings.  She talks a lot and imitates everything.  The other day I took her to Allie's dance practice at the Dee Events Center.  Allie was on the floor and Maci and I were up in at least the 10th row and Maci said over and over and over, "A-yee!!!" and when Allie looked up Maci waved, so excited. 


 It was a pretty big deal.  Allie had a field trip.  At last.  She had been anticipating and wishing for this day for a long time.  Her kindergarten cousins have been on at least 20 field trips by now and this was her first one.  It did not disappoint.  They rode the bus to Discovery Gateway.  She was very excited to ride the bus and go to Discovery Gateway.  I didn't get selected to be a parent volunteer.  Too many people signed up so they randomly selected.  It was a good thing because we had a crazy day but it sure would have been fun to have been with her on that fun experience. 
 These are the ill fated Easter pictures.  Looking at them now, I see they are beautiful in their own way.  But the first time I saw them I was so mad because she was purposefully making all these dorky faces.  By now it makes me laugh!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our Spring Break was a whirlwind! It was the fastest week ever and we had so much fun. Cami and Dallin came in on Sunday. My dad, Kelly, and I all went to pick them up from the airport. They got in shortly after we got there, but their luggage didn't. It was taking forever. I called the airline to ask what was going on. Everyone from the flight that was waiting for their luggage could hear me. Cami went and talked to the agent who was rude and wasn't helpful. Dallin points to a random bag and said, "Mom is that our bag?" She said no and I thought poor guy is probably so ready to go he would take any bag. Well after standing there awhile longer Cami walks up to the bag that Dallin asked if it was theirs and looked at the tag. YEP! That's there bag alright. Man, did we have some serious bonding time at the airport!!!
Kendall loved Cami. She wanted to go home with her and she still talked about her everyday.
Maci in her beautiful Easter bonnett that Holly made her.
I know!!!
Now you might be asking where's Allie? Ohhhhhhh. Oh. I'm still too mad to post pictures of her. I bought her Easter dress months ago. It hung in her closet waiting for the big day. All I wanted was a couple pictures of my kids in their Easter outfits. But apparently that was too much to ask! Literally not one picture of her is decent. And I don't mean some innocent closed eyes or awkward smile. I mean, the girl went out of her way to look as dorky as possible! Don't worry, I'll include them in her wedding video.