Monday, June 25, 2012


My mom wrote this story 27 years ago.  In pencil.  On lined paper ripped from a notebook.  It has been scribbled on, wrinkled, spilled on, and torn.  It's not even in the notebook, it's two random sheets of paper.  It's a miracle they've made it this far.  So before it's gone completely I want to record it.   All the writing in italics is mine. 

As I began to feel life inside me i was overwhelmed tha the magic was still there-the joy I felt was as vivid this time-with my 6th pregnancy as it was with my 1st pregnancy 9 years before.  Greg and I had been blessed with 4 beautiful children (we lost a baby when I was 16 weeks pregnant) and after another miscarriage at 6 weeks-we were ecstatic at the upcoming birth of our 5th child-hopefully another son! (we had 3 daughters + 1 son)

On Valentines Day, however, the problems began and the next two months were full of confusion and worry.

Dr. Trimble advised bed rest as much as possible.  With 4 little ones to care for this was a difficult assignment, but with the help of friends and loved ones we were the recipients of much service.  Meals were brought, some days friends took the children, other friends spent the night with me when Greg was working out of town.  The love and caring shown to us was ?  (I guess she couldn't find words for it-and I'll leave out any feelings of wonder I have about why there was no family there to help-seriously?). 

Because of my moderately high blood sugar there had been so talk of a c-section around April 9th.  Of course this would only be done if the blood sugar couldn't be controlled and if an amniocentesis revealed a c-section wouldn't endanger the baby. 

By the time April 9 rolled around I was doing fine.  My blood sugar under control, blood pressure normal and swelling minimal.  "I'm sure you'll go til your due date," Dr. Trimble reassured me.  I was a little disappointed just because I was anxious for baby to be born, but in my heart I knew going until "term" was the best for our precious baby.

On April 17 Greg began working in Cedar City, UT 400 miles away. (throughout the pregnancy our family lived in Montrose, CO).  After the baby came, the children and I would join him but with all the problems I was having I wanted to stay close to Dr. Trimble-he was so concerned and caring.  I felt no one could take his place at this time.  Each night as I tucked my 4 children in bed, fear would grip me as I thought of spend another lonely, sleepless night without Greg and wondering what I would do if I went into labor.  On April 30, Greg came home and I was admitted into the hospital.  Dr. Trimble would induce labor and it wouldn't be long until we could (unfortunatley there is a page missing here.  I hope I find it.  Chances of my dad filling in the blanks are slim but Devin was not born until May 17 so clearly something kind of major happened...)

It wasn't long until Gary (Dr. Auxier) (Auxier's were good friends of our family) came in with the bad news.  "I hate to tell you, but there's a hole in his lung and a haze over his lungs."  He's in intensive care.  We'll have to wait and watch.  The next 6 days seemed like 6 weeks.  Gary and Greg gave Devin a special blessing.  The next day the haze over his lungs was gone.  Pneumonia and premature lung disease (which was what Gary had feared) were ruled out.  The pneumothorax (hole in lung) had to be cleared before D could come home.  Each day I visited him several times to nurse him, hold and cuddle him outside his bed and pray that the Lord would let us be able to take him home.  Each day Devin would have an x-ray and Gary would call and say, "I'm sorry, the hole is still there-we can't let him go home."  On the 5th day when the x-ray revealed the hole was still there, Gary decided to put Devin back on oxygen for 24 more hours.  On day 6 when the x-ray results came back Gary told the nurse, "let me call her-I want to tell her that today's the day she gets to take Devin home."  I laughed.  I cried.  I prayed.  This was a day we would be thankful for the rest of our lives.

Today Devin is a healthy, robust 10 month old. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tender Moments

It's not like I have high expectations for Family Night.  The children love conducting/singing/treat etc.  The lesson?  Not so much.  Short and sweet, that's my motto.

But seriously, maybe then that makes me more annoyed when I can't have their attention for two minutes.  The other day during my family night lesson, my family was being horrible. 

F-A-M-I-L-Y.  You think that's a misprint and I meant to type children, don't you?  Wrong.  Dave was the worst one.  I mean, horsey rides are fantastic and something to be done often.  But during my two minute lesson?  Really?  And if their MUST be horsey rides DURING my lessons, do they HAVE to have super loud and endless sound effects?

So mid lesson as Detmer was the only one who had even glanced in my direction, I stopped talking, and went about doing other things.  A few minutes later I came back to the family room and Dave gathered the children around him.  He explained to them how they had all (ALL!) been very rude to me and they need to be more appreciative.

"Mommy does a lot for us," he explains to the children.  "Let's each think of three things mommy has done for us today." 

Crickets chirping in the distance.

Uncomfortable silence.

Sweat dripping off the heads of each person as they reach back in the furthest parts of their mind to try and recall something I've done for them.

""  Allie stumbles.

"Well, Dad got it for us...but mom...she..."  Detmer continues.

" put the water on...but then she left...and..."

Ramen noodles.  That was what the children had eaten for dinner.

Never mind that I had began making a healthy, hearty pasta dinner when Maci became so fussy I had to stop and give her my full attention (it's not worth neglecting her just to get dinner done!  I reminded myself as I put my near finished pasta dish in the fridge).  Shortly after I had to get Detmer in his uniform.  When Dave got home, we rushed out to t-ball.  The kids were so hungry when we got home I hurried and threw on a pot of water.  As the water boiled, I got some dip and carrots out for the kids and cut up some apples.  Surely these health foods will cancel out feeding them ramen noodles for dinner.  Just as the soup was about finished, I had to run downstairs and get something out of the freezer, so I asked Dave to keep an eye on it. 

So the one thing the kids could remember I had done for them that day was to boil water.

Man do they love me!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


We left to go to the cabin right after school got out and then Dave and I were on our anniversary trip so I haven't had a chance to post about Allie's fun last week of school.

I was so lucky this year to have a good friend whose boy was in the afternoon kindergarten class.  Both of us loved to volunteer so she would bring the kids here and then I would take all the kids to her house and meet her and run over to the school (we generally had like five minutes of overlap time).  So the second to last day of school was field day.  Two of my friends were in charge and they really needed volunteers so I asked my friend if she wanted to do the kid switch and I would volunteer for morning field day and she would do afternoon. So this is a full day planned out to do field day.  Taking the kids to my friends, standing in the sweltering heat (okay so it was like 75 but STILL!!!), canceling any afternoon plans to watch my friends kids, etc.  A lot of time, I tell you.  Well, just before Allie's group came to my station, they start walking inside.  They never came to my station!  Hers was the ONLY class that didn't go to every station and it just so happened to be mine.  I was so ticked that I set aside a whole day and didn't even get a look at my kid!  Well, it turned out they were eating lunch outside so I took the treats they had for volunteers to Allie's table and sat by her for a bit.  Then she wanted to play in the dunking station.  So GUESS WHAT?  I justified letting her do it since we didn't get to hang out earlier and she loved it.  All the kids wanted to do it but I was like, "oh, I'm sorry but it seems your mother didn't volunteer 8 hours, so you're going to need to back away."  (For reals the ground duty was there and wouldn't let random kids touch it.)
On Wednesday was the awesome graduation!  I loved their Kung Fu dance, hopefully I can post video--it was the cutest!

The last day of school there is a water party for the whole kindergarten!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!  (this time I gave my friend a break and my awesome dad stepped in at the last second to watch the 3!)  I was drenched!  Thankfully it was awesome weather!  And yes my hat is pulled over 90% of my face after one "darling" kid in my ward gave me a good scare by shooting me straight in my brand new eye.  It hurt so bad but I seem to have made a full recovery.
Allie's cute friend had an end of school party after school on Friday.  These cute girls had so much
fun and it was awesome to see how much Allie's circle of friend's has expanded.

These are the cutest teachers EVER!!!  I'm so excited to know Detmer for sure will have Mrs. Piper for English and we're really hoping Miss Ding is able to come back for Chinese.  She is amazing!  We couldn't have asked for more amazing teachers to get us through this exciting year!

Mormon Message

1:00 church makes for some long mornings.  We like to show the kids the new church videos that are found at  This morning we watched some of the Mormon Messages and my kids loved this one.  Allie was wiping her eyes in the end and even Kendall wanted to watch it again. 


Dave planned a fabulous, perfect getaway for our 10th anniversary.  I was even able to recall some MORE good memories from our first few years of marriage. 

During those first few years, we were a charity case.  We can now spend our whole lives paying forward the service that was given us during that time.  I know a lot of times our friends and family didn't even realize what a big, huge act of service they did for us, because it may have seemed small.

We had been married about a year a half when Dave and I started planning a vacation.  We traveled a ton back then.  Well, we travel a ton now but back then it was to different places and not just Disneyland:) 

Dave had told his co-workers we were planning a vacation.  We had put a trip on hold to go to Cancun.  But it just didn't seem to be working out smoothly.  We kept just talking about it, when we would go, what we would do, but we never purchased. 

One day Dave walked into work and his co-worker told him she had found plane tickets to Hawaii for $150!!!  Even $500 is a steal for flying to Hawaii so $150 is totally insane.  Dave was so disappointed that he wasn't working that morning so he could buy the tickets, and that is when his friend Sara told him she knew we were planning a vacation so she put two tickets on hold for us!!!  Dave's boss ended up purchasing one of the tickets and because of some rewards Dave had earned for sales at some hotels we had super cheap hotel stays. 

Our trip to Hawaii was awesome.  exceptthepartwheredavegotuslost.  We got to do everything we wanted and we can't wait to go back with the kids.  So glad we had awesome friends looking out for us!

Sunday, June 3, 2012