Monday, July 16, 2012

{Gotta Turn the World Into Your Dance Floor}

I would like to do a post about a half marathon.  Which I ran.  On Saturday.  (though everyone has probably already heard if they get the NY Times.  I believe it was the front page story).  I just can't stop thinking about it.  I already got my Facebook accolades but I'm left wanting more.  It was such a big event, and I kind of have (as Millie put it) post race depression.  I can't believe it's over!

I believe it was exactly May 14th that I was in my 500th Step class.  It was fun and I love it, but I was so routine with my workouts and stuff and there was this know how they inspire me.  And it said, "PUSH UNTIL YOU CAN'T AND THEN DEMAND MORE"  And that was the second I decided to run a half marathon.  So I came home and signed up before I could change my mind.  Then I forced Kelly to sign up.  It was exactly two months before the race.

The hardest part of the entire experience was definitely making time to train.  For one thing I really had a hard time giving up my regular workouts to run.  But on days when Kelly worked out at the same time as me, I'd leave her at the gym with the kids and go for a run.  Then, she took a trip to New Mexico so I missed a week.  Then she gets back from New Mexico, apparently.  But goes missing.  Running after Dave gets home does not work, I was WAY too tired.  Though I had to make it happen occassionally.

The week leading up to the race Kelly and I decided to ride our bikes along the race route (best idea ever, this race only had 200 people so it's not like you were always with a crowd, and several people took a wrong turn).  The first night we stopped at my dad's to get a drink which turned into hours of visiting and speeding back to my grandma's before pitch black.  We tried again the next night and made it most of the way but man 50 miles on a bike when I rarely ride...I was sore in a lot of places.

The race started at six am.  My dad picked up our packets and not only was he waiting up for us so we could put our chips on at his house, but he also stood out on the corner with Holly to cheer for us at the very beginning. 

My favorite part of the whole experience was helping the kids pick out their running clothes and shoes the night before so they could run to the finish line with me.  They were so excited and when the race got it's hardest I just pictured how excited they were to see me.  I kept thinking "well, they are the reason I got myself into this mess so it makes sense that they run me in."  I seriously would have never gotten into running if it weren't for wanting to be a healthier mom and a good example for my awesome kids. 

 My dad's iphone+5 am=not the best picture ever.  But we're definitely beaming with excitement!
This is my favorite picture ever, sprinting to the finish line with Allie and Detmer and Kendall a little behind because she was more interested in eating her popsicle.  So grateful for my amazing kiddos and my sweet baby Maci who watched from the stroller!

My secret dream was to be two and a half hours, but I had no idea if I would be able to do it.  A couple weeks before the race Dave gave me the best gift ever-a GARMIN!!!  I could not have run 13.1 miles without it.  In fact, I don't know how I ever ran without it!  It's as special to me now as my iPod.  So anyways, my Garmin was letting me know I was on pace to beat 2:30 and I could hardly believe it.  My official time was right around 2:27:43.  Yay!!!  Kelly has not taken the chance to brag yet and I don't know if she will, so I better do it for her:  she came in at 2:21!  I could at least see her until about mile 8 and then she was long gone.  Six minutes is along time where 13 miles is concerned.

Maci Goes To Nursery

 My precious and beautiful baby started nursery yesterday!  She was not having the pre-church pictures and I was really hoping they were not an indication of how nursery was going to go.  I never remember being so emotional dropping a kid off at nursery and I think it's either because A)  It's the first time I've dropped a baby off at nursery and not had another one the way.  B) OR maybe I just forgot was a milestone it is.  My baby.  MY! BABY!  Getting so big.  P.S.  Isn't it crazy that I actually HAD a baby when Allie went to nursery. 

Anyway, I went in to drop off Maci and I was holding her so close to me hugging her tight and she totally did that thing where she straighten her body.  She couldn't wait to get her hands on the toys.  She did perfect and I loved picking her up when she was sitting at the table coloring.

She really is getting so big and loves to hang with the big kids.  She has so much fun playing with Kendall, they are getting to be best buds.  Last night with a cousin sleepover she didn't even go to bed until at least 10 and didn't get fussy or anything, just enjoyed hanging out with the kids.  She went from the naughtiest baby to such an easy toddler and I'm LOVING IT!!!


Thankfully Kelly had this genius idea to go to Fat Cats on Friday.  The kids got to bowl, pretend to play arcade games, ride bumper cars, and mini golf.  They were so spoiled and I loved the distraction from thinking about my race.  Although by the time we got to dinner I couldn't be distracted anymore and the nerves were on full force!
 I LOVE Kendall's little bowling shoes!!!


Today when Dave got home from work I was telling him how amazing the kids were today.  They were of course all standing there listening.  So one of the twins, Brody or Jace, says "take a picture of us."  It was a momentous day worth documenting.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Livin in Love

Once my mom was engaged.  She went into her bishop's office and he told her he felt she should serve a mission.  Her dad had died several years before and she said she looked to this bishop as a father figure. Obviously, she had a great deal of trust in him.  She accepted the unofficial call and soon was on her way to serve a mission in Scotland.  She was 24 (ish?) when she left to serve.  Around the same time my 19 year old dad was called from his little town of Kaysville, UT to serve in the Scotland mission.  My mom proudly announced to everyone that they had no romantic feelings for each other on their mission, just a deep friendship.  Their mission journals tell otherwise, but they never did break any rules.  In fact in one of my dad's entries he said, "Sister Cox and I were in the same district until a very wise mission president transferred me all the way to the other end of the mission."  My mom happened to be at BYU (so close to Kaysville) when my dad came home.  They were engaged six weeks later and married a short time after that. 

I like the story.  Especially when I thought of it when we went to the cemetery on Saturday.  My mom's birthday.  All the cousins that came were running around laughing and playing.  My parents could not have a better heritage.  They are all so precious!  And this is only some of them!  Five of them were not there and some of them are still angels in heaven (RIGHT, BROTHERS???) 

The kids said, "I LOVE YOU GRANDMA" and sent their balloons up to heaven.  It was awesome. 


 We got lucky last year, but the kids would not be talked out of THE NEVER ENDING PARADE this year.  Seriously, I used to love the Kaysville parade so much but who in the heck needs a three hour parade.  Actually, it was cut way down from two years ago when it ran over three hours, but the MAX for a parade should be one hour. 

 My kids loved the entire thing.  They did not complain once.  They loved it.  That's what really matters and that's why we'll go back.  But really can we please just keep the floats close together?  That would cute the parade down by at least an hour. 
 Thank you Taco Time for the necklaces.  The owner of the Kaysville Tace Time does an awesome job with his community efforts, which was proved even more when litereally every kid that came to the parade got a necklace.  Or fifty.  In our case it was fifty, and they've been worn, loved, played with, used and abused. 
 We held out (really held out for what fifteen, twenty minutes?) to the water part.  The part that makes the parade worth watching.  Even though I had to make a fool of myself to get sprayed.  I'm usually drenched just for standing in that proximity.
 We had a pool party and a delicious bbq at the Cardon's afterward.  Kendall did not exit the pool.  Which led to a very lonely afternoon for me (the lifeguard).  Thankfully Denny was able to entertain me for awhile but it will be sometime before everyone lives down this fact. 
 Fireworks!  Awesome Trevor took the kids for a dance party and for a sec I got to sit in arms length of Dave, but it didn't last.  I was excited that Maci loved the fireworks.  She was laughing so hard when they would boom.
Me, Allie, and Gary <3


 Go Pirates!  Seriously all these boys looked so similar in their uniforms.  Dave and I would be like "hi...." and wait til we saw their number on the back of their uniform to say their name.  Detmer was so proud to have his dad as coach!
 Our last game we had all the boys come early and Dave and I got pizza for them and had a little party in a pavillion.  THEN the other team didn't show up!  So the awesome parents went out in the field and played against the boys.  The boys had so much more fun doing it this way then if the other team had showed off!
 My fast and awesome little runner!
 Detmer wasn't one to look alive in the field:/
It was so fun for Detmer to have a chance for the spotlight.  He had so much fun!!!