Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Each year Dave's company holds a party that we love.  It starts with a 5k and from there it's magicians, face painting, bounce houses, bbq, snakes, reptiles, and lizards.  The kids always look so forward to the 5k.  They want to be in top form with their fastest shoes.  They never realize how long a 5k actually is until they are about 1 or 2k into it.  This year Detmer was rockin it.  I know he could have finished it all, but Allie was lazy.  Dave said she started off sprinting.  She could never regain her stamina so Det had to slow down on her behalf and I just went with the flow pushing Kendall and Maci in the jogging stroller.  Allie and Det were determined to finish the race, so we didn't tell them we cut it a lap short.  I thought it would be better for them to think they accomplished what they'd set out for.  Towards the end Kendall and Maci got out (  Maci running, literally her arms were swinging at full force, cutest sight ever!!!)  So by the time Maci and I got to the end everyone else had run in and got their times on their bibs. 

We were pretty embarrassed when, as we were enjoying our lunch, they announced the 5k winners.  "And the 3rd place kids winner:  Detmer Steffensen".  We clapped and he was so excited to hear his name but luckily he didn't realize there was a prize involved since Dave had to go find the announcers and inform them they needed to give the prize to the next kid on the list!  Next year, though, we are getting that prize!!!

today went better

It was a horrible discovery yesterday when, as I was packing the kids up in the car, my garage door wouldn't open.  Turned out to be totally broken in need of repairs.  I couldn't go anywhere for the day.  I never don't go anywhere for the day.  I had gotten the kids out of bed and all ready and now we were stuck home.  I was so ticked. 

This morning I didn't take for granted how easily I left my house.  Kelly was at the gym after having been out of town so we chatted about some super important things she missed out on.  I think I may have squeezed in a work out while I was there, but then I ran into my good friend and we got chatting until the daycare came to get me because I was out of time.  The daycare gal and I laughed about how I am never working out when I go overtime.  I am always.chatting.  But seriously that's what at least half my gym membership is for. 

After the gym we headed to Smith's.  My kids are such good little shoppers.  Seriously, a lot of my friends will not take their kids to the store but I'm all about getting it over with.  They love the free cookies.  I love the bag boys who have my groceries unloaded and in the car before I have my kids buckled. 

We got home and had a late lunch and planned to go to Cherry Hill when Dave got home.

The door knocks and our neighbors all "can your daughter play?"  And I wanted to say, "hmm, I have three of them, which one are you referring to?"  Because I guarantee she could not come up with a name.  But Allie is up for playing with anybody (and the girl is only two possibly three years older) so I told Allie she could play til Dave gets home and we head to Cherry Hill. 

It got cloudy and we decided against Cherry Hill.  Maci went outside so I decided to follow her while she led the way.  She was excited when she found a dog and even more excited when it belonged to my friend and I let her play with it.  (Maci LOVES pretending to be a dog.)  As Maci and I walked away, I overheard my friend telling her friend about when Maci was born and how cute and tiny and smily she was and it stabbed me in the heart.  That was yesterday!  But it's so fun having a big girls to go on walks with. 

I got home and made dinner. Allie's friend left and I said, "did you have fun with Mia?"  Allie said, "whose Mia?"  So apparently name exchanges are not important to kids these days. 

The kids decided to go outside and wash the van.  Which I knew was going to turn into a water fight (because I planned to start one).  Dave knew also because he changed out of his fanciest pair of lounge shorts into some less fancy lounge shorts. 

We came in and bathed the kids.  We put on a movie for them while Dave and I watched a movie downstairs (A Thousand Words--it was better then we were expecting). 

I get a text from Kelly asking me to figure out if Giff's dog really has fleas. Which turned into a whole thing with Dave pretending he was a 100 year old vet (the old man voice won out over the southerner and the feminine), me dying from a case of fleas that damaged my brain, and Giff telling me that I always was his favorite sister (some of that might not be in complete context.) I still don't know if the joke was on me or not.

Olympic's Party

Before Allie knew it, I knew it.  She was having an Olympics party.  I felt like I won the lotto when I realized my girls 7th birthday would fall in the middle of the most wonderful time of every four years.  She kept saying she wanted a water party and I would say, "okay honey.  An Olympics water party."  It didn't have to be a discussion.  At the start of the Olympic games we gathered downstairs around our only TV that actually has live TV.   We each came up with an Olympic game and we played while we watched.  In no time at all the girls were in there leotards and the kids were bouncing around practicing their gymnastics, diving, volleyball.  It just about brought a tear to my eye.  "I KNEW they would love it!"  I told Dave.  And Allie was totally on board with an Olympic party. 

 Obviously the five cupcakes in the middle are the Olympic Rings.  Like I even had to say it.  And like the 5/6/7/8 year old girls at the party even noticed in all their deliciousness.
 We had several events.  I kept saying "the judges" will score all of the events and medals will be rewarded to the winners at the end.  Some of the girls were totally stressed "is everyone going to get a medal?" 
 You can't see Dave in this picture running this basketball game, but it was a glorious surprise when he walked through the door.  He came home from work just to help with the party.  Allie invited 15 girls (and that was after I made her cut it down--she would have preferred fifty!). 

 I adore these girls ('cept one).  Seriously I need to pray every night that Allie always has such a fabulous group of friends.  I just love their little faces!!!
 The end of their gymnastics routines.
This was my FAVORITE!  At the end I had them all sit in the living room and I told them the judges had tallied the scores and I would now announce the names of the gold medalists.  I had three podiums (thanks Hyers!) so I called out three names at a time and, while the National Anthem was playing, I put their gold medals around their neck.  It was awesome and so cute to see how excited the girls got! 

Thankfully Cami was the hero of the day and took Kendall and Maci out for a playdate.  I always think I will manage fine but if I would have had them there with the water I would have gone crazy.  And they had a blast!  They were so excited they got to go on a special date with Cami. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Girl

 Once again this awsome birthday girl got to spend her birthday at the cabin.  I swear I was up at 5am because I wanted to make sure I was up before her.  Which was not a problem, I think she about the last one up. 
 She was even spoiled enough to get gifts from her aunts who were also at the cabin!
When I gave her the presents that afternoon, Dave was like, "what's that?  A box of cereal."  Before she unwrapped.  I was like, SERIOUSLY?!  I get the kids cereal all the time.  But she wasn't paying any attention and was very delighted to unwrap her beloved Oh's.  She was also super excited to get the game "Five Crowns".  She loves card games and I love that she's big enough to play games I love!  We are still in full celebration mode, with more parties and birthday dates yet to come!  Sure do love this awesome, incredible girl!!!

Cabin Cousins II

The most dam exciting thing Dave did last week.  Haha!  He spent hours on this dam!  It was all business.  And it turned out pretty awesome.
 The kids and Dave were there with Steffensen cousins for some of the time.  Spoons!

 Maci and I saw a deer when we were out for a walk.  I know pictures of wildlife are so boring.  At least I always think so.  UNLESS!  I took them.  It was pretty thrilling.  I actually saw another one even closer but he ran into the trees and I couldn't even see him in the picture.
This is probably my favorite thing to do at the cabin.  Go out for walks with Maci on my back.  I swear she usually loves it even though she looks miserable.  Kendall usually likes to come to and Detmer a fair amount but Allie rarely likes to and especially didn't like it this time after she got 6 wasp stings.  She was all about the great indoors.  Though she did end up being a trooper and we had tons of fun adventures (if you call near death experiences "adventures", which we do.  When they are over.)

Cousin Cabin

 The kids were pretty thrilled when we got to take cousins to the cabin.  Trevor and Kendall collecting "poo" (moss).  Kendall is pretty proud of the pictures, "hey!  That's when me and Trevor were getting poo."
 River Stomping!  Allie and Detmer would go from morning til night if I'd let them.

I love watching my kids have fun at the cabin.  It was fun to go with my sisters-Kelly is just like my mom and takes care of everyone.  She did all the cooking, cleaning, getting up with Maci so I could sleep in.  Plus Kendall prefers her to me so I actually got to relax a bit at the cabin!

Cooking Mamas

 When Ainsley comes into town the girls get to have a party at Grandma's.  This time they made aprons and made some of Grandma's favorite recipes.  My personal favorite was the cookies in a jar-because we made them yesterday and YUM!!!  I loved the leaves on Allie's flower that say "Allie, Detmer, Kendall, Maci, Mom, Dad" then she did a butterfly with "Steffensen". 
 Kendall was so cute in her Mexican clothes from Ainsely.  I was going to try and lift them so she could wear them in public (she looked so cute and LOVED the purple skirt) but she came home without them;)

All the granddaughters.  I feel pretty lucky that half are mine.


Though she would have come along anyway since Dave and I are primary teachers, as a new nursery girl Maci was officially invited to the ward primary party.  She could not have been more excited.

Best Buddies

 Kendall loves her best buddy Cooper.  Even though he lives in Mexico and they don't get to see each other much, they always pick up right where they left off and have lots of fun.  Cooper went home yesterday and while we were at Cherry Hill someone said, "Cooper!"  And Kendall started looking around and said, "Cooper?"  Unfortunately it was not the right Cooper!

 This is Kendall before her morning out with Cooper.  She was so excited to go to the temple with him!
Kendall and Aunt Tammy


Allie took this picture awhile ago (it was January) and it makes me laugh everytime I look at it.  I was going out and had this jacket on.  When I came out Allie was like, "woah!  Mom you look like a soldier!"  Needless to say, didn't wear it that night.  Not going to wear it again.  And I DO look like a soldier.