Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grandpa Day

 Allie had an exciting day at school on Friday.  A couple weeks ago she found out the 1st grade was having GRANDPARENT'S DAY.  I knew of the event from when my nephews had it, but I had no idea what a big deal it was.  Everyday for a week Allie came home couting down the days until Grandparent's Day.  Each day at school, they made something for the occasion.  She woke up on Friday morning and comes out of her room shouting "Grandparent's Day!  Grandparent's Day!"  I was hoping it would be as fun as she was expecting!!!  I felt bad wondering if she would be the only one without a grandma so when she came home I asked her if all the kids had grandparent's there and she said, "I don't know, I wanted to focus on Grandpa."  I'm sure it never even crossed her mind.  Although I was a little bit bugged that every single paper said "Grandma and Granpa".  I wish they would have let the kids choose "Grandma" "Grandpa" or both, but again, I think I'm the only one who was sensitive to it.  And maybe my dad.  He didn't say anything.  He's been a trooper showing up to multiple grandparents days by himself.  BUT it is something the children will remember FOREVER!

The day sounded like a complete success.  I especially loved when Allie told me some stories from when Grandpa was in 1st grade. 

I took a picture of Allie and Grandpa when they got home, and then of course all the other kids wanted a picture with Grandpa.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maci Kayte is not impressed

 Even though I'm going to be doing 20 more posts about our trip, I'm too lazy to wait for videos to upload, so here's some pics of Maci.
 Her face may not show it, but I really think these were the best days of Maci's life:)  She was SO awesome.  She was seriously such a perfect angel on our trip.  She slept AMAZING!  Of course that was thanks in part to the fact that Dave was so totally awesome and surprised me and the kids by booking a suite.  Best idea ever!  Dave has learned his lesson about surprising me and he knows now what a giant mistake it is to say, "I have a surprise for you in six months" and think I'm not going to pester him and be annoyed if he doesn't tell me (men everywhere, take note.  not the way to surprise a gal.)  So he didn't breathe a word.  The kids absolutely freaked when they noticed.  Of course it took me five extra seconds to get over the shock but it was heavenly!!!  ANYWAY, back to cute Maci!

 Even when we were on the teacups Maci was just sucking away like she's done it a million times.
 Maci was SOOO cute with the characters!  She would give them a huge hug before resuming her not impressed face. 


 This trip was so weird for me and Dave because we were hardly holding babies.  Even Maci wanted to walk 99% of the time.  So Kendall wanted to be held one day and Dave and I told her to just walk like a big girl, but she didn't want to.  So Allie and Det took turns holding her. 

She also loved riding with Allie and Detmer and sometimes just Allie.  This is the first time she's dared to go on rides with anyone but Mom or Dad.


I love how Det's holding his arms up in this picture but his face is all serious.  Allie looks terrified, which is so funny because this had to have been at least our tenth time on the ride.  Splash Mountain is Det's favorite ride.  Allie loves it as well and Dave and I do too so we end up going on it a lot.  One morning Dave, Allie, and Det went on Splash while I took Kendall and Maci on Pooh ride.  Usually we can go on Pooh twice for every one Splash Mountain ride.  So after our second ride we got off and Dave texts me that they're stuck on the ride.  We'd seen a story the night before about people at Knotts Berry Farm who were stuck on the ride for 4 HOURS!  So I sent back a text and I was like, "haha hopefully not for 4 hours."  I thought he meant they were just held up in line.  Then he text me again that he wasn't able to get texts from me and they were still stuck.  Then I didn't see anybody come off the ride.  So in the meantime Tigger and Pooh come out and I got Kendall and Maci pics with them and took them on Pooh ride again.  By the time we got off I see Splash Mountain is totally shut down.  Then Dave texts me that they are evacuating people off the ride, but haven't yet started.  He said all the kids were crying but Allie and Det were happy little campers playing a game on his phone.  So many people came up and were short and rude with the Splash Mountain workers because they wanted a fast pass or something for walking all the way over here only to find the ride closed.  I was like, excuse me at least you are not stuck ON the ride and you have the option of going on other rides.  I was glad I knew Allie and Det weren't scared but it was super annoying.  One of the logs was leaking, that's why they had to close it down.  So Allie, Det, and Dave had quite the adventure getting off of Splash Mountain.  There are so many places where you don't even realize there is an exit.  I took Allie and Det on the ride again and they showed me where they got off.  I would have never guessed it was an exit.  They were nervous to go on the ride again, afraid they would get stuck.  But I wanted to take them on it as soon as possible so they wouldn't fear it.  So they walked underneath the ride and behind it.  Dave thought it was pretty cool to see behind the scenes of Disneyland, Allie and Det were underwhelmed.  They gave us two tickets to get right on any ride we wanted.  Of course it was on the slowest day ever and there were no lines.  I made myself think of a ride that always has a line, strictly so we could use at least one of our passes.  We picked Autopia.  It didn't disappoint, it had about a 20 minute line. 


We learned that when Monster's Inc gets opened in the morning, the children waiting in line have to scream to wake up the monsters.  (I was pretty surprised to see a line for Monsters Inc before the park opened.  We headed over there at about 9:59 while Dave went to get fast passes for Radiator Springs.)  So the employees came out and gathered the children.  The kid with the best scream was the winner.  The winner got to be the first person to go on Monster's Inc and had a "Screamer of the Day" certificate, which meant they and their family could skip to the front of the Monster's Inc line for the day.  Of all my kids, you'd never guess who won.  DETMER!  I was so happy to have Detmer (by far my mellowest child) get the spotlight. 

 The kids walking to be the first riders.  Of course we had to token ride it one more time that day to let him use his scream certificate.  You walk in the exit and I thought we would feel like total nerds because there is rarely a line on Monster's Inc.  But there was actually a pretty long line so it was fun.

 ALLIE finally got to redeem herself at the Crush show.  Crush DOES say that the children can ask him ANYTHING, so I don't know why he was so surprised awhile ago when Allie asked him, "how do they get the food to the store?"  Crush was all, "Duuuuuuude I have no idea."  I should have sued.  Anyway, before we went we asked all casually, "so like Allie.  If you got picked what would you ask Crush?"  We both approved of her question.  Yep, fine case of helicopter parenting right there.  But I can't let my little girl be embarrassed by a TURTLE!!!  So Crush picked her and she asked "what's your favorite joke?"  (fyi:  how do you make an octopus laugh?  Give him ten tickles.)  He then let Allie tell him her favorite joke and Dave and I had not rehearsed this part with her so we were sweating bullets.  Please don't let her say one she made up.  Please don't let her say one that takes ten minutes.  Please don't let her say one where she forgot the punch line.  She tells a lot of jokes and most of them are one of those.  But luckily she did the knock knock joke with the interupting cheese.

 After going to Disneyland only once or twice, Dave and I realized that Allie and Det were not into characters.  At all.  I was surprised at first but then I realized that beauty of it, especially as I saw people waiting in 90 minutes lines to meet Rapunzel.  NO THANKS!  Well it turns out our little Kendall is a character lover.  I bet she met 50 characters while we were at Disneyland.  We even waiting in the princess line, which thank goodness was so short and also entertaining.  For example, there was a dad behind us forcing his 9ish year old daughter to wait in line because IT WAS THEIR LAST DAY.  And didn't she see who the princesses were?  Tiana, Ariel, and Belle.  THE EXACT THREE PRINCESSES SHE HAD NOT YET MET.  Oh man.  Wish I could have videotaped that one.  He was all stressed out, too, when it was about time for them to leave and rotate to the other princesses.  There was also a thirty-something gal in front of me in line whose son (about 10) and husband were begging her to just go one rides with them.  She was faithful, that one.  Wouldn't get out of line even when her son threatened that he was about to throw up.  Just sit down in the shade!  she told him.  (sit down in the shade in the line, mind you.  She didn't offer letting him leave line for anything.)  Then I overheard her talking to Ariel and guess what she said?  "Of all the movies, yours is my favorite."  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh I wish "Ariel" was my friend.  She must have some great stories about 30-something moms who think she's really Ariel!
 This Captain Hook and Kendall had a serious love connection.  Hook would not let go of Kendall's hand.  He took her everywhere he went.  He showed her how his hook didn't really hurt.  He let her feel his mustache.  He and Kendall got in a leaf fight (that green stuff on the floor is leaves) against another little girl and I think a Disney worker.   Can't remember.  Anywho, this pic is of when Smee was trying to get to Kendall and Hook was protecting her, so Smee is defeated.  I should have told him of all the movies, his is my favorite.
Maci was there, too:)  I'm going to upload some videos in a seperate post.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So the first Happy Birthday text I got on Tuesday was from my cute friend sympathizing that it really wasn't cool that not only did school start on my birthday, but I had to do the dreaded "first grade day".  It feels like your sending your kid off to boarding school.  Seriously, it's like, "hope I get to a chance to chat with you for ten minutes tonight."  Then I informed her that it was also "kindergarten day" because a lot of people didn't realize Detmer was right on Allie's heels in school.  I had a much harder time with kindergarten then with first grade.  I was in mourning.  It's just hard to say good-bye to phases of your life, and I have officially said good-bye to the "doing what we want whenever we want" phase.  We now have to schedule around school.  I remember before when all the kids in the neighborhood would start school and I would be outside playing with my kids and I thought all the other mom's must be so envious that I still get to have all my kids at home.  Well, now I've realized I was dead wrong about that and they actually pitied me (I've talked to about a hundred friends this week who have sent their last kid to school and they are, well, not in mourning).  We had such good times and I'm so grateful I got to have all four of them so close together and got to have all four of them home with me before we had to worry about this school thing. 

They were both so excited and couldn't wait for the big day!  They have both loved it and once again I am so thrilled with all four of their teachers.  It's going to be a great year! 

Kendall had the hardest adjustment!  Yesterday as soon as we got home Maci was so tired I put her right down for a nap and Kendall did not know what to do.  She just wandered around aimlessly.  She asked if she could watch TV, which I knew would never happen.  The girl cannot give TV attention for more than about thirty seconds.  So she excitedly turned on Netflix and watched about two minutes of five different shows before bagging that idea.  She had a much better time today playing with Maci.  I told Dave I may have to train Maci to stop napping so Kendall doesn't get so lonely.

When we got to the school to pick Allie and Detmer up, Maci jumped out of her stroller and ran to give them a huge hug.  I love how much they miss each other all day.  While I was making dinner all four of them were playing a game and it was so heavenly to have them all back together.  It just feels more normal.

Today was much easier for me as well.  It's just really that first day of having them gone that's so hard.  Then when they come home and tell me how fabulous! awesome! exciting! incredible! school is I know I can let them go back!

 Dave was in charge of pictures this year.  It's not the he didn't do a good job.  It's that he took one of each kid.  One of each kid?  I would have taken at least a thousand of each to make sure there was the perfect one.  He also took {one} of me and my children and I had my eyes closed.  So here is a very bright Det on his first day of kindergarten (waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh). 
 My very excited (and also very bright) first grader!
 My favorite people.  I mean seriously???  How awesome are these four incredible kids???
 Allie is so excited to have a locker.
 We had about an hour and a half to kill in between dropping off Allie and going to Detmer's orientation, so we let him play the iPod.  He seriously barely looked up from it so I'm glad he wasn't anxious during that time.
 Ding Loashi (chinese teacher) brought this cute hat for the students.  Det's about to give her thumbs up after they told each other "nia hao".