Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I LET MY LITTLE GIRL GO ON A VACATION WITHOUT ME!  Kelly took her boys to New Mexico.  She had an extra seat for Allie and I couldn't possibly say no because I knew Allie would think that was the most awesome thing on the planet.  I only tried to talk Kelly out of it once.  But they went.  And Allie had SO MUCH FUN!!!  She loved every second.  I told both Kelly and Giff to text me pictures every five minutes.  They did a pretty good job.  For some reason I can get them all uploaded but then I can't find where they go (I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!!).  I loved hearing all about the fun places they went and how much fun Allie had with her cousins Geddy and Dex.  She favors Dex. 

There were only a couple issues without her mother.  Like, she was super insistant on looking like a homeless person while she was gone.  But I figure, eh, that's half the fun of being without mom.  You don't have to get hair done and you can wear tall socks with capri's even when you were specifically instructed to wear the ankle socks with capris and the tall socks with pants.  Whatever.  I'm chill.

We were all sooooo excited when she got back.  We missed her.  Especially Detmer.  He barely knows how to function without Allie!  While she was gone he said, "I don't know what to play without Allie here." 


I didn't give these girls exactly what they wanted, so they both dropped to the floor and threw a fit.  It was so funny that I grabbed the camera to get a picture and as soon as they saw me trying to take a picture of them they started to smile for the camera.  I made them re-enact the fit but Mace couldn't wipe the smile off her face.


The kids had been particularly evil on this morning, but when your day ends like this, all is forgiven.  The three girls on my lap all through scriptures.  Det just jumped in for the pic.  PS.  I need to stop throwing around the word "evil".  The other day I told Kendall "you've been such a good girl today!"  and she said, "Yeah!  But sometimes, I'm evil."  Unfortunately I know exactly where she heard that!


 Scary Hill is pretty awesome.  It cost us two bucks so I'm not sure if it would have been as awesome for eight, but awesome for two. 

 At Dave's work party Det was a Bronco's player and Kendall and Maci were Broncos cheerleaders.  I decided at the last minute to grab her BYU cheerleading outfit even though she was planning to randomly be a cat.  PHEW!  Thank goodness I brought the cat costume along regardless.  Turns out the BYU costume is a touch small. 
 So then Dave just tells his co-workers the Broncos team (even I had a Broncos shirt on) found this Allie cat and it wouldn't leave us alone.

Red Ribbon

 Last week was Red Ribbon Week (though I think it might be called something different now).  Monday was mustache day.  I loved dropping the kids off.  It was hilarious to see all the kids in their mustaches.  Detmer wanted a goatee along with his sweet 'stache.

 Crazy hair day.  Which, let's be honest, without some very expensive hair product, is everyday.  Det's mohawk was pretty sweet though.
Why oh why can't everyday be hat day.  We could get an extra hour of sleep.  That was pretty much the first and last time Allie ever wore that hat.  It seems to have disappeared on the playground.